26 thoughts on “News/Politics 10-12-22

  1. They sold their souls to the woke cult.

    They’re just indoctrinated idiots now.

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  2. Birds of a feather….

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  3. Learned psychosis.

    This is what they’re teaching, perversion in all it’s forms.

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  4. The lunacy is off the charts with the left. Astounding
    Now the medical profession will be shooting themselves in the foot much like the “journalists”… ahem. No one will want anything to do with “doctors” just as most do not want to listen to “journalists”! Just do your darn job and leave out your woke-ism mind control!

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  5. AJ, regarding your response to our voting discussion last night on the daily thread: you will receive no smugness from me however it turns out. My voting record has been all over the political map trying too find the least destructive representative. If Trump policies are on the ballot with the candidate to back them I would certainly trouble myself to vote. I just can’t support warmongers in either party anymore. Mass death and destruction may come, but I don’t want my fingerprints on it if I can help it.

    I don’t see the value in becoming overly concerned about it. It has been discouraging to see people like David French luring people into the warmongering camp in the name of Christ. Now THAT is a disgusting spectacle. Especially given that these people don’t care who they support overseas—Nazi or terrorist, all in the name of patriotism, or God, or whatever. It’s really about power and money at the top. But snakes will charm, wolves will devour, and sticks destined for the fire will burn. People will be straining at gnats and swallowing camels until the very end.

    I am convinced that prayer is as effective as anything. But should there be a candidate worth voting for, of course I will.

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  6. NancyJill @9:43- unfortunately that’s true. My husband’s primary care doctor was summarily dismissed from his group practice because he attended an Oath Keeper rally of some sort. I liked him and was going to make him my primary as well, but after he left the medical group would only scowl and and say disapprovingly that he was gone.

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  7. Last week oldest granddaughter’s 6th grade class had a field trip lead by a group from Minnesota that took them canoeing. Before they started, the guide asked them go around and tell him their name and their preferred pronoun. It caught these Catholic school kids off guard. (Fun Fact: I didn’t know about the field trip and went up to the Columbia, Pennsylvania trail where I do my bicycle riding. Turns out they were at the visitor center where I park and when I got out of the car, I heard, “Grammy! Grammy!”)

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  8. To answer your question from yesterday, Debra, it depends on the school and administration. In my current school, a video similar to the Biden video would get the creator suspended. Police would only be called in if the video contained threats and hate speech. Parents have been known to call the police if the school does not.

    In another school I’ve taught actual violence was sometimes ignored by the principal. A video that mocked or bullied wouldn’t even be noticed. The kids would take care of the creator themselves. The principal hid in her office working on her superintendent courses. At this school where I taught 12 years, the conditions were probably not as bad as the school you dad taught in but it had its moments. Supply teachers refused to come to our school. There was a core group who taught there for over a decade but many teachers would transfer out after a year or just quit. It was and still is a violent and stressful place. But for those of us who lasted a decade, we gained enough respect to actually teach. Each one of us developed our own way of working there. I transferred after a decade because I was a constant thorn in the side of admin as I advocated for the students and other teachers. In the end, she gave the worst assignment she could possible give me and my response “are you f…ing stupid” was enough to transfer me. I won in the end since I now work at a well behaved and fairly academic school.

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  9. The doctor’s speech sounds like a land acknowledgement gone slightly over the top. Almost all schools have adopted a land acknowledgement in which the school acknowledges the claims on indigeous people. I call it woke tokenism since it sounds so nice but we all know the indigenous people aren’t getting their land back. It’s relatively meaningless.

    Social cotagion is a thing and yes transgenderism has a contagion aspect to it. It’s actually quite unfortunate since transgenderism actually does exist and we need to be cognitively aware.


  10. Kristol is correct. The Democratic party is the old Republican party, with some exceptions of course. However this was true already in the Clinton admin.

    The David Sachs column in Newsweek is bizarre. He claims neocons and the left are together since they agree on Ukraine and like cancel culture. His evidence? Twitter. Converging interests are certainly possible but that doesn’t mean differences aren’t real. And the left is hardly agreed on Ukraine. As for embracing cancel culture, “hive minds” and twitter mobs, all ideologies and political groups have the same methods. When pro-Trump groups claim Democrats are destroying America, they are trying to cancel the Democrat party.

    And Sachs is wrong on Ukraine. Biden’s position was probably similar to Obama’s – the Crimea and Donbas are not part of the US’s sphere of influence. The problem was Putin’s attempt to overthrow Zelensky and install a puppet regime. A Russian puppet ruling Ukraine does go against American interests and especially their allies. If all Putin attempted to do was annex the rest of Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts, I doubt the west would’ve reacted . However, it is evident Putin wanted more – a puppet Kiev regime and control of Black Sea ports plus the Dnieper water reservoirs which divert water to the Crimea. I cynically view the current war as a means for NATO to test their military doctrine and weapons against Russia which of course has always been their primary target. And in this conflict they don’t even have to use their own troops. My sympathy is extended to the ordinary people on both sides who are marched into battle to satisfy the goals and egos of the elite. I had two Russian teens over for thanksgiving – they have friends and relatives who recently went to Georgia and Finland and other friends who were recently conscripted. Interestingly, Putin and Zelensky were negotiating prior to the conflict.


  11. HRW@1:03 Thanks for the response. And congratulations for lasting a decade in such a rough situation without losing your sanity. I’m glad you landed well afterwards.

    If I’m not mistaken, Canada uses different standards for hate speech than most places in the US. Although I suppose it may vary as it does here.


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  12. HRW,

    Please. The differences are numerous and stark.

    They couldn’t be clearer. The Dems are far left whack jobs, the r’s are nothing like them.

    While both may have some war mongering clowns, the similarities end there.

    Child grooming, perversion pushing, abortion worshipping, criminal freeing, Blm enabling, unAmerican fascist DoJ abusing, invader enabling idiocy is all on the dem side.

    Nothing at all like Rs, now or ever.

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  13. Water carrying for Dems is hard work.

    Also, NBC news actually does some journalism, gets called out by the AP.

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  15. Look at all those terrorists, right Joe?

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  16. Like I keep saying, these are criminal acts.


    We have a winner….

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  17. Lying vermin….

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  19. Seen on Twitter:

    ~ The worst part about our society splitting into hyper-partisan tribes is the newfound willingness for people to ignore corruption if it comes from their side. ~

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  20. But the corruption from the left smacks so hard in the face of those who have eyes to see that the corruption from the right pales in comparison 😜

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  21. I think Trump is unlikable in some ways but not corrupt. Ben Carson is likeable and not corrupt. Desantis is likable and not corrupt.

    Problem with most Democrat leaders is they are unlikable, corrupt and rather dumb in the bargain. It’s hard to think of a single uncorrupted, likable, smart Dem in natioal leadership.

    There was Tulsie Gabbord but she was too smart for them and is now no longer a Democrat.


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  22. 8:10, but doesn’t that sort of support the point? lol

    We often don’t see the weaknesses of our “own” side, or we subconsciously give them a pass, which is what I think the tweet was getting at. We all do it.

    But human nature is just as flawed across the political spectrum.

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