27 thoughts on “News/Politics 12-13-22

  1. Lot’s of stuff today….

    The Biden Invasion continues….

    “Deportation Of Criminal Illegal Aliens Way Down Under Biden, Report Says”


    “Deportations of illegal aliens convicted of or arrested for crimes have declined massively under the Biden administration in recent years, according to a new report.

    The report, from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), said that there was a 71% decline in removals of illegal aliens who had been arrested for a crime under Biden and a substantial decrease in the removal of convicted felons.

    “Immigration enforcement in the interior of the country has dropped dramatically under President Biden’s policies. These policies have exempted nearly all but the most serious criminal aliens from arrest and removal and have imposed cumbersome new procedures and paperwork for ICE officers to complete cases,” wrote Jessica Vaughan, the director of policy studies for CIS.”


  2. “‘Madness’: Even Biden DOJ Officials Calling Foul On Griner Swap For ‘Merchant Of Death’

    “…trading a notorious international arms dealer for a basketball player is madness.””


    “Officials at the Department of Justice (DOJ) think it was a mistake for President Joe Biden to swap WNBA star Brittney Griner for Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, dubbed the “Merchant of Death.”

    Griner was arrested in February at a Moscow airport after being caught with marijuana vaping materials and sentenced to nine years in prison in August. Bout, one of the world’s most notorious arms dealers, was convicted in 2011 of conspiring to sell millions of dollars worth of weapons to a designated foreign terrorist group to be used to kill Americans.

    “If she were my relative, I would want to do the swap,” one DOJ official told The Washington Post. “But trading a notorious international arms dealer for a basketball player is madness.”

    The Post said many officials within the department view the one-for-one swap as a mistake, given the glaring disparity between offenses.

    Former DEA agent Robert Zachariasiewicz told the Post he was opposed to the move over what it likely reinforces to Russia.”

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  3. As if they had any left….

    “The ‘Twitter Files’ are the final nail in the media’s credibility”


    “The vicious and coordinated attacks by mainstream news figures against independent journalist Matt Taibbi in recent days reinforce an essential point about the American news media: they think we are all drooling idiots. Their response to Taibbi’s release of the Twitter Files, which details the company’s calculated suppression of a major news story in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election, underscores this exceedingly low estimation of its audience.

    Outlets like MSNBC and the New York Times seem to hope the American public is ignorant of the fact that they got every aspect of the Hunter Biden laptop story wrong from the start. While real journalists tenaciously reported the facts, such as the New York Post’s Miranda Devine , a disinformation machine comprised of Biden campaign officials, intelligence officials, liberal journalists, and Twitter higher-ups (with the omission of former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who was strangely left out of the loop) acted in brazen coordination to suppress the story.

    Biden officials worked feverishly behind the scenes to “flag” Twitter posts that mentioned Devine’s article, and Twitter, due to the overwhelmingly leftist makeup of its employees, dutifully did their bidding by removing “wrongthink” from the platform. Twitter even suspended the New York Post’s account for having the gall to report a story that was damaging to the Biden campaign in the first place.

    Mainstream liberal journalists, ever docile and obedient toward the establishment powers-that-be, also did their part by repeating the lies of a cadre of former intelligence officials who released a joint statement dismissing the story as “Russian disinformation.” Talking heads and partisan hacks hypnotically repeated this authoritative assessment, falsely claiming the Biden laptop story had “the classic earmarks” of a Russian psyop.

    It is now a proven fact, however, that Twitter/Biden/CIA/liberal media psyop forced onto the public was the real source of disinformation, and it unfurled with military precision and force.”


  4. So when can we expect the Congressional investigation and oversight they’re supposed to be doing to start?


  5. Like

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  7. Good question, and please do so.


  8. He blew the whistle, but Dems in Congress who were using Twitter as a campaign tool squashed it, and R’s quietly excepted it with nary a whimper.

    And this is just one. Imagine Google and Facebook are even worse.


  9. Some good news….

    Turns out investing based on politics isn’t exactly profitable, unless you’re China, who makes all this “green tech” stuff they like.

