37 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-14-23

  1. Morning all! Wake up!!

    More snow melting today before the next round. I am going to get outside and enjoy a 50 degree temp while I can.

    We had a delightful dinner at the home of some dear friends last night. Sweet fellowship and encouraging one another in our walk with Him. How I cherish those moments.

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  2. My husband used to sing that song and did record it when he made a tape with our daughter. Now he just plays the guitar part and lets another member of the group sing it. The husband of the only woman in the group hates the song because it says the man killed another man ‘just to see him die.’ However, the song does not glorify what happened to the man who did that. I just have to laugh because this man’s wife sometimes sings, “Knoxville Girl’, an old bluegrass number where a man drags off a woman, stabs her and throws her in the river. Hmm. Country and bluegrass is about real life and that is not pretty, as we all know.

    Jo, I loved your story, and your dilemma gives me a clue about prayer for you. We had a horse named Prince and another named, Lady, (who definitely was not one!) who had all kinds of ways to try to get someone off her back.

    It is sad that the people who suffer when someone is not encouraged to stay hospitalized, when necessary, is not the one who does that, but others. Sometimes, they have no choice, however. I pray she gets the help she clearly needs, mumsee.

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  3. Good morning, all. A beautiful day in the neighborhood. Rather gray out but that is looking between the drapes as the grandpas think the house cools off too much with the drapes open (even in summer when it is one hundred outside and only eighty inside).

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  4. Mumsee, I was wondering if the Florida grandpa needs the drapes open for a bit to get him on your time zone.

    Friends from Ukarumpa, who barely survived the fire in Paradise, are coming by for an hour today. So nice, we can be real together.

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  5. Felt so good to sleep in today. The rain is off and on so far and Abby is desperately trying to get the cat to play with her, doing her “play bow” invitation, jumping in circles.

    The cat? Slinking around the edges of the room trying to break free of Abby’s focus.

    Poor Abby.

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  6. Maybe she needs a kid to take her out to play or a run. Got any in your neighborhood?

    Or a job, perhaps?

    My daughter-in-law would like at the dog and send her out hunting the 3 year-old in the backyard.

    Sure enough, both would appear five minutes later!

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  7. Art and I headed out to Sprouts just after 7 a.m. and then went by Sam’s to pay our monthly bill. The geese that hang out in the Sam’s lot were strutting about like it was summer. There is water nearby that keeps them there. They took to the air, circled the building and landed in the parking lot again. I told Art they were out for a joy ride in that cold wind.

    The music played during radiation sessions has three choices: country, mo town, or rock. Wondering if AJ has music during treatments?

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  8. I’ll try playing ball with her later, but right now the rain is coming down pretty hard. So far, she dashes into the house when I try to engage her though. And she’s still weird about the leash. We’re still in the settling-in phase, it’ll all get worked out but it really will help once the rain settles down.

    We used to have kids in the neighborhood but they became teenagers and are mostly invisible, probably listing to music inside, good weather and bad. We’ll have (smaller) kids again soon, it’s a cycle. I am sort of glad the skateboarding and electric scooter activity in the street has calmed down though.

    My neighbors said they were always the “young family” in the neighborhood for many years. Their boys grew up, got married (live not too far away), they now have kids of their own but those “kids” are suddenly … teenagers. It happens fast.

    I am enjoying having a short-haired dog again with this rain. So much easier and not as much water when she shakes.

    Will aim for a walk if the rain ever stops today, but looks like it may not … Tomorrow, maybe.

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  9. I think I know what music AJ would pick — loud 🙂

    I got the live Christmas tree on the front porch de-tangled from those tiny wire battery lights, then set the tree on the porch steps so it’ll get some much needed watering. Still not sure what to do with it though I suspect if I leave it at the curb someone will take it (hopefully to plant in an appropriate spot).

    Arborist discouraged me from planting it in my backyard as it’s the kind of pine that gets really, really huge. Won’t be my problem, of course, but it’ll be someone’s someday … Unless it all comes down long before then to make way for more apartments and condos, which is sadly more likely — we’re on a building spree in LA, the quaint single-family neighborhood zones are quickly vanishing here as we build up-up-up.

    Cat just managed to escape the dog’s playful antics again.

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  10. Janice – Since “rock” has such a wide variety of styles under that name – some of which I like, some of which I don’t – I would choose “Motown”.

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  11. Motown is good!

    An afternoon downpour has let up but just a little & probably just temporarily — rain is still coming down steadily, just not quite as hard.

    My car sure looks clean and shiny. 🙂

    The hanging poinsettias in baskets are finally succumbing (ones on the porch in more sheltered spots are doing well still).

    I’m replacing the dead batteries in all the twinkle light strings still left on the front door evergreen wreath and a year-round faux flowering plant on the porch table in hopes of brightening up January-February a bit. Moved a couple of the light strings indoors for some “lightness” in here, too.

    Lab owners next door suggested trying a “find the ball” game with Abby.

    Their dogs find the ball and bring it back to them. But they’re labs.

    Abby found the ball — and tore some of it up when I was outside and before I could confiscate it.

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  12. Rain is slowing down here. I think it has all headed south, sorry Dj.
    Nice to see my friends.

