20 thoughts on “News/Politics 11-30-22

  1. How in the world can 2-5 people intend to overthrow the government by taking selfies at the Capitol (esp. given that the Jan 6th rally wasn’t announced until late Dec, 2020)? It’s just so ridiculous.

    The whole Jan. 6th incident was a set up to begin with, and it’s impossible for any of the people charged to receive a fair trial in that area around DC.

    Every American who is paying attention knows that this is a blatant cover-up of the 2020 presidential election corruption and steal.

    Fake courts. Fake elections. Fake media. Fake science. Fake climate emergency. Fake vaccines. We have become no different than the old Soviet Union. This is Communist political prosecution. The Communist globalist regime is going after any opposition to the Communist party.


    “WASHINGTON—Stewart Rhodes, founder of the Oath Keepers militia group, was found guilty by a jury on Nov. 29 of seditious conspiracy connected to the events on Jan 6, 2021.

    One co-defendant, Kelly Meggs, was also found guilty of seditious conspiracy on Tuesday, while three others—Kenneth Harrelson, Jessica Watkins, and Thomas Caldwell—were acquitted of that charge.
    In total, Rhodes was found guilty on three out of five counts: seditious conspiracy, obstruction of an official proceeding, and tampering with documents or proceedings.

    Meggs was found guilty on five counts out of six: seditious conspiracy, conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, obstruction of an official proceeding, conspiracy to prevent an officer from discharging any duties, and tampering with documents.

    The other three defendants were each found guilty on multiple lesser charges.

    In closing arguments, defense attorneys said the government failed to prove that the Oath Keepers planned to attack the Capitol or to interfere with the certification of Electoral College votes on Jan. 6, 2021.
    A defense lawyer said that none of the 50 witnesses in the Oath Keepers trial testified that they heard any of the defendants discuss or plan to storm the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

    However, in the final rebuttal, U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Nestler said that according to the jury instructions (pdf), the government did not have to prove that the defendants had a detailed plan to breach the Capitol and meet in person to discuss their alleged scheme. An implicit agreement and mutual understanding were enough to prove the defendants’ conspiracy, he said.”

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  2. 10 minutes inside, took a selfie and left. Unarmed, hurt no one, broke nothing, but they were trying to overthrow the govt.

    What a joke this is. Anyone who still buys the “official” line is a sucker.

    This is as un-American as it gets.

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  3. These people are corrupt partisans.

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  4. Something to keep in mind.

    The tech companies are not on the side of users. They’re on the side and collaborating with an overbearing, overreaching govt.


    “Newly unveiled court documents reveal that Google directly colluded with the FBI in the aftermath of the peaceful protests at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, 2021, providing the bureau with the location data for nearly 6,000 cell phones near the Capitol on that day.

    According to the Washington Free Beacon, the information was revealed through filings in the case against accused January 6th protester David Rhine; the records show that Google identified for the FBI at least 5,723 mobile devices as being either in or near the Capitol building. Later that year, in May of 2021, Google provided the personal information for another 1,535 devices.

    This revelation marks the single largest disclosure of geolocation data ever given to a law enforcement agency by Google, which some argue is a massive violation of privacy rights.

    “The January 6 cases are going to be used to build a doctrine that will essentially enable police to find almost anyone with a cellphone or a smart device in ways that we, as a society, haven’t quite grasped yet,” said Andrew Ferguson, a law professor at American University, in response to the findings. Rhine’s attorneys similarly argued that the information was collected in a manner that “almost always involves intrusion into constitutionally protected areas.””

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  5. So yet another set up.


  6. Why anyone cares what this lying hack says is beyond me.

    Still waiting on that proof you said you had….

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  7. The grifting never stops with these frauds.

    They can’t quit him, because Trump is their only business model. Without him the grift collapses. Best to have a backup plan.

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  8. Grifting is all they know now, and it pays well, because NTers and Dems lap it up. I guess this is how they try to make everyone forget about the pedo ring and cover up they ran at their last venture.


