62 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-17-22

  1. Good Morning. We are doing Christmas today.
    Please remember Mr P’s surgery is Monday. We have done all we can to prepare for it.

    In other news, I told you Thursday the neurologist couldn’t find anything wrong with my eyes, so yesterday and this morning the doubled down and said we’ll show you! Both are red and the left one is “tender” and watery.
    I almost wonder if somehow I am causing this- not necessarily autoimmune but mentally or stress wise

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  2. Stress can certainly cause havoc on our bodies, Kim. I am keeping you in prayer. Allergies can cause so much havoc, too. Mine have been quite bad, making my teeth hurt on one side of my mouth off and on. I was sure that there was a dental problem a few years ago but found out it was ‘just allergies.” They can affect your whole body.

    My daughter and grandson made it up from TN. I was glad we did not have to pick them up from the airport. The roads were not good. SIL was already here, so he picked them up. He is off to a Vikings game today with his dad and brother. The others will join us at a gig at a place they have never played before. It is in one of three senior apartment buildings that are all interconnected. My husband’s brother, who passed away this past summer lived in one of them.

    That is a cute little manger scene.

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  3. I’m thinking I’ll just print out the photo and tape it to the wall.

    Decorating done!

    I’ve never been this undecorated before.

    Cookie party tomorrow, however!

    Adorables require it!

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  4. Nineteen here but supposed to feel like six. I don’t know, I have not been out there. But it is about eighty by the grandpa chairs and about seventy two across the room from them. Supposed to drop to negative seven on Wednesday.

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  5. Morning all. 15 degrees here and we should get up to freezing today! We will be seeing Mumsee’s weather by Wed when -14 and snow finds us. Our high for Thursday will be 7…brrrrr

    Keeping you and Mr P in prayer Kim. ♥️

    Husband is driving a friend to a gun show in Denver so I believe I will bake some Christmas cookies and make this house smell like a bakery!

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  6. Praying for you all, Kim. Merry Christmas today!

    I’m also undecorated — a new term? Will get some of the stuff out of the garage today when I head in there to find the dog crate. I envision in leaning up against the north wall, so we’ll see if my memory is right.

    A good friend (I’ll put this on the prayer thread also) is (again) getting a runaround just to get something diagnosed. Essentially, she has to always get a referral and the referrals seem to be a stab in the dark for what’s going on. (This is the second time she’s been through this during the latter part of this year).

    She gets to the specialist who says, “Oh, not my field.”

    Back to the GP for yet another referral with hopes the next specialist will be one who can help.

    She saw someone yesterday for what was believed to be something near her vocal cords. But no, specialist told her, it’s thyroid, I can’t help. Bye. Next?

    So now it’s back for yet another referral … which always takes forever and then a longer wait on top of that just to get in to see these doctors with an appointment.

    Something’s not right with how this is (or rather isn’t) working.

    (She has an HMO with Medicare, something I’ll also wind up on when I’m no longer working full time and can still afford the much less cumbersome PPO plan on Medicare.)

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  7. No decorating here and, in at least half the house, there is no furniture.

    For your reading pleasure??? Last night was interesting

    so friend gave me a mattress pad heater. Before I go to bed I turn it on low for an hour just to warm up the sheets. Works well and then turns off.

    Last night, I finally figured out, the power went out and then came back on. Turns out that that triggered the heating pad to go back on to the default settings. Which were the highest setting continuously. I woke to a blazing hot bed from side to side and top to bottom. I turned off my side and then realized that both sides were on. Couldn’t figure out what happened til I came out to the great room and saw the microwave light flashing.

    I finally unplugged the heater and then came out and read for a bit while my bed cooled down.

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  8. I’ve been going back and forth since Tuesday trying to get a med refilled. I thought I was picking up the refill for it on Tuesday, but it was a different med.

