10 thoughts on “News/Politics 12-8-22

  1. Biden’s Invasion continues…


  2. If not for low standards they’d have none at all. One of these things is clearly not like the other, and they know that.

    It’s not hard, they just play obtuse.


  3. I told you this was just gonna be another Clown Court.


  4. Indeed it has…


  5. He’s complicit, and incompetent, a deadly combo.

    “Biden’s pathetic disregard for the humanitarian catastrophe at the border”


    “Joe Biden just admitted, yet again, that the humanitarian disaster at our southern border does not matter to him. He simply views it as a negligible price to pay for his open-borders policy.

    “There are more important things going on”, sniffed the president, when asked by Fox News’ Peter Doocy why he had not visited the border during an Arizona visit.

    Sorry, but there really aren’t any, at least not domestically.

    The fiscal year that ended September 30 saw a record 2.4 million migrants encountered at the southern border, up almost 40% from the previous year (which was already a record-breaker). There have been at least 207,000 encounters already in November, as well as 137,000 “gotaways” — migrants spotted but not stopped by Customs and Border Protection agents — since October 1.

    Remember too that a huge chunk of those stopped are turned back under Title 42, a Trump-era COVID rule that Biden tried to get rid of (then panicked when he saw how bad the numbers were and reversed course). But a federal court has ordered the rule must expire by Dec. 21. So expect another tidal wave increase to start 2023.

    And as bad as they are, the raw numbers can’t give a real sense of the human toll. Small border towns are being strained to the breaking point by migrant inflows. Even El Paso, a midsize city, has been pushed to the point of declaring a state of emergency. And the migrants too bear the cost: At least a record 853 died that fiscal year trying to cross, up from 546 (itself a record) in 2021. Countless others likely died in transit.

    The border crisis is spreading, as well, with migrants arriving in cities as far away as New York and adding a huge burden to an already strained social-services system.

    Yet Biden sees this as unimportant. And every signal from the White House suggests there’s no substantive policy change on tap.

    Indeed, his latest arrogant dismissal is firmly of a piece with his administration’s general attitude on the border, a mixture of indifference, outright lies and airy dissembling. “


  6. I feel like we got the short end here.

    “BREAKING: Griner swapped for Russian arms dealer, on way back to US”


    “Viktor Bout for Brittany Griner … and only Brittany Griner? The Biden administration cut that deal today, and the WNBA star will soon arrive back in the US while Joe Biden commuted the Russian arms dealer’s 25-year sentence.

    But where does that leave the retired Marine to maybe be named later in this trade?

    Brittney Griner, the WNBA star who was held for months in Russian prisons on drug charges, was released Thursday in a one-for-one prisoner swap for international arms dealer Viktor Bout, according to a U.S. official. The one-for-one exchange agreement negotiated with Moscow in recent weeks was given final approval by President Biden within just the last week, according to sources familiar with the deal. The swap took place on Thursday in the United Arab Emirates. …

    To secure Griner’s release, the president ordered Bout to be freed and returned to Russia. Mr. Biden signed the commutation order cutting short Bout’s 25-year federal prison sentence.

    That’s certainly good news — for the Griners, and for Joe Biden too. He’ll get some good PR out of his move to have Griner released from a ridiculously provocative prison sentence, especially from the sports/entertainment industry. We can expect plenty of laudatory profiles on Biden’s negotiations with Russia, his weighing of the risks involved, and likely no small amount of minimization regarding Bout.

    Speaking of Bout, the man known as The Merchant of Death, it also remains to be seen just how active he’ll become again in the arms trade. Bout helped stoke conflicts around the world, from Afghanistan to Colombia, which is where he crossed the line with the US. Bout supplied arms to FARC at a time when they targeted Americans (among others), but Bout had been rumored to be dealing with the Taliban and al-Qaeda as well. It’s not difficult to imagine where Putin would like Bout to apply his talents now that he’s freed — the “annexed” areas of Ukraine — but we can probably bet that Bout will spread his wings a bit farther afield once staked and connected again. And that will likely put American lives at risk in places like Syria, Iraq, various African countries, and so on.

    For the Russians, that’s one hell of a trade. And it’s a trade that still leaves Paul Whelan out in the cold, as CBS notes:

    Notably, the Griner-for-Bout exchange leaves retired U.S. Marine Paul Whelan imprisoned in Russia. Whelan has been in Russian custody for nearly four years. He was convicted on espionage charges that the U.S. has called false.

    “Notably,” indeed. Griner has been detained in Russia for ten months; Whelan’s been there for four years. CBS reports that Biden ended up caving to Russian demands for only a one-for-one swap, and plenty of questions should be raised as to why Griner rather than Whelan got chosen as the one:

    After five months of stalled diplomacy and various permutations of potential swap arrangements — including a previously unreported offer by the U.S. this past summer to send two prisoners back to Russia for the two Americans — sources say the one-for-one exchange came together over the last two weeks.