  9. Fear them!!!!!


  10. Indeed.

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  11. But some continue to buy what these liars are selling.

    They can’t release it, because it would expose this fraud.

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  12. Truth.

    “Tucker Carlson: Corporate America Is An Active Collaborator With China’s Murderous Police State”


    “TUCKER CARLSON: Unless you read The Daily Mail, which is an English paper published online, you probably didn’t know that Chinese President Xi Jinping sent tanks into a major city last night in order to put down protests against his rule. Virtually no American media outlets even acknowledge that that happened, and that’s pretty weird if you think about it. Imagine, for example, that Hungarian leader Viktor Orbán put tanks into Budapest to crush his political opponents. Would our media notice? Oh, yeah, they would. It’d be on the front page of The New York Times. “Morning Joe” would lead with it, and keep in mind that Hungary is a very small country. It’s got a GDP smaller than South Dakota’s.

    China, by profound contrast, has the biggest economy in the world. China is our main global rival. It’s a highly significant place and yet somehow no one in any newsroom in America noticed when Xi Jinping decided to replay Tiananmen Square. They didn’t see it, even though the pictures were on the internet. How is that possible? Could it be that the American news media is covering for the government of China? We can’t say. We’ll let you make the call on that.

    We can say, we know for a fact, that Apple is covering for the government of China. Apple is the most valuable company in the world. It’s got a current market cap of trillions of dollars. Financial listings describe Apple as an American company. You can see why they do. Apple is headquartered in the United States. It was founded by Americans. To this day, it’s run by an American citizen, but those facts don’t tell the story. In fact, at this point, Apple is in no sense American. Apple’s loyalty is to the government of China and if you think that’s an overstatement, consider this.

    Earlier this month, Apple did the bidding of the Chinese government to crush domestic protests against the Communist Party there. Apple did this by disabling its permanent AirDrop feature in China and so far, only in China. It’s the only country in which it’s disabled. Why did Apple disable that feature in China? Well, because that feature, permanent AirDrop, allows iPhone users to communicate directly with one another without using the internet or cellular networks — both of which in a totalitarian state like China, are controlled by the government and that means that without permanent AirDrop, it’s effectively impossible for freedom-minded citizens to organize with one another. They’re powerless.

    Apple, of course, knows this and that’s why when iPhone users in China began using permanent AirDrop to complain about the Communist Party, Apple just shut it down. In other words — again, this is not an overstatement — Apple is now an active collaborator with China’s murderous police state. When tanks roll into a Chinese city, Apple is rooting for the tanks.

    Well, for a company based outside San Jose, this seems like a big step: Becoming a partner with a Chinese police state? Yes. And yet, once again, this fact received virtually no coverage in the United States. Apple’s decision to side with the oppressors over the oppressed, Apple’s decision to actively help America’s enemies, to hurt ordinary people seeking freedom, just wasn’t news in the view of The New York Times — not that you should be surprised by it. Apple has been sucking up to the Communist Party of China for many years. ”


    “There’s a reason that guy runs the world’s most valuable company. There’s talent there. Notice the total lack of defensiveness. The question effectively was, “You’re getting rich from business with blood-thirsty dictators.” He’s not bothered by it. “What we’re really doing, Mr. New York Times guy, we’re seeking world peace through world trade.” World peace through world trade? So, helping the Chinese police state put down peaceful protests with tanks — it’s not a sin. It’s a virtue. It’s a blow for world peace. That was Tim Cook’s explanation. In any case, Cook explained, you got to follow the laws of the countries that you operate in. It’s that simple. You don’t want to break the law.”

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  13. It sounds like Elon Musk is about to publicize the behind-closed-doors conversations that took place at Twitter in 2020 re. Twitter’s decision to censor the NY Post’s report on the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop. It seems that Apple has gotten involved by using bully tactics to try to keep Musk from going public. Incredible. The WH is apparently very nervous…


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