4 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 1-7-23

  1. 😀 Grocery shopping between 7 snd 8 a.m.

    😀 A beautiful sunrise

    😀 Sunday services either in person or online

    😀 Biden is going to the Border

    😀 New Speaker of the House

    😀 Abby

    😀 All our beloved pets

    😀 Bible study groups with overlapping applications

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  2. Wild night here as well. I developed a severe stomach ache (probably just constipation because habits have changed) that took me out for eight hours. However, there were still commitments to attend. My dad got up at least eight times last night wondering if it was time to get up and if they were having the drawing. (Probably a land sale he was interested in as he does not gamble in any form). Grandpa got up a couple of times and had a light breakfast at two in the morning. So basically got up every thirty to forty five minutes until three thirty, then up again at six thirty. Feel free to pray for us at any time.

    On a different note, same song, got a couple calls from church folk saying they want to commit to bringing us food every Sunday to ensure we are getting fed. I told them that was very encouraging and we would take them up on it. One lady brought tiny muffins last week that the elders were able to eat and enjoy. She offered to bring more.

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  3. 🙂 Abby. Seeing her photo, one friend said she looked “nervy.”

    🙂 A 3-day weekend for me.

    🙂 A new year. It has to be better than 2022, right? And 2021 and 2020 …

    🙂 Much-needed rainfall over the past week, with more to come.

    🙂 House heater works. Hot water heater works (again).

    😦 Gas bill won’t be pretty.

    🙂 Our present-day medical care.

    🙂 Our God reigns. Even evil, in God’s hands, is turned for good.

    🙂 Our task, to keep the faith.

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