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  1. Of course they did.

    “NY Times Hit Piece On Hasidic Education Published On Eve Of NY Regents Vote To Undermine All Religious Schools

    A New York Times article attacking boys’ Hasidic schools was published today, on the eve of the New York State Board of Regents vote on regulations poised to undermine the way Jewish religious schools have operated for generations. The timing of The Times’ attack appears planned to influence the vote.”


    “A New York Times article attacking boys’ Hasidic schools was published today, the eve of the New York State Board of Regents vote on regulations poised to undermine the way they’ve operated for generations. We wrote here about the proposed regulations requiring private schools to be “substantially equivalent” to public schools and the threat to all Orthodox Jewish schools or yeshivas. The vote is scheduled for tomorrow morning, so the timing of The Times’ attack appears planned to influence the vote.

    Corporate Media Coordinated Attack
    The Times article has been in the works for months. Hasidic school and community leaders got a heads up from the reporters more than a week ago in an email summarizing the piece and offering them an opportunity to respond to their accusations that “students in these schools are deprived of education unlike students anywhere else in New York.””

    Liel Liebovitz was on it:

    Sometime soon, The New York Times is slated to publish its expose on the state of Hasidic education in New York. Several members of the community who were contacted by the Times expressed their grave concerns to Tablet about the paper’s biases and the likelihood, or lack thereof, that the Times will give Hasidic Jews a fair hearing. One member described the impending piece as “yet another assault.”

    And all the way out in Texas, Ted Cruz saw the impending attack for what it really is—yet another example of the corporate media working hand-in-hand with the progressive left to defend a failing public school system against parental choice:”


  2. Hahaha…. 🙂

    Oh they’re serious….?

    Bwahahahahaha!!!!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    That water must be so heavy to carry.

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  3. This woman is unfit for office of any kind.

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  4. As Kamala aptly demonstrates above, the gaslighting never stops with these clowns.

    Links galore….

    “Gaslighting From the Biden Administration Week at Legal Insurrection

    All the news you may have missed.”


    “This week, Biden’s press secretary had the nerve to say his Philadelphia speech wasn’t divisive, and she was serious.

    Karine Jean-Pierre Insists Biden’s Vicious Philadelphia Speech Wasn’t Divisive
    Millions of people disagree, including Democrats.

    Poll: Majority of Americans, Including Independents, Found Biden’s Primetime Speech ‘Dangerous’
    Biden Demeans MAGA Voters in Vile Labor Day Speech, Including Recycled Lies About January 6
    Vulnerable Democrats Distancing Themselves From Biden’s MAGA Speech
    Remember when the media said Trump was divisive?

    Biden “on a war footing” to dehumanize “roughly half the population who voted against him”
    “This was a full blown attack on tens of millions of voters in really demonic and dehumanizing terms”
    Who is the threat to democracy, again?

    Unhinged ‘Comedian’ Kathy Griffin Says Vote for Democrats in November or Expect Civil War
    There sure are a lot of Democrat election deniers.

    Doocy Calls Out Jean-Pierre Over Tweet Claiming Trump Stole 2016 Election
    VIDEO of Democrats Denying Election Results In 2000, 2004, and 2016
    The left is so quick to turn on anyone.

    Left Now Demanding Spotify Drop Joe Rogan Because He Said ‘Vote Republican’
    Panicked Media Matters Gives CNN the Fox News Treatment After Chris Licht Begins Overhaul
    Democrats are destroying our cities.

    San Francisco Officials Beg for “Ideas” on How to Handle City’s Massive Drug Problem
    Disabled People in Portland, OR Suing City Over Sidewalks Blocked by Homeless Encampments
    Only After Backlash the Bronx Prosecutors Want to Upgrade Charges of Man Who Sucker Punched Man Into Coma
    Talk about projection.

    ‘Turned Us Into a Border Town’: DC Council Member Blames AZ and TX Govs. for Creating Immigrant ‘Crisis’”

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  5. Utterly shameless. It’s gross.

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  6. To the left, NTers, NYTimes, and most of the media. This is what class looks like. You guys should try it some time.


    ” ‘The most extraordinary honor of my life’: Former president Donald J. Trump writes movingly for DailyMail.com of his time with the ‘iconic’ Queen – and her riposte when he asked: ‘Who WAS your favorite PM?’

