48 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-28-22

  1. Oh tears of happy joy to see beautiful Abby. Those loving eyes, gazing at you, Dj . . . so sweet. The photo does not show how she looks in her energetic mode, but I can imagine from this photo how she will age and those eyes will be lovong you the whole long while.

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  2. First treatment down for today and makeup treatment for holiday will be this afternoon. Theee has to be at least six hours between treatments.
    An advantage of earliest morning treatments is that no one is in the waiting room. Surprisingly the parking deck was still full so we ended up on the 5th floor of that. We are given free passes for parking. So nice.

    Another good win/win is that with Art taking me, it forces him to get in needed walking exercise. And he is practicing not complaining about speed bumps along the way which drastically helps my mood.

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  3. Good morning, all. A good night of sleep for all. I got up several times to check on people but nobody needed anything! In fact, I slept so much the fire nearly went out.

    All I can say is, God is supernaturally sustaining me as I am one who needs nine hours of sleep. And I have not had that in over a month. And I am truly grateful as I see God providing for what He has put before me to do. It lets me know I am indeed doing what He wants as He never leaves us without the resources to do what He gives us to do. Thanks for praying.

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  4. And that dog. What in the world?? And I am not talking about what appears to be a dog in a house but what appears to be our Creator taking some creative license. Looks like an Aussie with Collie nose and Borzoi legs! Could even be a blue heeler coat.

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  5. Whatever it is, looks like DJ may need to take up running to exercise her. Or at least one of those fancy throwing things in a long park.

    Seriously though, if she has sighthound in her, might want to keep her in a fenced area when off leash.

    Beautiful dog, by the way.

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  6. My dad and I are up. As I am chatting at you, he is taking a trip down memory lane with the pictures my brother has put up for him on youtube. Yesterday he added one on Aunt Betty so that was fun to wake up to this morning. Lots of pictures of our sister and her goats and horses and our brother with his black eyes.

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  7. Such a sweet look. Reminds me of a toddler trying to convince you that they are innocent. See, Mom, I just sit her quietly and gaze at you. I don’t run around, jump and get into trouble, not me. That must be the cat.

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  8. Kevin posted a family picture on facebook this week, so all is well with him.

    The visit with my grands went very well. No put downs or criticism. Just interested in my house and then they hauled upstairs the boxes of pictures and were delighted to see their parents when they were young.

    I was a good grandma and got out all of the snacks I had when they came. Then I took them out for pizza. Fun times. First ones to see my home.

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  9. Morning all!
    We have had the wild fluctuations of temps here as well. It was 64 here yesterday. Tonight we will see 8 inches of snow into tomorrow.

    Those eyes!! Such a sweet girl and her coat is beautiful. Aussie/Greyhound?!! Those legs! Thankful she has found a home with our Dj!

    Must run last minute errands and maybe get this stuff over to Goodwill.
    Tree is down and furniture rearranged. Still left some “winter” decorations up but being in the forest I tend to have pine cones and pine branches year round 🌲

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  10. She does take up the WHOLE couch.

    I’ve removed furniture privileges for now, she was running in the house and jumping on and off of the couch yesterday and it’ll never survive with that going on (the furniture, although perhaps not the dog, either!).

    She’s spending quiet nights in the crate, but I am going to get a softer mattress for that, I just have the bare-bones pad in there now which isn’t very comfortable, I’m sure, for overnight sleeping. And am waiting for the dog bed to be delivered.

    We’ll get a more steady routine down in a few months as she settles in, so I’m hoping the crate (which is huge and takes up a lot of space in the living room right now) won’t be a necessity — or that it can somehow find a home in the bedroom.

    I ordered the canine DNA test kit so we will know more in about a month what’s “in there.” My vet will have a good, educated guess as well, but I’m not sure how soon we’ll get her up there to see him, so far she just backs away from the open car door. But it’ll come.

    The blue merle coats are beautiful (this the 3rd blue merle I’ve had, Cowboy was a blue merle) and those are standard coat patterns found in border collies, Aussies, regular collies, a few others. But she is very tall (haven’t measured her yet) and has a curious curled tail, which can also be found in bc’s, specifically blue merles I’ve read, but it’s not typical. She’s also what they call a smooth coat (short hair).

    So far no interest in playing ball but I do have a throw stick to use in the backyard. She did manage to “find” an old ball somewhere in the house which lights up when it rolls. I found that tucked away in her blankets on the couch. But she’s not showing any interest yet in backyard play with me.


    Janice, glad Art’s able to take you to your appointments – I remember reading that just getting up and out of the house is physical therapy in itself. Hopefully you won’t hit those speed bumps too fast. Praying these treatments not only are effective but go by quickly, it can’t be any fun.

