45 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-26-22

  1. Fabulous wedding photo! Oh, what a glorious day it was!♡♡

    Good morning, Wanderers! We may be getting stormy weather late this week. I suppose Kim is watching out, too.

    At dusk yesterday I was walking on the driveway when the fellas across the street let their dogs out. The larger one came charging toward me barking. He usually stops at the end of their driveway but he kept running over the street to my driveway and acting like he was going to eat me alive. I stood there in shock expecting the biting to begin, but he was being called back and stopped, and I said firmly, “Go.” The guys said some “Sorry” words but I said nothing back. Normally I would say, “It’s okay.” But being that it was not okay, I had no words. Now I do not know if I should go talk to them or let it be. There is a strict leash law here, but I hate to resort to making them use that. I also realized if Miss Bosley had been on the carport, she could have been a goner. She gets out a few times a month but only for a few minutes, but that’s all it would take.


  2. Morning all! Fall is in the air and leaves are turning in the mountains. I need to get up there soon! Today lunching with oldest daughter ♥️

    Precious photo of our Lord bringing two together. A joyous time of celebration and aren’t they just the cutest?! Congratulations again and again 💕 Thanks for sharing a peek into the day with us Aj!

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  3. Janice that must have been terrifying to have a dog come charging at you! What type of dog was he? I think I would have shouted at their “sorry” NOT OK!! No excuse for such irresponsibility of dog owner. Hopefully they will not let that happen again!

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  4. Good morning, all. A beautiful day here. Sun is shining, air is cool but not cold. Maye sixty out. We took daughter her little dresser in hopes that will entertain her for the day. Currently, she keeps things in boxes and all over her floor at the hotel.

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  5. I was bitten by the neighbor’s dog years ago. They weren’t at home and he got into the back yard and dug under the fence. He charged my dog and I was holding Marlowe’s collar. He pulled out of it and I fell. Bingo bit my leg in two places. Bingo had my leg and Marlowe had Bingo’s neck. The neighbor sprayed us all with a garden hose.
    I ended up going to the doctor the next day. Bingo was quarantined for 10 days. My insurance refused to pay because they thought it would turn into a lawsuit. I wrote them a letter tellin them it really wasn’t my neighor’s fault. They wern’t even at home when it happened.
    I don’t know that I would be that nice again.

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  6. And this home is rented by a guy who has folks over all the time with more dogs. The dog is beautiful, about thigh high with curly light brown hair. It looks like a purebred of some type. I would love to pet it, but . . . maybe Airedale Terrier.


  7. I suppose I would humbly and graciously say Not Ok! Being firm in dangerous situations is a must. An 89 year old grandmother was attacked and killed last week by 2 pit bulls in the Denver area. Her 12 year old grandson was attacked but survived. I suppose this strikes a nerve with me.

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  8. Happy wedding wishes to all.

    Loose dogs are an issue here, too, but for many of us it’s our own dogs on leash that are the targets. Dogs on-leash and off-leash together aren’t a good mix, dogs that are leashed feel trapped if an off-leash dog rushes them and fights are common.

    I slept a lot last night so that was good. Didn’t get up until 9:30.

    Still stuffed up but I’m hoping today might be a little better. We will see.

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  9. And I also have a hyper-wariness of pit bulls, the breed has been bred and designed to fight and at some point there are always those genetics at play in those dogs.

    I’ve known some sweet ones, but just on the surface, my guard always goes up when I encounter one.

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  10. Terriers are known as “Bark-y” and hyper dogs, probably will do you no harm other than yap at you endlessly, but very annoying and rattling — and the owner’s responsibility NOT to let that ever happen.

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  11. For my evening walk in our little drive way, 100 steps in a lap, on the first lap a guy walked by with a very beautiful and friendly looking pit bull on a leash. I smiled and said hi to both the guy and the dog. No aggression whatsoever there. It was only a little bit later that the dog across the street charged at me. The other dog from that house did not follow the charging one. PTL

    I have seen the charging one many times out romping in that front yard and it has appeared playful and fun. It may be an older puppy even. It has barked at me before, but yesterday was totally unexpected. There were other walkers out on thr street, too, who probably saw what happened. It might make them think twice about walking here.

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  12. Unfortunately, some owners are just really lax about leashes. Very frustrating, especially to their fellow dog owners who don’t like their dogs to be hassled on walks!

    My neighbors to the north let their retriever mix, Phoebe, run loose (they did their other dog, too). Phoebe will bark and passing dogs kind of freaking everyone out, but she’s more of a fearful dog and will run away eventually. Still, quite annoying and I know they’ve been in trouble for it with the post office & animal control, but they never have gotten a tall enough fence to contain her.

    My other neighbors have two huge labs, and the one, Maverick, always barks at me from behind their gate when I walk down my driveway. I keep trying to talk nice to him, remind him that he knows me, I’m a frequent visitor, but bark-bark-bark he carries on something awful. Good watch dog, though! And he’s always a sweetheart once I’m inside the gate.

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  13. Janice, I would suggest you take the opportunity when you can and the owners are there, to familiarize the dog to you. Meet it under their watch, pet it, feed it a treat. So if something similar happens, it will have good memories and treat you as a friend.

    When my children walk the dogs, I have told them to always drop the leash if a coyote or stray dog approaches. Or when a grown child brings a dog by, no leashes for introduction as that does what DJ said.

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  14. I still remember walking one of my former dogs, a shepherd mix, on leash through the neighborhood when I spotted two young boys struggling to hold on to the leash of a really large pit bull just across the street. The dog was clearly focused on my dog and there was nothing I could do but pray those kids could hold on — they couldn’t, of course, and across the street he bolted, had my dog down on her back in an instant.