    ESG is not for me, thanks…


    I’ve written here and here (among other places) about the politicization of Wall Street through the ESG (“environment, social, governance”) mania, but it turns out that most ESG funds are lagging an already bad market. And for the simplest of reasons this year: what is best performing sector of the stock market this year? Fossil fuel companies. In other words, energy that works. If you are overweight in oil, gas, and coal, you’re up on the year. That’s one reason to run as fast as you can away from any fund that boasts it doesn’t invest in oil or other forms of energy that work.”


  10. Hunter’s defenders are readying for the fight.

    “Hunter Biden’s Strategy To Go On The Offensive Further Indicts The Feds”


    “A strangely timed DEA raid, whistleblower claims, and other red flags raise new questions about Hunter Biden and his family affairs.”

    “Two months after the FBI subpoenaed the laptop Hunter Biden had abandoned at a Delaware computer repair store, the Drug Enforcement Administration searched the office of Hunter’s one-time psychiatrist Keith Ablow and seized a second laptop Hunter had left with him. The timing of the DEA raid and the fact that criminal charges were never filed against Ablow, coupled with whistleblowers’ claims that the FBI buried evidence against Hunter Biden, raises the question of whether the search was a pretext to recover Hunter’s laptop and protect the Biden family.

    While the DEA’s recovery of the second Hunter Biden laptop escaped scrutiny over the last nearly three years, a Washington Post article from Saturday brings that laptop into focus — and with it questions about the DEA’s seizure of the laptop and agents’ decision to return it to Hunter.

    In a weekend article titled “Some Hunter Biden Allies Making Plans to go After His Accusers,” The Washington Post reported that Hunter and his closest advisers are plotting an offensive for when Republicans assume control of the House of Representatives in January. The strategy sessions to counter what Biden associates frame as “an expected onslaught of investigations by House Republicans” began last September, according to the Post, with a meeting at the California home of Hunter Biden’s friend and lawyer Kevin Morris.

    Morris, already famous in the entertainment industry as an attorney for the co-creators of “South Park,” gained notoriety when the New York Post reported that Morris “footed Hunter Biden’s overdue taxes totaling over $2 million.” In addition to Morris, David Brock, a liberal activist, reportedly joined in the September 2022 strategy session. “At one point, Hunter Biden himself happened to call into the meeting, connecting briefly by video to add his own thoughts,” according to the Post.

    While not detailing Hunter’s purported thoughts, The Washington Post reported that Morris suggested “it was crucial” “for Hunter Biden’s camp to be more aggressive.” According to Saturday’s article, Morris then described during the September meeting at his California home the “defamation lawsuits the team could pursue against the presidential son’s critics, including Fox News, Eric Trump and Rudy Giuliani.” Morris also reportedly “outlined extensive research on two potential witnesses against Hunter Biden — a spurned business partner named Tony Bobulinski and a computer repairman named John Paul Mac Isaac.”

    Brock provided more insight, telling the Post: “They feel that there is a whole counternarrative missing because of the whole Hunter-hater narrative out there.” “What we really got into was more the meat of it, the meat of what a response would look like,” Brock said of the September meeting. To aid the efforts, Brock planned to start a new group — since launched — named Facts First USA, which Brock described as a “SWAT team” designed to “ensure that the media and public do not accept the false narratives that flows from congressional investigations.”

    More recently, according to the Post, “Brock’s group, Facts First, is engaging with Hunter Biden and those in his immediate circle.” Brock is reportedly “reviewing research that Morris has conducted on Biden’s adversaries, including Bobulinski and Mac Isaac.”

    According to The Washington Post, Morris and others are also focused on whether the data claimed to be recovered from the laptop Hunter Biden abandoned at the Delaware computer repair store, “was improperly obtained and distributed,” with Hunter and his allies suggesting that the materials released by Giuliani and others may not have originated from the laptop Hunter abandoned at the repair shop. Instead, the help-Hunter crew posits that the information may have been improperly taken from a laptop Hunter left with Ablow, whom the Post frames as “close to Republican activist Roger Stone.” The Post then reported that “Morris has been overseeing a forensic analysis of that laptop to determine if it was the basis of the hard drives that were later distributed by Trump allies.”

    Morris began floating a similar tangled conspiracy theory in May 2022, with CBS News reporting, “Morris and his team have been circulating provocative slides that tease a coming counter-narrative to political attacks against the president’s son.” The slides describe a “contextualized theory” positing that “there was no laptop dropped off with Mac Isaac, just a laptop which Hunter abandoned on Feb. 1, 2019, at the office of his psychiatrist, Dr. Keith Ablow.”