    Same for you, AJ, but 2 down (out of 6?) already is good.


    Gas Co. comes today to check out my heater (I thought it was yesterday but when I called to double check I found out it was today between noon and 5).

    Glad to hear long-lost Kevin may have a new family dog.

    Peter, I laughed at that weather graphic.

    We’re getting a spate of rainy days this week and through the weekend, off and on, with some cooler temps. Christmas was almost warm, high 60s.

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  11. Jo @10:18, lol

    Glad you had such a fun and good visit with the grands.

    M, are you home yet? I heard they were running out of rental cars at the airports but sounds like you had your own car in this case (and/or a driver?).

    What a mess for so many people.

    (Ah, we seem to be getting “That’ll do” down with Abby.)

    I need to follow Nancyjill’s example, though I did clear out a lot of clothes from one closet a couple months ago.

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  12. mumsee, no running for me — but she was very good on our walk.

    Once we can hit the dog park, she’ll be running, I’m sure — and if I can convince her to play ball.

    So interesting how the YouTube app on a larger screen (?) is keeping the granddads entertained from time to time.

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  13. We drove our own car—the first long road trip we’ve been in in years.

    Paid $3.39 for gas in OR—and they pumped it!

    Daughter was driving and quite flummoxed—she’d never had that experience before! Lol

    It was a beautiful drive south this morning. We’re maybe 3 hours out from home.

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  14. OH How I miss someone else pumping the gas….
    The Mistreated Patient is still on a mission.
    I had breakfast with two friends I hadn’t seen in a long time.
    Husband is concerned that my ADD is getting worse. Yes. Yes, it is. There is a doctor I would like to see who treats it differently, but there has been no time for me to get that done.
    I have cleared out my work email today. Everything has been archived, deleted, or dealt with, so I have 0 unread messages until I pop back over there.

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  15. Errand done as well as the walk with my neighbor friend. All before the cold and snow moves in. Sprouts was busy!

    Has anyone heard from 6? She came to my mind this morning and has been prayed over….maybe I should just email her…

    Thankful for your nice time with your family Jo. There is something about pulling out old photos that entertains all 😊 (my kids always giggle at the changing hairstyles over the years!)

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  16. On the news someone said this was the worst Christmas ever . . . interviews at Hartsfield-Jackson airport.
    60 % of flights cancelled for tomorrow, maybe due to all the water problems. That cold weather did so much damage to water pipes all around town. We have been fortunate to have no major problems in our vicinity, but the areas outside the perimeter got hit hard. The area where Art’s office is has a boil water alert.
    So many scams go along with such storm damage, too. Sad that people tak advantage of the vulnerable.
    57° here.

    The cream I am using on my skin, one of thr recommended by the radiology department is Calendula which is made from marigolds. I love flowers♡

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  17. We were discussing story ideas with the travel disasters on this morning’s call. Someone said how about all the house guests who are staying way beyond their welcome and how hard that is for people? We all laughed but decided maybe no one would be open enough (to be quoted) to actually how frustrating that is.

    So the Gas Co. inspector came by, spent quite a bit of time under my house inspecting the hating unit which he declared to be safe to use.

    All along I just had a feeling that heating company inspection was looking mainly to replace a heater with a new $5,000 model. So frustrating.

    But I have heat again! Hooray.

    Heard a crash in the living room, Abby somehow knocked off the barricades on one side of the couch and totally freaked herself out.

    The cat is growing annoyed.

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  18. Oh, the red leash on the couch with Abbey was the nylon one she arrived with and later chewed almost completely in two.

    The print blanket seen falling off the couch to the right in the photo above was her “blanky” they sent with her from the fosters’ home. It’s very sweet looking.

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  19. Good news about your heater Dj!! Thankful with you!

    Abby’s ears look more Aussie to me…I love scratching behind my doggie’s ears and they love it too. Their eyes tend to roll up into their head and they get very sleepy! 😊

    Puppies have a way of scaring themselves knocking things to and fro. We had a friend over the other day and Pip was naughtily running through the kitchen knocking over a large antique cutting board I have leaning against a cabinet. She must have jumped 5 feet! And the “indestructible” crate mat that cost 60 dollars from PetSmart…yep…she proved them wrong!

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  20. Haha, and yeah, Abby was afraid to venture too far into the living room after that.

    I was curious (may have already posted this in past weeks) so I looked up the description of Abby again on the FB page for the rescue group (she’s now marked as “adopted” 🙂 )

    ~ Meet Abby. Abby is a female smooth coated blue merle tri-color Border Collie. Her age is estimated to be about 3 years of age.

