32 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-3-22

  1. Good morning! It’s a quiet start to the day here. The K-cup of the day is a Laughing Man blend. It is good. I had never heard of the brand so had to work up courage to try it😀 So far I have not turned into a laughing man despite taking the estrogen blocker med😀

    The velcro cat is snuggled up in my lap ready for me to do my morning Bible study. Yesterday was a dog thread so I will make a sad dog comment.

    My brother said that there are still two dogs left of the seven on the property of the veteran who died. One is the mean Big Girl who loved Ed so much. Brother said she’s looking quite thin. He said if anyone feeds them then they are considered to be the new owner. Very sad dog story.

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  2. Morning all. Light is breaking through the sky and my first cup of coffee has awakened me just a tad bit.
    Furnace guys will be here in an hour and will be here for 4-5 hours adding a “state of the art” filtration system on our furnace. Hoping for no dust and better filtration of pollens and such. It even has an ionic filtration to filter out “bad stuff” in the air. We shall see how this works!
    First I need to load up my car with boxes and bags of stuff for drop off at Goodwill.
    That is a sad story indeed Janice. Is there not a rescue that could go out and give those dogs a safe haven?

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  3. I don’t know or understand the details about the dogs. I think some were taken by people who wanted one or another, and then animal control picked up some, but these two must have evaded pickup. Maybe animal control will be back again? This is more in a rural area, and I guess each community handles things differently depending on resources.

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  4. Just reading my Bible study this morning in Luke about Jesus telling what to expect in the end times.

    Luke 21:25 NLT
    “And there will be strange signs in the sun, moon, and stars . . .”

    Reflecting on the Blood Moon on our Election Day.

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  5. Morning all. Today my propane or fake wood stove will be installed. The line is not there yet for propane as the plumber got sick.

    My friend had a great idea yesterday and suggested that I have the handyman stain the three new doors instead of me. So I will talk to him today.

    Our power went out in the night. It was so dark when I woke up in the night. I managed to sleep until six thirty so feel almost back to normal. Now to get ready for the clocks to change. Funny but they are all flashing here this morning due to the power outage so I will have to figure them out twice.

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  6. Oh, I almost forgot this is the weekend we fall back (and get an extra hour’s sleep!). I’m all in for an extra hour of sleep, always.

    Another chilly morning, thankful for sweatshirts and hot showers. Maybe I’ll take care of the heater chore this weekend so I can start using that again.

    I moved the car down to the front of the house, the interloper car was gone by 7 a.m.

    Annie woke me up earlier, though. She started her usual loud meowing (for breakfast) and when I opened my eyes her face was about 3 inches from mine, just staring at me in the early morning (6 a.m.?) semi-darkness, willing me to come AWAKE I guess. It worked.

    So I got up, stumbled to the kitchen, put her food out and headed back to my warm bed.

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  7. From today’s email summary of World Magazine opinion offerings:

    * Why is America coming apart? WORLD Opinions Managing Editor Andrew T. Walker writes about the collapse of Christianity as America’s underlying public ethic and the limits of pluralism as society violates the outer boundaries of natural law.

    * The God of the Bible is not “queer”: The case that God is “queer” isn’t really about logic or arguments, writes Jordan J. Ballor. It’s about pathos and finding some emotional toehold to justify human sin and an understanding of God formed in fallen humanity’s own image.

    I haven’t read either of those pieces, but it brings me back to what seems to be our deeper (than politics) problem, which is a spiritual and cultural drift. And that’s harder to “cure” than a wayward contemporary political system or media influence (which I think are more often driven by the former at their root).

    It goes deeper and is as old as creation itself, it’s seen throughout Scripture as people repeatedly stray, including God’s people, of course. Judgement follows and I’m guessing I’m not the only one wondering what God may be up to in all of this, whether we may be seeing a current series of divine judgements (yes, that would include the pandemic and the wild confusion that has caused among us, as well as our fierce political division which more often, superficially I think, gets the blame).

    May God awaken his people.

    Just thinking. It’s early and I’m cold. Time for the hot shower, maybe a cup of coffee. Busy work day for me ahead.

