30 thoughts on “News/Politics 11-22-22

  1. A Cheryl noted at the end of yesterdays thread, a lot of the transgender problem comes down to social contagion. They prey on already vulnerable individuals.

    Same here. This is harming children, and grooming them for sexual exploitation by adults.

    This is what the left is pushing now.

    “Kids and bondage?”



    “The Left gets creepier by the minute. And that is saying something.

    The fashion powerhouse Balenciaga has jumped into the kiddie porn business, sort of. More like porn for kiddies, but the lines are blurred. Surely this is intentional.”

    “For those of us–including me–unfamiliar with the fashion brand, it is extremely high profile, sporting Kim Kardashian as one of their models, as well as Ye until he got into trouble over antisemitic comments. All the best people are supposedly fans, although I cannot for the life of me understand why. I am more the LL Bean and Brooks Brothers type.

    In any case Balenciaga is selling a range of gifts aimed at young children, including Teddy Bears sporting bondage gear. In their photoshoots advertising the products they even helpfully include some of the text from a Supreme Court decision defining child pornography, spelling out what is an is not permissible to distribute.

    I guess they wanted everyone to know that their porn is legally vetted and within the law. How comforting.

    Fashion brands dipping their toe into borderline pornography is not new. American Apparel went down a similar path about a decade ago, actually getting their ads banned in Europe for violating child pornography laws there. The ads were dubbed “Lolita,” with photos of skimpily clad (or slightly less than clad) teen and pre-teen girls in provocative poses.

    The ads didn’t just appeal to pervs–they, after all, don’t buy clothes for teenage girls. The whole point was to get teenage girls to dress up for those pervy older men.”

    “And so on. There are lots more, and I decline to share them. A couple of examples makes my point. Many of the images have actually been scrubbed from the web they were so disturbing. If you need more images to get my point, some of them are collected here.

    Before you get upset at me for sharing these images, and I could understand why you would, be aware that these were marketing photos splashed on billboards, magazines, their online store, and online advertisements. These were front and center in the company’s advertising and marketing campaigns around the world.

    Sexualizing children is a “thing,” done by all the best people now. The sort of thing that would get your neighbor labeled a sex offender are prized art and marketing if you are rich and famous enough. Roman Polanski is still a free man after raping a 13 year-old, and even got a standing ovation for getting an Oscar. He can’t enter the US because he was convicted of rape, but again all the best people endorsed him as an artiste. I wrote about it in my VIP column on why I became a culture warrior.”


    I skipped those ads and the link. I’m not helping them in their exploitation.


  2. It’s also why they hate when you point out their grooming of children.

    And newsflash, if you’re grooming kids, you should fear the normal people in society and what they’ll do if they discover your disgusting and vile intentions.

    But of course the left and the media are running cover for the perverts.

    “Is criticizing groomers sparking violence?”


    “People on the Left are accusing conservatives of inciting violence by attacking gender activists. Criticisms of “drag queen story hours,” teachers who recruit children to secret communities for gay and transgender students, librarians for putting pornography aimed at children in school libraries abound.

    I and others point out the obvious: what they are doing is exhibiting all the behaviors of sexual groomers, recruiting children to participate in sexualized activities inappropriate for their age. They encourage children to “transition,” get mutilating surgeries, sterilize themselves, and perform sexualized shows for adults.

    Is our criticism of these activities inciting violence? And if so, is that criticism unacceptable?

    It is a legitimate question. If people are getting hurt or killed, what responsibility lies with people who are taking on the groomers? Is there any?

    And since many of the victims of these crimes are not engaged in the activities we are criticizing, what level of responsibility do we have for violence against totally innocent people? I and nobody I know wants any part of violence, or to spark it.”

    “Let’s get a couple of things out of the way: the vast majority of homosexuals and transgender-identified people are not engaged in grooming children. Many gay people have stood up and critiqued the transgender ideological movement’s recruitment and propagandizing of children. They understand that there is a vast difference between what is appropriate for adults and what is inappropriate for children.