    Former President lauds the late Queen’s ‘grace, charm, nobility… she was an icon to the world and her loss is felt by billions’

    ‘She was beloved by the American People like few others – the Queen was truly special to us,’ he writes

    Gives a heartfelt account of ‘talking the whole evening’ and being with her ‘side-by-side’ during his state visit to the UK…memories he and Melania will ‘cherish for the rest of our lives’

    Says ‘she saw her country through the Blitz of London, the Cold War, the Falklands conflict, the coal miners’ strikes, Brexit, COVID, and so much more – she was always there for her people—resolute and unflappable’

    ‘Her Majesty missed nothing,’ he writes. ‘She always knew exactly what to say…’ revealing her answer to his intriguing question about Britain’s PMs

    As we grieve,’ he writes, ‘we are comforted that King Charles III will be a great and outstanding successor… Melania and I were blessed to get to know him well… he will be an inspiration to the British People’

    His generous tribute concludes: ‘She was Britain at its best. God bless the Queen. God bless her family. God bless the United Kingdom’”

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  7. I love the smell of desperation in the morning.

    “Democrats grow increasingly desperate as they continue to fail, so they’re hysterically attempting to brand Republican leaders as “authoritarian.””


    “People on the right are calling Joe Biden’s vicious “MAGA Republicans” speech “unpresidential” and “divisive” when in reality, it was simply desperate. That’s a new theme on the left that has become obvious on a comical level.

    The national media have spent the last several weeks insisting that after enduring months of record inflation, unaffordable gas and electric bills, plus a completely avoidable war costing taxpayers billions (and counting), the country is now feeling a new sense of affection for Biden. I’m sure. Now they’re hyping up the Democrat line about some “extreme MAGA ideology” (what?) and “authoritarian leaders” who “represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.”

    Those are all quotes that Biden slurred his way through last week in Philadelphia, but the sentiment was just as sweetly captured the previous day in a New York Times column by Thomas Edsall. But instead of targeting the unnamed yet ever-so-fearsome “MAGA Republicans,” Edsall and a round of scholars went after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, aka God’s Chosen One.

    “The fact that Ron DeSantis … is favored to win re-election is a clear warning to those worried about declining support for democratic institutions and values in the United States,” wrote Edsall.

    A popular governor might be chosen by voters in his state for a second term. That certainly doesn’t sound like cause for worry. But maybe Edsall has a bigger point.

    Should DeSantis win reelection, he wrote, it would indicate that voters in a major swing state “will tolerate, if not actively embrace, the abuse of traditional political norms by domineering leaders.” It’s unclear what Edsall meant by “abuse of traditional political norms,” but he noted that the governor “has made no secret of his intent to use executive authority to the fullest extent.”

    If an elected official’s use of authority “to the fullest extent” is “the abuse of traditional political norms,” it would be interesting to know what Edsall makes of Biden unilaterally spreading hundreds of billions of dollars of student loan debt among taxpayers, including many who never went to college and many who had already paid off their own. It would be interesting to know what he makes of Biden’s failed attempt at coercing millions of workers to inject themselves with an experimental drug.

    Those weren’t an abuse of traditional political norms. Those were bold progressive actions!

    Edsall went on to cite some of DeSantis’s more widely known achievements in office, including his crackdown on public schools that were teaching children that to be white is a problem; punitive measures he took against corporations that get tax breaks and then get mouthy about politics; and his removal of a state attorney general who openly said he would not adhere to a Supreme Court ruling.

    It was “surprising” to Edsall that the productive governor hadn’t been the subject of a more focused political pushback from Florida Democrats. But he also admitted he knew why that was: “One answer is that his policies have substantial support.”

    Ah, so it’s difficult to successfully take down an elected official who is actually supported by the people he represents, even if some of that support is begrudging. Who knew?!

    This is where Edsall introduced his trusty gang of “experts” to make the case that despite DeSantis having broad appeal among the people who would have to hand him any higher office he has designs for — we call this an “election” — such a victory would mean certain doom for democracy.

    Larry Diamond, a senior fellow at Stanford’s Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, told Edsall that what would worry him about a “Trump Republican” like DeSantis in office is “the extreme politicization and abuse of federal government power, the targeting of political enemies and the mobilization and emboldening of the violent, well-armed, extremist fringe of Trump followers.”

    UCLA law professor Richard Hansen was then allowed by Edsall to dream up a scenario where former president Trump runs for a second term and “fails to win legitimately but finds a route to being installed as president,” which, according to Handsen, would mean the United States “ceases to be a democracy.”

    As to what sneaky, illegitimate “route” Trump, or anyone else, might take to being allowed into the White House while everyone sits on their thumbs is unclear. Hansen either didn’t say, or Edsall failed to include that part of his quote.

