31 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-29-22

  1. Happy Anniversary to AJ & Cheryl❤
    Blessings overflowing on you both today for enjoyment of reflecting back on the sweetness of your marriage and now the sweetness of the ones who have followed your footsteps and will have their anniversaries nearly at the same time. That is so cool! In the cool of fall❤

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  2. I spoke with Wes last night. They will do two days of virtual classes as a bow to Ian.

    The Atlanta Motor Speedway, probably fifteen to twenty minutes from Art’s office has opened up its campground, no charge, to people coming up from Florida.

    Of course I am wondering if our timeshare at Hilton Head might suffer damage since it is oceanfront property, but our unit is the oldest and set further back than others.

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  3. I’m not a happy camper. My surgery has been delayed due to having covid 2 weeks ago. The new date is now Nov 4th.

    They’re more worried about their vaccinated staff catching covid from a non contagious person than they are about removing the cancer it seems.

    And they waited until today to tell me while we are away, rather than when I spoke to them Monday and Tuesday.

    Needless to say, this is upsetting.

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  4. You are on the right thread, Kim. So I am getting a propane wood stove. I think that I should go shopping for a propane cooking stove too. They do shut our power off here and we get storms.
    Today is a slow down day for me.

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  5. To pie or not to pie? I bought a Key lime pie to take to the neighbors to give as a friendly gesture before speaking to them about the dog. One friend strongly advised against giving a pie. Any thoughts?


  6. Aj I am trusting the Lord has a plan as He surely does! This two extra weeks is all under His continual care over you. I was feeling very much the same frustration as you are now about 29 years ago. I’m thinking really…2 months before surgery due to scheduling? These cells could be multiplying during that time!! But, the Lord had it all well in hand and during those two months the roots my relationship with Him in trust grew deeper and stronger. And now I pray the same for you dear brother. You are loved more than you could possibly know. Praying alongside….

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  7. I agree, Nancyjill. As frustrating as all this is, Aj, God has a plan and it will be the best for you. Give us all of your rants and Him, too. Then we will watch and see what He will do. I have had so many things that are so upsetting, and once I did my yelling, I could feel God taking over and settling me with His truth. Do you need to throw some eggs at trees???

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  8. Why no pie? Sounds like a nice gesture to me. You come in friendship and good will, hoping to find a workable solution. They are not the enemy. Is there some secret message in key lime pie?

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  9. Bringing over a pie would demonstrate you are not angry with them or holding against them what happened with their dog. It’s a peace offering.

    Then, you can explain you and your husband have some disabilities (your eyes, Art’s back), without going into any details, and for that reason you need them to please keep their dog under control at all times. You simply can’t react fast enough to protect yourself if something should happen by mistake.

    “Thank you.”

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  10. I also like the pie idea. And what M said.

    My thought is that hospitals are under pretty strict internal restrictions due to having so many sick folks they are responsible for, extra precautions are probably not unusual.

    I was concerned about my surgery also being delayed should I get sick before hand.

    Afterward, I didn’t care so much — and so I went right out and promptly caught Covid!

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  11. Thanks for your thoughts on the pie. My friend (in CA) who strongly advised no pie was bitten by her neighbor’s dog and took them to court. The dog was put to sleep. I think her personal experience tainted her response to my pie mention. I was not bitten and have never seen the dog act like that before in probably a year. I have never formally met the neighbor but say hello occasionally at the mailbox and once commented that the yard looked nice when he”d finished mowing.

    AJ, my Nurse Navigator said the radiologist might want me off the hormone blocker which is starving the cancer cells. The reason being that they can better pinpoint where radiation is most needed if the cancer is growing. I wonder if something like that could be helpful for you to to consider. At the appointment, the radiologist said I can stay on it though so who knows. A lot depends on how fast growing the cancer is . . . if it is an aggressive kind then you are right to be upset and maybe should seek more explanation from higher up authorities. I was told mine is grade 1, a slow growing kind, so the waits are less concerning. I am sorry you are dealing with this added stress. Prayers that you will fully rely on God in this wait that He knows all about. Have you researched which foods/drinks might help with keeping the cancer from advancing? That would be a proactive activity for the wait time.

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  12. Turns out Good Sam will not be able to take my step mom as she requires full nursing care (as we have been doing for several months). This means that her side of the family will probably seek to separate them when all they want to do is hold hands through the day while watching tv and snuggle at night. Unless we can persuade them that we have been providing her needed care quite successfully for quite some time. Prayers. Only God can soften hearts.

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  13. Interesting interpretation about vanity, Kizzie. I had not seen that interpretation before. I would need to study a lot more before saying that interpretation outweighs all the others. It seems breath equates to life. Life without God has no real purpose. Solomon’s conclusion in verse 12:13, NLT, “Fear God and obey his commands, for this is everyone’s duty.” That makes having breath worthwhile. It also gives excellent reason to study God’s word daily and know all He has commanded to help better obey, love, and abide in Him.

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  14. If only the younger people would try to put themselves in the shoes of the older people, I think it would change their perspective. Really, would you want to be separated from your spouse when you are old, if it were possible to not be? Unfortunately, so many emotions come into play. Jealousy is one and ‘mommy loves me best.’ Difficult enough with both biological parents, let alone a step situation. Prayers it will work out to the best for your parents.

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