28 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-10-23

  1. Morning! The sky is beginning to lighten and I see a tinge of orangey pink in the eastern sky. 40 degrees out there already! Tomorrow?….snow!

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  2. The calm before the storm. I have 45 minutes to decide if I’m canceling Bible study. Most of my ladies are in their 80s and I don’t want them driving in dangerous conditions.

    Oh, the anguish of teaching . . . Acts 16-20 (ha!) is so dynamic, however . . .

    And today, I’m going to try to Zoom in some former members. Busy.

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  3. Home from treatment and about to Zoom into Bible study. Still in the book by J. D. Greear, Jesus Con’t. So interesting to hear viewpoints of these mature Christian ladies from different denominational backgrounds. Our discussions are deep and always informed by Scripture. But I imagine someone might make mention of the Georgia win last night, but maybe not. I sorta wanted TCU to win despite knowing so many Bulldogs as family and friends.

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  4. Hope all will be well, Michelle.

    Jo, we lived in an upstairs apartment at one time and found out our landlord had quite the drinking problem. He would drop his bottles into the neighbor’s garbage container. I suppose to keep his wife from knowing how much he was actually drinking. I found out because the neighbor asked if it was us! We were so grateful to finally be able to build our own home in the country.

    Our little Annika had to get a pair of eyeglasses. They cost well over $400.00, so that they will stay on her special little nose and ears. We are thankful the family can afford the special glasses and think of so many who cannot. It will be interesting to see if there is an improvement in her writing when she can actually see properly.

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  5. Good morning. Windy here. Lots of projects to do, trying to decide which to tackle next. Last day off. Praying for AJ and Janice that their treatments would achieve the desired results.

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  6. It poured rain most all night, a real drenching we had. There was one flash flood warning that came over the television last night.

    The dog training class that was to start tonight was canceled/postponed (it’s supposed to continue raining much of today, is still raining now but not as hard as last night — still, roads are probably a mess).

    It will start next Tuesday night instead so that’s good news for Abby and me. I am still hoping to sign up for the session, but I need to be sure Abby’s car ride-ready, and more time is needed for that. We’re behind on our basic home training schedule, in large part due to this on-and-off rain, and getting into the car with no balking is a chapter we’ve just not gotten to yet.

    Now I have a week to get going on that.

    The dog door is the other basic home skill we’ve not accomplished.

    Meanwhile, it’s back to work today for me.

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  7. I called the study. It’s relatively calm on the north side of the house, trees are tossing on the south side, which is weird.

    I feel a little guilty–it’s now been a month owing to the Christmas break.

    I, however, can use another day at my desk. 🙂

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  8. Downpour of sunshine here, too. I hear a dove cooing. I love that. A benefit of the sunny day.

    I had to pick up meds at Kroger, got groceries, and took photos of plantings at the plant nursery next to Kroger. I got a photo of some strange looking white succulent. Now I am curious to find out its name.

    Dj, glad you have more time to help Abby desire to easily get into the car.

    So thankful Kroger finally had the No Salt blue chips right when I had a ripened avocado. Maybe my favorite snack!

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  9. One more drop off to Goodwill then filled the car with gas at the station next to Goodwill. Was almost blown away while filling up the car! 50mph wind gusts!
    Grabbed groceries at King Soopers and forgot to take my bags in so I purchased a laundry basket for the bagger to put my purchases! The clerk said she tells other shoppers to do that since it is convenient and easy! We are being progressive here in CO and no longer “do” plastic bags don’t ya know….if I only had a brain to remember to take in my reusable bags that are in my backseat!

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  10. We had thunder and lightning last night. Lucky me, I remembered that lightning goes for the highest point and I know that the tree right next to my property line is the tallest around. Then I just kept wondering when the lightning would hit. I need to do what Michelle always tells us and take my camera and take pictures of each room. I have now paid for my insurance. I was kinda dreaming of don’t let my house burn down tonight…

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  11. For this year only customers may purchase flimsy bags for 10 cents per bag. I purchased 7 bags the first time I forgot my reusable bags… one store bag frayed spilling the contents all over my backseat.,.nothing unusual about that. It is going to take a routine adjustment for shoppers like me. All stores are mandated be it grocery, clothing, dept stores. I stopped in at Bass pro hoping to see my granddaughter at work before she heads back to school on Friday… she wasn’t there but I did purchase a sweater on sale…no bags..

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  12. We made the switch a number of years ago now, but it’s been modified so now the stores offer the sturdier plastic bags (that can be reused) and brown paper bags with handles.

    Some places, like drug stores, offer no bags unless you ask for them.

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  13. Interestingly all the produce bags along the cooling case were missing. Someone said shoppers are taking them by the dozens to use as their grocery bags! 🤪

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  14. Our closest city where we shop has no bags either. We have a large stash of plastic grocery bags and use them all the time – no such thing as a single-use grocery bag in our house. I’ve been tempted to buy a box of white garbage bags, put them on the till first and tell the clerk to use them to bag my groceries 🙂

    Instead we leave the bags in the car, reload the grocery cart in the store after going through the checkout. Then we load the bags and boxes in the parking lot at our car – makes for much easier unloading at home – things are put with like things and such – unlike when the cashier randomly runs things through the till. Not so fun when it’s minus 30, but…

    We also do not get plastic straws anymore. Just paper ones. I have stocked up on plastic straws and we keep a package in the car and I will even take them into a restaurant. Paper straws are gross. Also plastic cutlery and all other single use plastic can no longer be produced in Canada. In one year, no one will be allowed to use them. It’s so dumb.

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  15. After a month of trying different things for grandpa, I have come to the realization that he has survived for ninety six years on what he eats so three times a day: a hamburger bun (he can no longer eat an English muffin), with chopped deli ham and American cheese (he can no longer chew the slice of onion) with a side of grapefruit and a cup of coffee and bottle of Sprite and he is good.

    My dad can no longer eat what he is used to either. No more milk or oatmeal. So it is poached eggs (traded for two hard boiled eggs for lunch), muffin, canned peaches, and a bowl of jello for him with one banana a day, one ensure divided between a drink for breakfast and the other half frozen for “ice cream” at two.

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  16. You do have to “bag” your own groceries if you bring your own bags into the store out here.

    If you purchase the heavy plastic or brown paper bags at the store, they’ll still bag for you.

    Seems to me the vast majority of us purchase the store bags for convenience.

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  17. They will bag groceries in the customer’s own bags here. During the two covid years we were not allowed to bring our own bags. I picked up a package of hamburger today and the clerk said she was going to put it in a “complimentary” store bag due to cross contamination…hmmm…there were no bags in the meat dept in which to place your meat like there was once upon a time!

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  18. Mumsee, sounds like a good plan to give the dads what they are used to.

    I called the gal in Minnesota today. She has two children out here and wants to be near her grandchildren. They are deciding what to do. So I told her that I would only rent to her for the next year, if at all. So she did not have to worry about someone else getting my room. I also told her I would have to buy some things, like a bed. She was willing to help with that. Her husband has a health problem so they don’t know when they will come.

    Meanwhile I am still going through boxes. And getting rid of things like old papers from teaching classes. The teaching books will go somewhere but the papers are all going to the trash.

    My friend will put up curtains in my bedroom tomorrow so I did some picking up in here. With all of the boxes that I am sorting it was looking bad.

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