    Some of my supporters are continuing, for this month anyway. That is such a help as I am still trying to figure out what my bills are. And the winter propane bills are pretty shocking. Of course homeowners insurance went up over a hundred a month.

    Not sure what all my other bills are. One sent me the amount and said that it would appear on my credit card bill. Oh, oh, would that be the card that I just replaced?? Maybe I need to make another phone call.

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  13. Wes and I went for a walk on the boardwalk trails and went on a side trail for a better view of a little stream. We were all bundled up. There were still plenty of other people out walking their dogs. I never see any cats or pigs on leashes out there, only dogs😀

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  14. We plzyed Upwords last night and by the end of the game we each had only vowels left. He had played the word Stank which then became Stink and finally the word Stunk. It hit us both as too funny. Another word he had played on the board was Dealt. It reminded him of something he’d heard, probably at Scouts “He who smelt it dealt it.” Wow! I know I shared too much. We shall never forget that stinky Upwords game!

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  15. Gives whole new meaning to “life is but a vapor”. My dad has absolutely no memory of me or my relationship to him. He appreciates what I do and thinks I go above and beyond as a worker. But he is taking my brothers’ word for it that I am their sister and his daughter.

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  16. It’s sad when the elderly lose their memories. When we visited my grandfather for is 100th birthday he didn’t remember my mom, who died 35 years prior.

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  17. Good morning, all, or it may be when the sun makes an appearance. Not much happening here yet. Children are beginning to stir for chores. I have started laying out my dad’s breakfast, poaching a couple of eggs. There is the squeak of his door.

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  18. Good morning. It’s not sunny, but it’s not raining either, at least not right now. More rain tonight and tomorrow, but it sounds like it’ll be less intense than yesterday’s deluge. We had some coastal flooding locally yesterday, the downside of having homes sitting so close to the coastal edge, as lovely as that must be.

    My backyard is, well, muddy. But the growth that passes for “grass” in the front yard is bright green, looking good. Whatever it is (not much grass anymore, lots of weeds that get mowed every 2 weeks).

    The Charlie Browns are happy.

    What to do with the live, potted stone pine Christmas tree from Sprouts, though. It’s sitting on the front steps right now, sans decorations, to soak up some of this rain.

    Our sermon today is on “Judgement Day.” Rev. 20:11-15. All part of our verse-by-verse march through Revelation.

    But first, coffee.

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  19. Awake!

    That’s what one of our a professors would spontaneously SHOUT, jabbing his hand in the air, during the class where one of our classmates had a tendency to nod off noticeably during his lectures.

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  20. Our January sermons are all from Psalm 119 which is an annual series known as Soul Care. We are suppose to engage with Psalm 119 in our private times with God, too. This is the point at which I started last year when first attending this church. Such a blessed change.

    This morning a lady I know from my online Bible study who is in India sent me a messenger chat request for prayer for her fractured arm. I sent a prayer and also a link to my church service. She watched and said she wants to watch each week.♡ God timing across the globe.

    Sadly, we heard this morning that the worship leader who had the concussion and other injuries from a bad car accident will not be returning. I felt like crying at that news.

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  21. I heard Wes reading aloud what I thought was German. He told me it was Old English and asked me to guess what he was reading. The first word I guessed right was ‘heaven.’ After several tries I guessed correctly: The Lord’s Prayer😀

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  22. Michelle, my brothers have been bringing my dad and stepmom’s books here. I found a copy of “On Being a Christian: Who We Are and What We Do in Christ”. Your guess on the author?

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  23. We’ve just gotten in from doing the one and a half mile stretch of boardwalk. So.Many.People.
    Weather is perfect at 55° and sunny.

    An older man seemed to be on bike patrol and kept chatting with people. On the way back we saw him talking to a homeless looking guy with his belongings in a grocery cart. The bike guy was talking to him about maybe getting a trailer to pull his belongings along. We kept walking rather than eavesdropping although it sounded like an interesting conversation.

    We saw a heron which others called a stork or egret. There was a mallard, woodpecker, robin, and hawks, too.

    For some reason the whole park was full of people, more than we have ever seen. A tennis center is on site so maybe there were either tennis or pickleball events for this holiday weekend.

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  24. I walked Abby around the neighborhood again. We came up on one house that had a couple barking dogs out in the fenced front yard and had to cross the street, Abby is very strong, and has a tendency sometimes to yank.

    She’s stronger than I am so I’m having to really be careful and keep that leash wrapped tightly and kept short so she doesn’t have too much leeway.

    I really need to get both of us into some obedience training soon. She’s a handful.

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  25. ok, I am desperate for some bookshelves. I would like wood, but don’t have that kind of money.
    Would you go with Home Depot, Wayfair, or Ikea???
    decisions, decisions
    I would like to get two or three that are 72 high by 30 wide

    Oh, Michelle, if your daughter needs silverware, I have extra


  26. Any good thrift shops, Jo?

    A lot of people in my community are downsizing. If you’re not particular, try there, FB marketplace, post a note at church, garage sales. I’ve picked up bookshelves all over the place.

    Also, the Restory store if you have one, or possibly in Sacramento.


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