23 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-21-22

  1. I got the pics Janice.

    But no Christmas decorations will be posted until at least Friday, so look for them then. πŸ™‚

    Turkey first, them’s the rules. πŸ™‚ πŸ¦ƒπŸ¦ƒπŸ¦ƒπŸ¦ƒπŸ¦ƒ

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  2. Morning all. And isn’t that just the most peaceful photo up there! Great shot Aj. And is he/she just floating around randomly in the wild? I have only seen swan gliding in the lake at the Broadmoor around here. Such beautiful creations of our Lord.

    Husband will be trekking up to care for the cabin overnight at Barr Camp. I will have some time to clean around here without his being underfoot! πŸ˜‚. Temps should reach the high forties and I just might open a couple windows to air this place out as well.

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  3. The rules sound good to me, AJ. My pet peeve is celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving. I have no problem with putting out decorations while it is warm, just don’t light them all up before Thanksgiving.

    Our church praise team starts into Christmas songs in early November. They seem to have no Thanksgiving songs. I have made suggestions and even passed on the sheet music for one song. It seems to me that thanksgiving is a whole big part of scripture, and the church of all places should be the place to preach it, teach it, display it and sing it. I am grateful for all our praise team does, but this is just how I feel about this issue.

    The world celebrates Halloween in a big fashion and then skips right on to Christmas. Let us not do that.

    I am not talking about when you need to decorate because of timing issues or whatever. I am not talking about Janice’s pictures. Just in general.

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  4. My husband jokingly told the server, “Merry Christmas” yesterday. She gave him a steely look and said, “Nope. I am enjoying my fall decorations and nothing Christmas is happening before Friday!” That made me laugh and agree with her.

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  5. I understand, Sir! Priurities straight!

    We were at Urgent Care around 3:30 yesterday. They sent us to ER. We were released and got home around 4 a.m. We are currently at a previously scheduled appt (8:30 a.m.) with more to follow. Now we see how well we function on so little sleep.

    Just got back home. Whew! Enough already!

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  6. When Art had surgery on ther 11th there were no hospital Christmas decorations. When we left, the hospital was shining in Christmas lights. That is what AJ’s comment refers to. Since we hardly decorate at home, I take my Christmas decor wherever I can find it! We paid plenty to be able to enjoy those hospital decorations πŸ˜ƒ

    While we waited about three hours at Urgent Care yesterday it was so sweet that the Fox weather channel showed a travel story of a tour through Yellowstone National Park. That is where we went dueing our first year of marriage. We enjoyed the memory lane while we waited. A God wink, all in His timing!

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  7. Janice, sorry to hear you had another hospital ‘adventure’ last night. The ER is a very tiring place to be, so I hope you are both able to catch up on your rest today.

    Fall is my favorite time of year, but I didn’t decorate anything this year, and I’m not sure about Christmas either. Our Pastor gave a Thanksgiving message yesterday, but no real Thanksgiving hymns. My favorite is We Gather Together, but it’s not one our denomination usually sings for some reason. I learned it in school before all mention of God was banned.

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  8. So, happy Thanksgiving all!

    Christmas discussions start in December. I’ve become quite disciplined the last three months.

    But, so much is going on, I can’t wrap my mind around something a month away.


    Writing all morning. The first two guests arrived yesterday, one leaves today, five are now not coming because Portland State won their soccer game.


    Four arrive this afternoon, and everyone else shows up tomorrow.

    My engineer is hanging curtains for his daughter.

    I made the bed. πŸ™‚

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  9. We often have trumpeter swans on the little lake just north of our property during migration. They are amazing to see – so huge and graceful.

