25 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-1-22

  1. Good morning, all. Another beautiful day though still almost totally dark. A bit of a steel color to the sky to indicate the world is still turning.

    Heading up to Moscow early in hope of avoiding the snow. But I see even more is expected next trip. Not that I am shocked.

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  2. Sky is just beginning to get gray here. I managed to sleep in to 5:30 this morning and then daylight savings will come.

    I was very foggy brained yesterday. Hoping to do better today. I tried to order my flooring, but it didn’t work. Have to try again.

    Should be quite the storm today. Looking forward to actual rain as we got not one drop during October.

    I hope that cut pup lets Kare have some sleep.

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  3. Morning and oh that puppy!!! Puppy breath kisses! ๐Ÿค— the bow tie is just over the top cuteness!!

    It is a lovely day in this forest and Habitat for Humanity has just left taking lots of โ€œstuffโ€ for resale/restore. Great guys and very hard workers! We had a sofa/loveseat we have never used since moving here and was only used a year in the old house, ladder back dining chairs, interior doors left by the previous owners, sleigh bed etcโ€ฆ.good to purge in hopes others might enjoy what was once enjoyed by us.
    Now waiting for Lowes to deliver our washer and I shall be trying to catch up on laundry this afternoon!

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  4. Thank you, all. He is adorable, but also very mischievous. We are doing our best to be consistent. Last night he went 3 hours without whining – that was the longest stretch so far. At least with a puppy you can both tag team getting up and taking them out. Unlike a baby where I was the one to get up every time.

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  5. Adorable ๐Ÿ™‚ And he would match my bathroom — and my cat, the black-and-white theme.

    Funny post last night from one of our former reporters about his Halloween visitors:

    ~ Fifty-one visitors tonight. Pretty good. Best costumes go to the kid dressed as Jimi Hendrix, complete with guitar, and the late arriving mail carrier. I told him he looked so real and handed him a Kit Kat. ~


    My mail came late last night, too, and we had mail being delivered on Sunday as well, or maybe they were just packages in the neighborhood.

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  6. Our neighborhood was packed with loud, roaming children — and a lot of parked cars, I think some drive over here with their parents, but we also had at least one adult-type Halloween party going on across the street where Lucky the Longshoreman lives. They have a son who seems to now be a teen-ager. That happened fast!

    And Shirley’s grandkids were over, the one grandson was showing me the very elaborate costume he made — I’m sure it was supposed to be some creature now known in popular culture by everyone but me because I’m kind of out of it these days.

    Only design flaw was the head, a huge, square thing with eye holes but with the view blocked in between the eyes so he kept crashing into things.

    Admirable effort, though.

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  7. We didn’t get any trick or treaters last night ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I will bring our candy to work for my coworkers’ children.

    DJ, he’s black and white right now but with high probability of colour change over the next year. Something in the genes.

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  8. Good morning! Beautiful day here. I will get up on roof to try to stop a leak. My poor house is falling apart. We need to get started on the new house.

    New dog sure does love Trey. He is learning to get along with the cats.

    Canned 15 jars of pickled jalapenoes last night. Attempting baba gnoush today. Trying to finish up garden remnants. I may try to make some kraut.

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  9. Jo- Daylight Saving time ends in the Fall, so it’s not coming back until April. So, what is now 5:30AM will be 4:30AM. At least we get an extra hour this Saturday night.

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  10. We had several more trick-or-treaters last time than last year. There was a lull after 7:30, so we thought they had stopped. Then, just before 9:30 we had two more come. That’s the latest I’ve seen them out.

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  11. So if he lived here (@1:24) I’d have to eventually redo the tile colors in the bathroom (and fur on the cat)?

    Glad to hear RKessler’s dog is learning all about cats.

    Respect the cat.

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  12. I got up at 5 a.m. to do my group Bible study lesson. I feel very tired now, but am trying to read a book for review. Later I have my second group Bible study. I really need to rest my eyes.

    It’s 70ยฐ outside today. I think it will be warm all week.

    I never had any real effect from the flu shot other than the slightest soreness in my arm.


  13. Kare – That’s what happened with Heidi. She was distinctly black and white, but as she grew out of puppyhood, her coloring changed. Her ears used to be black and she had black around her eyes, and a black “saddle”.

    Now her face is white (although not as pearly white as when she was younger – or maybe she just needs a really good cleaning of her facial fur, which I don’t attempt, but let the professional dog groomer do every so often), her ears are mostly white and tan with a black trim, and her back is a combination of white and black hair intermingled, with a tannish spot in there. She also went from being a short-haired puppy to being a ragamuffin adult. Much of her hair is kind of curly, too.

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  14. Got my flooring ordered this morning. They had to send me a security code. I thought I was entering it as I heard it on the phone. Whoops, nothing was entered. So I entered it from memory and miraculously it worked.

    So I gave them all of my money. Looking at rain jackets online as mine is too small.

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  15. Finally think I have solved the mystery of the evening of Fireworks. My friend I walk with is on Nextdoor for a nearby community, and said she’d seen several complaints about the Diwali celebration which is for the Hindus. It celebrates light over darkness and good over evil. We do have many Indians in our area. I don’t think I have ever noticed it before, and really did not know the name Diwali,. It was a huge event this year assuming that was what it was.

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  16. Ah, that makes sense Janice. I’ve heard of it, saw a former Hindu reporter of ours wishing folks a happy Diwali on FB recently.

    Everyone’s searching, deep down.

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  17. Searching or running.

    Large square head costume might have been the Mine Craft one. Our weather was the best for Halloween that I have ever experienced. We had no one stop by, however, other than a neighborhood cow. His farmer came to get him before he wondered too far down the road.

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