27 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-27-22

  1. Well, that’s a fun photo to start the day on the blog. 🙂

    We have a hog roast tonight to attend. The family that has the cattle around us is celebrating a 4oth birthday. It will be cold. in the fifties. You never know this time of year.

    Our leaves are still mostly green and hanging on. Maps, of when the leaves have changed in various years, show this year is way behind what we normally have. Our plants have not been killed by frost yet. We can get a frost in August, so this is quite something. I will enjoy the beauty while I can and know I have the beauty of fall coming. Then there is the beauty of winter and spring. Yes, I love all the seasons. (We could sure have a shorter winter, though. 😉 )

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  2. Good Morning Everyone! I looks like the hurricane will go in at Tampa. They haven’t had one in a while. Janice, after that it it looks like it will bring rain to Atlanta.
    Speaking of Atlanta– last week in a coffee shop in Orange Beach there was a group of ladies that all had on T-shirts and visors that matched. I asked one of them what their group was. It was a book club. They all decided to come to the beach. They were from Atlanta. I recommended she get the Lavendar /Vanilla Latte. I hope she liked it.

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  3. I noticed while driveway walking that the birthday tree leaves are trending more toward yellow seemingly overnight. I guess our cooler summer is making it be an early fall here. And we can ger t dome bad weather at the end of the week, Fri. and Sat.

    Fun trip for the book club ladies from Atlanta, Kim. Did they pick that locale because of a setting in a book?

    I have my ladies’ group this morning but it will just be prayer since our leader is away.

    Yesterday my brother went to ER with that Vet he is helping. There were 75 patients to be seen before the Vet. I have not heard but assume he was admitted.


  4. I saw the nice radiologist. I got thorough explanations from him and from the nurse who went through a booklet with us. It is M-F for 6 weeks, 30 days in all.😳 I may need PT for the shoulder area with the lymph node treatment which can stiffen things up. I have never had PT before. They treat prostate cancer patients in the same area where I will be treated so I of course thought about AJ.

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  5. Did too much shopping yesterday and came home exhausted.

    I had another give up moment. I was in Lowe’s and looking at security screen doors. I found what I wanted but no one was around and I wanted to order. I gave up and went over and found the vanity lights and got those. Then I was just ready to leave and told the Lord that I gave up. Right at that moment an employee went by and asked did you find everything you want. I said no, I may just give up. So he took me back where I just was and then went to find someone to help me. I think I went through five folks, but the screens got ordered and they are paid for. I also got the door knobs and locks.

    Then I should have found a quiet place to eat, but decided to just get a hotdog at Costco. Turns out costco has taken out all of their tables and you have to just stand to eat your food. Never again.

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  6. So before all of that I went to my house to meet the guy about the propane wood stove. Everything looks good. The I asked so when will this be coming. I knew that they had a container coming in three weeks. He said that mine was ready now. Turns out they had already sold the stove, but the folks never put down a deposit. When I went in last week and gave them a deposit, it was mine. I already got a call from the installers this morning. So now I have to find a plumber to run the propane line.

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  7. Ah, Big Box stores. I wound up at a couple when I was doing things in my house but mostly shopped online. I have fond memories of wandering up and down the tile aisles looking at all the beautiful tiles ….

    A hot dog sounds good, though.

    Still stuffed up and tired from covid, but I may take another at-home test tomorrow just to see if I’m still positive. I suspect I am, but we’ll check it out.

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  8. M is so funny!😃

    Getting ready for my second Bible study of the day by Zoom. The house feels chilly so I have on a t-shirt anda big flannel shirt over it with sweat pants. I hope I don’t look too sloppy for Bible study. My hair is pulled back, too. I may see if there is any hope to take it out of a ponytail. It would be warmer if let loose.

    Art went in late, late to the office after my appointment. We got tied up in construction traffic coming home so that was frustrating.

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  9. Kathaleena, we are having a really late fall here, too! Half the leaves on the trees are still green and very few have fallen. Frost has killed the cucumber and squash plants, but the pepper plants, carrots and beets are still as happy as can be. We often get frost at the end of August but this year and last have been very different.

    Michelle! 😳😊

    My friends in Naples, Florida have battened down all the hatches to ride out the storm. They went through Irma a few years ago.

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  10. Michelle 🙂

    I’m so grateful I don’t live in Florida and having to figure out a way to (by myself) board up the house and evacuate, still sick with covid & a recovering knee and a cat.

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  11. I went through a hurricane in Florida in 2004. What surprised me the most was how quickly it went through. The area is so flat that there is nothing to slow the progress. We all got ready as it was coming, and then it was over. Ok go back to bed.

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  12. Oh, are those the chairs that boost you up and out, mumsee?

    Seems like folks in certain areas are very wise to just get out, and fast, but other areas may be less of a threat.

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  13. I took a late-afternoon shower and spent some time on the stationary bike, first time on the bike since Covid hit. I need to get back to working this knee.

    Also took a very short stroll in the backyard, felt good to be outside. I think I’m a little better again today, but still congested and have a headache that goes all the way around my head. 😦

    I think I’ll take another Covid test tomorrow to see if, by chance, I may be negative. It’s been a full week.

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