    Pharmacy sends request.
    Dr’s office sends request back.
    After an hour on line, Pharmacy comes on and says no request
    Rerequest to Dr. (all done online)
    Nothing from Pharmacy
    Check with DR. Request sent–with time and date along with OK from insurance.
    Nothing from Pharmacy.
    Friday–friend lends me the needed med–which I hadn’t had since Tuesday
    Sat–Still nothing from Pharmacy.

    QOD–do I take a book and stand in line (again) to show proof of doctor request, or do I sit on phone addressing Christmas cards for who knows how long?

    QOD2–what if this is one of those meds that can’t be resupplied right now?
    QOD3–WHO is supposed to tell me what to do, then?
    QOD4–and what about all those parents who can’t buy formula for their babies?
    (Also in that camp trying to help a friend in another state).
    QOD 5–WHEN is Jesus coming back???????

    Going with Christmas card addressing since I do have some meds from my “dealer.”

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  9. Merry Christmas to Kim and Mr. P!💚❤💚❤💚❤💚❤💚❤💚❤💚❤

    Kim, I think I remember you had Covid. I also think Covid can affect the eyes, or at least earlier versions did. I hope and pray that this is not a long-haul effect of Covid. I remember you seemed to have a milder case of Covid than some and that you slept it off. I am praying for your eyes to quickly feel better and to heal from whatever is going on.🙏

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  10. This one gave me chills, tweeted by an LAPD cop who patrols skid row — and also is a believer:

    ~ My country is one that has become addicted to anger, outrage and the ruining of people’s lives to feel a sense of power. But it will one day render America powerless. We will be destroyed from within as we only care about “our side” winning. It’s really sad to watch. ~

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  11. @Never Mind, good choice to stay home with the cards.

    Standing in a long line of sick people at the pharmacy would probably only make things worse.

    Not the first anecdote I’ve heard lately, either, on prescription/doctor/pharmacy mixups and delays and general mishandling, kind of scary.

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  12. And in our drama: when in Florida, husband was authorized by mom in law to take a lock box containing things like: his passport, original social security card, health insurance cards, internment papers, original will, etc. Then, after moving out and abandoning him, she went back to the house while they were out and took the box. Husband sent her a registerd letter requesting the items be sent here, registered by the seventeenth. She sent husband and me a text yesterday, telling us to never contact her again, ever. All communication is to go through her lawyer. So I have sent a message to the lawyer, requesting those papers. And asking how dad in law is supposed to call her daily (as she demanded on her welfare check of him) if we can’t call. And so it goes.

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  13. I decided to run out and get some coconut at the store. First I stopped in at Tractor Supply and purchased another vest on sale in a different color. Then of course since I was close to the Big R I ran in an picked some of Pip’s favorite Chuck it Balls (they whistle when tossed and one glows in the dark!) Got to the grocery and picked up a few more items other than coconut (but I did remember to get the coconut which is a win for me!). I’m telling you people are crazy the Saturday before Christmas. In a frenzy and no manners! Butting in line, blocking aisles and giving an “eye roll” when others are saying “excuse me” as they want through. The only place that had friendly shoppers was Tractor Supply. If only they had coconut!! 🎄 🎅

    Hoping the attorney responds quickly and rightly Mumsee.
    Hoping the Pharmacy gets their act together Dj….my Pharmacy has steadily gotten worse since Covid. They cannot seem to find RX’s nor can they find the pills once they find the RX!

    Jo those warmers are so nice when needed but not when they are on “scald” setting!! Yikes!

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  14. Flaming mattress! Yikes.

    Covid has messed up a lot of things, including the health care system to some degree with so many folks exiting the field, I think, amid extremely high demand that kept whoever was left hopping and exhausted.

    Just in for a Diet Coke break after spending a couple hours in the garage and patio, clearing out old stuff that needed to be tossed, getting the Christmas decoration boxes all out and ready to open and put up. Sometime.

    I’m sweaty and filthy.

    After Nancyjill’s comments about being out “among ’em” today, I’m now dreading a couple Amazon returns I need to drop off at Kohl’s and the UPS store. I guess this is the last full shopping weekend before Christmas? Already?