    Since our Thanksgiving is in October, no worries about overlapping the seasons here. I tend to wait until after Remembrance Day (November 11) before lighting things up. We already have well over a foot of snow, it gets dark super early and it’s cold – fall is long gone so Christmas it is! πŸ™‚ I’ve been decorating the family room/dining room since that’s where we’ve confined the puppy until finished housetraining. I’m loving making up the little vignettes around the room – my WillowTree nativity looks pretty set up on my Hoosier with a little light shining onto it. There’s a positive forest on top of the small blue china cabinet (that my great-grandpa built) – husband said we could make money logging it πŸ™‚ There’s a little white Christmas village inside the cabinet as well. And I created a wreath with an old barrel ring, some pine, a wood burned “JOY” tree round and some white berries. It’s resting above the ‘mantle’ that we created out of old beams since we don’t have an actual fireplace (yet).

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  10. I just need to get into my home before Christmas. I doubt that I will put anything up unless I happen to find something. I have quite a few nativity sets, but I have no idea where they are.

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  11. I have a Willow Tree nativity set, too. My husband asked if we should buy one in Bethlehem–there were many gorgeous ones.

    With little to no room in our luggage, I bought three small ones–one for me, and one for each of my single children. Our daughter was pleased, Stargazer hasn’t been here long enough for me to give him his gifts.

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  12. Love the swan picture. They always look so beautiful.

    My sympathy for all your hospital visits lately, Janice. What a challenging time for you.

    Lovely to have an old cabinet made by your great grandfather, kare. Your decorations sound lovely. I am looking forward to decorating for Christmas this year. I think my granddaughters may want to help with the tree on Friday. Makes them happy and saves me (and my husband) some work, so that is a good thing.

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  13. I also have a huge wardrobe that my great grandfather built – Narnia sized! I really want my husband to paint a board that fits in the back with fir trees and a lamppost in the distance. πŸ˜€

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  14. I expressed to our son how tired I was from sitting twelve hours in chairs at Urgent Care and ER yesterday afternoon and most of the evening. He put it in perspective when he said he’d just driven about five hours to get here when he and my brother had to meet up with us at Urgent Care since it was getting dark and I could not drive after dark. I rode with Wes to ER and Art rode with Bro to ER. Wes had to stay in the car since only one person could be in he hospital with Art. Bro carried our car home and then went home in his car. Thankfully, Wes had his camping gear and mummy sleeping bag in the car since it was so cold. He finally got to wait in the ER lobby when he could no longer tolerate the car. I told him that he earned the Pplar Bear merit badge last night since he was a ScoutπŸ˜ƒ What a holiday for him.πŸ˜’ He taught class by Zoom here today.

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  15. Oh a much lighter note, my flooring is now all at my house.
    I was expecting it today, as well as all last week. I was assured that they would call me, but no call. So I went on down about one. I borrowed my friends battery powered leaf blower to work on my driveway. When I paused I saw that I had a call. I called them back. It was the fellow delivering the flooring saying that the traffic was stopped and he would be late. Well I wasn’t expecting him yet so he wasn’t late.
    I called my friends figuring that we would need help. She said that her husband had promised to pick up a grandson for a driving lesson. He said he would get him and have him drive to my house. Of course God worked out the timing and they got there as the trucker was trying to figure out how to deal with my steep driveway. perfect timing.

    Well he backed the truck up until it just would n’t go any further. Then we were worried that the bakes might not hold it on the steep grade where it was stopped.

    So we ended up with the trucker, Victor. sitting in the cab close to the brake while my friend and his grandson unloaded all 60 boxes of flooring. I counted and helped to steady the dolly. Had to get out my handy dandy leatherman to cut all of the packaging.
    I gave my friend a box of chocolates to say thank you.
    I am so thankful to have it delivered.

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  16. Now I think that I will take another adventure tomorrow. Friends had volunteered to store two beautiful end tables or coffee tables for me that I bought from a friend five years ago. Well, they moved up to Graeagle to be with one of their parents. That is a two to three hour drive away. It is also very cold in the mornings. So I will head up to get my furniture in the morning hoping to make it back before the sun goes down. The mountain drive should be lovely.

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