16 thoughts on “News/Politics 12-5-22

  1. More proof of massive, widespread Election Fraud.

    The FBI is a disgraced organization – it needs to be dismantled and rebuilt. Every Deep State employee should be terminated.

    We the people demand JUSTICE!


    “Officials from the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security frequently met with major social media companies ahead of the 2020 election and pointed out users and pieces of content for removal, according to information from a deposition of a senior FBI agent revealed by a state Attorney General.

    “We found that the FBI plays a big role in working with social media companies to censor speech—from weekly meetings with social media companies ahead of the 2020 election to asks for account takedowns,” said Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt in a Dec. 2 series of tweets, three days after deposing Special Agent Elvis Chan, who is in charge of cyber affairs at the FBI San Francisco Field Office.

    Chan has given major social media companies warnings that have led them to censor information about a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, shortly before the election that put Biden in office, according to a lawsuit against the Biden administration led by Schmitt and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry.

    The laptop contained information about Hunter Biden’s overseas dealings that appears to indicate attempts to sell access to his father, who at the time was vice president.

    The suit alleges the administration violated the First Amendment by influencing social media to censor speech, including the laptop story. Some survey data suggests Biden might have lost the election if his voters were aware of the information.

    Chan testified that he and officials from the FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force and the DHS’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency were meeting social media officials on a quarterly, then monthly, and finally, weekly basis as the election approached, Schmitt said in his tweets.

    “Chan stated that the FBI regularly sent social media companies lists of URLs and social media accounts that should be taken down because they were disinformation from ‘malign foreign influence operations,’” Schmitt said, adding that “on many occasions, the platforms took down the accounts flagged by the FBI.”

    “Since filing our lawsuit, we’ve uncovered troves of discovery that show a massive ‘censorship enterprise,’” Schmitt said in a statement.

    “Now we’re deposing top government officials, and we’re one of the first to get a look under the hood—the information we’ve uncovered through those depositions has been shocking, to say the least. It’s clear from Tuesday’s deposition that the FBI has an extremely close role in working to censor freedom of speech. Stay tuned.”

    Landry added: “Americans should be angered that during the 2020 election cycle, federal agencies peddled information that has since been disproven. Additionally, agencies like the FBI contacted social media platforms to censor free speech to ‘protect us’ from disinformation. This case is just one of the many steps we have taken to stand up for the First Amendment rights of our citizens. No American should be censored by the government.””

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  2. Like Tychicus said above, there are many who owe folks who told the truth an apology, starting with our corrupt FBI and a partisan, lying media.

    And the media still willingly push the lies.

    Why? Because a populace of idiots wants it to be true. Truth is just the first casualty.

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  3. Fauci has always been a lying piece of trash. But again, folks want it to be true, so the truth be damned.

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  4. So what has our media done to address the Twitter release that shows the bias and lies the media pushed?

    Nothing, they’re just ignoring it. That seems to be a pattern when folks disagree with the truth.

    And who was it that hid the laptop until mid 2021?

    The corrupt FBI, who has still done nothing about what it exposed.

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  5. Remember the good old days of 2 years ago when CNN and the media had this criminal running for Pres. on the Dem ticket?

    Funny, no mention of that, no mea culpa, no self-refection, no examining of their partisan, biased tactics.

    This is why I call them trash, they were wrong, they were lying, they knew it then and they know it now, but they hope you’ve conveniently forgotten their behavior.

    These acts are the definition of bearing false witness. They know they’re lying.

    And keep in mind this clown is teaching tomorrow’s journalist at Harvard now, so don’t be expecting the next generation to be any better.

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  6. Being a Dem means you never, ever admit the truth if it doesn’t fit your narrative. The media has this problem too, oddly enough… 🙄

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  7. These people are broken.

    And so is their industry.

    They’re mostly all the same, just with varying degrees of effort.

    Lather, rinse, repeat across all headlines and news shows…

    Because an uninformed populace is one that’s easy to manipulate.

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  8. Problem?

    No they saw it as the solution to Trump, and it worked because the true believers lapped it up, many still do, facts be damned. Add in the uninformed and too lazy to check what the news tells them and you get what we got, a senile old fool is in charge now instead of The Bad Orange Man.

    And a CONTENT WARNING!!! because the fine Congressman from Cali. has a foul mouth.

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  9. Oh yes, we can’t forget the “useful idiot/NTER, RINO” faction either, who will now launch their campaign of further misinformation.

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  10. As are we Matt.

    Expose it all. Name names. It’s way past time these people take some responsibility for the lies they pushed and the innocent people they’ve slandered along the way.

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  11. “Journalism” needs to own this.

    The repentant get sympathy, the ones who continue to double down on deception do not.

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  12. Ya’ think?

    I mean cuz’ it clearly is.

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  13. Own it.

    You made this sausage, and now folks can see what you put in it.

    “Ex-Twitter Executive: Elon Musk Is Putting Us ‘In Harm’s Way’ By Showing How We Censored Content”


    “Twitter’s former head of trust and safety claimed Friday night that Twitter CEO Elon Musk was putting people’s lives in danger by revealing internal company documents showing how employees censored conservatives and a negative news story about then-presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son.

    Yoel Roth, Twitter’s former Sr. Director, Head of Trust & Safety, complained about Musk’s decision to release internal company communications through journalist Matt Taibbi about the company’s censorship of the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story during the 2020 presidential election.

    Taibbi tweeted out screenshots showing that company officials were in regular contact with Democrats and censored content that Democrats wanted removed.

    “Publicly posting the names and identities of front-line employees involved in content moderation puts them in harm’s way and is a fundamentally unacceptable thing to do,” Roth posted on Mastodon.”


    This is like what happens with Libs of Tik Tok, you post their deeds, in their own words, and they cry that you exposed them.

    Own it.

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