    I know plenty of gay people, and I suspect none of them of harboring pedophilic tendencies, or of anything besides having different sexual preferences than I. I know two transgender people, and I can say the same thing about them. I don’t get it, but I don’t fear them either. They should not live in fear of violence, and as far as I know they don’t.

    Although the local gay nightclub here is a local hotspot for violence, it has nothing to do with targeting gay people. This is Minneapolis, and violence is the norm downtown.

    With that out of the way, let’s get down to facts and arguments: there is actually no vast expansion of violence being aimed at transgender people. It is simply not there in the statistics.

    The murder rate for transgender-identified people is actually lower than the national average. The epidemic of hate and violence toward transgendered folks is a myth. I would expect that they, as with any group outside the mainstream, get more than their share of nasty words thrown at them, but violence and murder? The evidence is not there.

    According to the Williams Institute at UCLA there are 1.6 million people who identify as transgender in the United States. The Human Rights Campaign claims that 57 people who are transgender were murdered last year. The murder rate in the US is 6.52 people per hundred thousand. Hence the expected number of murders out of a population of 1.6 million would be 104, or almost twice as many people as identified by the HRC.

    That is remarkable, and seems implausible to me. I would have expected the murder rate to be above average, given the basic demographics of the transgender population in terms of location, income, and other “comorbidities” too numerous to mention. Certainly below average murder rate is good, not evidence of an epidemic of hate.”


  3. Reality is once again this shooting could have been prevented by the DA doing their job.

    He didn’t. This is the result. Try blaming the one person responsible rather than the millions who had nothing to do with it but dare stand against your agenda.

    “Red flags: Why didn’t Club Q shooter get prosecuted for bomb threat and kidnapping allegations in 2021?”


    “Did red flag laws in Colorado fail to stop the mass murder in Colorado Springs? Or did the failure start earlier — with an arrest and charges in 2021 that mysteriously went nowhere?

    The Associated Press opts for the gun-control argument to frame its report today that Anderson Lee Aldrich “evaded” the red flag law in Colorado. However, the suspect didn’t evade anything, as it turns out that law enforcement and his family didn’t bother to employ it in the first place. And while they headline that claim about the red-flag law, their lead focuses on a much bigger failure:

    A year and a half before he was arrested in the Colorado Springs gay nightclub shooting that left five people dead, Anderson Lee Aldrich allegedly threatened his mother with a homemade bomb, forcing neighbors in surrounding homes to evacuate while the bomb squad and crisis negotiators talked him into surrendering.

    Yet despite that scare, there’s no public record that prosecutors moved forward with felony kidnapping and menacing charges against Aldrich, or that police or relatives tried to trigger Colorado’s “red flag” law that would have allowed authorities to seize the weapons and ammo the man’s mother says he had with him.

    Gun control advocates say Aldrich’s June 2021 threat is an example of a red flag law ignored, with potentially deadly consequences. While it’s not clear the law could have prevented Saturday night’s attack — such gun seizures can be in effect for as little as 14 days and be extended by a judge in six-month increments — they say it could have at least slowed Aldrich and raised his profile with law enforcement.

    Er … what? Aldrich had already raised his profile with law enforcement in 2021 with his arrest and booking on felony kidnapping and menacing charges. The question here isn’t why red-flag laws weren’t employed; it’s why Aldrich was on the street and apparently unmonitored after the June 2021 arrest.

    And that is because the Colorado Springs DA declined to prosecute. The Washington Post all but confirms what the AP reports about the same person being involved in both incidents, and reports that no one seems to know why the earlier case was dropped:

    Colorado Springs police would not comment officially on whether the suspected shooter was the same individual charged with multiple counts of kidnapping and felony menacing after the bomb-threat incident in southeastern Colorado Springs on June 18, 2021. But the man taken into custody at that time had the same name and age as the Club Q shooter. A federal law-enforcement official on Sunday confirmed that the Club Q gunman’s birth date matched that of the bomb-threat suspect.