    (And I didn’t post this on the political thread because, well, I don’t see the problem we face as all that “political,” but as something that goes much deeper than the next election.)

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  8. It’s so funny because I just see the dark outline of this cat head with two ears literally inches from my face, still as can be, studying me and any sign of wakefulness. How soon will she get up? Why isn’t she up now after all my loud complaining? What else can I do to make her get up?

    Then comes the paw on the face …

    Agree, Janice, symptoms all around us and those can appear to be the thing itself so it captures our attention and focus. “If we can just fix that, get the right folks elected, it’ll all be good.” Same with discouragement over the state of the news media, a symptom, I think, that too easily becomes an easy but misleading target as “The (real) Problem.”

    Not saying our national leadership isn’t an important issue that deserves our attention (or a reliable media), but I think when one “side” wins, we still have half the country in a fury. Then their side will win next time and it all switches again, while the mess we’re in remains, because it goes so much deeper.

    I’m thinking for myself it might be a good time for more focus on my own repentance — I’ve struggled in a number of areas that need attention (I can almost hear God saying, uh-huh, so get to it).

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  9. Just seems like God could, instead, be calling us — and shaking the church up — on a much deeper level.

    A nation’s leadership is important and God can bless or curse a nation through that, though he is also sovereign over those leaders and has put them in the position they’re in.

    In Scripture, it seems clear that He executes both blessing and judgement through these temporal means, including a nation’s leaders and the raising up of enemy & wicked nations sometimes to execute that judgement (Habbakuk), but always with the point of bringing His people back to him, making them more faithful.

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  10. It is stinkin’ cold here with brisk winds. We are waiting for the snow to appear. One weather site says 2 inches and another says 8….the race is on!

    Heating company guys had the air filtration system on and running within two hours….hoping for not so much dust around here!

    Dropped off all that stuff at Goodwill. The lady at the drop off was so dear and thanked me for supporting their mission. And she really liked the big box full of antique items…I told her I was in hopes there would be some who would enjoy them as much as I have 😊

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  11. It’s 61 in my house, I think I need to buy some snow clothing.

    Longest port meeting ever, and they’re just on a break now, waiting for them to resume; I must have 8 pages of typewritten notes, at least.

    My dogs were kind of freaked out by snow, didn’t want to walk on it.

    Meanwhile, seen on Twitter:

    ~ It’s now been 24 hours since we realized the snake escaped the terrarium in the youngest’s bedroom. Where do snakes like to hide? ~

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  12. And another:

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  13. The latest on the situation with X. (I’ve decided to put these updates on the daily threads.)

    According to a friend of ours who lives in the town that X lives in, he has been posting on a town Facebook page about selling his possessions because he is going away somewhere, supposedly leaving the country.

    And he is also trying to make plans for the usual Saturday visitation. Unfortunately, after that situation with X violating the protective order on Sunday, the judge would not agree to a protective order for Boy, only reissuing the one for Nightingale (although the old one was still in effect).

    That puts the custody situation into a grey area. Due to the guardian ad litem’s recommendation, the order for supervised visits was rescinded. That could mean that, as in the past, if Nightingale is not around, X could have the right to pick up Boy for a visit.

    But he is clearly unstable and talking about leaving the country. (He even mentioned that briefly in a text to me.) Nightingale’s lawyer told her to not allow the usual Saturday visitation (which Nightingale would not have allowed anyway), and she (the lawyer) also informed X and his mom about that.

    This was supposed to be Nightingale’s weekend to work, but she is going to take the days off as a family emergency (which it is), and take Boy away for the weekend.

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  14. Praying also, and good advice about keeping the doors locked and the phone always nearby, which you do. Very glad Emily can take the weekend off to be there, hoping he doesn’t just show up.

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  15. That is a sad and scary situation for you all. It is also a danger to X, who obviously needs help. Unfortunately, probably like many in his situation, he can probably fool many of those who should know better.

    The warmth here broke the record high by 6 degrees. Last day of wonderful warmth, though. It is time, however, so we cannot complain.

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  16. Janice – Boy is still sick, but getting over it. His temp this morning was close to normal.

    Kathaleena – Yeah, he was able to convince the guardian ad litem that he was ready to be trusted with his son on his own. 😦

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