31 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-11-22

  1. Yesterday I told you I would come back with more to say on “wokeness”.
    For the last 10 or 15 years of my dad’s life and especially after BG was born he would tell me, “We are headed for a civil war. I won’t live to see it but you and that Baby (BG) will”. I would roll my eyes and say, “Yes, James, there is a giant conspiracy out there to get you”.
    I have never thought we would have a civil war again. I mean, the Civil War ended slavery and established that the Federal Government had more. power than the states. What was there left to fight about?
    I teach a class for new agents, and last week I taught it all day on Wednesday. Somehow we got wayyyyy off topic and one of the men said…wait for it….. “We are headed for a civil war”. He is probably in the 35-40 range in age. I asked him to explain. He commented about how divided we have become politically, ideologically, and every other way possible. My jaw dropped and somehow I said I never thought of it that way. I always assumed it would be race based and we had already fought that war.

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  2. Morning all and what a spectacular photo of season’s changed up there! The glorious color of Autumn is simply awesome!

    Kim the overreach of our federal government is astounding and we have heard the words “fighting back” often. It gives one pause at the stark reality of what may confront us at our very own front door. And the government does not want us to be armed. Thankful we serve a Mighty God who rules over all….

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  3. Good morning, all.

    If I was in the Federal Government and supported the things it is doing now, I would not want us to be armed either.

    And yes, God is on the Throne and none of this surprises Him. We belong to Him and He will do what He likes to achieve His purposes and it will all be made good.

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  4. Good morning everyone! Beautiful header, Janice. It’s odd that we are a couple hrs north of you and your trees have turned and ours are mostly still green. But they are showing unmistakable signs of turning. :–)

    Kim, it’s interesting that you mentioned an ideological civil war. Husband and I were discussing how various states are refusing to purchase or go to other states because of their political positions on certain things. And just yesterday, I read that a group of Democrats and Never-Trumpers, including Bill Barr and Bill Kristol (David French’s pal) had ‘war-gamed’ the election of 2020 to basically see how Biden becomes president. One of their scenarios was that California, Washington and Oregon secede from the Union to form the nation of Cascadia.

    BUT God is still in control! :–)

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  5. What gives one pause is all the arms the various government agents now have! I suppose that is all for the political thread, though.

    Thanks, mumsee, for clarifying that.

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  6. Fall is arriving here as well, though the first frost has yet to show up. The fall apples could use a frost, as could the grapes. But both are delicious as is.

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  7. Our fall here in Connecticut is lovely! The color change seemed to be coming a little late, but then the colors changed rapidly. It’s gorgeous out there!

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  8. 10:02 — just a side-note and not meaning to stir anything up, but there are quite a number of believers, including several among us here, who could not personally support Trump.

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  9. I filled up my gas tank yesterday — just 12 cents shy of $88.00 for 13 gallons (it’s a 15-gallon tank on this Jeep, it’s at least cheaper than the last Jeep that had the 20-gallon tank). But ouch.

    I usually don’t let it get below half a tank but had allowed that to happen in these past couple weeks. Paid the price.

    Somehow it’s a lot easier, psychologically, to fill it half-a-tank at a time rather than letting to go way down like it had.

    *Note to self

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  10. Saw my GP yesterday (about the neck problems) and I’m off to PT today at noon followed by the check-in with the knee surgeon a couple hours after that.

    A full, last couple of days of “freedom” before I return to work tomorrow.

    There was so much I was going to get done on this 2-month medical break after I’d recovered sufficiently to feel OK.

    As Chas would say, I’d better get to it — but I think my time has run out.

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  11. Cleaning cleaning purging purging…that has been my day today and it feels so good! Habitat for Humanity will be making a pick up the first of November and the smaller things will be taken to the Senior Center Thrift store. 😊
    Dj I know our voting conscience is between the individual and the Lord as believers but it still remains a head scratcher that anyone could vote for Biden and his ilk. I would vote Trump any day over him. So it goes….

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  12. NancyJill – Not being pro-Trump doesn’t necessarily make us pro-Biden. Many Christians either voted third party or did not vote for president at all while voting for the other positions.

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  13. What Kizzie said.

    Some of us considered 2016 and 2020 to offer abnormally poor choices. An aberration, it is hoped by us 🙂

    But still, all in God’s providence for reasons we can’t clearly know on this side.


    Just back from the surgeon, all looks well, they took some new X-rays. Therapist earlier today said my knee is right about where he wants to see it in terms of bending and straightening numbers.

    I do still have some swelling and stiffness but MD said that’s to be expected, mainly the arthritis which he said will clear up in about 6 months to a year (it’s been 2 months almost to the day from my surgery).

    I go back in another 4 months to see the surgeon, but all looks well and I thanked him profusely.

    I’m so glad these options are available when needed (but also glad, and he was too, that we tried the more conservative approach first — when that didn’t work, time for surgery).

    And I’m cleared for “light duty/return to work” tomorrow, have the note and just sent it to my editor and will send a copy also to HR in Denver and let state disability know.

    Idea is for me to “walk” as needed for 15 mins every hour, also included in the back-to-work note.

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  14. I just had one of those delicious herb-and-blackened salmon steaks from the Sprouts deli that I picked up yesterday. I can’t believe how good those are, even though they are quite expensive.

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  15. Kizzie not all Christians voting for Trump are “pro Trump” . We just prefer to vote for someone who loves this country and her citizenry rather than someone set on destroying us .

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  16. (9:23) But that still makes it a personal judgement call based on conscience (and ones assessment of a candidate’s character and temperament). Conservatives have split on that question but we are still mostly united on the issues, which are the import points to keep front and center.

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  17. Voting is purely a matter of conscience. I’m not sure I’ll vote again myself. Anyone I would vote for is going to do some bad things and some good things. Some will increase wars (nuclear or not) and mass death. And we know from scripture that the planet itself will not survive indefinitely in this form, but will continue as a ‘new heaven and new earth’.

    The power is really not in our hands through our votes; it’s in the hands of God according to his timing. And that time may be nearer than anyone is prepared to admit. It’s more important now than ever to be ready—-not to survive a nuclear holocaust or the latest war or natural disaster, but to give an account to the LORD. I have thought that I do need to learn to live with increasing persecution and learn to die well. Does that sound depressing? I hope not. Strangely enough, I don’t find it depressing at all. I find it rather freeing.

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  18. Sure vote 3rd party or not at all.

    Just don’t be smug when the rest blame you for the suffering, kinda like now, when the Biden candidate wins again. By not voting, you allow the Bidens, so you need to own that.

    That’s reality.

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