32 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-5-23

  1. Good morning, all. Another beautiful day here, or it will be soon. At least, the roosters think it is coming.

    A good night. Only getting up twice with each grandpa. Taking grandpa off the sleep aids and agiatation relievers have helped a lot. He is sleeping much more soundly and waking to a state of wakefulness.

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  2. Morning! Thankful for beautiful days and sleeping Grandpas! ♥️

    Just returned from a doctor’s visit and on my way there the sky was peachy pink and glorious! Now it’s a bit cloudy but all in all a beautiful day in the forest.

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  3. Dark, cold, wet and rainy here.

    My hot water heater pilot still isn’t coming on despite my going through all the steps at length last night. Would love a hot shower but …

    At least the house heater is working.

    This feels like such a long work week to me, they usually go by fast but not this one, it’s dragging, I guess having something to do with working the Jan. 2 / holiday shift.

    But a 3-day weekend coming up with this next Monday off in exchange.

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  4. An overcast, chilly day here in Connecticut, with more rain expected overnight. It had been raining for the last couple days. (Unlike many, I do not mind overcast or rainy days. They have their own beauty.)

    On one hand, I am wondering where the snow is, but on the other hand, I am glad that I have not had to shovel it.

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  5. I’ve called a heating company to come out to check the water heater.

    Seems this happened before and it was also during rainy, windy weather, so that is likely the culprit.

    I think I need a new enclosure, the one around it now, a thin, metal contraption, has a detached and very bent door that has to be held on with a wired that wraps around the front.

    I’m thinking the damp winds are the culprit, blowing up and inside where the heater is.

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  6. It is sunny and a bit cooler . . . long sleeve turtleneck and light puffer vest weather makes it feel perfect.

    I had my treatment and saw the doc. She obviously is an encourager since she said I am almost half done. I’m thinking, as an accountant, that the reality is tomorrow makes me one third done.😀

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  7. Well, she said ‘almost,” Janice. 🙂

    We have brilliant sunshine and 14 degrees right now. With all the snow it is always so bright in the winter when the sun is shining. It is off to a dementia home for us this afternoon to try to bring some joy and respite for those who live there.

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  8. High surf also. The rain has stopped for now here, but it’s temporary.

    Hot water heater back on, took the plumbing & heating guy a while, too, so it wasn’t just me. But he did finally get it to spark and light (then it went off); then he tried again and it stayed on.

    A code did come up indicating a specific part problem but he said sometimes those “fix themselves” once it’s up and running, so he suggested we just wait and see. Water heater is only 4 years old so if we need the part he said it could (should) still be under some kind of warranty.

    This is one of the Rheem water heaters they sell at Home Depot, but he’s not a fan of the brand, said they have had “issues.”

    And the new ones, he said, are nearly twice as much as I would have paid for mine in 2019, which I believe considering how everything else has skyrocketed.

    If I hurry, I can at least get a hot shower today, maybe.

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  9. I now have to change the title of my book–for one thing, Streams in the Desert is trademarked (so I have to return to HCCP for permissions). Any suggestions? I’m not good at titles.

    It’s a biography of Lettie Cowman: missionary, devotional writer, praying woman with a close relationship to God.

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  10. I’m curious about that too. Is it because the house originally didn’t have hot water and there’s no place inside to put the heater?

    You could get away with an outside water heater in So Cal, but I don’t remember ever living in such a house.

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  11. The 700+ square-foot tiny house I grew up in (in SoCal) had an indoor hot water heater.

    My Iowa grandfather, on the other hand, had an outhouse and a water pump in the front yard. I remember being bathed in a big metal tub in the front yard.

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  12. Meanwhile …

    Residents across Southern California should prepare for a drastic increase in their gas bills this month, according to some utility departments, as worldwide gas prices are set to reach a 20-year high in January.

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  13. Michelle, from that Glorify app that recently quoted Oswald Chambers and had the daily Bible passage as Isaiah 43:18-19:
    “Remember not the former things,
        nor consider the things of old.
    19 Behold, I am doing a new thing;
        now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?
    I will make a way in the wilderness
        and rivers in the desert” ESV

    Desert Rivers and Ways In the Wilderness


  14. Thank you, Janice, I’m taking anything!

    Suggestions so far: Water in the Wasteland: a Biography of Lettie Cowman


    Desert Streams: a Biography of Lettie Cowman


    Leaving Streams of Legacy for those in Life’s Desert: A Biography of Lettie Cowman


  15. I think that Marymount purchase could best work if they put an entire department on campus–say, all the art majors or something like that. Otherwise, it’s at least an hour’s slog to Westwood every day from up there.

    OTOH, stunning views. You could probably see Westwood on a clear day. 🙂


  16. My guess is she’s got a closet outside with vents–and the wild wind could be getting through the vents to blow out the light. Up here it’s been fierce and wild since last night.

    I’m very sorry I have to go out in it to attend choir . . . about now.

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  17. We had issues with a water heater going out on windy days, but it turned out it was only a coincidence. The nozzle had some kind of buildup on it.

    Unsafe to have a gas water heater in the house? All the houses in the Midwest with gas heaters have them inside. Otherwise the pipes would freeze.

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