46 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-7-23

  1. Good morning! Happy Saturday!
    The weather here is cool and sunny, just as it should be in January. I think I heard the weather lady say we are two inches of rainfall above where we are suppose to be at this point.

    The single cup Kerig stopped working. I think I need to put some vinegar through it to clear up its problem. I am back to home brew in the old coffee maker and I truly prefer it.

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  2. Morning all! Sun shining and 23 degrees. More snow on the way midweek.

    Janice we are brewing our coffee as of late. It is just tasting better by grinding the beans and having it fresh. The Keurig coffee pods have been tasting stale lately and we still have a box downstairs I purchased at Sam’s a couple weeks ago. We will get through those but we are rethinking the Keurig at this point.

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  3. We go back and forth. We like the grinder and that coffee. But the keurig is quick and easy when fixing grandpa’s cup at odd hours and making sure it is hot. But it certainly makes for a lot of waste. But I don’t drink coffee so it does not really impact me other than I use the grounds for the garden and they are more difficult to access in the pods.

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  4. It’s up to 57° here. Good for a walk later.

    I am missing Wes since he went back to teach another semester and get back to his reality.

    Today is a Bible study catchup day for me. Most of us were not fully prepared for last week’s study so we are spending another week on the same chapter. I really appreciate the flexibility we have in this small group to go at a snail’s pace if necessary to get it all in. We have dropped the ball in leaving enough time at the end for everyone to pray. I miss the longer prayer time with all of us praying instead of one person rushed to do the ending prayer.

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  5. Good morning all. A better night of sleep but I still got up multiple times thinking one or the other needed something.
    My dad is completely discombobulated. Grandpa is doing well. Nice to not have him talking all night to people who are not there. Getting him off the sleep med was a good step as I think his issue before was more shock to his system and he has recovered from that.

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  6. It’s Saturday! At last, this felt like the slowest, longest work week for me. They usually feel like they go by fast, but not this time.

    Abby was a bit of a wild child again last night, galloping through the house, chasing the cat (Annie can run really fast!) and making me call her off several times. She just wants to play, but she’s big enough that it really causes a commotion when she gets going.

    I’m going to work with her today on getting into the car, the fosters said it didn’t take them too long to accomplish that — will use treats and initially think I’ll just sit in the backseat, keeping her outside on the leash, door open, and try to lure her up and in with treats.

    The new round of beginning obedience starts Tuesday night and I’d really like to sign up if I can, but I need to get her easy with the car. I guess I’ve never had a new dog (and I’ve been through several) that’s had a particular issue with that, but then again this is a rather unique/extra-skittish dog.

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  7. I’m an off-and-on coffee drinker but have been more “on” in the past year with a new medication that can, as a side effect, cause one to feel fatigued. So I need the initial jolt in the mornings now, and 1-2 cups of coffee are “just” enough to last for the whole day.

    I’ve had Keurigs in the past, but only used them off-and-on. Now I’ve gone back to a regular coffee maker that uses the ground coffee you can buy in reasonably smaller bags at Sprouts for freshness. I’m much preferring that.


    This is always a strange time of the year, once the holidays are (really) behind us and we’re into, groan, January, a month that can be rather dreary. As can February. It’s kind of the “winter but never Christmas” feel of Narnia, I suppose.

    And for working people, there are no “holiday” days off for some time to come (we don’t get any of the minor ones, like presidents’ birthdays etc). I think our next one now is Memorial Day, a 3-day weekend, then 4th of July (but that can fall mid-week on many years). Both feel like But those are a long time off.

    I’ll plan to take some of my vacation time, though. I always try to save that up until it almost ‘caps’ out and then I feel like I can take a week if I need to, or at least some 3-days weekends.

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  8. Gray here and rain later in the day. Rain is a blessings and I will not complain. I keep praying for all of the reservoirs to fill. Shasta was so low

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  9. We have some sunshine this morning following what’s been a very dark, rainy week (and more).

    Rain supposed to return in the coming week ahead, but for now we’re enjoying a much-needed drying out period.

    We’re counting on that snow pack and the reservoirs!

    Our high surf (16+ foot waves) with high tides caused some havoc locally, overflowing into beach parking lots and hitting the tops of some of our public piers (all closed off but people were still going out there).

    Surfers are happy.

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  10. Abby sounds like so much fun!