    It remains unclear what led to the breakthrough, but the Biden administration made at least one concession by agreeing to reduce the swap to one American for one Russian.

    This makes little sense, other than in PR terms. The US insists that Whelan wasn’t a spy, but even if he wasn’t an intel asset, he’s still a former Marine. That should count for something in terms of priority along with the length of his incarceration in Russia. If this is the only deal on the table, then this looks like a poor choice.”

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  7. Indeed there is…

    “Why are these mass murderers so often what they call “known wolves?” Perpetrators who were known to law enforcement before they explode into horrific violence?

    The short answer is I’m not sure, but the longer answer is that there is something deeply wrong with law enforcement in this country.”


    “Why are they always known wolves?”

    “Authorities said the person who would later kill five at a Colorado gay nightclub was on the FBI’s radar a day before being arrested for threatening to kill family members but agents closed out the case just weeks later.

    The disclosure by the FBI to The Associated Press creates a new timeline for when law enforcement was first alerted to Anderson Lee Aldrich as a potential danger. Previously it was thought Aldrich only became known to authorities after making the threat on June 18, 2021.

    That day, Aldrich’s grandparents ran from their Colorado Springs home and called 911, saying Aldrich was building a bomb in the basement and had threatened to kill them. Details of the case remain sealed, but an arrest affidavit verified by the AP detailed how Aldrich was upset the grandparents were moving to Florida because it would get in the way of Aldrich’s plans to conduct a mass shooting and bombing.

    For God’s sake, make it stop!

    Time and again we are bombarded by calls for so-called “Red Flag Laws” that are supposed to prevent just this sort of occurrence. The idea behind those laws is to allow the government to prevent violent or psychotic individuals from obtaining weapons, yet we keep getting bombarded by stories of people known to law enforcement being allowed to go on their merry way and eventually become mass murderers.
    If even law enforcement won’t do its job protecting the public, why is anybody supposed to believe that Red Flag laws will do anything other than empower individuals with a grudge to harass somebody they don’t like? If a guy can threaten to blow up his grandparents and face no consequences, clearly something is terribly broken.

    Colorado, by the way, does have a Red Flag law.”


  8. Welcome to the politization of your 401K.


    And remember, Trump prohibited this as president.

    “Biden’s 401(k) Heist”


    “If you put money into a 401(k), beware. Until now, the law always required fund managers entrusted with your savings to invest the money where it’s expected to get the top return for you. Period. But on Nov. 22, Biden’s Labor Department announced a rule change that goes into effect the end of January. It will allow fund managers to invest your money in the stocks of companies that favor left-wing policies, even if they earn a lower return.

    It’s legalized theft. The future return on your retirement nest egg is being sacrificed to advance a woke agenda.

    President Joe Biden’s going after 401(k) retirement accounts, risking millions of workers’ comfortable retirements.

    A lower return means you’ll have to work more years before retiring or start putting more into your 401(k). Or settle for a lesser standard of living in the final years of your life.”

    “Biden’s new rule paves the way for your 401(k) savings to be put into what are called ESG funds. But you can stop it from happening to you if you’re vigilant.

    Advancing a Woke Agenda — With Your Money

    What is ESG? “E” stands for environment, “S” for social and “G” for governance, meaning who gets hired or put on the company board. ESG funds generally invest in companies that oppose fossil fuels, support unionization and stress gender and racial diversity over merit.

    From the worker’s point of view, ESG stands for Expect Slower Growth. These funds charge higher fees and often produce lower returns, especially now when oil company profits and stocks are soaring while the tech companies ESG funds tend to favor are doing poorly.

    Reversing Worker Safeguards

    Two aspects of the Labor Department’s rule should cause you to worry. Both reverse worker safeguards adopted by the Trump administration.

    First, Trump’s Labor Department stated that fund managers are obliged to put “pecuniary” considerations above other issues, such as politics. They could consider “non-pecuniary” issues only as a tiebreaker when two companies pose the same risks and opportunities for investors. Biden’s Labor Department eliminated that standard, saying it had a “chilling effect” on ESG sales.

    The Biden rule says 401(k) managers are “not prohibited from selecting the investment, or investment course of action, based on collateral benefits other than investment returns.” Politics can take priority. The new rule cites Biden’s goal to “prioritize both environmental justice and the creation of well-paying union jobs.”

    The rule blathers on about the vague benefits of unionization. But the authors produce zero evidence that unions improve returns for investors.

    Only 6% of the U.S. private sector workforce is unionized. Biden is determined to increase that by making the $6.8 trillion held by 401(k) plans more available to union companies than nonunion ones.

