52 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-10-22

  1. Good Morning Everyone! Amos let me sleep until 6:30! I feel so old thinking that is sleeping late!
    “Tigger” went home with Little Miss yesterday. He’s a sweet little cat. He spent most of his morning on Papa’s shoulder. I had to have a stern talk with Papa, “This is not your cat. He doesn’t live here”. Of course there is a litter box and toys here to entertain him. I despise a litter box and Amos has always loved a Kitty Snack. YUCK!!!! Lulabelle is beside herself and wonders what it is and why it is getting attention. Amos isn’t concerned in the least.

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  2. Good morning, all. A beautiful day here. Nice and cool. Looks to be about fifty eight in the house this morning with the windows open and a nice breeze flowing through. Outside, the birds are singing, roosters crowing and about forty two. Lots on the docket today, I am sure.

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  3. Good morning! Miss Bosley is in my lap using my knee for her pillow. The purring is loud.

    She had a good report from her blood work. All is as it should be but her thyroid is on the high side of normal. We need to watch for weight loss and constant hunger.

    I paid $860.00 for boarding and exam. I thought that would have been enough for a nice vacation. Then I thought, it was a nice vacation away from Miss B.

    I had to pick her up by myself because Art was not feeling well . . . tummy issues perhaps left over from the colonoscopy or because he is on an antibiotic before surgery. Of course he had to get Miss Bosley out of the car because her carrier is quite heavy when she is in it.

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  4. She just nipped at my resting hand. I moved it quickly from her reach. Old habits not forgotten at boarding school.

    Now she jumped off the bed and is quietly yowling like a lost kitten. I am calling to her, “Bosley, I am here.” With each yowl I am saying ,”Kitty.” She has now quietened down. But only for a moment.

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  5. Morning all! It is 41 out there with a misty rain…and the furnace is heating up this house! Windows open and 58?! Yikes Mumsee!!

    Poor Miss Bosley. She is happy but wants someone to know of her displeasure of not having her human for that period of time. She will settle in once again but she may want to convince you to never do that to her again! 😊 $860? Ouch!

    So is “Tigger” a tabby cat or some sort of fluff ball Kim?

    I need to hunt down a dessert today to take to our friend’s home tomorrow after church. I do wish we had more bakeries in this area! Husband keeps advising me on “what you should do”….I need him to hush for a bit 🙃

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  6. Ouch, is right!

    I love when the goldfinches turn so bright and beautiful in the summer. I suppose ours will be going dull again soon. I miss seeing all the birds. The feeder was taken down because of the possibility of bears and never put back up. I don’t miss the birds running into the window. That still happens, but not as often.

    I remember that constant hunger, Janice. I never lost a lot of weight, but I could eat like a lumberjack. Worse was the shaking hands and emotional toll. I hope yours stays in the normal range.

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  7. Glorious morning after a full night’s sleep. The heat wave has been broken, and quite suddenly. I reveled in all the cool air rushing into the house last night (along with a fair amount of rain, unfortunately, when the wind blew straight into the house). But it was so hard to close everything up, it felt so good, when I went to bed. (I did keep the bedroom window open.)

    I think I got the first full night’s sleep in a week or more. It’s still cool this morning, going up to about 80 as a high for today and the rest of the week. But that will feel almost cool compared to what we’ve been through.

    Sounds like the rain helped with that fire out in Hemet, too.

    I have a lot of muscle soreness today from yesterday’s first PT session in more than a week. It was a good workout. Legs, butt, hips, they all ache. And now that the heat dome has been dislodged, I’m looking to start walking “out in the wild” — taking walks in the neighborhood.

    It’s so good to hear Miss Bosley is back among her people. 🙂

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  8. I began my day with ice packs on each knee. But!! I can say that I climbed the tallest light house on the west coast. Doing better now.

    No walks in the wild around here. I appreciate the cool, but not the smoke. Dj, would could use some of that rain on this fire. I’d better go check on how the fire is doing. I looked on flight radar and I don’t see any planes attacking the fire. Wondering if the smoke is too thick.

