37 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-28-22

  1. The bouquet.

    Homemade too. 🙂

    I’m taking off with Cheryl for a couple of days away for our anniversary. So I will post as usual, but will mostly be absent. Have fun.

    And so we don’t have a power struggle in my absence, sorry Mumsee, Peter’s in charge. 🙂

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  2. Such a sweet bouquet! Someone has great skill in floral design❤

    Have a good trip, AJ and Cheryl. You will be missed!

    I am still mulling over what to do about that dog incident. I got more ideas at my Bible study groups yesterday. One is to document it in letter form, another is to get Art to go with me to talk to them. Of course, if he goes, he will be hobbling on his cane and he can’t stand for long because of back pain. I did not mention that to the one who suggested it.

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  3. Two things before I forget this morning.
    1. Thank you Texas/New Mexico Power. I saw your bucket trucks headed in to Florida this morning on I-10.
    2. Jim Cantore lost his patience with someone on the Weather Channel this morning. She asked some stupid question about Ian being a Category 5 hurricane. “Why would I be surprised?” It is the first time I have ever seen him snap back at someone.

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  4. Morning and oh how lovely is that bouquet! The colors and texture compliments beautifully!
    Praying you have a sweet get away with your bride Aj.

    I need to head over to the lab for a couple blood draws this morning then errands while in town. It is a sleepy sort of morning around here. Husband off climbing high mountains with his friend and it’s just me and the dogs with worship music playing in the background. The Lord is indeed good ♥️

    Praying for the Lord to direct you Janice in your communication with the dog owner. You will know…for you know His voice…

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  5. Morning all. My daughter in Colorado will be calling me at 11:30 today to ask questions for a school project. She says it is a genogram. Look that up and then pray. God wants to use this and I have nothing to hide. But she can attack at times. I am thinking of recording our conversation.

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  6. I decided to walk early without the big stick because of my knee. After a few rounds the knee felt like normal. I did quite a few rounds before the neighbor with the dog pulled into his driveway. I threw up my hand in a friendly wave, but went inside in case the dog was with him. I am still formulating God’s best plan.


  7. I looked it up…sounds like what we refer to as family history😊
    The word genogram refers to a diagram illustrating a person’s family members, how they are related, and their medical history. The genogram allows the patient to see hereditary patterns of behavior and medical and psychological factors that run through families.
    Praying your conversation goes well as the Lord leads you through Jo❣️

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  8. It’s been very helpful for me, frankly, to see the patterns in family behavior through the generations.

    Are you familiar with epigenetics? A fascinating study of how trauma can affect a woman’s genes–altering the DNA–and thus change their children’s lives.

    They’ve discovered, for example, that children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors have a heightened sense of anxiety and fear.

    Children, etc. of women who survived famine can have a predisposition to obesity–the counterbalance.

    And, of course, children of alcoholics have an increased rate of alcoholism.

    Mental disorders, the same thing.

    Obviously, that may not be true of your family, but it can be helpful for some.

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  9. Pretty bouquet, reminds me of a very Southwest/Western theme.

    I’m feeling like Covid may be lifting (or has lifted) so I’ll take another home test today to see if I’m negative.

    Still tired but not has wiped out as I’ve been, at least I don’t think I am. I’m due to return to work two weeks from today, unless the surgeon thinks I’ll need to do some more make-up PT exercise on that knee, and have a lot of work to do in this house, especially in the office room, before that happens.

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  10. And this comment was unnessary:
    That doddering old man with one foot in the grave who can barely keep two coherent sentences together??

    5 minute time-out for you.

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  11. Epigenetics. Interesting. I am sure I inherited some predisposition to worry/anxiety/ or something from my mother. I’m sure I have passed it on to BG.
    I was rudely (😉) recently told that BG inherited her anxiety from me. I was talking to two coworkers about BG’s anxiety and the snarky, gay man quipped “Well she got it from you”. I was taken aback but later thought about it and decided he was right. Most of my life I have been on high alert waiting for the other shoe to drop.
    I watched a video on YouTube and am currently reading The Body Remembers it was written by a psychiatrist who was in on the study of PTSD in Vietnam and WWII veterans. He later found similarities with adults who had had other traumas. It is a difficult read because some of it is true.
    I read something and think “Oh. Yeah”. Then I have an argument with myself about it.

