24 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-10-22

  1. It’s Columbus Day. Or as some want to call it, “Indigenous People’s Day”. Either way, no mail service is about the only difference we’ll notice. Not that it matters. All we get is junk mail, fee mail and political ads.

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  2. Why do we have to mess with our Holidays?
    History has proven that Columbus didn’t “discover” America. Probably also wasn’t Amerigo Vespucci even though he lent his name. It really doesn’t matter.
    I also think some of this “wokeness” is starting to backfire.
    I have more to say on the subject but will wait be to type it out on a computer.

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  3. Nancyjill, that’s a woke V!

    Good morning. The garbage trucks are working this holiday.

    I have to try and discover if insurance has approved my scan for tomorrow.

    The weather is nice and cool today. I hope to hike again.

    AJ, I sent a photo.

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  4. Good morning, all. Off to medicate daughter and take her grocery shopping, then leave the two to help an elderly couple with fall clean up. I need to get home and take care of some apples and pears. Yesterday it was strawberries. Enjoying getting those so late in the year!

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  5. Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian wanderers!

    Happy Columbus Day for what it is worth. It was not until Columbus that there started to be a big connection with Europe and then the rest of the world. That was not necessarily a good thing for some in who were already here, but it would have happened sooner or later. There is much to celebrate in Indian (as some preferred to be called) or the Native American history and culture as well. There are a whole lot of cultures we could make holidays for, such as each country in Europe, Asia, and every other continent. Most of us are such a mixture that we could celebrate many of them. We could have every Monday off for certain workers. I don’t think we want that, however. I know many Italians do not want to lose their holiday or have their ancestor denigrated. There are no perfect people whether they immigrated here very, very early or just recently. It would be nice to spend our time celebrating instead of finding offense all the time.

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  6. I have an Adorable 4 here today. He’s going to help me vacuum and with laundry as soon as he finishes building a lobby with MagnaTiles! LOL

    We may cook dinner, too, while we’re at it!

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  7. Sounds like fun, Michelle. My four year old is in all day preschool. So I don’t see her much.

    I am pondering over the flooring bid. I am thinking of having them do the basics and the tricky parts. Then leaving the big easy rooms for another time.

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  8. Sounds like a plan, Jo — though I am still a believer in multiple bids, if you know someone in real estate they often have referrals. By saying their bid would “expire” today they were trying to high-pressure you and prevent you from checking around, I think. As if their price was such a good deal. lol

    I’ve heard also that everything is more expensive right now due to the economy and all the changes going on there. Construction costs for materials (and probably labor) are way up and that would feed into those kinds of house projects, too, I would think. So putting some things off might be a good idea if it’s not really needed.

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  9. Also a good idea, when possible, to have a guy friend be there for bids and estimates, sometimes we women don’t know all that much about construction and how much they should or shouldn’t cost — and contractors know that. 😦

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  10. My people are helping me with the bounty of apples since they returned from helping the older folk. Applesauce is cooking. Apple pear cobbler is about to be eaten.

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  11. DJ and Jo have encouraged me to ask for bids on some construction/repairs around here. We are just too busy with the folks and such to put the time into our own place. But so it is.

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  12. So many stories I have — another time, one of those highly-advertised electrical companies came out at my request for a bid to replace and install outdoor lights around my house. It included getting my outside lamp post next to the front steps fixed, it no longer was working (and yeah, I tried a new bulb, I’m not completely clueless! 🙂 ).

    So guy comes out and says lamp post isn’t fixable, they would have to dig up the concrete, blah, blah, blah. He could install a new fixture on the side of the house instead to help light up that area, but that also would be very expensive..

    The overall bid was jaw-dropping, thousands of dollars. I said thank you, will call if I’m interested in going forward.

    I contacted Real Estate Guy (who was a great adviser through all of this), he let out some sort of shocked verbal or text response. He came over and fixed the lamp post in an afternoon (I paid him of course). All working, no concrete removal or new fixture required.

    For the rest of the work, I wound up using one of the other guys who was doing some of my odds and ends jobs. He put up the other outdoor light fixtures, which all had wiring in place so not particularly a huge deal though it took some time. Two patio lights, two lights on the outside of the garage. Can’t remember the cost, but nothing like the company quoted me, of course.

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  13. Thank you, Kathaleena! We’re spending our Thanksgiving day doing jobs around the house – mostly outside since it’s so beautiful and warm today. We put concrete around the shop in places where it was badly broken, moved huge beams for the base of the green house and roasted and pureed a whole bunch of tomatoes.

    Our friends’ dog is loving the ‘farm’ life. He and Duke have played themselves to a state of exhaustion and satisfaction. He is no longer the beautiful white he was when he arrived. 😳 But when dogs play and slobber on each other outside, they get dirty. As soon as he’s gone home, our boy will get a nice bath.

    I’m very thankful that we had homemade pizza last night for Thanksgiving dinner and that there are leftovers for today.

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  14. My granddaughter wanted to bake something when she was here with her family last weekend. We ended up making two apple streusel pies. We only ate one, so I put the other in the freezer, possible for our Thanksgiving. So fun to bake with her. We do have to be careful to not let our little one with Celiac near the flour. She so wants to help, too, but cannot when there is gluten around. Her sister made her baked apple slices. She was quite happy with those topped with whipped cream.

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  15. Dealing with parents in more than one home and with stepparents is another example of the sad fall out of divorce. It is one I never considered before. There are more adult children involved which can be great or add more difficulty. Prayers it all works out, Mumsee.

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