20 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-29-22

  1. Good morning, all. Sun has risen enough to give some light on the new fallen snow. Grandpa had a more restful yet talkative night. So we did as well. Off in a bit for exercise and then to town to medicate daughter and take her grocery shopping. Store was closed last night by the time I got into town.

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  2. Good morning!
    It’s a lovely day here. I have my coffee and Bible ready for my online study in 2 Samuel, and then at 10:30 it’s my Wellspring Ladies group. We are starting a stidy on the Holy Spirit using a book by J. D. Greear, Jesus Continued: Why the Spirit Inside You Is Better Than Jesus Beside You.

    Art has Hallmark movies to keep him company and Miss Bosley, the Velcro cat, sits near me. He said she cried while I went to Publix.

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  3. Morning all! It is 9 degrees here and 3 inches of new fallen snow graces our forest.

    Pip needed out at 3:30 am during the blizzardy snow squall happening…it is moments such as these I do wish she was a cat instead of a dog!

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  4. We have cold here too. But not as cold as Nancy Jill. Expecting some storms to come in during the next few days. It will be lovely to see more rain and snow.
    I have Bible study this morning and then will head down the hill to return some door knobs and get a better color.

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  5. Yesterday when I made the decision to reschedule today’s dental appointment, I wasn’t 100% sure that I was getting sick, although I had a pretty good inkling that I was. Even so, I almost decided to take the chance that I would be fine this morning .

    Good thing that I didn’t. By last night, I knew that I was sick, and this morning it is a full blown cold. I’m disappointed that I don’t get to get my dental appointment over and done with yet, but I’ll be fine waiting until January.

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  6. Somehow, the subject of medical malpractice insurance came up this morning. (As an LPN, Nightingale has it.) I said that one reason the cost is so high is because of lawsuits over little things or fraud, by people just looking to get a huge payout. (But yes, there are legitimate suits.)

    Nightingale said that she has seen a commercial for a lawyer claiming that any fall in a nursing home is due to negligence, so call him to sue the nursing home if your loved one has had a fall.

    That’s crazy! To try to avoid all falls would mean that nursing homes would have to have personnel in each room 24 hours a day. They do take precautions to help avoid falls, but they cannot monitor every patient all of the time.

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  7. We knew we were risking a fall at home but knew the same risk was in assisted living (hence the pull cords around for calling for help) or in a nursing home with limited help available. A risk we took and paid for but God knows the number of the days and she went as easily as could be with a gentle smile on her face at the end.

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  8. The medical profession needs to answer for this, and this isn’t just one case, this happened to thousands of people.


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  9. Aj that is such a heartbreaking account of this precious young woman. Trusting she is safely in the presence of our Lord…truly healed.

    The “doctor” needs to be held accountable. He had to sign off on the treatment and restraining of his patient. What a miserable human being to treat this young woman in such manner. Then go down the line and sue the nurses and the hospital. This abuse cannot be allowed to happen. 😞

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  10. Nancyjill, I had this mental vision of you standing bundled the blizzard-like winds in the pre-dawn dead of morning as you got Pip out.

    I’ll stop complaining now about my house being in the 50s without my heater (electric space heater is now helping, though).

    Door knobs, I love door knobs. My house still had most of the 1920s glass knobs so those, of course, I kept in place, even though the one on the front door can cause issues at times. But I also looked at some boxes of antique knobs in a local shop years ago and was delighted by all of those vintage styles.

    Kizzie, so agree with you on the fall issue and suing over something like that. Other option is to keep folks tied in their beds which would be horrific.

    Sure hope whatever it is you have goes away quickly and quietly. ‘Tis the season. My cousin never did figure out what she had, but she was really sick for a couple weeks running; she kept testing negative for Covid, though, but whatever it was really laid her up with a bad cough and fatigue for a long time. She’s OK now, but was in touch with her doctor.

    My friends who were all down with Covid are now testing negative. A number of us who had never caught it before have been nabbed by this more recent variation which apparently is more contagious.

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  11. We expect storms tomorrow but the weather today is perfect.

    Nancyjill, when the air is chilly, Miss Bosley stays at the door and does not venture outside when she could. Then she shakes her fur like she is shaking off snow, just from the draft. It is cute. It’d be good if Pip could use a litter box at times like last night!

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  12. When we got the hospice bed for step mom, it had no rails. Hospice told us rails were now illegal thanks to Calif laws as people were tying dementia patients in bed. The bed delivered here has rails but he goes around them so I understand tying them in beds but won’t pursue it. We just keep checking, knowing that a fall is possible.

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  13. Dj it is though you were peeking around a pine watching me as that is exactly how it was! 😂 brrrrr

    With patients in Hospice care we legally were not allowed to put up rails on their beds. We always made certain the bed was lowered to it’s lowest position and even then we had fall mats on either side of the bed. We would roll up a flannel bed cover to place behind the patient’s back in repositioning them and it would be almost impossible for them to “roll” out of bed. But there was the time when I went on shift only to find my first patient on the floor…she was incoherent and could not tell me what happened but I yanked the call cord out of the wall and the head nurse was there in a flash! Only a doctor could order rails to be raised and he had to go through paperwork to get that order in place. And patients had to be checked on every 20 minutes…that kept us hopping!

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  14. So, how about pushing the bed against one wall and putting a high backed chair on the other side with noisy items/bells/ cans with marbles in them set on the chair so that as soon as it’s moved, they fall on the floor and make a ruckus?

    #Novelist here.

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  15. It was explained to me that one reason that rails are not allowed is because they can actually make it more dangerous. Patients may try going around them or even climbing over them, which would make the fall even worse.

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  16. I have a friend whose mother fell out of her bed more than once. She was over a hundred years old. She would try to get out if someone wasn’t there to take her to the bathroom. This was in a hospital nursing home.

    I know a man with Down’s Syndrome whose sister (his legal guardian) was not allowed to visit him during Covid when he was sick. It was quite a battle to finally get to see him before he died. Too many in the medical field think these people are better off dead. The doctor was the main person that was insisting the patient had a DNR, in spite of the family saying absolutely not.

    I think one of the saddest things that took place during Covid was people dying without their loved ones by their side. I know a few of these cases and it was so sad for everyone.

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  17. I dealt with a bed rail in ER last week! Art needed it down so he could use the bathroom. He called the nurse who never came. I finally figured out how to lower the rail. Of course, I though if I pressed or pushed the wrong lever that I would eject Art from the bed😃

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