20 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-16-22

  1. Morning all! I just cannot tell you how much I love that photo up there! Such a beautiful capture of His fresh creation.

    I have always been fascinated by pine cones and have quite a collection of them. I still have one in the office that I picked up off the ground in Myrtle Beach 46 years ago.

    I do hope you and Art get to go home today Janice! Praying ….

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  2. I was just admiring a craft made by a friend that incorporated pinecones just like the one in the picture. It is a Finnish craft made with shaved wood. This piece was a Christmas tree shape. The thin strips of wood are curled much like is done with paper in quilling.

    Pinecones can be used in so many beautiful ways.

    I feel sorry for those who have to wear those masks all day. The receptionist at the clinic had hers below her nose when we visited not long ago. I don’t blame her. She was way behind plastic anyway.

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  3. NancyJill, when the workers came to cut down my dead pine tree in the backyard, I asked them to save some of the pine cones. One of them looked at his co-worker in a head-shaking kind of smile. Yeah, sure, whatever, lady.

    So I have a bunch of pine cones on the patio table from the old tree 🙂

    The new one, planted a year ago in December, seems to be doing OK but I remember they said it was “guaranteed” for the first year and I’d like to have them come out before that time just take a look — it does have a lot of brown needles, through way more green ones so it’s probably OK. It’s not really filling out too much but is now quite tall, just thin.

    Janice, so glad to hear you will probably be going home today. Miss Bosley will be beside herself. But it will be so good just to sleep in your own bed again.

    I’m taking a day off today to finally get Annie Oakley to the vet for her long overdue shots. I have a few other personal errands I need to get done today as well. The vet appointment isn’t until 2:30 but I’ll need to get that cat carrier out of the garage well before that to get it ready. Hoping the loading-up process won’t be too difficult.

    Cat owners here know that drill.

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  4. I am getting ready to call Home Depot again. I am looking for the delivery of all the flooring. Called yesterday and was told it would be delivered. After dark at a job site??? My friends even went over at ten to check.
    Also the delivery van will not get through the gate unless I call them in, but I don’t know who is delivering or when. Life is complex.

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  5. Glad I’m not Jo today.

    Stuffing a cat with (seemingly) 6+ legs poking straight out to her side in protest and fury into a little cat carrier doesn’t sound so bad.

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  6. I think I had Gabapentin for one of the dogs (among all the other meds). And my GP prescribed it to me for my knee before I had the surgery, but it didn’t help much so I quit taking it.

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  7. Well, looks like we’re due for a new cat carrier. Got mine out of the garage and found the metal door is rusting (it’s the carrier I bought when I was on the way to the shelter to pick Annie up a lot of years ago).

    I think I want another basic, hard-sided one, but would like a top opening feature this time — I like this one but it’s expensive & I don’t have time to order, so will see what Petco has available on the fly.

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  8. So, I think i spent an hour on the phone. The guy called the company who is supposed to deliver and they said that Home Depot had never brought it to them. So my order is lost.
    This guy wanted to cancel my order and order it again. I asked how long that would take. Then he decided that he needed to put in for an investigation. Which made sense.
    My friends and I are praying that it will be found and delivered today..

    In fact I called the company, Last Mile something, in through the gate at my development. And I even told the guard that this was a call of faith since my order was lost.

    The order finally did show up on the tracking site, but says they don’t have it yet. At least they acknowledge my order.

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  9. Still glad I’m not Jo today.

    So I picked up a new cat carrier which are super expensive now (Petco said yes, prices have been really going up). Got the same kind I had before, the simple hard-sided carrier but this one has a top and front opening which is very handy. Got a fluffy pad to put on the bottom, sprinkled some cat nip on that when I got it home and I’m leaving all the doors to the carrier open, hoping Annie will get up from her nap at some point and go into it to explore.

    I still have more than an hour before I have to start worrying about getting her “loaded up” so we have a little time. But she does tend to hide in the spare room when she takes her daylong naps. She moves to my bedroom (and my bed) sometime later in the day.

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  10. Now on to trying to work through the hoops of getting all of Art’s meds which were prescribed at the hospital . There seems to always be an issue or two . . . this time with the bladder spasm med and another drug interaction . . . not the med one wants to be without at this time.😳 Anc there is the additional issue that I can’t drive at night to pick it up. Life do get complicated😒 I have a friend who lives nearby who will help😀

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  11. I must have a weird cat. No problems getting him into the crate for his annual vet visits. I think he just likes all the attention.

    We need to get a mid-size carrier for Kootenay – he’s outgrown the cat crate by a mile and the next size collapsable one we have is at our son’s. But we’ll need one for our trip to Banff in a couple of weeks. We have old large ones for him already but they don’t collapse for travel. He’s 11 weeks old today and 19 pounds. 🙂

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  12. From a Facebook friend, who is a kindergarten teacher here in my town. (Boy didn’t have her for a teacher, but was familiar with her.)

    “One student explaining to another student what Chop Suey is (a lunch choice today)…
    “It’s pasta with meat and Suey all over the top!”

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