    Miss Bosley got some new catnip mice and has been quite active with them. You’d think they were alive if you saw how she can toss them and chase around. It’s great entertainment for the humans.

    One of the ladies at the office has a cat named Foyle. I sent him a pack of three mice, too.

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  11. Annie has some catnip toys, but she prefers her catnip direct and loose, she takes hers pure and straight. It’s intense, but her ‘highs’ don’t seem to last too long.

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  12. Busy busy here but both are now resting in their recliners. My Moscow brother came by, good visit with him. He has been busy cleaning out the house and getting it ready for sale.

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  13. DJ, at 1:27, except when she isn’t because she is madly running through the house. She will be great once you two decide on what boundaries will be in place.

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  14. mumsee, oh, I call her off and she’s responsive. She seems smart and quick to learn, but full of energy.

    Today the problem has been the leash, which still causes her to retreat and become suddenly skittish. I’ve been trying to desensitize her to it, keeping it close, leaving it near her, but it’s the “one step back” in the 2-steps forward process. We’re making progress, but there are some speed bumps. 🙂

    She’ll come around. So will I.

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  15. Sounds like a new foster child in a foster home. Initially terrified to move, then rambunctious and looking to figure out the new place at a frantic pace, than relaxing as peace becomes the norm. With flashbacks to disturb things (the leash?)

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  16. Happy Sunday.

    It’s overcast this morning with more rain coming Monday-Tuesday.

    Abby has had her morning treats, Annie her morning “breakfast” (she grazes all day, with the food & dish being put back into a ziplock bag and into the refrigerator in between so Abby — and before her, Tess — don’t finish it off).

    Off to church in about 30 minutes. Enjoying some coffee first. We should be back in Revelation again this week.

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  17. Abby’s good at night, very quiet, but she still hasn’t used the dog bed next to my bed in the bedroom. I’m not sure she’s even seen it, it’s kind of hidden around the far side of the bed and next to the big windows.

    But she’ll eventually find and use it, I’m sure.

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  18. My daughter brought lots of boxes up yesterday. So much to go through. Lots of things that I have no memory of. And what to do with it all. Some things I will ask if anyone wants

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  19. Lately I have been having wraps for lunch made with the Ole spinach and herb Keto friendly tortillas. I make them on foil so I can put whatever inside, then wrap it all up, and bake it in the toaster oven. I am using up things left over from son’s visit. Yummy!Thinking the elderly gentlemen at Mumsee’s home might enjoy that.

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  20. One would but can no longer bite through it or chew it. He had a chopped ham and cheese melted on a hamburger bun for breakfast. The other eats anything I put before him, except just about everything.

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  21. I put something in the recycle bin on the street which has a cedar tree with limbs over it. A bird flew in and landed above my head on a limb. It seemed clpser than I would expect for a bird, but then I noticed another a little higher up in the branches. Of course my first thought was a splat. But then they moved on making a funny sound. I thought they loved like mourning doves and I checked out their flying sound and found this:

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  22. I saw mushroom coffee on a FB ad. I had never heard of it before. It is something I might try at some point because sometimes things that sound yucky can be quite good. For example, I love that lentil and pear salad Kim suggested, but it did not sound so good at first.

    As I walked in the driveway, the neighbor came out with his dog on a leash. We said hello. As he started up the road I asked if I might make friends with his dog. They hesitantly came up to me and the dog sniffed my shoes. The Austrailian Shepherd looked so different when he was not in lunge mode! He is platnum blonde with dove gray splotches mixed in and has beautifil, different from each other, eyes. His name is Calvin (telling of religious status, no doubt). He sniffed my hands with their recently applied hand lotion, and I slightly petted him. Good for a start. ♡ I really do like dogs and want them to like me back😀

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  23. Janice – I mentioned the mushroom coffee to Nightingale, and she said that that is a big thing right now. She wants to try some, and if she does, I will, too. I do like to try new things, even if they don’t sound so great.

    One thing she said was to make sure that it is made out of the fruiting body of the mushroom, not the mycelium. It wasn’t because of the mycelium itself, but for some other reason having to do with how mushrooms are grown (I think).

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  24. I want mushroom nothing, thank you. Mushrooms to me are like onions to Chas.

    Calvin (let’s hope he views you as one of his chosen) sounds like a beautiful dog, a merle coat and Aussies (and bc) can frequently have one blue and one brown eye. Cowboy’s eyes were kaleidoscope eyes, both were a swirled mix of blue and brown. Abby has BIG brown eyes.