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  9. It’s made it up to 71° at 1 p.m. here and we will have continuing clouds and off and on rain so it will stay cool. For me, definitely hoodie weather. Miss Bosley is laid out on the far side of the bed right by the edge. I heard her purring as she went to sleep. This I like😀

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  10. I’ve climbed a couple of our local lighthouses. One stands out on the tip of the breakwater so, for a story, I rode out with some escorts on a little water taxi and had to climb up a rope ladder to get onto the breakwater, now the habitat of sea lions, rats and various other wildlife.

    The occasion was the start of work to rehabilitate the old structure (known as “Angel’s Gate”) with paint and other repairs. We wound our way up-up-up to the top, so cool to see birds flying at eye view outside the windows.


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  11. And looking at the online photos, I’m reminded we walked out onto the open-air top of the structure as well, watching the giant container ships slicing into and out of the harbor blow, the gulls flying so close to us.

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  12. That’s so neat, Dj, that you did that!

    We’ve climbed the lighthouse at Harbour Town on Sea Pines in Hilton Head. Not sure how many years since I have done that. And we use to climb Stone Mountain near here. When Michelle was here we rode the lift up to the top. That was my first tine to ever go up the easy route. I’d love to be able to climb to the top again.

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  13. Today is not going as I had planned but it has been fun. I am pulling out old photos. We used to have them up because I believed having pictures of themselves as part of the family helped. But they came down between wrestling matches and daughter throwing and breaking, and drawing moustaches on various people. Now they are going back up. We have had a lot of fun over the years! As I think how much we have failed in helping these younger two, it is fun to see the years of laughter and joy together and realizing we really have had a positive impact on all of them and they on us. May God be glorified.

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  14. We don’t have lighthouses, instead, we have fire lookouts scattered through the forests. Some are still manned and many are open for camping. My parents spent their first Idaho summer attending a lookout. What an adventure!

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  15. Oh this cold misty rain is lovely…and good for the completion too! 😊

    I had to run into town to get a carrot cake for tomorrow. Most drivers are doing a dandy job driving in the rain.

    We don’t have lighthouses around here but DJ’s mention of Angel’s Gate reminded me we have hiked Devil’s Head! That is our version of a lighthouse. A lookout for fires and such. It is a lovely hike and we enjoyed visiting with the 80 some year old caretaker before he finally retired. He had so many stories you just wanted to camp out and listen to him for a week!


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  16. Y’all have had many successes, Mumsee, and the Rest of the Story has not yet been revealed in the last two. But God . . .

    Love thinking about those fire lookout areas. Not sure I have seen one of those, but in Waco, TX I did see a structure that was tall with walls and stairs that was used by the fire department for practice😀

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  17. It’s misty here, too, Nancyjill. Trying to decide if I want to walk in it. Just a very fine mist, almost like thick fog on a mountain top which reaches to the clouds. Unusual here, but all the weather is odd here lately.

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  18. There’s a “lighthouse” here in Hannibal which is only for show. To get to the lighthouse, there is a stairway with 240+ steps up a steep hill. Locals know you can drive to the base and only have 70 some odd steps.

    It was built in 1935 in honor of Mark Twain’s 100th birthday. The light was lit by FDR with a switch in Washington, DC.

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  19. Either way, that’s a lotta steps, Peter. What a cool historic landmark.

    I just came back from a short walk in the neighborhood which I plan to make part of the routine (expanding the distance as I go and as I can). Taking it easy at first, and I’m a far cry from when I’d walk those dogs at a brisk pace all over this neighborhood, but it’ll come.

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  20. I hope we can take our youngest two granddaughters to the closest lighthouses someday. We have taken all the rest of the grandchildren one at a time. We do have a couple that you cannot go into and those are not a problem to see as you can drive rather close to them.

    We have quite a few fire towers around here, as well. Airplanes are used now in so many ways against forest fires.

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  21. I read everyday but rarely post, so sorry, DJ, I missed your comment the other day. All is well here and the biking goes on. I did 28 miles on Thursday and 24 yesterday. Love to you and all.