    I can’t even eyeball the old wire crate in the garage, it must have gone further back than I realized, so I’ll just swing by the Petco and pick up a new one. Prices don’t look that bad online, anyway. We’ll see …

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  15. New dog, new crate, her old blanket.

    Found an unopened roll of Christmas wrap in the garage that was dog-themed. 🙂 Perfect.

    And spotted the box of remaining Christmas cards that had “Blue Dog” on the front wearing a Santa hat. I bought and sent those out the year I had Pilgrim, he looked SO much like Blue Dog. 🙂

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  16. DJ – That quote you shared from the LA cop goes along with this piece that I just read earlier today.

    “Right now in evangelicalism there is a movement afoot that would like the church to become more like the world in how it tries to wage culture war. We need to Tweet like those cultural despisers whose mockery and sarcasm always seem to go viral. We need to viciously attack the alleged compromisers within our ranks, just like the world’s institutions and parties chuck out the weak links. We need to see our enemies with the contempt with which they see us. We need to feel toward them what (we believe) they feel toward us. Because the alternative is losing.

    Let me suggest to you, dear reader, that the reason Halls and Achords and Jerry Fallwell, Jrs. happen and will keep happening is that the deck is stacked. The church is not a system that can be tweaked to go along with the times. It’s the body of a living man: Christ Jesus, whose Holy Spirit is the one and only source of Christian power in this world. And this Holy Spirit is a political liability. He is not a skilled wordsmith of put-downs. He is not a ruthless social media assassin. He is not “based.” He is the Spirit of a crucified Savior, a King whose throne was a cross. Christianity is cruciform-shaped. It cannot be anything else. And the impulse we feel arise within us to try to contort that cruciform shape, to make it more effective, more viral, more powerful in a mass media age, is an impulse that can only end in disaster.”



  17. We hiked the other side of the trail that we usually hike, and I did 2.4 miles. I may be sore tomorrow. Thanking God I am still able. Now trying to figure out What’s for Dinner?

    Sounds like Abby is going to have a wonderful Sunday and Christmas. A forever home for a sweet and lovable doggie in need. Dj is a Good Samaritan this Christmas❤

    Prayers for AJ to feel good between treatments. Prayers for Mr. P and Kim to have a good weekend without anxiety about the surgery. May God provide the best surgery team and may He guide every aspect of the surgery to meet the exact needs every second while Mr. P is in the operating room. May recovery go smoothly without complications or infection. Thank You God, for Your on-going blessings for Your beloved children made in Your image. I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen

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  18. Kizzie @5:27, bulls eye.


    Well, just back from a round of shopping, picked up a dog crate at Petco but realized I needed an XL based on the dimensions of Abby’s rescue crate. Big and I am wondering if it’ll even fit that well here; the good news is I am hoping she won’t “need” a crate for long. It was much more expensive than the Chewy brands, but I can return this and then get the chewy one if that makes sense. Just didn’t have time to order something online even though Chewy is usually super fast (but not always and not with everything).

    It’s still in the box in the car. I think it makes most sense to put it up in the bedroom, but I’ll have to maneuver the bed around a bit.

    Also picked a couple boxes of basic dog treats, realized I haven’t prepared very well. Will also need a tag, can get one of the ones in the Petco machine; but also can use a Tess collar which at least has my cell on it in case she gets out.

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  19. I’m keeping a positive outlook.

    Kind of strange to be out shopping today, went to Home Goods for the first time, I think, since the pandemic hit in 2020. It was the usual explosion of everything I’d remembered from that store.

    Also went to Kohl’s to turn in an Amazon return — I never go there usually — but found a little Christmas spring thing that will work in a container that needs to be filled with something — and I had the $5 discount from the Amazon return that Kohl’s give you, plus cashier told me on another coupon online, so I used my phone and got that — item cost $4.00+ some change.