    The piece went on like this at length, with various scholars and professors consulting their dream diaries about what a future second term for Trump or first term for DeSantis would mean.

    —“Certain groups would be more vulnerable. These include historically marginalized groups, who might find new restrictions on voting. Or members of the L.G.B.T.Q. community who are treated as second-class citizens.”

    —“One might imagine the [Republican Party] in power during unified government would seek to dramatically expand the number and size of the federal courts, then fill these new positions.”

    —“There could also be soft or harder controls over the media. There would be tremendous uncertainty over what a postdemocracy period would look like in the United States.”

    Edsall concluded his piece by asserting that whether DeSantis wins a second term as governor, it will be “a referendum on democracy, and the odds do not look good.””


    Clutch your pearls, and cope harder. 🙂


  8. OK groomer.

    “Texas teacher tells students to call pedophiles “minor-attracted persons””


    “Today we are sad to bring you yet another one of those stories that sound so completely demented and unbelievable that it would likely have been left on the cutting room floor of a dystopian movie script. And yet it’s true, and it comes to us from a very unlikely location. At a public high school in El Paso, Texas, an English teacher was caught on video telling a group of students that they cannot refer to pedophiles as pedophiles. She commanded her students to refer to them as “MAPs,” or “minor-attracted persons.” Not being satisfied with that, she further chastised one of the students to not “judge people just because they wanna have sex with a 5-year-old.” I wouldn’t have believed it either if the video hadn’t surfaced and made its way around social media. Thankfully, the Board of Trustees for Franklin High School held an emergency meeting and placed Amber Parker on administrative leave pending termination. For once we have people in a public school system declaring an “emergency” when it absolutely, positively was a legitimate emergency. (Yahoo News)

    A teacher in El Paso, Texas, is on administrative leave and facing termination after she told students to call pedophiles “minor attracted persons” in an incident that was captured on video and shared on social media, according to the city’s school district.

    In an 18-second clip, the Franklin High School teacher can be heard telling students to “stop calling them that. You’re not allowed to label people like that.”

    “We’re not gonna call them that,” the teacher is heard saying in the video. “We’re gonna call them MAPs, minor attracted persons. So don’t judge people just because they wanna have sex with a 5-year-old.”

    Because of the brief nature of the video, we are forced to speculate about the context of the comments. It appears clear that the teacher was responding to the use of the word “pedophile” by one or more of the students. During the board meeting, School Board Vice President Daniel Call actually attempted to defend Parker, saying that her comments were “taken out of context.””


    “Amber Parker’s comments would have been horrifying enough if she had been talking about adults being attracted to children who are old enough to be in high school and likely past the age of puberty. But she felt compelled to include the image of someone wanting to have sex with a 5-year-old. That’s a crime against nature.

    Parker didn’t just make up the phrase “minor-attracted person” out of thin air, by the way. It’s been making the rounds for a while now. We recently learned of a licensed sex therapist in Pennsylvania who works for the state’s Department of Corrections and published a video defending that “population.” She said that pedophiles are an “already marginalized population,” and that such sick attractions are “only part of who they are and doesn’t represent everything that they are.”

    It feels as if not a week goes by where we don’t see yet another story of this sick behavior permeating society and in our school systems in particular. Apparently, there really are no lines of fundamental decency left for some people. Children are the most vulnerable and easily targeted members of society. In a civilized world, protecting them would be among the most fundamental duties required to keep humanity from collapsing completely. And yet here we are.”


  9. It’s Biden’s World now.


    “Veteran, NY police officer: 21 years ago, we were fighting extremists. Now we’re being labeled terrorists.”


    “On September 11, 2001, America was attacked by Al Qaeda, an international Islamic extremist organization whose leaders prepared their evil plot within the safe refuge of the Taliban’s Afghanistan.

    2,977 Americans were murdered that day and more than 6,000 injured at New York’s World Trade Center, the Pentagon in Washington D.C, and in Flight 93 that crashed into Shanksville, PA.

    Thousands more Americans have died since then of illnesses developed from responding to or living around the toxic aftermath at Ground Zero.

    In response to this unprecedented attack upon American civilians in the continental US, we launched a Global War on Terror starting with OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM on October 7, 2001.

    In making the case for taking the fight to the enemy in Afghanistan, President Bush told the nation the Islamic extremists there “hate our freedoms: our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other” and they “follow in the path of fascism, Nazism and totalitarianism.”