    Abby has come a long way since coming out of the shelter. She was initially shy with her foster parents, but she is very lovable and wants to be near you all the time now. She is still curious and a little shy until she gets to know you. She came into our rescue program not knowing how to walk on a leash, and we are working on that along with some basic obedience.

    Abby is crate trained, however, she is crated only at night. She eats her dinner with other dogs and has not shown any food aggression . Abby has not had any accidents in the house, but we can’t be absolutely sure if she is totally housebroken. She has not been tested with cats, however, it does appear that she does not have a high prey drive.

    It appears that Abby came from a home where she did not have much or any socializing or training. She is making great progress and is very willing to learn.

    Abby is a bit of a diamond in the rough, but she is very biddable. With patience, Abby will blossom into a confident & great dog. The type of home that is recommended for Abby is with a dog savvy person who is committed to continue working with her. She will also require a yard. ~

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  21. Age, foster says (and I’d agree), is more like 1+ due to playfulness — and breed may be mixed with ? The DNA will tell us.

    They now have DNA kits for cats.

    Foster said she just left the shelter with 2 more border collies.

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  22. We’re home, I’ve bern to the library, hardware, and grocery store (out of eggs for the second day according to checker), and our daughter-in-law and Adorables are driving past Jo’s neighborhood about now.

    The basketball player’s team is up 41-35 with one quarter to go!

    My nieces drive up from LA tomorrow with their black lab and our progressive Christmas continues on Friday. Wr’ll celebrate New Year’s Eve the next night, and CR’s housewarming Sunday afternoon.

    And on Monday?

    The new retired life begins-for one of us!

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  23. I wonder how much of that is because people get Aussies thinking they are such intelligent dogs and do that agility thing, not realizing the high energy and need for agility or some form of training to keep them from being bored destructive. Once they realize the energy required, they quit.

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  24. Probably (@7:54).

    The two border collies foster got out of the shelter near her today appear to be related. “Too much puppy!” she commented.

    And Aussies and border collies are commonly seen now in ads (print and TV) and on programs, they are a popular-looking dog. Border collies were considered “easier” (than Aussies who are a bit more rambunctious) as they are super smart and trainable, and very focused, intense — Aussies are smart, too, but can be a bit more exuberant, more free-spirited. But both breeds do need training to make them and their owners happier beings.

    M, sounds like the endless Christmas you’re having this year.

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  25. Tried to get Abby out for a walk today but she wouldn’t go. I sweet talked her headed for the door with the leash — no go.

    We’re taking two steps forward and one back, but that’s OK, she’s not 100% comfortable just yet. It’s only been a week and a half.

    There’s a guideline chart about rescue dogs that marks the progress for a new dog adoption at 3 days, 3 weeks and 3 months, which is about right (and is what I’ve heard from at least one rescue group in the past).

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  26. (And normally I would have just hooked the leash on her collar and led her out, but she was far back in her crate so I couldn’t reach her in any kind of natural way.)


  27. oh, what a shopping trip. Now I am home and have unloaded everything from the car, cold things are put away, and I went back out, down and around and put the car in the garage. It is supposed to begin raining here around 2am.
    Perfect day for driving.

    The big news was that I got a couch, so now my living room will have a place to sit. Lots of nice ones, but I determined how much I was willing to spend and then found one that I liked. I only went to one place that the gals doing my bedroom told me about. As I went in I saw a gal from church, we even have the same birthday, tho she is five years younger. She is also quite the decorator. Anyway Brenda greeted me and asked how I was doing… Well the new toilet is stopped up, don’t know what to do about homeowners insurance, etc…. Then she took me back and introduced me to the owners. I told them I was being careful with my money and they told me to go upstairs as there were some on sale there. And they deliver for free. Offered to bring me the one up there, but I said that I could wait for a new one.

    The house is now full of food. It was a long trip. I got tired, so when I came out of a store I would just sit for awhile in the car and read on my phone. I also had a coke late in the day and that gave me extra energy.

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  28. oh, can’t remember if I mentioned before I left, but the dreaded woodpeckers are back. A few years ago they did so much damage here that I ended up spending 6000 on repairs. I stopped at Lowes to get something to hang on the eaves to scare them away, but they didn’t have much. Anyone know where to find something to scare them off online??


  29. Grandpa is up and at em again. Yesterday his bed was out to sea until he went to sleep out in the wheat field. He is back from that journey but off on another. He is buying construction materials for another project.
    After getting up several times thinking night was over, my dad is back to sleep.
    And so here I am.

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