    The second worrisome change is that Biden makes ESG funds eligible to be the “default” fund when a worker doesn’t choose a fund. The Trump administration banned that. Biden’s rule will push more workers unwittingly into these funds.

    An End Run Around Democracy

    Biden’s doing an end run around democracy, trying to change corporate America without having to pass laws in Congress. Companies need investment capital. The more 401(k) money is controlled by ESG funds, the more pressure can be put on companies to adopt the ESG agenda — climate change, diversity and unionization — whether they like it or not. Biden’s buddies on Wall Street will do the financial arm twisting.

    Democrats invented ballot harvesting. Now they’re on to 401(k) harvesting.”


  9. Oh, and just so you know, the establishment frauds in the R party are about to stick it to us again.

    “Just How Stupid Are Sen. Thom Tillis and the Rest of the Republican Establishment?”


    “That is the question of the hour.

    Very stupid?

    Extremely stupid?

    Transcendentally stupid?


    You think the party’s leadership has reached peak dumb and then – for the first and only time in history – the GOPe exceeds your expectations. You might think, in the wake of yet another couple of humiliating defeats, the Establishment would undertake a deep and searching personal inventory, but if it did that then it would not be the dumbest leadership of the dumbest party in American politics. And American politics includes the Libertarian Party.

    We have three big issues right now where the GOP establishment is at a fork in the road. One path ahead is consistent with conservative principles, with the base’s inclinations, and with not being brain-dead half-wits. The other path is what the Republican elite will probably do.

    Issue One is Sen. Thom Tillis’s inexplicable decision to cavort with the communists to secure amnesty and ensure the resulting chain migration of millions of people who will follow behind the illegal aliens he wants to reward for breaking our laws. Look, Tillis was never going to get confused with Stephen Hawking, but this is a remarkably dumb move even by GOP standards. It is terrible policy that directly insults the base after the party has blown two unblowable elections in a month and helps our enemies – it’s a lose-lose-lose. Perhaps he convened a council of renowned idiots to come up with an initiative that combines treating the base like Taylor Swift treats her exes with handing the enemy millions of votes while making a mockery of the rule of law. Well, the Great Idiot Council did a great job.

    The Tillis Plan is actually remarkable in its comprehensive idiocy. Basically, Tillis allows millions of illegal aliens to become Democrat-voting citizens – and import their entire families – in return for the Democrats pinky-swearing that they will sort of enforce the law that is already on the books a little more than they are doing now, which is none. No wall, of course. No stepped-up deportations. Nothing but a promise from an administration that has already refused to keep its promise to enforce the law. Charlie Brown would see this football pull coming. Wimpy will be at Tillis’s door dunning the Senator for burger money for which he will happily repay him Tuesday. And then he’ll stiff him.

    Really – is Tillis stupid? This seems more than normal dumb. It seems pathological. Does he need a clinical workup? It’s charitable to assume the senator is merely a dumbass – hell, every one of us remembers every other “amnesty for broken promises” scam, so why doesn’t he? The alternative is that Tillis is in active collusion with our enemies. After all, what would he be doing differently if he was?

    Is whichever Carolina he represents until his %$# gets primaried some sort of hotbed of pro-illegal alien coddling? I doubt it. One wonders where Tillis got the idea that what the Republican base wants is to throw out the red carpet to a bunch of illegal aliens and their entire family trees. The base is going nuts about the border being left open and Tillis thinks the “border security” fig leaf is going to hide the unit the Democrats will use on us good and hard.

    Who is happy about Tillis’s brainstorm outside of the Democrats? Maybe Big Business, to the limited extent it is distinguishable from the Democrats these days. And it certainly takes the heat off of Senator John Cornyn, whose own self-own of supporting gun control – because we sent the Republicans to Washington to help the Democrats pass gun control, right? – was similarly baffling. No one in the Republican Party outside of Washington, D.C., wants amnesty. No one. How many times do we need to say it? And you can label illegal aliens “undocumented workers,” “dreamers,” or “actors of love” all you want. They broke our laws. They get nothing but the boot.”


  10. No one on the left is attacking a 14 year old. However, they are pointing out that anti-LGBQT rhetoric has consquences.

    One of the interesting things about the Hunter laptop is the focus of some Republicans. Much of the laptop files were not allowed on twitter because it was mostly dick pics. However, this is apparently leftist censorship at Twitter.

    In the middle of this moral outrage, Republicans want to politize an ATV accident.

    Paul Whelan was arrested in 2018 – Trump had two years to get him out yet did not. Those who support Trump can’t blame Biden now. Whelan’s history is interesting – born in Ottawa, Canada, police officer in Michigan, while in the marines he was charged with larncey and other offenses, and in 2016 supported Trump. Unfortunately for him, Trump didn’t return the favor and left him in a Russia prison.


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