    A couple years later when we were again asked to answer the call and invade Iraq in March 2003, the commander-in-chief informed us that “free nations have a duty to defend our people by uniting against the violent.”

    After coming into office, President Obama ended combat operations in Iraq in 2009 while increasing our troop presence in Afghanistan.

    Justifying his decision to surge more soldiers to Afghanistan in 2010, President Obama detailed how Afghanistan “has deteriorated”, with the Taliban regaining territory and the government “hampered by corruption, the drug trade, an under-developed economy, and insufficient security forces.”

    We soldiers continued trying to build up the Afghan government until 2021 when because of a political timeline initiated by President Trump and clumsily carried out by President Biden, we hastily withdrew our last forces: getting 13 of us needlessly killed, abandoning American citizens, and leaving our Afghan allies to the mercy of the Taliban.

    All told, from 2001-2021, approximately three million uniformed service members deployed to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Along with targeting terrorists, our soldiers conducted joint border patrols, helped build schools, improved water and sanitation services, provided guidance on good governance, and implemented free and fair elections – always while under constant threat of ambushes, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), suicide attacks, rockets, and mortars.

    As hundreds of first responders paid with their lives for answering the call on 9/11, their service deserves recognition as well.

    It was the local law enforcement officers that shot it out with Islamic extremists in domestic terror attacks at Ft. Hood in 2009, the 2013 Boston Marathon, San Bernardino in 2015, the 2016 Pulse nightclub in Orlando and the Pensacola Naval Air Station in 2019 to name just a few.

    To the credit of our military and local law enforcement agencies, as of 2022 there has not been another mass casualty 9/11 type terrorist attack upon American soil.

    Despite our honorable years of service sacrificing our lives to keep America safe from radical Islamic extremists, we have since been labeled as “domestic terrorists”, “semi-fascists” and “extremists” by President Biden.

    In his September 1, 2022 speech in Philadelphia, with two US Marines in the background, President Biden said, “Trump and the MAGA republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic” and “are a threat to this country.”

    ”MAGA republicans do not respect the constitution, they do not believe in the rule of law.”

    President Biden tries to label MAGA as a republican entity but MAGA is not a political party. MAGA represents those Americans, regardless of political party, that want America’s leaders and America’s laws to reflect what is best for American citizens.

    We value limited government, capitalism not socialism, secured borders, law and order, energy independence, God-given freedoms, and our constitutionally protected rights. MAGA are those two Marines he used as props in his speech.

    We are the very same service members that swore an oath to the US constitution and fought in foreign lands to keep our homeland secure.

    MAGA are the hundreds of thousands of sworn law enforcement officers from small towns to big cities that strap on bullet proof vests to go to work each day and actually uphold the rule of law which politicians like Biden can only read from teleprompters about.

    Now the very same soldiers and cops that were once lauded as heroes are portrayed as extremists and fascists because we speak out at our children’s school board meetings, because we expect our government to protect our borders with at least the same priority it placed upon the borders of Iraq and Afghanistan, and because we expect criminals to pay for their crimes so law abiding citizens can be protected from the violent.

    What we observed during two decades fighting to defend our citizens from terrorists and dictators overseas is our country build up other nations while ours deteriorated.

    While we secured their borders we watched millions of illegals invade ours.

    While we helped to get Iraq’s oil industry running again we watched our politicians attack American oil and gas industries, putting us at the mercy of enemies like Russia, Iran and Venezuela.

    While we built new schools for their children to get educated in, we watched ours become indoctrination centers pushing Critical Race Theory and gender affirming our teenagers into hormone blockers and sex change surgeries.

    While we spent years combating the opium trade in Afghanistan, in just one year we’ve seen over 100,000 of our own young Americans fatally poisoned by fentanyl produced by China and smuggled through Mexico.

    While we built up their rule of law institutions we watched our police get defunded and their precincts get fire-bombed.

    While we worked on anti-corruption task forces with federal law enforcement agencies and foreign governments, we’ve seen the FBI be used by our government to target political opponents and work in tandem with social media companies to manipulate elections and silence our free speech.

    During his post 9/11 speech commencing military operations in Afghanistan, President Bush said, “Since September 11, an entire generation of young Americans has gained new understanding of the value of freedom, and its cost in duty and in sacrifice.”

    He was only partially correct, it was true for a generation of our military and their families, but the cost was not borne by all Americans.”


    And it rarely is.

    But now you also get to be vilified by the “never served” progressive faction of our govt and populace, our so-called “leader” chief among them.


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