6 thoughts on “News/Politics 12-26-22

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  2. And there’s twice that amount of tweets to go. Click a tweet and keep reading.

    “Timed to vanish” doesn’t sound like a very transparent approach. It’s designed to vanish to avoid accountability if they’re caught, and they were caught. If you still trust anything this admin or the FBI tell you, you should seek professional help.

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  3. It’s unfortunate the Twitter files are interpreted on a party basis. The “files” confirm nothing more than what Marxists have been saying for decades. There are formal and informal means for mass media and government to collude and maintain a message which satisfies the elite. And of course this isn’t confined to Twitter or Big Tech but has been prevalent in radio, television and print. All engaged in maintaining the dominant message to discredit socialism and embrace capitalism and then neo-liberal economics (free trade, markets, anti-gov’t).

    Matt Tabbi has long been confined to Rolling Stone and similar publications where he’s been ignored by others and disparaged by Republicans as a leftist journalist with an agenda. His message has been consistent and still is. For those who insist on interpreting the files by party miss the point. Both parties called and appealed to Twitter; the directors came from the security state (FBI, CIA, etc) who normally have a bias towards Republicans. The only reason Democrats had more success in suppressing certain stories relates to the shared values of young university graduates who were employed in the actual monitoring of content. Socially liberal and economically conservative describes many who worked there. The other issue is that Trump supporters tended to create more unsourced materials and were thus easy to dismiss. And right wing propagadna is more common in the US than economic leftist messages.


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