    I still need some greenery to put into the bed of a bright red toy pickup truck K gave me last year — cute Christmas decoration but it needs the truck bed filled … I’m sure I’ll find something in all my boxes.

    I’m decorating late, and it’s all kind of slap-dash (a favorite expression of my mom’s, ’cause slap-dash was such a family “thing”).

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  20. Dj we have a medium wire crate for Pip. She weighs 40 pounds and it fits her perfectly. She is so good to go in when we tell her she needs to go to bed. Hoping Abby adjusts to her new home quickly and that safe feeling is immediate upon her arrival….how could it not? ♥️ I am so looking forward to photos!!!

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  21. Early Christmas went went well. Ham, green bean casserole,spinach casserole, and green bean casserole.
    Papa called in a favor and got Santa to come by last night…Little Miss got a big girl bicycle with training wheels. She and Daddy went out to ride. She caught on quickly. She also got more of her Calico “Cree-tears” Creatures to everyone else. She also got the Calico Creatures style shop which had been wrapped and under the tree until she told us she thought it was the style shop. Instead Santa left it.
    I got a pretty necklace of pearls with a “drop” of pears spaced with a gold bead. Papa, Little Miss, and I got Bombas slippers. Mommy got Christmas pj’s and a gift card to Massage Envy, the Daddy/Son for an assortment of things and T-shirt from “Crabadashery” since he and his dad are both from Maryland.
    From Son & DIL I got what I asked for…someone will be coming to my office to detail my car. ❤️❤️❤️
    BG got a knit blanket (made from chenille yarn) a Himalayan salt alarm clock, and a phone charger.
    It was kinda nice to do it today because no one had to rush off somewhere else. It was a nice relaxed afternoon. Son, DIL, and Little Miss got here a little after 1. BG had to work but got here a little after 4. We visited, watched Little Miss ride her bike, had dinner, and opened presents.
    All in all a good day.
    Now I am researching “Thyroid Eyes”. I still think it may all be in my head. I had never had a headache associated with this until Thursday night. It woke me. Thursday the neurologist asked me if I was having headaches. You would think if I thought it was all in my head it would go away. Nope.

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  22. I wrote cards and sat on hold for 90 minutes—without changing my spit in the queue.

    I did receive one text and one call in my phone telling me—for the 4th straight day that my prescription was delayed because of nothing from prescriber.

    I looked at my online chart, noting the doctor staff had sent two different requests in two different days— meaning 2 prescription requests, which was wrong.

    So, I grabbed my clipboard and work to do while standing in line.

    Only 3 people ahead if me, do it went quickly.

    Hitler—his real name, can you imagine naming a baby that 25 years ago?—saw the duplicate prescription and asked me to wait 15 minutes then handed me my prescription.

    What a ridiculous series of events.

    But, it’s done for 3 months, now.

    Isn’t technology wonderful?

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  23. What an ordeal, Healthy. Glad you got the prescription and the line was short.

    I took one more trip over to the local Petco tonight, got one of the machine-generated tags for Abby and a Christmas collar and a “chuck-it” ball thrower and balls along with some more biscuits.

    Then I went to Sprouts, which is next door, and loaded up on groceries, the basics, milk, OJ, a frozen dinner or two, bread, cereal. I shouldn’t necessarily have to leave the house or yard for a few days at least.

    Sounds like a very nice early Christmas, Kim, loved the big-girl bike gift as I still remember when I got my first one with training wheels. We were living in Hollywood back then and I still remember my dad going out with me to hold the back of the bike as I was trying to learn to ride it without the training wheels.

    First time I succeeded — when I was trying it alone a few days after Christmas and my dad was back at work — I shrieked, dropped the bike on the front lawn of our Spanish-style apartment building, and ran into the the apartment yelling about my success. My mom, who was washing dishes and watching from the kitchen window, was sure I’d dropped the bike so hard it would be damaged, but it wasn’t.

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  24. Oh, and I got a fresh roasted turkey breast for free. I’d put it in the bottom of the basket and forgot to put it on the counter so it wasn’t paid for after I paid for everything else.

