35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-7-22

  1. Good morning!

    Sweet little bird on a limb. Tweet, tweet . . . all sweet tweets! Remembering the good old days when tweets related to the birds

    A news report on Labor Day said that some workers seem to be refusing to go back to in-office work and may be willing to take pay cuts to work at home. When I think of my neighbors who are young and whom I don’t know well, it appears they are all still working from home, except for the librarian.

    The world is so different now.

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  2. Good Morning Everyone. I’ve been up a while and have been on my morning walk. I will be meeting the people who are clearning the lot next door to the P’cola house to show them and pay for the trees they should have cut down when they were clearning “my” lot and pay them for doing what they should have done.
    Mr. P doesn’t seem to understand that when it is written in MLS “THIS IS A SPEC HOME AND NO CUSTOMIZATIONS WILL BE MADE” that it means he doesn’t get to pick out a non-standard toilet and ask them to install it. I get his point that it is easier to do it now than pay a plumber and buy a toilet later, but I have been around enough new construction to know that it only irritates and the cost is double. “Ya take what we give ya don’t change things” — I know how spiteful contractors and subs can be.

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  3. Good morning, all. Another thunder storm rolled by this morning but I don’t know if it brought rain. None here. We will see if it brought more fires.

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  4. Ok. I just reviewed the home inspection report on the “answer to prayer” home. It looks very clean. Just a few minor repairs.
    The buyers looking at a certain area who were in town to look the weekend I found the cross that was a reminder God loves me contacted me last night about writing an offer. I wrote it this morning and sent it over to them for review. I don’t hold much hope for getting an acceptance, not because their offer isn’t good but because according to the listing agent says the seller is a little unreasonable and she is losing the listing Saturday. I told her I hope it works out not for me but for her and for the buyer. She has delt with this seller for over a year. He has rejected most offers. Mine is strong.

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  5. Another day in paradise.

    From the LA Times:


    ~ A heat wave that has shattered temperature records nearly broke California’s overtaxed electric grid Tuesday evening, pushing it to the brink of rolling blackouts but narrowly averting widespread power loss.

    But those extremes don’t do justice to what is shaping up to be the most brutal September heat wave in California history, expected to last nine days. Even at night, record-high low temperatures are offering little relief to residents or power suppliers. And coastal areas — often a refuge from heat — were also hit with scorching temperatures.

    It all offers a disturbing preview of the state’s future battles with extreme heat amid a warming climate.

    “This will be essentially the worst September heat wave on record, certainly in Northern California, and arguably for the state overall,” said Daniel Swain, a UCLA climatologist. “It might be one of the worst heat waves on record period in any month, given its duration and its extreme magnitude. … There really isn’t going to be substantial relief in that part of the state until at least Friday or Saturday.” … ~


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  6. Sad that you can’t upgrade on a toilet, Kim, without worrying about that. Your husband would be wise, though, to appreciate your knowledge in that area.

    Janice, there is nothing natual in what you are going through right now. Praying for comfort and healing.

    My husband’s group will be performing outside today at an assisted living. It will be in the eighties. The house was 64 degrees when I got up since the windows were open all night. At least we should have a relatively cool house to come back to.

    We have a former neighbor, friend and bible study partner who lives in this assisted living. There is also a guy who has sung with the group when they jam. They have him sing a song when he can do it. He has Parkinson’s so sometimes his throat is up to it and sometimes not. These people are in one of the most challenging times of life. It is when you appreciate prayers for running the race well all the way to the end!

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  7. And they’re so concerned about us, they’re sending NIXILE alerts telling us to curtail use of electricity between 4-10 (for us fire country residents, there’s nothing more jarring and heart racing then getting a NIXILE alert), and also telling us to unplug our appliances.

    Okay, some appliances never stop using current when you turn them off, but residents only use 20% of the power grid in California. (That number, of course, may not include electric vehicle charging). For the vast majority of us turning them off is sufficient. Having some deranged obedient grandmother like me trying to move the washing machine to unplug it is absurd.

