37 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-25-22

  1. Morning! Rk may the Lord give you strength for the journey…you amaze me!
    Jo waking up on east coast time! 😊
    Thanks for waking us up Aj!

    It’s chilly outside but the dogs are up and ready for this day. I rolled the trash tote down to the road and have had my first cup of coffee…it’s still o’dark thirty here. I heard a weird noise out there and I do believe I was being scolded by a raccoon !

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  2. Good morning! It’s been weird in the neighborhood or vicinity. When I walked for a short while on the driveway, maybe around 6:30 yesterday, on the street behind ours i heard some loud bangs like someone was driving down the street shooting or throwing firecrackers but thought it must be a vehicle backfiring. But at dark louder and bigger booms began, more than we have at holidays. And it seemed there would be some back there and then from other areas in the neighborhood. It was still going when I went to sleep around eleven. I wondered if something was being filmed here that required all the disturbance. Miss Bosley hid in the closet.

    Then again, this week on the news, I heard that Atlanta now is home to 58 gangs. That could do it, too.

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  3. Quiet here, except for the sound of much-needed rain on the roof, and the garbage trucks going by.

    Yes, that’s plural trucks. Our city lets us choose our trash collector, so there are 4 different companies, and all of them send their trucks down our street Tuesdays and Fridays.

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  4. Good morning, all. A beautiful day here, expecting more rain and snow in the morning for our morning drive to Moscow. Continually thanking God for His provision. I now have a car that I am fairly confident can get me from point A to point B even in inclement weather. The twelve passenger van was nice for its time but I am glad to be beyond that time.

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  5. The only garbage truck here is the one in our garage. It goes to the dump when the garbage cans are all full.

    I am glad you can be fairly confident in your vehicle, mumsee. It is so stressful to drive a vehicle you are unsure of.

    I would hate working nights. My husband had to do so. I always feel physically ill when over tired. I am so thankful for those who do and are a blessing for what needs to be done day or night.

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  6. We have three garbage trucks on Monday. One does regular garbage, another recycling, and the third, yard trimmings. They are all contracted by the county.

    It seems especially peaceful in the neighborhood today after the commotion last night😀

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  7. We had two different waste services now we have one . Waste Management cancelled contracts with their customers this month saying they wouldn’t longer service out here. Those customers signed up with ours…now our service is seeing 2500 additional pickups a week! Average cost for a normal household is 100.00 a quarter…and they have always given us a senior discount😊

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  8. This Sunday our new Bishop visited, so of course he had the sermon. The Gospel was from Luke, regarding the Pharasee and the tax collector. He said he had more in common with the tax collector. Then he said something about growing up Baptist and “I don’t drink and I don’t chew and I don’t go with the girls who do…then he went on with his sermon. I smiled.
    Just that morning I had been responding to someone whose mother died two years ago and Sunday was her birthday. He had a visit from a cardinal and it made him smile. I told him about the male cardinal flying in to my breakfast room one morning and saying “Well, hello daddy”, then he flew away.
    When I was finished with my alter guild duties he was still in the narthex and I had to tell him he was only the second person in my entire life to utter that phrase…We don’t drink and we don’t chew, and we don’t go with the girls who do..” He asked who the other one was. My father. Then I told him my father grew up Assembly of God so Baptist, Assembly of God…it made sense.
    Then…..he told me that while he had used the phrase before, he had never spoken it from the pulpit during a sermon. We decided it was a God wink.


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  9. I still don’t know about the commotion from last night, butut I spoke with a friend who said all the gangs came in from the West Coast (new kids on the block, we already had our share) and they are very well organized. I knew so much changed when that former governor made it favorable for Hollywood to move in. It brought the undereorld with it to up our state revenue without considering the downside costs in the long run. Gambling does the same for states.

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  10. Does anyone know anything about metal roofs? Recently I have seen an ad for a company that sells metal roofs and of course, the ad makes it seem as if they are the best kind to have. Would they be more expensive than usual roofs? Eventually, we will need a new roof, so I was wondering if that would be a good option.

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  11. Where you are I would ask your insurance company. They say metal roofs last 30 years – they don’t. A regular shingle roof manufactured for your kind of weather currently has a 20 year life expectancy. A year ago we pod $17k for a new roof but I also had a moisture barrier added. I don’t know about that in your area.
    Really talking to your insurance agent and asking them…. Just tell them you have a friend along the Gulf Coast and have heard horror stories.

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  12. And STAY AWAY from solar panels. PLEASE. People have spent thousands and thousand last one I dealt with they had spent $90k and were having to short sale their house. In Florida some people with them have had their insurance cancel.
    DON’T DO IT.

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  13. Tired after a long day. Walking over 3 miles again, back and forth to meetings. I realized it wasn’t smart for me to walk up stairs so took the elevator the last couple of times.
    Went to the clinic to talk about my leg. A sweet gal gave me some good advice as she always does.

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  14. My parents had a steel roof put on. The roof looks like it has curved tiles. It was put right over the old roof. I assume it still works well. The neighbors across the road from us asked about a steel roof and siding estimate and were quoted $70,000. They have a very simple home and were very shocked. They decided against doing that.

    My sister has solar panels in Florida and is always telling us how wonderful they are. We are starting to see more and more. I would be interested in hearing how they have worked for others. I don’t think our part of the country is a good place for them.

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  15. I thought of mumsee next (for the metal roof).

    Solar — yeah, I’ve heard that costs a fortune up front and you’ll never see the savings on energy costs as it’s based on a very long time period?

    The “costs a fortune up front” was enough for me. Plus, if you have a pitched roof, they’re just sort of ugly (I think).

    I’d love to have a tile look on my front porch and garage overhangs, which are small but show from the street. But I had my new roof put on before I did anything else and just went with the standard gray (could also have chosen different colored shingles or whatever it is that’s on there). Later, when I painted my house in a more Spanish color, the gray looked ‘blah.’ Not awful, just meh.

    Aren’t metal roofs loud in the rain? Not that it would be a problem here these days.

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  16. Dj, I have had those delicious cookie from Sprouts. They are so good!

    We have imported some good and some bad things from CA. A lot of people have found work in the film industry. And Stacey Abrams seems to have a lot of supporters from Hollywood for what that is worth to some people here.


  17. Up here, metal roofs are the way to go. But you have to make sure you have snow holders over your doors so the snow doesn’t just slide off and block your door with a cement like pile.

    And our government says to just stop using oil & gas. Yeah, I’ll just turn off my furnace when it’s -40.😡

    Still no baby. We find out about our puppy tomorrow noon and pick him up Thursday.

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  18. We bought a house that had solar panels many years ago. They were not on the roof, they were on a side building attached to the side of the house. The panels were connected to the heating system. They did nothing at all in the winter when it was frequently below zero, and they would blow hot air in the summer. We did not use them at all. :–/

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  19. Our roofer said never get a metal roof as it devalues the house. He may have his opinion since he only does shingles. He did a good job on our house, though with those newer composite style shingles.

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  20. We put up a metal roof because of the fires. And a wood stove. And probably for the cost. It has worked well. We were told we would need to tighten the roofscrews holding it down sometime but it has been about thirteen years and so far so good. Son and I had to seal the seams on the ridge cap but it seems to have done the trick, no more water leaking in from the recent rain and snow.

    Very rarely, we can hear the rain on the roof but it needs to be really coming down to be heard. We have gutter heaters and nothing to stop the snow over the doors. But I have children handy with shovels and ice breakers.

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  21. Kathaleena. Florida is where insurance companies are starting to cancel insurance if you have solar panels. In a storm if your solar panel blows off and damaged someone else’s property you and your insurance company are responsible.

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