    The Colorado Springs district attorney’s office ultimately declined to bring formal charges in the wake of the 2021 bomb-threat incident, and the court records for the case were placed under seal, the Colorado Springs Gazette reported.

    The link between the two incidents, if confirmed, is likely to raise questions over whether law-enforcement officials were aware of warning signs that might have resulted in legal action to bar the suspect from gaining access to weapons.

    Not only do we need to know why the DA dropped the case, we need to know why the court sealed the records. The local Fox affiliate reported on the incident yesterday, which also involved a potential bomb threat:”


    Their failures are obvious and numerous.


  4. Election denier alert!

    “Arizona Attorney General: Maricopa County Broke the Law on Election Day”


    “Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is demanding answers from Maricopa County election officials after a number of voters were unable to cast their ballots on election day. Maricopa is the state’s largest county and 25 percent of vote tabulation machines were not working on November 8, causing widespread voter disenfranchisement. According to the county, 70 voting locations were impacted.

    “The Elections Integrity Unit (‘Unit’) of the Arizona Attorney General’s Office (‘AGO’) has received hundreds of complaints since Election Day pertaining to issues related to the administration of the 2022 General Election in Maricopa County. These complaints go beyond pure speculation, but include first-hand witness accounts that raise concerns regarding Maricopa’s lawful compliance with Arizona election law. Furthermore, statements made by both Chairman Gates and Recorder Richer, along with information Maricopa County released through official modes of communication appear to confirm potential statutory violations of title 16,” Brnovich wrote in a letter to Maricopa County Civil Division Chief Thomas Liddy over the weekend.

    “According to Maricopa County, at least 60 voting locations had issues related to some ballot-on-demand (BOD) printers having printer configuration settings that were non-uniform, which appeared to have resulted in ballots that were unable to be read by on-site ballot tabulators,” he continued. “Based on sworn complaints submitted by election workers employed by Maricopa County, the BOD printers were tested on Monday, November 7 without any apparent problems. Many of those election workers report that despite the successful testing the night before, the tabulators began experiencing problems reading ballots printed by the BOD printers within the first thirty minutes of voting on Tuesday, November 8, 2022.”

    The facts detailed by Brnovich were admitted by Maricopa officials.

    Maricopa officials maintain they properly handled ballots that could not be tabulated due to broken machines and printer problems by putting them in a lockbox known as “Door 3.” Those ballots ended up being mixed with previously counted ballots, making it impossible to know which votes were not tabulated.

    “Due to the widespread problems in non-uniform printer configuration settings, many voters were unable to tabulate their ballots on Election Day using on-site tabulators. Instead, voters were instructed to deposit their ballot in ‘Door 3.’ According to statements by Chairman Gates, Recorder Richer, and Maricopa County official communications, ‘Door 3’ ballots were transported to Maricopa County Tabulation and Center to be tabulated by the HiPro 821 or Cannon G1130 tabulators at central count,” the letter details.

    “Maricopa County appears to have failed to adhere to the statutory guidelines in segregating, counting, tabulating, tallying, and transporting the ‘Door 3’ ballots. In fact, Maricopa County has admitted that. in some voting locations, ‘Door 3’ non-tabulated ballots were commingled with tabulated ballots at the voting location,” the letter continues. “Further, we have received a sworn complaint from an election observer indicating that more than 1700 ‘Door 3’ non-tabulated ballots from one voting location were placed in black duffle bags that were intended to be used for tabulated ballots.”

    The issues detailed by Brnovich could inhibit the ability to lawfully certify the 2022 midterm election results.

    “Arizonans deserve a full report and accounting of the myriad problems that occurred in relation to Maricopa County’s administration of the 2022 General Election,” he explains. “As the canvass is looming, and these issues relate to Maricopa County’s ability to lawfully certify election results – the Unit requests a response to the aforementioned issues on or before Maricopa County submits its official canvass to the Secretary of State, which must occur on or before November 28, 2022.”