    They also, so very kindly, PHONED US at 11:40 last night to announce we won’t have a power outage last night.

    It’s hard to fall asleep when your house is 85 degrees and it’s not much cooler outside.

    To fall asleep and then get a jarring phone call telling you not to worry about your lights going out . . . after stumbling through the dark (because you turned off the lights when you went to bed!) to find the phone.

    Use your imagination.

    I actually spent some time yesterday wondering–as I drove from work air conditioning in my air conditioned car to my non-any-of-that-house–if California’s situations were the beginning of the end times.

    Be warned folks, California grows an awful lot of the vegetables, particularly the winter vegetables, in the US. The crops are being burnt to a crisp right now.

    I harvested all my squash over the weekend. I hope it’s not going to be ruined being stored in the relatively cooler garage.

    You think prices are bad now?

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  8. My husband, who will be retiring soon (!) happily went to work for the first required in-office day in 2.5 years yesterday.

    They have air conditioning at work.

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  9. I was tempted to leave the living room windows open last night, but these are large, easy-to-walk-through windows and I have no dogs who would bark at a breach so I closed them as usual. Might not have helped much anyway, we’re in the 70s at night right now, way too warm for any real relief. But the house did feel a little cooler last night than it did the night before, I’ll take what I can get.

    I do leave the bedroom window next to me open.

    We have the rest of the week in the low 90s (for coastal region) and then, we hope, a break on Saturday with more moderate temperatures going into next week.

    I talked to my neighbor a couple times yesterday, she said she’s feeling very irritable, finds herself snapping at her husband a lot. They’ve been through a lot, it’s understandable. She’s still waiting to hear on a surgery date to start her knee surgeries.

    Kathaleena (your last graph), very true and wise observations.

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  10. I’d go into work for A/C.

    Otherwise, I confess I’ve been fully acclimated to a work-from-home routine and personally think what we do is conducive to that arrangement.

    Michelle, funny description of your night. I thought of that, too, unplugging all appliances? Really? I never bother with any of that, I’ll turn off my little lights and last night I turned off my little A/C module, but other than that I doubt I’m one of the huge offenders who’s taxing the state grid.

    California clearly has some big things to figure out going forward.

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  11. I was just now out sweeping leaves out of the carport because I could get to where my car has been sitting for over a week now. Yep! The leaves are starting their annual flocking into our carport. I seem to handle upright activities better than sitting in a smallish desk chair for one and a half hours.

    I don’t know what attacked my lovely basil plant. Whatever it was, it did not take off the top leaves, but left the lower stems stripped of leaves. It has a very odd look today. Maybe like a basil bonsai.😀🙃

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  12. https://www.google.com/search?q=totusa+toilets&oq=totusa+toilets&aqs=chrome..69i57j0i13j0i8i13i30l2j0i390l3.9081j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

    It’s Ok. I talked to the builders son and explained the why Mr. P wanted the upgrade. I explained to him I had been around a lot of new construction and I understood how it works. Everytime you ask for something special the price increases to the point you are over budget and not making any money. Their plumber will get the toilet from one of his suppliers cheaper and we will pay out of pocket the difference.
    All in all it was a good walk through and we discussed the tile in the shower and the tile around the guest bathroom tub. They will be putting in niches between the studs.
    The only thing I really am not going to like is wire shelving in the closets and pantry but he did give me the option to configure our (SHARED) closet.

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  13. I am ashamed. We are going to adopt a young cat for Little Miss. PaPa had guilted her parents into doing it but once I read the “adoption application” I told him they would never get approved and we could adopt it.
    Do you have a fence?
    Who is your vet?
    Do you have animals?
    Are they spayed and neutered?

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  14. PTL! Art got an excellent report, NO polyps! He does not have to return for ten years but because of his age it is recommended that he never get another colonoscopy. I know this was the little hurdle, but we love every ounce of good news we can get these days. Thank you to yhose who prayed. This is a plug for the veganish diet!

