18 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-20-22

  1. Good morning! Rise and shine to make the most of this new day. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

    Miss Bosley is enjoying her new toys. I told Art I got them for her ten-year-old birthday. Also, since she is less active now, the new toys are energizing her to get more exercise. We have a fishing wand with a wiggle worm on the end that she is most engaged with now.

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  2. Good morning.

    The article about the salt pyramids was very interesting. I see they are owned by a MN company and the salt is used for icy roads among other things. We sure have those during the winter. They use salt as little as possible, since it is damaging, too. The roads are not as nearly as good to drive on as they used to be. We had to drive to the dentist on glare ice the other morning. Then the sidewalk was glare ice.

    We will have more typical temperatures for this time of year starting today. We will appreciate it after that cold snap.

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  3. Morning all! A day of staying home and I shall find myself in my stitching room. 😊
    Has anyone else noticed a new “fee” on varying purchases? I purchased a birthday gift last week and a top at a local shop and when I glanced at my receipt there was one for the purchase plus tax then another for using my credit card! 4%. So I spent another 7 dollars and was not informed nor was there a sign of any kind telling the customer.
    Husband had his weekly breakfast with friend from our old church and it was his turn to pay. There was a 4% “inflation fee” tacked onto the bill! Plus 8% tax and the tip to the waitress it’s gettin might “fee some”!!

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  4. Yes, Nancy Jill, there are now fees at some restaurants for a tip for the kitchen workers. Some restaurants give a discount for cash (or charge more for using a card). Young people have a tendency to use credit or debit cards for very small amounts without thinking if the cost for the business. It is irritating, but inflation has put a lot of businesses in a precarious position situation. All fees should be disclosed, IMO.

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  5. Maybe Art needs to add a fee for his credit card customers. My vet’s office has done that for years. Art already gives clients a great deal. I see what Liberty and other
    franchises charge and it is outrageous, but people pay it.

    Also, when we bought the new car, the dealer tacked on that big fee for their lack of sales and low inventory, or high demand, “seller’s market.”


  6. I was so pumped up yesterday from feeling a bit better that went strong from 6 a.m. until about 10 p.m. I even walked about 15 minutes in the driveway. I am trying to relax more today starting with Oolong tea instead of coffee.

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  7. Getting ready for a zoom appointment on retirement. Turns out the fellow lives in North Carolina.

    My friend called and we are trying to get a truck from someone in my family to take all of the old carpeting to the dump before rain comes.

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  8. Kathaleena had a cold snap and we had a hot snap. But it’s breaking after just one day (yesterday) and we should be back down into cooler fall temps by tomorrow. Today will be 10 degrees cooler than yesterday and the nights are still in the 60s.

    I’ve read something about the fees and agree it should be made clear on bills. But businesses have taken such a hit during the pandemic — and now with the economy looking like it could free-fall — it’s been hard also for smaller places with staff to pay to stay open.

    I don’t think their regular business has returned — the virus has hung around so long now that people have stablished new routines, we’ve gotten used to not “eating out,” we shop online.

    I have a busy day with a harbor commission meeting in about 20 minutes and the window guy coming between 2 and 3 p.m.

    The phrase “Rise and Shine” — my friend used to say that when we’d take trips together in our early 20s and she had our tourist itinerary all mapped out. She was usually waiting on me to get up in the mornings, her purse on her shoulder. “Rise and Shine!” she’d say to my groans. We still laugh about that today.

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  9. Kathaleena, I thought you’d be interested in the salt flats and connection with your state. I knew my cousin and husband was on a Viking cruise, but not sure if this is a continuation or new trip.

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  10. A couple years back our Vet decided to add a 2% surcharge for credit card payment. Then he said the headache of personal checks and complaints were not worth the hassle. He raised the prices of service and all was well.

    I will be more inclined to shop on Amazon getting the same item cheaper, no city taxes to be paid and delivered to my door. The shop owner where I was charged for using my CC has overpriced items but I wanted to support a small business. Her non disclosure and attitude towards my neighbor who questioned her policy has left several customers deciding to not support to any longer. Good customer service is still a thing I appreciate and will support.

    We don’t eat out often but when we do we are very loyal customers and are generous tippers.

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  11. Just saying hi while I have a few minutes. Our senior co-worker is back at work after being in the hospital two weeks, so things are settling down a bit, but still busy because of the other co-worker who left for another job.

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  12. Hi Kevin.

    We’ve seen quite a few staffers leave in the past months, and our senior editor, who’s the tireless coordinator of our multiple outlets, also is out for some medical things. So we’re scrambling, too.

    Window guy was here, there’s a plan. Good timing, he arrived just after the meeting I was covering finished.

    Long port meeting so I’m taking a very brief break — 9 pages of typewritten notes with 1 story + a “copy block” (short easy story to go with photos from the piazza event) yet to do today. Another story out of the meeting can wait until tomorrow to use over the weekend.

    I just ate a carrot.

    I guess I now feel like I’m officially “back” at work.

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  13. We ate brunch in a la-di-da restaurant in the “heart of Wine Country” chosen by my visiting niece on Sunday.

    18% tip, they added an additional 7% for, basically, health care for the waitstaff–for a walloping 25% addition to a very expensive brunch.

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  14. Up here, the government has just announced that they will allow service charges for CC use but the business must have it clearly stated.

    We won’t be charging extra because we’ve already had that built in to the price for years and we want people to use their cards as cheques can bounce so easily and get lost in the mail, etc. In fact, one can’t register their child for camp without a CC. (we do work something out for those who do not have a CC, but that is very rare)

    Things are just so expensive all around.

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  15. Part of the reason for the CC fees is that the credit card companies charge the business 3%-5% (I think American Express is 10%) for each transaction, even refunds. So at the cave we give refunds in cash, even if the person paid with a card. And that Amex charge is why few small businesses around here accept that card.

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  16. Had a good time with the two youngest grands today. I had to tell the youngest not to attack me as I might get hurt. She had also been attacked by wasps so did not want to go outside. We spent some time on the Bible for Kids. They love it. Listened to the stories, answered the questions and then had fun with the built in activities.
    Just a sweet time.
    Then I called and went to a friends and picked up my winter clothes that have been at her home for over two years. We had a good visit. I have a lot of clothes. Not sure what all is in those bags.

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