    Meanwhile, Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has been featuring stories of voter disenfranchisement on her Twitter page for a week. ”


  5. Of course…..

    “WaPo Committed The Worst Media Malfeasance During The Brett Kavanaugh Smear Campaign”

    “Apparently suppressing exculpatory facts in a high-profile confirmation hearing is not considered malpractice by current journalistic standards.”


    “This is an excerpt of “The Devil’s Triangle: Mark Judge vs. the New American Stasi,” by Mark Judge, out on Nov. 14 from Post Hill Press.

    At various times in the fall of 2018, the Stasi media told the public that I had been Brett Kavanaugh’s wingman at a series of wild bacchanalian parties, bought and sold cocaine, and presided over no fewer than ten gang rapes.

    As time went on the worst of these lies and distortions were exposed by conservative reporters doing the job that liberal editors at major publications should have done. Gradually the shabby methods of the Stasi media were exposed for all to see.

    The most shocking instance of journalistic malfeasance is the failure of the [Washington] Post’s Emma Brown to include any reference to Leland Keyser in her initial story about the Ford memo. This was noticed right away thanks to the watchful eye of Kimberley Strassel. It should have been enough to get her fired, but apparently suppressing exculpatory facts in a high-profile confirmation hearing is not considered malpractice by current journalistic standards.

    In a similar act of ideological fact suppression—also detailed above—NBC’s Kate Snow withheld damaging information about Michael Avenatti when to publish it would have undermined the claims of Julie Swetnick.

    In February 2019, months after Brett was confirmed, Vanity Fair published a lengthy hit piece on Georgetown Prep [high school] by Evgenia Peretz detailing all kinds of bad behavior by the jock elite, including me and Brett, and the supposed “code of silence” that concealed our abuses until they were at last brought to light by the courageous Ford. Heavily sourced from my own candid confessional writings, the piece describes me thus:

    Judge took the cake. He was the loudest, edgiest, baddest ass. He was also the heartthrob. In Breakfast Club terms, you might say he had the dangerous allure of Judd Nelson’s Bender combined with the popularity of Emilio Estevez’s Andrew Clark. His body couldn’t contain his energy. He would leap onto people’s backs to start games of chicken. He could place his hands on a banister and jettison his body over an entire stairwell.

    As one of my friends quipped, “Wow, part Mel Gibson, part Tom Cruise, part ape.”

    More than an attack on Brett, the Vanity Fair piece is framed as an indictment of the entire white, male, upper-class American elite. The Prep boys are described as mainly the sons of wealthy, conservative families from the Maryland “horse country.” There were few middle-class kids, few “students of color,” and, of course, being a school run by Jesuits, few women: The original article read, “Any female presence consisted of the librarian, the secretary in the president’s office, and perhaps two teachers.” Peretz also alleges strong whiffs of homophobia and anti-Semitism.

    Like so much mainstream reporting these days, Peretz’s article reflects the rage of the resentful people who never lost their hatred of what she called “the kings of the school”—swaggering, entitled bullies who liked to stuff underclassmen into garbage cans.

    Kavanaugh, according to some former classmates, was not the central showman, but rather an eager sidekick. An alum who knew Kavanaugh well recalls, ‘He had the attitude of ‘I’m the man, I’m a badass, and everybody else is kind of a loser. I do what I want. I get what I want.’ He was more of a dick, for lack of a better word.’

    The piece goes on to detail the notorious weekend party scene at which people passed out in driveways and got run over by cars.

    As Judge put it, ‘if you could breathe and walk at the same time, you could hook up with someone.’ But hooking up wasn’t always about mutual pleasure. Since Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing, countless women from his private-school scene have been sharing experiences they had that mirror the one Blasey Ford described.