    Another tip on dog introductions is to pet or touch the dog from below or under the chin rather than patting or petting on top of the head which some dogs (not all) can feel threatened by.

    But it sounds like you did it right (good to let him sniff you first), and made an important new friend in the neighborhood, good for you on taking the initiative, Janice. It also was rather brave!

    Good church service, caught up with more folks I hadn’t seen lately (but had been in email contact); and I got to know the family I’ve been sitting near in the past few weeks (we’d exchanged names and greet each other but I had a chance to talk to the wife/mom today after church ended). It’s a mixed race family, he’s black, she’s Asian (from Taiwan). He’s an animator for the film industry, she’s a 5th-grade public school teacher, and they have two (or is it 3?) children. She said they’re taking a big trip this summer to Taiwan where an elderly grandmother and other relatives still live.

    Back in Rev. 20 today for the sermon. Stopped at Sprouts on the way home, they’re giving out $5 coupons — prices have really gone up there.

    And Abby was thrilled to see me when I got home, bouncing all over the patio — though it could have been the smell of that baked chicken in a bag I brought home from Sprouts. So fun to have a dog happy to see you again.

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  25. DJ – It is funny these days the times when I get home from church, but Heidi, with her diminished hearing, doesn’t hear me come in. Then she sees me and looks so surprised. And excitedly happy, of course.

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  26. Umm, my son has a border collie/cattle dog/aussie and she spent the first year of her life at their house trying to figure out how to escape–usually by jumping the six-foot fence. She also liked to pound against the gate until she finally broke the post holding it to the fence.

    He got so frustrated. “Why does she do this? I sit in my office working all day, and the next thing I know she’s figured out another way to get out!”

    I said, “You’re working. She is a smart dog who can study the fence/gate all day long and it is her goal to escape to the front yard with the kids.”

    He ended up having to put lattice on top of the wooden fence around the entire perimeter of his 1.4 acre yard and replaced the gate with a stouter version.

    She even tried jumping off the front deck to join the kids by hopping onto the woodpile stacked beside it.

    They moved the woodpile.

    Determined and smart–it’s always the good news and the bad news when a parent learns that about their child. Good luck with a dog . . .

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  28. Tess and Cowboy managed to escape on occasion through the years. The most notable escape act occurred overnight. I only learned they were gone when a neighbor down the street said she had my dogs and wondered if I wanted her to bring them home.

    I was half asleep still, it was very early on a Saturday morning.

    When I opened the front door, the neighbor had them in tow, reeking of skunk but looking oh, so happy, tongues out, exhausted, panting, but almost smiling.

    It must have been oh-what-a-night (and I did get sightings reported to me after the fact, most centered around spotting them chasing cats and various other animals; a skunk clearly was among them).

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  29. Kizzie, @5:58, Tess and Cowboy lost most of their hearing in the last couple years, though somehow Tess knew when I drove up, maybe she felt some ground vibrations emanating from the driveway — or she wasn’t as deaf as Cowboy was.

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  30. Miss Bosley escaped to the carport while I took a bag of trash to the bin on the street. She is in double trouble because she also sat on Art’s open laptop and made the screen go sideways which could not be remedied by suggested ways so now Art has to get his computer guy on it. Miss Bosley is in the dog house for tonight!

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  31. Cowboy had the sweetest most soulful doggie eyes ❣️

    Lu loves the outdoors and stays on the property 99% of the time. She has wandered out to the road and to the neighbors property to steal a toy from the children over there… we always returned the toy with apologies. Pip likes to wander to the other neighbors… she loves Casey , their Brittany spaniel bird dog who stays outside in the dog kennel. She has also visited Dan the homeowner while he was tinkering in his garage 😊 Pip is less trusted by herself out there than Lu at this point

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  32. We’re on skunk alert tonight — neighbors have a rogue skunk living under their house and he’s sprayed their dogs a couple times.

    Tonight Abby was running back and forth in the house barking, but focused on something outside the back sliding glass door. Neighbors called (they could hear her) and said beware of skunk, they’d seen him out and about tonight.

    I have an old dog house — one of those igloo style ones — in my backyard. I’ve never had any of my dogs ever use it, but Annie likes to nap inside there on warm afternoons. So she’s often “in the dog house,” literally.

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