    Thankfully, a neighbor across the street ran over and managed to pull the dog off. My dog had no major damage, but needed some stitches. I made a report with animal control when I found out where the dog lived. Not sure whatever became of the matter, but those kids should never have been walking a dog like that.


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  15. The dog who bit me last year came close to killing me–another half-inch and he would have hit the artery. This is serious.

    Try meeting the dog, yes, with the owner in firm control with a leash.

    If that doesn’t work, tell the owner you’re getting mace and you’ll use it if the dog approaches you.

    I repeat–I could have died.

    I never minded dogs before–but now, I’m nervous when strange dogs approach who are not on a leash.

    I even give leashed dogs a wide berth. I just don’t trust dogs anymore that I don’t know.


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  16. Congratulations on gaining a son, AJ!

    Blessings to the Elizabeth and Isaac for a long and happy life together.

    I take it they’re headed back to school soon?

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  17. M, that would do it (kill your trust). I had no idea that incident was so serious but recall it did cause some trauma and needed medical attention.

    I’ve only been bit when trying to break up fights in the past between two of my own dogs who clashed (and ultimately couldn’t be kept together). But dog bites are no fun.

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  18. I have never liked being charged by dogs and generally give them a wide berth. And carrying mace or bear spray is an excellent plan and I would if I lived in town.

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  19. NancyJill – I understand. I didn’t mean to imply that we shouldn’t address issues with neighbors, just that we need to be careful about how we do it. Somehow there is a way to be both kind and firm at the same time.

    Of course, with some people, it doesn’t matter how gracious or kind or calm we are, they will react badly. That makes these situations all the harder to deal with.

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  20. I think God is helping me plan a good course of action. It involves getting my Christian friend who loves dogs to help me approach in the best loving way. She has great people and animal skills. I know she is busy right now looking for a rehab for her sister but maybe soon she will have a bit of time to help.

    I have not seen that dog out today. They have a fenced back yard so that’s a Duh! easy solution, but I think they let the dogs out to the carport when they are going for a ride, and yesterday they did not expect that behavior from the dog either. Good warning for them as it could have been so much worse as I am quite fragile right now. And I could have been a kid walking on the street. I am thinking obedience training may be in that beautiful dog’s future. That would cost less than a lawsuit.

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  21. Sounds like a good plan (4:42 — but maybe also 4:44!) Janice.

    It’s a danger to the dog, too, what with traffic and the chance of him getting hit by a car. But your recovery is important to relay to them, that you’re in a more fragile state than usual and that it was an alarming experience as you don’t know the dog (and he doesn’t know you).

    Dogs are always unpredictable at some level, which is why they caution folks about leaving babies or very small children alone with even a good family dog in those early months.

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  22. I’m a big believer in dog training as well. Cowboy and Tess were constantly being dragged (but they actually liked it, too) to obedience refresher courses — owners probably end up learning the most, but it’s so good to have that interaction with you dog, trainers and other dogs and owners. The dogs get more socialized, you learn more about your dog (always) — and it’s actually pretty fun if you’re with a good group and in a park setting.

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  23. The big thing is to not send the dog to class without the people who are living with it. The dog learns to listen to the trainer but the people don’t learn how to control the dog.

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  24. Mumsee’s right.

    And it’s really designed to be a bonding time with owner and dog. Owners have to be into it at some level.

    I’m fortunate to live in an area where there’s a good non-profit dog obedience “club” that offers all kinds of events and classes (so I don’t have to go through the pet store classes, though some of those are fine I’m sure). But the clubs organized as part of your local Rec & Parks Department I think are the best. These are folks who take dog ownership seriously and do it for the joy and love of the animals and their owners.

    It’s also sometimes a bit cheaper, especially if you intend to take a class more than once. You can join the club for a nominal fee and you’re then on their mailing list. I don’t do a lot of the social things (though may someday once I’m not working full time). But it’s also a great resource of “dog people.”

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  25. And as I implied earlier, the owners often learn more than the dogs in these classes. It’s really mostly (I’ve heard) about training owners as well as the dogs.

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  26. There is a horrible tiny mosquito buzzing all around. I think they don’t like me much since I am on the estrogen blocker. They buzz in a fury in frustration, to land or not to land. Looks like Miss Bosley is tracking it now or else she is in a fit of some sort.


    I just came in from my first walk with the big stick. I will be tired from the differing gait and my knee hurt a little. My arms will feel muscle soreness, too, and I hope not too much for my appointment tomorrow. I am sure the walkers on the street noticed my new big stick and one dog on a leash stopped and stared. About twenty guys on bicycles zipped passed with three more lagging (sadly) behind them by a few minutes.

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  27. Thanks Kizzie, that was cool, but I had to look up what I was watching! Out of the loop with covid …

    ~The DART mission, or the Double Asteroid Redirection Test, will crash into the space rock at 7:14 p.m. ET after launching 10 months ago. The spacecraft will attempt to affect the motion of an asteroid in space. A live stream of images captured by the spacecraft began on NASA’s website at 6 p.m. ET. ~

    Mission was a success, btw

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  28. When I learned to do things right with one of our dogs, it was a whole world of difference in his behaviour while out walking. It was all me causing the problems. I had no clue.

    Just a note: pepper spray does not always stop a charging dog. Husband used his on a German shepherd and it kept coming at him 😳 Thankfully no one (dog or human) ended up being injured.

    I’m looking forward to more wedding photos.

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  29. I love my big stick. I have a piece of red rope wrapped around the top of it. Knock ’em out and tie ’em up, lol. I found the stick while Wes and I hiked earlier in the year. I thought it would be neat carved into a walking stick. I used my garden gloves to grip it while walking since it has some firm rough bark on it.


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