    According to Peretz, these girls were only there because they wanted to be liked by these popular boys and were seeking “affirmation.”

    Prep pushed back and Vanity Fair was immediately forced to correct a number of errors. Daily Wire writer Ashe Schow noted three corrections within days of publication:

    The original article claimed [an] alumnus…was the school’s quarterback, but he was actually the tight end. It also claimed source Evie Shapiro ‘attended Potomac High School and went to Catholic University with [Mark] Judge.’ Shapiro actually went to Churchill High School in Potomac, as there is no Potomac High School. She also attended the University of Maryland, not Catholic University.

    Finally, the original article claimed “[a]ny female presence consisted of the librarian, the secretary in the president’s office, and perhaps two teachers.”…There were actually 16 women serving on the staff during the 1982-1983 academic year, four of whom were faculty members.

    According to a spokesman from Prep, no effort was made by Peretz or her editors to check her assertions: “The magazine’s editors did zero fact checking with us. We could have straightened all those errors out and we had asked for the chance to respond but it seems like she just didn’t care. And if she can’t even get basic facts right like that or own up to the mistakes, then why should readers take anything she says seriously?”

    How indeed? The Daily Wire found a lot more mistakes and omissions, including many that appear to be deliberate distortions intended to bolster the article’s narrative. These include the fact that many prominent Democrats also attended the school, not just rich Republicans, and that the student body president in 1983 was black; using an illegally recorded speech by Prep’s headmaster and cherry-picking his remarks to fit the story’s narrative; failing to respond to multiple emails from the school; and making numerous misrepresentations concerning the school’s handling of a sexual abuse scandal dating long after the 1980s.”


    Gee, I can’t understand why no one trusts the media…..


  6. Example #2,637,653,557

    “Media still trying to trick Americans about Hunter Biden

    Who are you going to believe, the media or your own ears?”


    “The Biden family’s influence peddling has always been a scandal left to the eye of the beholder. For some, it was dismissed as Russian disinformation or, more recently, simply the result of a drug addicted son of the president. Neither is true, but Hunter Biden has always been an example of motivated perception, or perceptual bias, where we tend to see what we want to see and turn a “blind eye” to what we do not want to see.

    That phenomenon was on full display this week in an Associated Press article that made an extraordinary claim: that there is no evidence even suggesting that President Joe Biden ever spoke to his son about his foreign dealings.

    I previously discussed how the Bidens have succeeded in a Houdini-like trick in making this elephant of a scandal disappear from the public stage. They did so by enlisting the media in the illusion. However, this level of audience participation in the trick truly defies belief.

    The statement of the Associated Press at this stage of the scandal is breathtaking but telling: “Joe Biden has said he’s never spoken to his son about his foreign business, and nothing the Republicans have put forth suggests otherwise.”

    For years, the media has continued to report President Biden’s repeated claim that “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.” At the outset, the media only had to suspend any disbelief that the president could fly to China as Vice President with his son on Air Force 2 without discussing his planned business dealings on the trip.

    Of course, the emails on the laptop quickly refuted this claim. However, the media buried the laptop story before the election or pushed the false claim that it was fake Russian disinformation.

    President Biden’s denials continued even after an audiotape surfaced showing President Biden leaving a message for Hunter specifically discussing coverage of those dealings. The call is specifically referring to these dealings:

    Hey pal, it’s Dad. It’s 8:15 on Wednesday night. If you get a chance just give me a call. Nothing urgent. I just wanted to talk to you. I thought the article released online, it’s going to be printed tomorrow in the Times, was good. I think you’re clear. And anyway if you get a chance give me a call, I love you.

    But who are you going to believe, the media or your own ears?

    Some of us have written for two years that Biden’s denial of knowledge is patently false. It was equally evident that the Biden family was selling influence and access.

    There are emails of Ukrainian and other foreign clients thanking Hunter Biden for arranging meetings with his father. There are photos from dinners and meetings that tie President Biden to these figures, including a 2015 dinner with a group of Hunter Biden’s Russian and Kazakh clients.”