    We all have a history. Some of us are better able to deal with it than others. I occasionally stumble and think the sky is falling and at other times I think I am a miracle to have survived as relatively undamaged as I am.

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  12. I “kinda like” the color, too. 🙂 As with most colors though, it depends “on what and where.” But overall, I like.

    So that’s a monster storm there in Florida: massive in size, strong and slow-moving, a bad combination.

    Do you know folks in harm’s way, Kim?

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  13. That color . . . Is it what we use to hear called an ‘earth tone’ or more likely a ‘skin tone’ and I think it would be nice with evergreen, but I am a bit color blind. My new shoes just went driveway walking, and I thought they were gray but since viewing outside, I think they are a soft navy.


  14. We do know some people in that area. Mr P’s ex MIL/Little Miss’ great grandmother and another family he has know a long time.
    He and Little Miss headed off to ballet/tumbling about the time I got home so we didn’t start to chat too much.
    We have experienced wind up this way. Enough to sway the trees and rustle the leaves. In Pensacola there were wind advisories on the highways.

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  15. The Body Remembers is a good book. I just read an even better what–in terms of understanding what complex trauma feels like (other than the foul mouth of the millennial), called What My Bones Know: A Memoir of Healing from Complex Trauma by Stephanie Foo.

    I cried through sections of that one.

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  16. Well, we survived and I got yelled at again. This time for wanting to have my parents in my home. Apparently I have done nothing to help in any way and am demanding they move to my house. My brothers set the yeller straight and he went on about how he had never heard any of this, about me helping or setting up the house so they could have a place to live. They pointed out to him that the yeller and wife don’t visit so have not seen me and don’t talk with us. Their only source of info is the disgruntled employee. The yeller is the husband of the step sister.

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  17. How frustrating, mumsee.

    I have relatives in Punta Gorda and know quite a few folks down there. My uncle in Key West is 98. He has a few daughters near him, and I would imagine evacuated if that were necessary for them. My sister went west but is still in Florida on the coast. She had reserved a place a year ago, so decided to keep it. Hopefully, she and her home in more north central Florida will be safe.


  18. The interesting thing to us is how they are so completely closed to anything we say or do. It is their mother and they know nothing about her situation.

    It is kind of like talking with our twenty one year old daughter, totally irrational at times.

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  19. No word from husband’s parents but lots of phones are down. They did have the lantern out that husband bought them for emergencies and his dad was enjoying turning it off and on. Hopefully, not so much as to wear out the batteries! Husband also reminded them to not be reclining in their chairs. Not med lift chairs, just regular recliners but they don’t have the flexibility to clamber out if stuck.

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  20. Here’s a hurricane-real estate story:


    Hurricane Ian Threatens to Submerge Tampa’s Red-Hot Property Market

    The biggest property market on Florida’s west coast braces for what is expected to be the worst storm to hit the region in a century

    ~ Florida’s Tampa Bay, one of the country’s hottest real-estate markets, has experienced a surge in construction and property values in recent years. Now, much of that pricey real estate risks ending up under several feet of saltwater.

    That is according to the National Hurricane Center. Hurricane Ian, which strengthened to a Category 4 hurricane early Wednesday, is expected to make landfall just south of Tampa later on Wednesday.

    Apartment and office buildings, hotels, shopping centers and other commercial properties worth around $1.5 trillion sit in the storm’s forecast path in Florida and nearby states, according to data provider MSCI Real Assets.

    Tampa is the biggest property market on Florida’s west coast, and it has the most at risk. Developers there are bracing for what is expected to be the worst storm to hit the region in a century, fleeing to higher ground, tying up loose lumber and roofing tiles, and draining artificial lagoons. … ~


  21. From my cousin in Sarasota:

    Our lights are out since this morning so I boiled water over a fire on our porch to make coffee.☕😊

    I hope the lights comes on by the morning so I don’t have to make another fire, but I will if it doesn’t. (It was kind of fun & scary at the same time, like camping out, except with a lot of wind blowing! It was only 30 mph winds but geez debris all over the place.) I made the fire in a stainless steel bowl with a grill from a plant stand and used cardboard and shredded paper to make the fire. Jesse gave me a handy gadget that is a flashlight and also a lighter so I used that. It worked very well! 🥰

    Winds are up to 46 mph and will start going down around 7:00 as the storm passes. 🌀🌧️🌦️

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