31 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-6-22

  1. Good Morning Everyone. I didn’t sleep very well last night and finally gave up ang got up at 4. It’s going to be a long day. I did enjoy my 3 day weekend and took a couple of naps.
    I am already at the office and have accomplished a couple of things so there is that…
    Have a good one

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  2. I just read yesterday’s thread. Kevin wins the Punmanship Award for his “whip poor Will” comment. (Oh, and I always wonder how the commander knows there’s someone named Will on the other side.)

    Shredded Wheat is good with honey or raw sugar. That white over-processed stuff is terrible for our health. We no longer have any of it in this house.

    Kare- Stay safe.

    And I see mumsee is into the numbers game.

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  3. Good morning. We are up late because today is Art’s liquid diet prep for the colonoscopy. I did not get up to make eggs.

    That meant a garbage truck was rolling by and our cans had not been put on the street. That got us both in motion. I went out to see which they had picked up, recycle or regular, so we could at least put one out. My vision was too poor to tell which cans had been emptied on the street so Art went out to look more closely. He actually lifted the lid on the neighbor’s can and discovered neither had been picled up so we put both cans out.

    Next thing, a truck came by and picked up our regular trash but put our can over by the neighbor’s house. It appeared they did not pick up our neighbor’s trash because Art saw him go out and look in his bin.

    I told Art that this is the kind of stuff that goes on here that he never deals with since he is always at the office. It is just weird behavior.

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  4. Good morning everyone! It’s overcast today so it’s nice weather to sleep in….if I could sleep. Since I went on 2nd shift a few years ago, I don’t even bother trying to be an early riser. But old habits die hard and I miss the pre-dawn serenity that slowly gives way to the chatter of birds. So I often wake up and just listen from the bed. Now that the bed is in C’s office I can lie here and look out the picture window at the old oak tree (which is really too close to the house and should be removed). It is currently displaying it’s golden acorns. Soon those will ripen to a rich brown and fall to the ground, and chipmunks will be falling all over themselves to fill their pantries for the winter.

    Prayers for those who are still experiencing intense heat, and who are concerned about power outage or fires.

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  5. Morning all! That is just the sweetest bird photo up there!!

    I could never get the hang of shredded wheat. I stick with Cheerios…Chas would approve 😊

    Garbage pick up can be quite frustrating here as well Janice. If they have fill in guys they sort of get lost on our grid. We have been overlooked a couple times and then I must call the office and let them know. They always back track and pick up our’s later. It’s good they have communication with their drivers while they are out on their route.

    Our evening with the neighbors was lovely. We had to deal with an unruly Pip and she was just being a spoiled brat. We put her upstairs with daughter to keep her quiet but that dog needs some serious obedience training! (She has a male owner who lets her have her own way allll the time!) 🙃

    I read that one of the brothers in Canada died of “non self inflicted wounds” and the other was spotted 100 miles north of the Montana border. Praying still Kare…

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  6. I see our biggest fire this year is at 105,000 acres and 44% contained. It has been burning for seven weeks. It is in the Salmon/Challis National Forest. It has a bit to do with the smoke we are in these last few weeks.

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  7. Aw, Pip. 🙂

    I was up in the middle of the night, too hot, was scratching my ankle raw where there are several mosquito bites, I just couldn’t sleep. So I ran the mini A/C for a while and decided I was hungry — so I had a small bowl of shredded wheat with the tiniest sprinkle of the dreaded and horrible white sugar on top. Just the teeniest bit, itty-bitty. 🙂 Nevertheless, Mea Culpa to all.

    So now that I’m really ‘up,’ rested or not at 7:30 a.m., I at least feel like I’ve had breakfast already.

    Janice, how frustrating about the trash pickup. And now you’re rolling into surgery No. 2 for your household? You’re having as much fun this summer as I am.

    Meanwhile, on the Left Coast, it’s another day in the 90s ahead with little end in sight (though they keep promising). Whee.

    And a knee rehab test for me today as I aim to drive (for the first time anywhere since the surgery) to the credit union so I can get some money out to transfer to checking. And then stop at Sprouts for just a few things.

    This excursion also will involve the first (slow and tentative, I’m sure) walks up and down my long, sloped driveway.

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  8. Our closest fire, in Hemet (now dubbed the Fairview Fire), just east of LA, expanded overnight and has already killed 2 people, taken quite a few homes with evacuation orders in place for many other residents. Horses and other livestock to deal with there as well.

    Kudos to our valiant firefighters.

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  9. It’s expected to be 105 on the northern end of the Left Coast. I’ve called off everything for the rest of the week–except I shifted narration to Friday morning before it gets too hot.

    I probably will go to work today because my boss has air conditioning. 🙂

    I volunteered to pick up our daughter at the local airport yesterday because the car has air conditioning. When I got out to wave at her from the parked car, it felt like a blowing furnace. 112 degrees.

    Current temperature at 7:45 is 77 degrees. It’s normally about 60 (or 53 the other morning), in the summer at this time in the morning.

    So, yes, we’re whining, but many of us don’t need air conditioning where I live because of that cooling off at night.

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  10. As to garbage cans, 10 years ago our two Chinese teenage foreign exchange students were MOST enamored of the garbage trucks.

    They’d never seen anything like it before and rushed to the window when they heard the trucks come up our street. They asked me to stop the car at least once so they could just watch! LOL

    The things we take for granted. 🙂

    The also couldn’t get over cars and trucks pulling any sort of trailer, or boat, anything.