  7. The failure on the part of the DA is astounding. At a news conference yesterday he stated the records are “sealed” from the event last year connected to Aldrich. Therefore when a question is asked of the reporters concerning that event the answer will be “we have no record”!

    This tragedy is just that…a tragedy. Not one person delights in the murder of others. This murderer was a disturbed individual and video shown on the news last night of his behavior a year ago was disturbing. How he wasn’t being monitored at the very least is beyond me.

    What is befuddling to me is how so many are now “embracing” the LBGTQ…community with affirmation. Even Christian friends putting the rainbow flag on their FB pages. “Love is love” statements. What?
    One of the young people murdered was a girl who decided she was a guy. The interview with her parents was interesting. She decided at 4 that she was a guy and they treated her as such. She had surgery to be a guy and she very much appeared to be a male. She was the bartender and comedian at the club. A very sad ending to her life.
    The Springs Police announced their preferred pronouns along with their identity….what a world what a world….

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  8. Who’s up for some word salad?

    She’s been taking lessons from Kamala.

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  9. NBC is running cover for the groomers….

    This. Is. Grooming.


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  10. Running cover for the pervs….

    She won’t, because it’s never their fault when they egg someone on…


  11. Isn’t it a little cold for flip flops Frenchie…..?

    Yeah, darn those oppressive biblical standards, right you hack?

    And looky here, even Ricky Weaver, yes that one, calls him out on it. 🙂

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  12. It is very sad about the shooting at the night club. There is no end of very sad stories in the news these days. It is also very sad that any child would be allowed to decide anything so important at the age of four.

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  13. I just can’t understand why the military is having recruiting and retention problems…..

    “Anonymous Tip Line “Flooded” With Reports of Woke Ideology In Military”

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  14. Quick everyone!

    Flee to your safe spaces!


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  15. Running cover for the pervs, by attacking those who dare expose them.

    Make them pay. It’s the only way they’ll learn.

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  16. Yes, there is a social contagion to the rise in transgenderism, however, the girls who identify as such and who are affected by this contagion generally fall into the categories I’ve described — abuse or on the spectrum.

    There’s quite the moral panic reminiscent of the 1920s. Both now and then focused on “save the children”. In a moral panic, some see groomers and sexual situations everywhere. The goth subculture has been around for over a century and capitalism has commodified it for the last 30-40 years. The bears in the tweet aren’t much different than items for sale in Hot Topic which is a chain store in most suburban shopping malls. My daughter dyed her hair black, wore all black, used black make up and wore studded leather belts etc from the age of 10 to about 15. Nothing sexual about it. She was simply expressing herself and her love for a certain genre of music i.e. pop-punk and later emo-punk.

    Similarly with drag queens. Bugs Bunny was on my TV every Saturday in my childhood wearing a dress. Men dressed like women for Halloween. And social historians will point out role reversals were fairly common in Great Britain and Ireland in the pre-modern era. Would I have taken my daughter to a drag queen story hour probably not or at least I wouldn’t have specifically gone to the library for it.

    However, I find child beauty pageants far more guilty of sexualizing children. With a drag queen, the children are the audience but with child beauty pageants they are the show. And quite frankly I find today too be more conservative when it comes to children. Brooke Shields is two years older than me – Pretty Baby, Blue Lagoon, and Endless Love plus Calvin Klein commercials tell me that not much has changed and in fact we are far more aware of the child sexualization and its problems.

    As for moral panic and groomers; the problem is there is little discernment. Some argue the public school system is grooming children and therefore all teachers are grooming children. Public school especially in working class neighbourhoods in my experience are not a place for sexual grooming – teachers are under far more scrutiny than 30-40 years ago and kids are far more savy. Grooming is an issue but it’s not an occupational activity nor is it everywhere. I’ve mentored and advised some troubled middle school girls over the years and some come to visit me and contact me years later. I’m not grooming – I never initiate contact. I consider it part of my job and also part of my role as a decent human being. However, moral panic has made people suspicious and accusations are far too ready. Similar to the rationale over dress codes, it’s those who seek rules, regulations and strict oversight who are often guilty of sexualizing what should be a normal mentor style relationship.


