30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-3-22

  1. Wonderful header decor . . . all such precious pieces to display and converse about their background.

    AJ, that was a great answer he gave about the truth of the Real Royal Family!

    Tree work and its accompanying noise nearby is not welcome dissonance to my ears this Saturday morning.

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  2. Morning! The wind has blown outta here and it is a calm day in the forest once again.

    Pretty Christmas cup display! Hoping you two had a nice time away from it all Aj…

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  3. Turns out that direct sunlight can cause problems for my new flooring. And I have three skylights, so now I need to find a way to add shades.

    Need help to move things upstairs from my closets. No help coming from my family. This is hard. very hard

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  4. Until you figure it out, Jo, why not put down throw rugs where the sun shines?

    Cheaper and easier at the moment. Also, easy to replace. Just make sure they don’t slide.

    I wish could come help you move, but no one wants to be around me, for good reason.

    Cough. Cough.

    I think I’m out of teaching Sunday school tomorrow.

    Otherwise, mask it will be. 😦

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  5. Throw rugs sound much easier. Do the shades later, if needed. I’m sure they’re the much more expensive option.

    I looked into some simple outdoor awnings (fabric, stationary with no fancy motor controls) for my south-facing windows a couple years ago and was, let’s just say, really surprised at the bids.

    So: no awnings. lol

    Today I’m off for a booster at Walgreens & for the first time in ages I am then going to Macy’s (at a mall! groan) to return an online order for an on-sale blanket — which the store’s dated online site would just not let me return electronically due to some technical glitch I could not get past after repeated tries; and they offered no way to contact customer service either by email or phone for assistance, sigh.

    Stores all need to take online customer service lessons from Amazon.

    And last night, I spent at least an hour, probably more, with the Medicare agent due to changes in my prescriptions going forward and what he said would be a needed new (more expensive, of course) drug coverage option for next year. “Don’t shoot the messenger,” he said.

    “Imagine a bucket,” he kept saying when he was trying to explain the intricacies of that coverage “gap” or “donut hole” for the 2nd or 3rd time to me.

    “Imagine a bucket” he kept repeating.

    Analogy didn’t help. And I was tired, just wanted the call to end already.

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  6. Took a drive to Elizabeth this morning bright and early as the shoppes opened. They had a tree lighting at 3 and I didn’t want to find myself in crowds! I found a couple Christmas presents, went to their Walmart and headed home. Then dropped off a couple big bags of clothes to Goodwill and swung by ChikFilA on my way home. No cooking dinner for me tonight!

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  7. So hello from the Long Lost Friend.
    As you may remember Mr. P had seen two neurosurgeons and had an appointment with the 3rd. He also saw a spinal specialist that came highly recommended.
    Surgery is scheduled for December 19. I called Little Miss’s father, Mr P’s Baby Boy, and told him I wasn’t doing this one alone and he needed to make sure he was off and could be at the hospital with me. Mr. P and I see the attorney Tuesday to updated wills and healthcare POA.
    He has decided that we will celebrate Christmas on the 17th before the surgery. I can tell this one scares him and I know it terrifies me…
    Obviously we can use all the prayers you can spare.
    Amos is also not doing well and I told a friend Thursday I can deal with one but I can’t deal with both. I had Amos at the vet Monday. It was a vet that was with another practice a long time ago when George and I were still married and had Marlowe. Marlowe was 110 pound Golden Retriever. He went to Doggie Heaven February 19, 2003. She remembered him. She gave Amos a thourough examination, watched him walk, and a few other things. She told me it wasn’t time. I told her the emotions I have tied up in him. She assured me he would let me know when he was ready. I feel better about that.
    If you can’t tell by what I have written above, I am scared.

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  8. Oh Kim, I was thinking about you the other day, that we hadn’t “seen” you in a while.

    I will be praying for all of that, sister, it sounds overwhelming.

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  9. Yes, I was remembering what you told us y’all were facing, and I am quite sensitive to facing scary things at the moment. I got watery eyes reading that above, Kim. We did the POA, too. It’s like insurance, if you have it you don’t need it. Sorry it’s during the holidays. Maybe several of us can send AJ Christmas decor from hospital photos. Will be praying for y’all. I know you have a lot of friends there for support in addition to family. It makes a huge difference

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  10. My friend in CA made a beautiful little quilt with roses on it for me to use during radiology treatments. But that is on hold until Art gets more settled. He still has more outpatient stone retrieval that we are not looking forward to. They will never attempt the surgery he went through again. He has to try and change his diet to not promote kidney stones.

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  11. Oh, Kim, my heart goes out to you! (And I am praying.) What you said about the emotions you have tied up in Amos is like how I feel about Heidi (who is also old now), especially since Hubby has been gone. Those little furry creatures are such comfort to us, and we love them so much. ❤

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  12. Wow. A quick run to Moscow? Dad decided to come back with me so my brother who is caregiving right now, did as well. Husband and two children are off to work leaving us four to get settled.

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  13. oh, my, goodness, Mumsee. You have a houseful. God is doing amazing things in Idaho. Perhaps He is giving your wish for less driving. Just have everyone with you. Good thing you have that large house.

    Kim, God brought you to mind today and I prayed for you. I will continue. One of the best things you do is to say that you need help and can’t do it alone. May your Christmas be sweet together.