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  11. It was 70 here at 6:30 this morning. We will have a 90 degree temp in this forest today…whew! But Friday is coming with a mid 70 degrees and showers. Saturday’s temp will be a high of 56! Fall is trying to make it’s way!

    Dj we have a friend living near the fire…they are 13 miles away from the flames… 😞
    Praying your day goes well and uneventful…just sort of old “normal” like 😊

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  12. I, too, just read yesterday’s thread and chuckled at the comments about the cleaning lady. Hopefully you all know how much I adore my DIL so I clean for them every other week. I don’t mind and they both really appreciate it. The joke is that sometimes he refers to me as their Cleaning Lady; for example a friend who was visiting noticed the new sink strainer and asked where they got it and Son said, “I don’t know. The cleaning lady brought it.”

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  13. Nancyjill, hope your friends stay safe. Fires are so frightening.

    And yes, we live in areas where A/C is not the norm (though is becoming more so). I love the cool ocean breeze we normally have every day, the heavy marine layer cooling everything down morning and night, the mostly mild, Mediterranean-climate temperatures. None of that right now, though.

    Oh, I just checked my checking account, the balance is at a too-low point now and I have my medical insurance and cell phone bills coming in shortly which are automatically snagged out of that account. So I’d better get that money shifted.

    I should be receiving the first disability payment from the state soon — it was mailed out 9/1, they said — but not sure exactly when it actually will arrive, so I’ll feel better if I can get some other “padding” into that account right away, just in case.

    Should be interesting to see how this knee fares on an actual outing in which I drive and walk and even pick up groceries. Oh my.

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  14. My husband did a garbage route when he was laid off from his job. It was a blessing for him. He got out and emptied the cans into the truck. As another blessing he did sometimes find some good stuff left out to be thrown. One thing was an old wooden desk. My daughter painted it right away and was very happy with it for many years. Then it was repainted for her daughter. It is still being used.

    The dogs could be a problem for him when he did garbage. Most were not, but the few that were not happy with an ‘intruder’ were a pain.

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  15. That was a good article Michelle. I also have made a practice of praying immediately when saying I will pray for someone or when becoming aware of a need. It reinforces the request in my mind and it is easier to remember it later as well.

    I also enjoyed the article and pic of your great grandmother’s organ. It’s beautiful.

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  16. It’s 85° and feels like 90° outside and with our central air it is 75° inside. I hate that so many here are still suffering from the horrendous heat. And the fires. I feel afraid just thinking about the fires and smoke from this far distance.

    One thing that I found when fasting, doing juice fasts, was that by the end of the day, my body almost got the shivers because I was not burning food calories. I have also noticed since childhood that I never ate as much in the summer, my appetite waned. Just saying this as another way that some suffering the heat may be able to internally feel less heat. Skipping the last meal, or more of the day, might be helpful. Of course this came to mind as Art is on his liquid fast today. And keep those fans moving all day for the wind chill effect. I love the sound of fans in the summer.

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  17. Appetite definitely dwindles during these heat spells.

    The numbers: Here it’s 86, “feels like” 89, and it’s going up to 90 (? maybe just 88, I’ve seen both numbers) eventually later this afternoon.

    Humidity is 53%

    Another shopper at the checkout stand said “Doesn’t it feel cooler today??”


    None of us could say that I guess. We just looked at her. Then she said “Maybe it’s my imagination.”

    We’re all just sapped by now, not expecting any soon departure of “this.”

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  18. I have been with my Wellspring Ladies by phone for 2 hours this morning, and I will be with my other new church ladies this evening on Zoom. I have to get going on my lesson for tonight.

    I am doing more laundry today. Yesterday I got my clothes I wore at the hospital washed.

    I forgot to mention that as Art and I walked from the parking lot to the hospital on the day of my surgery, a nice older man in a golf cart stopped and picked us up for a special delivery to the front entrance to the hospital. He offered us peppermints but I had to decline since I was not allowed that before surgery. It was a sweet way to start the initial arrival. It made me recall golf cart rides in the past, once ftom parking lot to the stadium for a Braves game, and another when we toured at Covenant College.
    It’s the little things.

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  19. We are supposed to be at 79 looking at 89 but I suspect we are a bit warmer here as the weather station is about twenty miles away and higher elevation. But close. Expecting fifties and forties tomorrow night. And thunderstorms. The adjoining county is in red flag for air quality, it does look smokey down there! But I can’t see more than a couple of miles.

    We are on lunch break from school. We have been outside for school so it is nice to come inside, though I neglected to close the windows so though cooler in here, not much.

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  20. I wish, Peter.

    We just got noisy emergency alerts on our cell phones warning of rolling blackouts tonight if we don’t start turning stuff off.

    There was a special note to cannabis licensees as this is California and apparently those places use mega power.

    I turned the mini a/c unit off, I don’t think I have much else on or running right now that would really impact much of anything.

    I may have to turn the A/C unit on now and again through the evening, though, it’s 90 or thereabouts in the house, just sultry, humid, no breeze outside.

    Relief should come Saturday (or so they say) when a hurricane from Mexico moves into our area as a cyclone and will bring rain and lower temps.

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  21. Dj, I pray you will in some manner feel supernatural relief from the heat because of the indwelling presence of God within you.

    Speaking of indwelling, it is not natural to have this drainage tube just outside my armpit area. Sometimes the discomfort lesdens and other times it is more. Tonight it is more. Maybe this sitting up in bed position will help.


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