Prayer Requests 1-9-23

Anyone have something to share?

Psalm 149

Praise the Lord.

   Sing to the Lord a new song,
    his praise in the assembly of his faithful people.

Let Israel rejoice in their Maker;
    let the people of Zion be glad in their King.
Let them praise his name with dancing
    and make music to him with timbrel and harp.
For the Lord takes delight in his people;
    he crowns the humble with victory.
Let his faithful people rejoice in this honor
    and sing for joy on their beds.

May the praise of God be in their mouths
    and a double-edged sword in their hands,
to inflict vengeance on the nations
    and punishment on the peoples,
to bind their kings with fetters,
    their nobles with shackles of iron,
to carry out the sentence written against them—
    this is the glory of all his faithful people.

   Praise the Lord.

11 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 1-9-23

  1. Prayers for AJ for tomorrow’s treatment. Prayers for Mumsee and the Nest . . . rest for the weary, and relief for struggling bodies.

    Prayers for the younger generation (in Wanderer families) who still don’t know Jesus as Lord and Savior. May 2023 be the year when the Holy Spirit activates prompting to discover more about Jesus and His love for them that surpasses any love they might seek otherwise.

    Prayers for all of us waiting in the unknown twilight zone about treatments and procedures to combat cancer of other ailments. It is all in the good hands of our Father God. May He bring an abundance of healing in anseer to our many prayers.

    Thank You for Your daily answers at work behind the scenes, Lord, and for intercessions Jesus makes, and groans from the Holy Spirit. You are more powerful than the things that hold people down. Thank You for lifting up both the unsaved and the physically afflicted like You did the lame man with the mat. Do it again, Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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  2. Still struggling to find the right title. I cannot move forward with anything else until I have a title. Please pray for imagination and for the right words to click in. Thank you.

    Struggling with a lot of other things as well. Thank you.

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  3. How about “Overflowing Faith: A Biography of Lettie Cowman.”

    I like it for the following reasons:
    1. No other book with that name (Amazon helps determine that)
    2. Overflowing is what Lettie was like–full of life, joy, always sitting at the piano to pound out hymns, and of course, her missionary work is exactly that.


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  4. Sounds good to me, Michelle.

    At the publishing house I worked at, authors sent titles with their books, but we almost never used the author’s title. I sat in on several titling committees. My fellow editors didn’t like to help title books, but I did, and they liked to have a mix of all the different departments on the committee.

    Once the committee had only one man on it, but he happened to be the highest level there. One of the books we were titling was written by a woman, with women its intended audience. And all the women on the committee liked the author’s title. The man explained why he didn’t think it worked, and moved to have us think of a new title. We all told him we already had a title, and explained why we thought it did work, and we kept it. But it was pretty rare for us to keep the working title.

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  5. And if you self publish, selecting the title is all your choice. Maybe run it by a target group sample of who you expect to buy it? Would they buy a book by that title?


  6. Harper comes home, probably, on Friday. She’s two months old now and recognized her father in the photo I saw.

    Her mom’s numbers continue to drop. The oncologist is thrilled.

    Thanks for your prayers.

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