    Bag guy called out to the guy in charge at the next check stand if we could comp the turkey, he said sure, so a nice Christmas grocery gift. 🙂

    They were within about 40 minutes of closing.

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  25. dj, probably nothing. I once forwarded one to a daughter who was in college so she could respond to it. She never got it. She never got quite a bit of mail at that place. We never heard anything about it.

    That mattress pad sounds like a fire hazard.

    Kim, hoping you can get some answers.

    We have been having a wonderful time with family. It is especially nice to be having ‘grown up’ discussions with our grandson.

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  26. Since Mrs L’s sister and family have or were exposed to COVID, our trip to Iowa was postponed, so we went South to visit my brother and his wife. Pleasant time for a day.

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  27. ‘Tis a nice morning here in the forest. I didn’t sleep most of the night so decided to get out of bed around 4:30. I have had more than enough coffee and should be fully caffeinated to listen to the sermon this morning!

    Dj I don’t know what happens in CA but one of my closest friends forgot about a jury summons once. A few years later she was going on a cruise with her family and she was pulled aside upon boarding the ship. Seems there was a bench warrant out for her arrest!! If I remember the story correctly she was told to report to her county when she returned home and settle the matter! We now refer to her as the “wanted felon”…. 😂

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  28. Good morning, all, or will be soon. Active grandpa night for one, the other only got up a couple of times. Busy grandpa was just busy. Talking, building houses, traveling, visiting. Who knows. He called once because he needed us to interpret because he could not understand what she was saying. I never saw the she and was unable to interpret as I could not see her. Told him so and sat by him and he went right back to sleeping normally.

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  29. Good afternoon. So glad to hear about the Christmas doings at Kim’s home. A super nice Christmas! Did you decide to not fix the Cranberry Stuff? It’s hard to believe that Little Miss is on a bike now. What a fun time.❤

    Wes and I went to Sunday school which is always wonderful. I counted about 28 people and about eighteen were guys. I think some of the guy’s wifes are volunteering in the children’s area. Unlike most churches where I have attended, this church has guys who are solid and dedicated believers which makes such a good difference. I am so thankful to be in a class that. Wes appreciates so much.

    We have been playing Upwords and Mancala. Surprisingly, I won both yesterday, but Wes usually wins. It’s feeling really cold today, so a good day for games, books, and cooking/baking.

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  30. Husband and son are off to church and then to help another son move into his home. If grandpas have a good rest. Daughter is baking cookies. Today she is working on spritz cookies.

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  31. My spritz cookie press is missing. Cousin left hers here a decade plus ago but it appears to be cracked. So daughter is slicing off the cookies and making tasty round ones to frost later. Or does one ice cookies?

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  32. Our cookie party is this afternoon if anyone is in the area and wants to drop by. 🙂

    Today, still with Christmas cards to write, is the first day I feel like I have breathing room since . . . well, September 1. It’s been quite a stretch but I’ve got most of the writing DONE. (I can always edit).

    I taught Sunday School today–and basically led them in Mary’s story, looking through Luke 1 and Matthew 1–with a slightly different take on the subject.

    This came while we were talking.

    Elizabeth went into seclusion when Zachariah returned from the temple (I taught last week, too), for six months.

    Mary arrived in the Judean hillsides when Elizabeth was six months pregnant.

    Do you think that Elizabeth had not felt quickening until Mary walked into her courtyard?

    We know (from the text), that Gabriel’s confirmation to Mary was that Elizabeth was with child.

    Mary then left to see Elizabeth (as her physical confirmation: looking at Elizabeth’s pregnancy with her own eyes).

    When she walked in, John leaped in his mother’s womb. Was that the first time?

    Think of the amazing joy that moment would have been: both women’s miraculous pregnancies confirmed in one act.


    Off to work on dough.

    Merry Christmas!