    The New York Post’s Miranda Devine also lighted the conspiracy theory Morris floated in May, writing: “Morris alleges in his scrawled mind map, and in conversations with confidants, that Trump ally Roger Stone and his lawyer, Tyler Nixon, masterminded a plot with Ablow and Mac Isaac to create ‘clones’ of the laptop left in Newburyport to damage Joe before the 2020 election.” Morris pushed the theory based on Stone writing a foreword for Ablow’s 2020 book, “Trump Your Life,” and Ablow’s appearances on Fox News.

    But as Devine detailed in her article, the material contained on the MacBook abandoned at Mac Isaac’s business included material created after Hunter had left the laptop with Ablow: “The biggest problem with Morris’ conspiracy theory of the ‘Ablow clones’ is that there are authentic videos and other material unique to the Mac Isaac laptop that were created after Hunter left his second laptop at Ablow’s office.”

    Ablow has also dismissed the counternarrative as “a work of fiction,” stating: “I never looked at any laptop belonging to Hunter Biden, much less shared any laptop belonging to Mr. Biden with anyone, ever.” “I wouldn’t know how to access a password-protected laptop if my life depended on it,” Ablow added. Stone reportedly said the theory is “insane conjecture bordering on defamation.” Mac Isaac described it at the time as a “loose effort to muddy the waters.””

    Just the usual suspects doing dirt bag stuff.


  11. Everything the average citizen knew was going on is proven… it’s criminal and proves that the 2020 Election was stolen – the greatest voting scandal in US history. These revelations point to the federal government actually using Twitter to interfere in the elections – a direct violation of the Constitution.

    We have people rotting in a DC gulag because they came out to protest this stolen election. Why are they still in jail, but the perpetrators are still running free? Why did our courts not take up the legitimate lawsuits instead of using “lack of standing”?

    Have you ever heard of a country where an attempted coup took place against a democratically elected President and absolutely nobody has been held accountable? Partly because the bodies normally responsible for dealing with such matters were themselves responsible for the attempted coup.

    Every American should be able to sue for being disenfranchised because of what these people did, and continue to do. The real coup wasn’t Pres. Trump fighting for a fair election, it was the rigged election itself.


    “The latest episode of the Elon Musk-endorsed “Twitter Files,” internal communications about the social media giant’s “free speech suppression” on the platform, reveals a soft-on-Biden tough-on-Trump bias in content enforcement, raising questions about how heavily the social media platform put its finger on the scales in the 2020 election.

    The latest set of internal Twitter communications, titled “The Removal of Donald Trump,” dives into the actions of Twitter executives during the period from October 2020 to Jan. 8, 2021, when Trump was banned from the platform.

    Internal Slack chats at Twitter, shared and commented on by investigative journalist Matt Taibbi in a lengthy thread published on Dec. 9, show that engagement between Twitter executives and federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies soared during this period.

    The chats are also chock full of obscure terms and censorious jargon (which Taibbi dubbed “Orwellian unwords”) used by Twitter’s enforcers as they worked to tag, shadow ban, and otherwise suppress content that was sympathetic to then-President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign while giving content aligned with then-candidate Joe Biden’s election efforts a free pass.”


  12. This should never have happened. There is a reason these type of mental issues used to disqualify you from service.

    While he may have been encouraged, even preyed upon by those pushing this agenda, including the “Drs,” he bears ultimate responsibility for this fiasco, he and the military leadership who played along with Dem’s social engineering of the military.

    Unlike young, impressionable teens who are usually the victims of this nonsense, he should know better.

    “Retired Navy SEAL Detransitions, Shares His Experience, And Has A Warning For America

    Chris Beck: “Everything you see on CNN with my face, do not even believe a word of it”


    “One of the biggest tragedies and human rights crises facing America right now is the rabid push to convince children that they are “transgender” and should undergo chemical or physical mutilation of their healthy bodies.

    Retired Navy SEAL Chris Beck (in)famously announced he was transgender back in 2013. In addition to co-authoring a book with the psychiatrist he now accuses of manipulating him into transitioning, Beck appeared on CNN and across multiple media outlets to normalize transgender in the military.