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  22. Good morning, all. A beautiful day in the neighborhood today. I was reading my Bible when I heard the bellow of cattle so raced out the door and got the gate closed before they got down the hill and across the other neighbor’s hay field. I saw one turkey hen in the driveway and her three poults in the old sheep pasture. She worked her way back up the fenceline with them following on the other side, to the open gate so she could protect them again. Life of a poult is filled with hazards.

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  23. Yesterday I found a chicken hen and her six chicks in my strawberry bed that we had fenced to keep chickens out. It may need remedial work. But I enjoyed some more strawberries while watching them!

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  24. Mmm . . . strawberries🍓🍓🍓 . . .good fresh off the plant, in a pie, in shortcake, ice cream, or bars! Not.In.Chicken.

    I watched two church services online this morning. One lady in my Bible study group attends at First Baptist of Atlanta (Charles Stanley recently retired from), and she had posted a service about joy. It was excellent to reiterate one of our study lesson subjects.
    Then I listened to my pastor preach from the book of Acts. A second wonderful service. I just wish my friend Karen would listen along like she did at times in the past.


  25. It was comforting in the prayers of the people to hear “Queen Elizabeth” and reply Lord hear our prayer.
    The sermon was about leaving the 99 to save the one. Every now and then the boy in Fr Robert slips out. He told of officiating a relatives wedding. The bride and groom were both widowed. Afterwards they commented they couldn’t believe he was a priest, “You were so BAD”. His reply was “Well yeah, that’s how it works “
    I am going to miss him when he eventually retires.

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  26. Miss Boslry is in the dog house. I made myself a snack of a bowl of cereal and wanred to rest in bed sitting up to eat it. She managed to make it go flying and it even got on my open Bible pages (same Bible that has her claw marks on the cover and some pages with tiny deep page rips from digging her claws in). Out of frustration I yelled at her. Poor baby Boz does not realize her own strength to disrupt a peaceful Sunday afternoon. All is quiet and settled now. I hope almond milk does not stink when it sours. I don’t yet feel up to pulling and tugging to change the sheets😳Maybe after I get the tube out on Wed.


  27. Oh Boz.

    One of my Bibles had teeth marks on the cover from a former dog. The mark made me smile as the years went on and the beloved dog was long gone.

    But I know, it’s little consolation at the time.

    Our service (I am still live-streaming, sigh) was ‘Where Was God on Sept. 11?” The Q&A afterward also was enlightening.

    I made coffee for the first time since my surgery this morning. Caffeine is good for me.

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  28. It was “The New Geneva Study Bible,” hardcover from the 1990s — and it’s a little worse for wear now, with also some cracked bindings at the top and bottom from over-use, but I just plucked it from the shelf and the slashing bite mark on the bottom of the front cover is still there. And it still makes me smile.

    The Bible survives.

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  29. It really is sad to attend a celebration of life/ memorial service when the person had no religious affiliation. I will be leaving here in a few minutes to get together at the yacht club for the father of my friend Leslie (2018).
    He battled brain cancer for years. It must have been hard to watch his child die of it while he survived.
    Leslie’s parents were good to me my senior year of high school. I will be grateful forever.

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  30. Kim, It’s so good and right to remember and honor those who have been there for us through the difficult times in our lives. Glad you’re able to attend.

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  31. Our air quality is still going up and down. Over 200 now, but it was good last night when I went out walking.

    Tonight is the first night of Awana. We will see how that goes. The person in charge had too much to do to do a good job. A husband who has Alzheimer’s and an ill father to take care of, plus a job and some older children.

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  32. Wow, Jo. That is a lot of that person’s plate.

    I wonder when Janice tried chicken with strawberries.

    I hope you won’t have any fires near you, mumsee, or any of the rest of you for that matter.


  33. Jo, can you help with Awana? I use to assist with Bible Drill. It was a great program and I learned so much about learning through play. Teaching children Bible skills benefits them for life.


  34. Yes, I am an Awana helper. Not organized too well here. This evening I found that I knew more children than I thought I did.
    One little girl who is in my group, was sitting by herself, so I went over. Found out that I know her parents, who are missionaries. And when I told her that I knew her mom and she used to come to my house and then that I was a missionary, I think I made a friend. So I have connections to those whose parents were friends with my children. Nice to find that.

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