23 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-30-22

  1. Good morning, all. A beautiful day here after nearly three full hours of sleep. But I count it a good thing to be able to serve the King. He gives what is needed to carry out His business.

    Don’t think we will ever try that med again. Turns out it can cause sleeplessness. It works. Live and learn.

    My dad on the other hand, only got up once last night and went right back to bed.

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  2. Good late morning. Did the treatment. Went to Sam’s to stock up on more supplies while Wes could help do the heavy lifting.

    My shoulder has some pain now but I have not yet had to take ibupropin. Ginger and tumeric tea helped sooth it last night. I can’t believe I’m already done with week one.

    We got a rotisserie chicken from Sam’s and I had some poppy and flax seed sourdough rolls in the freezer. Great fixin’s for brunch. Miss Bosley enjoyed her rare chicken treat.

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  3. We get to celebrate Christmas today–so I’ve baked three different versions of muffins, the egg casserole is in the oven and I’m moving on to fruit salad–then will start packing up the car. Over the river (today!) and through the town, to grandson’s house we go!

    Mr. Retiree already filled my car with the presents. Fortunately, Stargazer borrowed his brother’s car last night and will carry the food!

    Thanks for prayers, my nieces made it just before the major storm hit. Now we hunker down for a wet weekend. They’re predicting 3-4 inches here at my house, before Sunday. Up to 6 inches in the deep watershed areas.

    Thanks be to God for his mercies.

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  4. Mr. Retiree is back at our daughter’s house doing touch up painting and hanging a curtain rod. He’ll meet us at the party.

    It amuses me to think his presence may force my nieces to be on time to the party.

    I spent all day yesterday helping CR finish moving in and then make it a home. After dropping off the last of her clothes, we went to Costco–and now she has food.

    We then worked around the house together (what do you know? It’s a self-cleaning oven!) and made a list of all those little things–like a door mat, butter dish, (aforementioned) curtain rod.

    I then went to Target. Merry Christmas!

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  5. Part 3 of the three parts, this one looking at the “devotional” Jesus Calling: https://heidelblog.net/2022/12/secret-and-sinister-messages-from-god-does-god-speak-outside-of-his-word-3/ (He pulls no punches in this. I’d have written it gentler in some instances, but I’m not the one writing it, and this is a serious issue.)

    In Scripture, God rarely spoke to individuals, and always the communication affected more than the individual. Many of them were Messianic, and others were prophecies for the nation, messages to judges, and messages to kings. All of that was before the completed canon. Now that we have the completed canon, with no need of further prophecy (illumination, yes, but not revelation), many people think God speaks to individuals about the mundane details of life, such as which store to shop in or whom to marry. I personally think it’s one of the largest theological errors of our age, and people in every denomination seem susceptible to it.


  6. I love the song about the garden. My mom wanted it for her funeral. My dad wants it for his. If God reaches them through it, I am good with that.

    But I don’t think the song is saying what the writer is indicating. God speaks through His Word and His Spirit works in us. How it is done is His. Ours is to listen and obey.

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  7. I like the distinction between illumination and revelation (@1:53). Looking forward to reading the other parts. Theology discussions are good.

    “The Garden” song was big in the American Baptist church we occasionally attended when I was a child. It’s not included in our denomination’s hymnal (appropriately, I’d say).


  8. They are (theological discussions) and we should strive to have Truth in our songs. But I know God can turn things to His purpose.

    Going back and reading the lyrics, it has always seemed to me that the author was talking illumination, not revelation.

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  9. https://www.challies.com/articles/10-serious-problems-with-jesus-calling/
    I have had serious objections to Sarah Young and her Jesus Calling since first learning of the book. It was given to my daughter upon graduation by my sweet neighbor. I have tried to have a discussion with my friend about my reservations but she won’t hear of it..now she has dementia and there is no more opportunity to have a discussion.

    Concerning “In The Garden”. Yes..it has sentimental value to me as I can still “see and hear” my Father singing this hymn on a Sunday morning in church. His eyes closed with a Bing Crosby lilt coming forth from his lips. I know his singing of the words would have been one of comfort and time spent with the Saviour….not one of being transported in a trance of some such. The Lord God certainly knows the heart of His children.

    One of my favorite verses in His Word is John 10:27,28

    27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

    28 And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.

    We as His children “hear His voice” which would suggest He does speak to His children. Audibly? Not that I have experienced. But there is that “still small voice”…

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  10. I was not going to say anything but since I am not alone in this: My mother died on Dec. 26 some years back so this would have been around the date of her funeral. That was her favorite song. I remember it being posted on her Assisted Living room door as her favorite. It was sung at her funeral.

    I thought what a strange juxtaposition to see the reference to that song today. My mother had no training in the Bible and theology but had a heart for the Lord. Maybe that is enough.

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  11. Songs have different meanings. When I was a child attending private school there were private companies that would pick up children and take them to school. I often road in a van that Mr. Gavin drove. At one time his daughter was driving and brought her little boy. We were parked waiting on other children and a song came on the radio with the refrain “ All I need is the air that I breathe and to love you…” She would half her little boy’s hand in hers and sing that to him and I thought it was beautiful. I can still picture it. It wasn’t until about 15 years ago that I realized it was about something completely different than how much a mother loves her child.
    I also still prefer my version.

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  12. I think my mom liked “In the Garden,” too.

    I guess it goes back to a function of the church specifically in terms of selecting hymns and songs that are biblically sound and can be relied on as teaching tools for the congregation.

    I recall when popular Christian music was enjoying its heyday that some writers would take their lyrics to their church elders for feedback which always impressed me.

    Otherwise, you had music business executives calling the shots or simply not knowing enough (or caring, really) — and recording and publishing “Christian” songs or music that would sell.

    Church leaders should be trained enough theologically to be selective about what is being sung in church during worship. Some new songs are theologically sound, some old and “beloved” hymns aren’t, particularly.

    Liking them or singing them isn’t a reflection on one’s salvation.

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  13. We had a Jesus Calling book show up here years ago. I barely looked at it and escorted it out. It was a gift from somebody outside the family to somebody inside but I don’t recall either somebody.

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  14. So is Cheryl back? Or was that Mrs AJ? Or do we have a new wanderer?

    As for “In the Garden” I wouldn’t go so far as to use Michelle’s description of “mawkish” (I had to look it up), but I would say “sappy”.

    However, the premise is okay, based on Song of Solomon “I am my beloved and He is mine.” It reminds us that we have the promise that the Lord is always nearby. But whenever I’ve heard it it sounded like an overly sentimental love song. Hmm, I guess that would make it mawkish after all.

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  15. In the last years I have found myself lifting my hands in worship. Or even creating movements with my hands that mirror something in the song. But I am only moved to lift my hands if the song glorifies God. If it is about our feelings or glorifying nature, I am not moved to worship in that way at all.
    singing ‘Holy, Holy, Holy” I cannot keep my hands down.

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