23 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-7-22

  1. The appetizers…

    Shrimp Cocktail



    So good… 🙂

    And at the ripe young age of 56 I’ve discovered I like spätzle.

    Who knew?

    But I only ate a little because I avoid pasta.

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  2. Morning! Spatzle….who knew?! Sounds amazing

    We awakened at 4:30 and there is just now a tad bit of light in the sky. 26 degrees outside and the dogs are laying at my feet. Husband is heading to the mountain for a climb to Pikes Peak. Me? I need to get things in order around here and wrap up the Christmas list! But first I need a second cup of coffee….priorities ya know! ☕️

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  3. Good morning.

    I have only had shrimp cocktail once and it was when I was starving (by first world standards). I was on an excursion train. There was a performance by a trio of women who did forties music. I ended up quite motion sick, unfortunately. Still, it was a fun couple of days. The food looks delicious.

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  4. Jo’s comment about telling her handyman that the bill math being incorrect, which resulted in her owing even more, goes along with reaping and sowing. Who knows how little actions are not only for our good, but for other’s?

    We went to “I Heard the Bells.” It is clearly a small budget movie, but well done. We enjoyed it. I was bummed to hear we missed a segment on how the movie was made because we left before the credits were all finished. The theater is over an hour away and it was snowy when we drove to the theater. We did not want to linger, but would have if we had known.

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  5. What a delightful food grouping to greet us today! It does sound so good, AJ.

    I’ve had really good shrimp cocktail at several in home church ladies’ luncheons. It seemed to be done to both delight and impress the attendees because shrimp has always been rather expensive. I certainly enjoyed it, but had to restrain myself from taking as much as I wanted😀

    We have the incumbant Senator after he and his buddies outspent the Republican oppositoon 3:1. Hollywood Bucks. The whole race cost 400 million, the most expensive race in our nation. The media outlets made so much money. How many poor people could have been fed with that 400 million?

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  6. Good morning, all. Another beautiful day in the neighborhood. We had a fairly good night of sleep last night. My other brother plans to come down from Moscow today, to encourage dad that business in Moscow is getting taken care of. May help for a bit. Husband is taking his dad to a lawyer today. May help for a bit.

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  7. Yes to what Jo said, Mumsee. Y’all are a blessing from God for those two elderly gentlemen! May their hearts recognize God at work on their behalf in you, and may they believe on Jesus with their all.

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  8. Hill is back in the US on furlough until January. It will be lovely to see her again.

    My life continues crazy. What was I thinking scheduling one annual appointment after another this week?


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  9. Escaped having to make a trip to a school near downtown LA early this morning for a roundtable discussion on school meals program w/gov’s wife and a host of other folks which sounded entirely boring; original reporter who was going to cover it (but couldn’t initially for some reason) swept in at the last minute last night after I RSVP’d and was all set to go and said she could do it after all.

    But I’m stressing a little bit now over the two stories I still need to do before the weekend and am not hearing back from the two subjects yet to set up interview times. Whew. Just heard back from the outgoing council office, so that’s all set for tomorrow … one more to go.

    Nothing like the last minute.

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  10. Stacked back-to-back afternoon interviews and photos with 2 stories that need to be turned around by the end of the day so they can post for Friday. No problem! Ugh.

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  11. Camomile tea is my cup of joy for the moment. Calming camomile is perfect for today. Dec. 7 is the date when my father passed. My brother is attending a funeral of one of the moms who lived on our street when we were young children. She was in her 90’s. This is the second funeral in two weeks my brother has been to for ladies in their 90’s. Last week it was a relative over in AL.

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  12. It has warmed up to 70° and feels like 71°
    I feel like I am roasting in my clothes meant for cooler weather. The sun has just burned off the fog. Hot Atlanta emerges. I can get on to my walking on the driveway!

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  13. Do I see onions?

    I’m wearing the puffer jacket and a fleece throw on my legs again in the home work space office, which is colder than the rest of the house until later in the day.

    House has broken 60 degrees, though.

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  14. Well all of my furniture is now in one place. One of the deacons helped me move everything and he was so helpful and knew what he was doing. He went above and beyond. Carried my dresser upstairs, with a friend, and then put it in the closet, exactly where I wanted it. Also carried up the top of my oak diningroom table. Then the three of us lined it up with the bolts. Roy laid on the floor and tightened the screws. All things that I would not have been able to do. My recliner is put together, did you know that you can easily take off the back for moving?
    My frig is plugged in. I need to do some cleaning though as there is still mold on the door seal.

    I left everything just as it was and went over to babysit their granddaughter for my friends while they had a school conference for her brother

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  15. I texted my friend who wants to work on my bedroom. Later I got a notice that she had come. The handyman finished my bedroom and will go on to work on the laundry room.
    Tomorrow my bed comes and I have plenty to do while I wait for it.

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