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  14. As for me. I went to my house, thought that I would try and see what I could do about the closets. There were a couple of small, light bookshelves at the opening of one. I could easily lift them out. Once I had them out I could see behind them and there were my tables!!! I was so glad to know that I had my dining room table and the other table. What a relief. Well there was this big box at the front that was too heavy for me and it was full of framed pictures all wrapped up. So I took things out a few at a time and got it all moved.
    Then my friend called me and she came over with her grandson. They moved a lot. We got the drawers for the dresser upstairs. But the table top and the dresser were too heavy for us. But it was a great start.

    It was a little concerning that when I got there the garage door was open and the door into the house. Everything looked okay though.

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  15. Still so thankful for online church. I am only a little sad about not getting to enjoy my first Christmas in the new church in person. There are just too many people sick these days for me to desire to go out in a crowd. We now have a family group who frequently do our worship music. They are quite talented. I have not heard how our worship leader is recovering from his concusion suffered in a car accident. I am concerned he has not gotten back.

    I did not attend Word Weavers group yesterday but heard that our only guy had to leave for the hospital and he is having his appendix removed today. So many people are afflicted with all sots of things these days! More than I have ever known of in my life.

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  16. That must have been a magic closet. Big!

    Agree about live stream church, but I so miss the normalicy of just a few years ago.

    Good sermon today on James 1:19, 20: … let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath. For the wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God.


    I found my trash bags, the ones I’d ordered on Thursday and never showed up on my doorstep.

    Operator error: I mis-typed my own address. My neighbors got them on their doorstep and have been perplexed ever since about who would leave them 4 boxes of large trash bags from Smart & Final.

    When I called them yesterday to ask about it, they started cracking up, saying it had been the big mystery of the last couple days at their house.

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  17. How funny, Dj!

    We had a funny this weekend. I had given Art a two ring wakeup call on his phone at 7 a.m. I then in a loud voice said, “That was your wakeup call. That is why I called you.” Then around 7:30 I heard a knock at the door thinking it was my brother ready to take Art to the office, but it was my friend Beverly. I was so surprised to see her, and she said, “You called me. When I asked if you needed my help you said, ‘That’s why I called you.” I, of course, had no idea my phone had dialed her. She came over to see if we were okay. My brother had borrowed our car to go to a funeral and left his car here so she thought we’d gotten my brother to take us to the hospital. What a comedy of perfect errors! I was so embarrassed. She at least told me that her alarm had gone off at 6:45. I told her I felt badly but was glad to know I was on someone’s radar.

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  18. yes, Dj, it is a large closet. This one is under the stairs and then turns at the back. I know that I have six chairs in the back part, but have to get the dresser, which is standing on end, out first. The tables were on edge with no legs. A master job of packing that a friend did.
    Still not sure if I have any brooms or rakes. And there may be a couple of other chairs back there.
    And the other closet is a six by nine walk in closet off the back of the hallway. That one is mostly filled with boxes.

    My friend said that she needed to come over before the bed is delivered to put down the rug. Rug??? what rug? I am getting a bedroom make over or make new. Wow

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  19. Janice, too funny. You had a rather chaotic day, sounds like.

    I’ve had a very nonproductive day after church here, I was thinking I should go to Home Depot or Lowes and buy the poinsettias I use on my front porch for decoration, but I never got to it.

    I tried to take a nap but Annie wouldn’t stand for that, she was nuzzling and purring and pushing under the covers, meowing “get up” the whole time. She was hungry.

    I also should grocery shop today, and I still have time to do that, I suppose.

    I got the small pumpkins sitting on the porch rail and fall foliage on the porch taken down and tossed into the gardening bin.

    Out with November … Just can’t get “in with” December quite yet.

    It’s cold (for us) and gloomy today, no sun, just one of those days that’s hard to make yourself get up and out and take care of business.

    Plus, I’ve told myself, the poinsettia selection will be refreshed/replenished and restocked during the coming week, by the end of the weekend I think they’re all probably pretty picked over.

    Not feeing much in the spirit this year, I always miss both Carol and Shirley especially this time of year. But I want to get some decorations out so I can at least the house looks like it’s festive.

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  20. Naturally the package I order the end of September and that kept getting delivery postponed, came a few hours after we left on Friday for the weekend. It was waiting on the front porch for me when I got home. It was a bit difficult to see, thankfully.

    We had a wonderful weekend with my oldest daughter and her family. Her oldest daughter was in “A Christmas Carol” musical at her high school. We really enjoyed it. The other grandparents came, too, and the grandchildren enjoyed a bit of pool time at the hotel.

    My daughter lives at the midway point between her parents and his. We left home at 10:05, checked into the hotel and were walking out to get our luggage when I saw the other grandparents pull in. They had left at 10:10. That is pretty midway for distance from our children.

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  21. Kathaleena – Do you get along well with your daughter’s in-laws?

    My parents got along well with my brother’s in-laws, but were not fond of my MIL. (Hubby’s father died several years before Hubby and I met.) They were all polite with each other, but Mary was just so negative and critical that it was hard to feel comfortable with her. My parents, however, tried their best to make her feel welcome in their home, where we had our big family Christmas celebrations.

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