21 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-10-22

  1. Welcome to the Midwest. We had unseasonably warm weather the last 2 days, it’s still warm this morning with a possible record high temp, then tonight a cold front moves in and a chance of snow in the morning.

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  2. Morning all! Sounds as though the cold front coming down from the north includes your area as well Peter. We are predicted to be in the deep freeze for the next week starting last night. But for now the sky is blue with crisp winds blowing. The air is fresh! 😊

    That little chipmunk is looking for food to store up this winter. And I love that little table he is skittering upon. Driftwood with a concrete top? I love the texture and form of driftwood…each and everyone so unique.

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  3. Hit one deadline 12 hours late. Now on to the next!

    It’s just a paragraph. Should be a piece of cake. Ha!

    Not due until 2 . . .

    Sigh. All I want to do is be left alone and write up my notes about Israel.

    Maybe next week. 😦

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  4. I skipped the church Bible study last night. It was so cold that I figured the church parking lot would be icy. A short distance, but solid ice is not safe.

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  5. Rain, rain, rain here. Cold and windy. Snow will start Friday early A. M. I want it to just stay cold enough for snow now. The ice is much worse. It’s terrible weather for the deer hunters.

    It will not be good weather for people to drive out to the country show that will feature the group my husband plays music in on Saturday night. 😦

    My mom used a lot of driftwood for making flower arrangements. I have a lighthouse figure, mounted on a piece of driftwood and with some flat rocks added, in my bathroom. It was made by my mom and was in her bathroom. It (along with two other lighthouses) was not something I asked for. My sister just sent them with some other stuff. I decided then the remodeled bathroom would have a lighthouse theme. That goes along with a family history of lighthouse keepers and the symbolism of the lighthouse spiritually.

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  6. I happened to see on Facebook yesterday a large lion statue made totally of driftwood. It was beautiful!

    This morning in Sam’s they were playing beautiful Christmas carols. I was amazed!

    Based on lab work yesterday and temp check, Art appears to have a UTI. Not sure if that will change anything regarding surgery.

    The storm is hitting at a bad time for us. Just another thing to ramp up the stress.

    I will see if I can find my old Swedish meatball recipe. It was in a book, A Taste of Georgia, but the recipe was from a contributor in New York😀 Art always liked the caraway seeds in it.

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  7. Life of a real journalist somewhere in our country — and speaking of recipes (seen on twitter):


    Best part of my day today: woman calls the newsroom saying she misplaced her clipping of a matcha shortbread cookie recipe that ran in the paper years ago and asking if we could find her a copy.

    It’s her son’s favorite and she HAS to make them when he comes home for the holidays

    So I go dig in our archives, find the recipe and call her to get her email address so I can’t send it to her.

    The pure joy in her voice when she realized she could bake for her son, lifted me up too.

    Nothing like mom’s cookies ♥️

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  8. This is not the recipe from A Taste of Georgia, but is very similar. I browned extra onions to put in the celery soup sauce at the end. I also added yogurt to the celery soup sauce. Easy and delicious recipe to serve over rice or egg noodles. Last night I used beef broth with some thyme and boiled it and added egg noodles. When the noodles had cooked I put the meatballs back in with that and mixed in Greek yogurt to cover the venison meatballs.

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  9. Janice, hope the UTI is a non-issue regarding the surgery for Art.

    Our rain has passed but it’ll still be cold in the aftermath.

    I have a local heating company coming on 11/21 to give a once over for my heating unit under the house. It’s a local, smaller company that I always see praised on Next Door. They charge $140 for the service which they said takes about an hour and includes cleaning something (heating or burner gizmo, I think was the proper name), checking/cleaning duct work and making sure everything works and the air in your house isn’t showing any carbon monoxide or other issues.

    I’d talked to another company yesterday that was doing AC maintenance on my neighbor’s house, guy was super nice, but they charged a little more and are from the SF Valley which is an hour’s drive from here, other side of LA County. These guys I wound up going with instead are a small biz, family owned, and just blocks away from me.

    I am really hoping the unit is still good (it worked fine last year, I just felt skittish about turning it on this year as I knew it was way overdue for a check and maintenance).

    Until then, it’s a hot shower as soon as I get up, followed by pulling on multiple layers/sweats and, if needed, a winter jacket on top of that.

    Work today will be a fun story, announcing the launch of our paper’s annual local holiday ball collection drive we sponsor every year for the boys and girls club. We collect quite a few, this year’s goal is just under 4,000 (and we usually hit those annual targets which are raised every year).

    People seem to enjoy it, Big 5, a few local credit unions and other businesses participate as did the LA school district last year, putting out donation boxes and posters. Big 5 offers half off a second ball if folks buy one to donate at their stores.


    Meanwhile, we are still waiting for final vote tallies in LA County but one of the candidates for our LA council seat is substantially ahead so I did a story yesterday on his in-person introduction (still unofficial, though) to the council by the incumbent he’s replacing (who decided not to seek another term in order to run for mayor, but he wound up dropping out of that crowded field at some point). That mayor’s contest still hangs in the balance, too close to call with the next vote tallies coming in not until Friday.

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  10. Funny thing while at the hospital lab yesterday. There was an older gray headed man in with the tech. I felt sorry for him being there by himself. He looked tired to be facing surgery. He came out and had a seat while Art went on. He was on his phone and apologized when another tech came to get him for his next test. Then he said, “I just got elected as a State Representative last night.” Then I realized, no wonder he looks tired. Long night. He represents an area outside of the metro. He commented about the reward he gets for winming is surgery😀😒

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  11. When all else fails…. My phone wasn’t working, not sure what was wrong. I finally remembered to reboot and got 36 messages and it is working fine now.

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  12. Ex-beau sent me a birthday card with a dog’s face on the front — and the sounds of the “happy birthday” song, in woof-woof-woof barking, when you open it up.

    I open it just for a smile now and again.

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  13. LOL. The meeting to discuss the project was at 2 today–just got off. The late yesterday afternoon deadline I’d promised to my colleagues was missed.

    They were too busy to care–but have now read what they needed so I can make corrections for next week.

    I think.


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