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  33. M – Six months seems to be a little late for a quickening. I have always thought that the leaping in the womb was more a energetic movement than she had ever felt before. I could be mistaken, though. 🙂

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  34. I resisted picking up cookies at Sprouts last night but now you-all are making me regret that.

    Reformed churches typically are male-heavy — guys love theology. So we have no problem in that category.

    Abby has landed. She’s resting on her blanket from home on the long sofa.

    She started out just super curious about everything, checking out the backyard, the house — after her foster people left (quietly, no drama or formal ‘goodbyes’ which always works best) — she sort of realized they were gone after a while and her curiosity turned more toward some wariness. But she seems ok, very quiet, just taking it all in. I’m trying to stay quiet and still in the house to let her rest, she’s had a busy day with lots of changes.

    Annie the cat just ventured out of hiding in the spare room a few minutes ago, sniffing me at lot (as she did when I got back from my first visit with Abby a few days ago). I think Annie misses her dogs and will be fine with the new addition — and Abby seems very mild-mannered, should work out OK but I will be keeping a close eye on everyone for a while.

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  35. Aw sweet Abby finally home. Praying for you this day as everyone makes the adjustments. Did you say how long she had been with the fosters? I might have missed that?

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  36. We are having sunny weather here. Though it is cold and there are icy windows on the car in the morning. Couldn’t find an ice scraper.

    Christmas day is supposed to get up to 65.
    I will be babysitting the littles this week while parents work. With this weather we will probably go to a different park each day. I want to take them home a little later so we can see Christmas lights.

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  37. My trash cans are now down at the curb waiting to be picked up. The household garbage one was a 65 gallon and very heavy. They will empty that one and then leave me a 35 gallon one. The yard waste was not quite as heavy. Still it was a very steep driveway to get them down. I did it very carefully.

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  38. So exciting to have Abby home for Christmas. This is around the same time we took in baby Bosley who we thought was a boy kitten with the tiny sqeaky meow. Abby will be so content with you, Dj. It’s all so sweet.

    Wes and I tried out a connecting trail today that goes over to Emory University. I tried to make a funny and say I could just walk on the trails over there for my daily treatments, but I don’t think the trails go directly to the medical center. We see so many different breeds of dogs on these trails. That alone is fascinating.

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  39. Abby had been with fosters for 2 months, she went there after rescue arranged to bust her out of the Coachella animal shelter where she was very unhappy. Nothing much known about her background, though.

    Shelter gave her the name of “Moonshine.” Foster picked “Abby,” which I really like and will keep, though it sounds a lot like “Annie.”

    They’re still observing each other from across the room, Annie slinks toward the couch where Abby is lying and staring back but then moves back again, checking each other out from a distance. … Abby hasn’t made any move to get down or get closer, so I think that’s a very good sign. She seems to be very mild-mannered and safe(?) around cats.

    Annie doesn’t act like she feels threatened, but she’s wisely careful. Abby is definitely bigger.

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  40. I would never have thought of that leaping to be quickening in the womb. I also assume that Elizabeth’s greeting was in response to information given her by the Holy Spirit. Quickening would have been such a normal thing and not even worth mentioning.

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  41. I agree about the quickening, it is late—. It what if you were a much older woman who had been barren and living in seclusion?

    How would you have been thinking about this very unexpected pregnancy?

    Having never been pregnant before, would you have recognized the movements? I think I was six months before I thought to ask someone what it felt like when the baby moved. I’d read books but had never felt movement— until someone identified what movement felt like.


    And why seclusion for six months?

    And why would God wait six months before “covering” Mary into pregnancy?

    Just an interesting “coincidence” in a story with so many layers!


  42. Hmm. These were not two “ordinary” men. One was the Messiah.
    The other:
    A messenger who will prepare your way”

    Unlike any other I just don’t believe we can compare those to any “normal” pregnancy….because they were not.

    But why am I so favored, that the mother of my Lord should come to me? As soon as the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the baby in my womb leaped for joy.

    This written in His Word..we cannot “humanize” something so incredibly amazing. God with us…

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