  17. Bingo.


    “Balenciaga Under Fire for Featuring Toddlers Holding Toys in Bondage, Surrounded by Sex Toys

    “The entire campaign sexualizes children, period. It is child exploitation, period. And it feeds and normalizes a culture that is dark and depraved.””


    “Luxury brand Balenciaga featured a photo shoot with toddlers surrounded by sex toys and holding toys wrapped in bondage.

    I have no words. Why anyone would think this is okay even if the toddlers do not know anything about the items?

    I honestly only knew of the brand because it was the last thing Myrtle said in American Horror Story: Apocalypse.”

    “From Fox News:

    The photographer for the ad campaign, Gabriele Galimberti, said the images were part of a project series called “Toy Stories,” according to his Instagram page. The images, which now appear to be mostly scrubbed from the global brand’s website, sparked outrage from conservative activists.

    Penny Nance, CEO of Concerned Women for America, a conservative women’s rights group, called the images “exploitive propaganda.”

    “This is not about them being provocative and getting attention,” Nance said in an interview with Fox News Digital. “The entire campaign sexualizes children, period. It is child exploitation, period. And it feeds and normalizes a culture that is dark and depraved.””


    But don’t you dare call them groomers.


  18. As I said yesterday – the Colorado shooter wasn’t persecuted earlier due to white privilege. A white conservatie tied to the Republicans party – records are sealed.

    Kavanagh is a trust fund frat boy. He may be a bright legal mind but he is what he is. As a working class immigrant kid, I’d rather have someone else as a judge.

    It’s ironic that as conservatives managed to tilt the Supreme Court their way, the liberals managed to find their testicular fortitude to actually legislate what they stand for.

    Glad to see Ricky is alive and well. We fundamentally disagree on important issues but I like to think there was mutual acknowledgement that we approach important issues from an honest concern for our fellow humanity.


  19. Really?

    Which 4 pics, the earlier link has 4 as well.

    So you completely missed the teddy bears in bondage gear?

    The child stretched out near the wine glasses and a copy of the SC decision on child porn?

    No red flags there for you?


  20. Wine glasses are empty. As I said earlier, the teddy bears aren’t much different than I’ve seen in Hot Topic. Studded belts are quite common with middle school girls who identify with the goth or emo subculture. For them it’s not BDSM but pop-punk or goth-emo. It’s adults who sexualize it.

    Sure, it’s a dumb photo shoot but it says more about the people who see it as depravity in the phot shoot than its says about the actual products being sold. I admit the Supreme Court decision in a photo is weird but I’m not sure if they are trolling or simply mocking those they know who will overreact to the photo shoot


  21. Comparing a “drag queen” with Bugs Bunny is interesting to say the least. Denying the stark contrast and motives is to have one’s head buried in the sand. Why the heck would a man put on provocative clothing, copious amounts of make up, false lashes etc just to “innocently” read to children?!! Yea…thought so…..


  22. ‘White privilege’ is an intrinsically racist term meant to demonize a group of people based on race/skin color. Such terminology has no useful purpose at all.

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  23. As a working class immigrant kid, I’m not a fan of the term “white privilege” but sometimes it’s appropriate and in the case of charges that should occur mysteriously disappear, it is.

    As I stated, I don’t think I would have gone out of my way to have my daughter attend drag queen story hour but I wouldn’t be offended by it. However, a child beauty pageant is something I would never enter my child. As long as child beauty pageants exists, a drag queen story hour is probably bettern than the former.


  24. Lol. I guess sometimes racism is just necessary? I don’t think I can buy that. But I don’t have time right now to debate it either. Maybe another time.


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