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  15. Kind of funny how our governor was dressed in a fleece jacket in a crippling heat wave and warning us we’d better keep out thermostats at 78? A T-shirt like all the rest of us are wearing would have been more appropriate optics.

    You wonder who advises these guys, sort of like the blood-red set for Biden.

    But enough about “politics,” I digress.

    A new cat for Little Miss, yay. Where will the cat actually live? I grew up with cats, we always had one in our home and yard. One vanished when we moved, some just disappeared, a couple died. But there was always another cat (but always just one at a time), usually a stray we’d befriend and take in.

    We briefly took in an adorable black-and-white kitten with 6 toes on her front paws, we named her “Liz,” but we only had her a couple months when she became ill and died. I don’t think getting shots were “a thing” so much for cats back in those days, but some things there also were just no shots for back then.

    Do you like cats, Kim?

    So glad to hear the good news about Art’s more “minor” procedure, very good news.

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  16. We have been enjoying Is Genesis History with Del Tackett as part of school. Enjoying it very much. There are some scientists that absolutely love their work and their Lord.

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  17. The heat was miserable for the band, except for the harmonica player who was originally from Arkansas. He loved the heat. The fellow, who sometime sings with them, loved being in the sun, too. His voice was not good enough for singing. He had a difficult time just talking. I was glad I brought a sun umbrella. Tomorrow will be very hot, and smoke will be in our area all the way from out West. In the eighties tomorrow and then back in the sixties.

    Janice, I know your hubby will enjoy that perk of old age–not having to go through that again! My hubby was glad to hear it himself.

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  18. Wouldn’t we all like a Papa like Little Miss has. I always felt like I had a great daddy but Papa puts him to shame.
    I am not a huge fan of cats. They hack up hair balls and put their litter box paw on things.
    I caved because Papa had guilted Mommy and Daddy into getting the rescue adolescent male cat for her.
    Then I read the application. Mommy and Daddy would never get approved.
    How many pets do you have?
    Have you had a pet die in the last 2 years. Old old was it? Mo was 18
    Where will the pet sleep?
    And the questions go on.
    I told Papa if we just waited until “kitten season” a vet’s office would give us one but she played with this one. We turned it the application this afternoon and gave them our references.

    I swore I wasn’t having another cat. See God gets so amused with me. 🙄🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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  19. Oh and our answer to where will the cat sleep?
    Anywhere he wants to.
    Which is so true as a 14pound Shi-Poo takes us his half of the bed right down the middle.

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  20. Haha, I was just going to say that, the cat will sleep where he or she wants. Nothin’ you can do about that.

    I finally got out to water my poor thirsty geraniums in the hanging pots on the porch. Put some hose water on the (former) “lawn” and Charlie Brown in front, too. Watered Charlie Brown II in the back.

    I sprayed on some DEET before going out. I hate that stuff, it’s greasy and stinky (Amazon was out of the cream, no-scent formula I much prefer), but I do not want any more of the mosquito bites I’ve been getting lately.

    Glad the other fugitive was caught in Canada. Whenever I hear the name of that province? (starts with an S) I’m reminded of my very quirky neighbor in Long Beach, Marshal, who hailed from there and spent his days riding his bike and collecting tossed out “treasures” he could find. His mom still lived in Canada and would come down to visit on occasion.

    I miss that place, a 1920s apartment building 2 blocks from the ocean in Long Beach, filled with assorted characters, old and young.

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  21. And we are back from taking daughter her meds. She tried taking the driver’s license test again today but missed six. That is an improvement over the first two times when she missed seven. We hope she never passes but encourage her to try. it gives her opportunity to study and to notice signage when she is out walking, and five dollars a month for entertainment is pretty good.

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  22. I am home so now I have internet. There was none in our campground and our phones only had one bar.

    Our first night in our little koa cabin was so cold. I had my sweatshirt on with the hood on all night. The next day my friend confessed that she had forgotten to close the window. The last night was fine. Temperatures in the 60s

    Coming home we watched the temp outside as my car gives that reading. It got up to 114 degrees in the valley.

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