    Now, in 2022, Beck has detransitioned and is speaking out in an effort, he asserts, to protect the nation’s children from this medical malpractice. His message to America: Wake up.”


  13. Don’t hold your breath….


  14. This goes nicely with the last 2….

    The dangers of mixing politics, agendas, and medicine are obvious. The same is happening in the legal field. They’re compromising the foundations of society, and it’s intentional.

    “A Rush to Judgement in Psychological Science”


    “An important principle of science is that testable claims about the universe should be understood as existing independently of the person who advocates them. In this way, science distinguishes itself from religion, which devalues the claims of heretics and recusants on the basis of their supposedly defective souls; and from the pseudoscience embedded in radical political movements (as with the Nazis, who spuriously rejected what they called “Jewish science,” and Stalinists, who similarly railed against science deemed “bourgeois”).

    Unfortunately, in recent years, this traditional epistemological approach has come under attack. Academics increasingly are being encouraged to announce their race, sex, gender identity, social class, and disability status under the conceit that this personal information is germane to a scientific appraisal of their scholarship. As a recent controversy engulfing the prestigious journal Perspectives on Psychological Science shows, the career risks are high for those willing to speak out against this tendency.

    The furore erupted when University of Heidelberg psychology professor Klaus Fiedler, the then-newly installed editor of Perspectives on Psychological Science, set out to publish an article by cognitive neurophysiologist Bernhard Hommel, critiquing a 2020 article by Stanford University psychology professor Steven Othello Roberts. Following on his oft-stated belief that the discipline of psychology is systemically racist, Roberts had argued that journal editors should track the race of their contributing authors with a view toward enforcing diversity targets, while authors should similarly track (and be made to justify) the racial composition of their research samples. Hommel, by contrast, shares our own belief that focusing closely on skin color in this way represents an intrusion of political activism that compromises scientific freedom and independence.

    If Fiedler had left it at that, he might still be the editor of Perspectives. But he was so impressed by the critical commentary supplied by the three peer-reviewers to whom he’d sent Hommel’s article—Rutgers University psychologist Lee Jussim, Utrecht University emeritus psychology professor Wolfgang Stroebe, and University of Toronto emeritus psychology professor Keith Stanovich—that he decided to commission these responses, in adapted form, as stand-alone articles themselves. This was an unusual editorial decision. But Fiedler also invited Roberts to respond to all four critics as part of a larger “discussion forum.”

    Fiedler and Roberts then engaged in a lengthy and complicated exchange of emails that lasted for months. We know this because Roberts, having lost trust in the process, decided to upload a manuscript describing the affair earlier this month, complete with a lengthy appendix that contains abundant excerpts from his correspondence with Fiedler. In the accompanying text, Roberts accuses not only Fiedler, but also Hommel, Jussim, Stanovich, and Stroebe, of militating against his work in a manner that is “unsound, unscientific, ad hominem, and racist.”

    Yet nowhere does Roberts demonstrate that any of these men exhibited racial animus. And some of Roberts’s efforts to make this case are flat-out absurd. At one point, for instance, he spuriously describes Jussim’s use of an equine metaphor—“Scientists who wish to plow their fields with mules should be permitted to do so; they should not, however, pretend that those mules are horses”—as an argument that “explicitly parallels people of color with mules (i.e., the sterile offspring of a horse and a donkey), which is a well-documented racist trope used to dehumanize people of color.”


    We are so ………


  15. You gotta love it when they look you in eye and lie their butts off. The only thing they’re effective at is enabling and kowtowing to the invaders.

    “WH National Security Advisor: Biden’s Border Policies Doing An “Effective Job”…”


  16. Your tax dollars at work.

    Isn’t it so nice having the “adults” back in charge instead of that mean, ole Bad Orange Man…..?


  17. Enjoy!

    Again, lying right to your face…..

    Build Back Better!


  18. Ladies and gentlemen, the latest variant of Trump Derangement Syndrome has hit.

    I give you….

    Musk Derangement Syndrome in it’s most advance stage.


  19. Spent?

    I’m thinking wasted….


  20. Huh.


  21. Yes, how could they have known this guy might have some issues…..? 🙄


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