68 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-3-22

  1. Sounds like a good day in your neighborhoods, Mumsee and Peter.

    I think it will be a quiet one here. We are expecting more rain.

    In town it won’t be quiet with 60,000 gathered for Dragon Con and all the others gathered in another vicinity for the first Black Pride event. I have no idea how many will be at that. And I think to myself about the spread of Covid and other illnesses at such large events.

    I loke that which Mumsee wrote,
    “The roosters are competing for best of crow” . . . I think there is a haiku poem in that image.

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  2. We are at sixty, expecting eighty one with air quality alert due to smoke from wild fires/field fires and red flag alert due to fire growth potential due to winds (35 mph) and humidity (9%) and unstable atmosphere. Lots of spotter plane activity. Other than that, it is a beautiful day.

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  3. I am so happy we have a cooler day after three in the 80’s; especially since we will be at an outdoor jam.

    I think it is wonderful, Peter, that you have that table. I so prefer having furniture and other things that have meaning for me. I love the passing down of furniture etc. My house and my children’s all have items made or owned by my parents and it is a joy to see them.

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  4. Morning! Beautiful butterfly up there!
    It is 53 here this morning. A cold front moved through here last night complete with thunder and lightening! Makes for a good night’s sleep 💤

    A couple errands to run this morning while most folk attend the balloon classic in the Springs. Makes for less hectic shopping experience when others are occupied with other events! It is Parents Weekend at the Air Force Academy making traffic around our part of the county very chaotic!

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  5. We had my grandparent’s table from their old farm home in NW Alabama. It had long planks of weathered wood for the top with some nicer legs, maybe finished oak, at the four corners. Now Wes has that. He had the perfect space for it. I am glad he has that table where I sat at my grandparent’s when I was a child.

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  6. My sister was asking about a painting my mom did. I was thinking that I didn’t have anything that she had done. But when I looked in the closet at my house I found a painting that I had forgotten. What a joy, though I could only see a corner. My daughter brought up my trunk from the basement here. It was so well packed with everything in large ziplocks. I saw a purse on top and it was obvious something was in it, so I opened it up and found a skirt that I had totally forgotten. Fun

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  7. What a treasure Janice and that Wes is now the watchman over it!
    I have my GreatGrandfather’s little console desk. It is next to our bed and Paul uses it as a night stand. Oh the memories of Grandpa keeping his pipes on top and candy inside for us to enjoy. I can still see his smile and hear his chuckle as he placed that candy in the palm of our little hands.

    Kim you live in a very quaint little town. Are you visited by many tourists throughout the year? The merchants take great care with their properties and it looks to tidy and clean! It reminds me a bit of Blowing Rock NC one of my favorite destinations. Paul promises to take me back there someday soon for a “get lost and breathe deep” moment! I love the mountains.

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  8. Janice, so glad that table is still being enjoyed in the family. I love the pine ‘kitchen’ table from Iowa where my mom and her sister and parents would have their meals so many years ago. It’s small for a “dining” table but works perfectly for me.

    I finally managed to navigate through the state disability website that kept generating automated emails saying I had “messages.” Whenever I’d log in, I got a message saying “Page Not Found” and another weird line that said if this link was active before it may have been moved.

    OK …. ??

    Finally this morning, trying once again to figure it all out, I clicked on that line (but it was NOT an obvious link) and voila, there was my page and I managed then to find the messages. But not easily.

    I consider myself fairly internet capable but some of these sites are just so poorly set up and obscure for folks who need to navigate through them.

    Anyway, messages simply told me (as I hoped they would) that my claim was approved and the first payment was on its way.

    Very good to know.

    It’s already hovering at 80 degrees in my house at 9 a.m., but feels cool compared to what it was yesterday and what it’ll be again today and tomorrow. I kept the fans running all night and slept well after staying up late to watch the new Elvis movie — it was about 83 in the house when I went to bed, but again, way cooler than it had been.

    I pulled out an extra fan that had been sitting unused in the bedroom (which now has a newer fan) and will get the dog hair and other dust out of it to use with the others now in the living room. This is a large-sized fan so it should help in the larger room.

    I found the Elvis movie to be rather sad, my cousin saw it in the theater recently (she was a teen during his popular era) and said it was well done — and the reviews were good as I recall.

    And it was a good film, I didn’t know all that much about Elvis Presley before in terms of his very early days. Of course, films include things that may or may not have been precisely accurate.

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  9. It IS a lovely town and we stayed at a charming B&B on the water.

    I stayed up until 1:20 this morning to finish an engrossing novel I began four hours earlier. I may regret that later today, but the heatwave is building and . . . oh, I can usually read if it’s hot. 🙂

    My daughter’s house will be filled with furniture and other gently used items from friends and family who love her. She’s thrilled and grateful.

    I, of course, have the organ my grandmother’s grandmother gave to her in 1914. 🙂


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  10. I can’t imagine not living in Fairhope. Yes we have lots of tourist and you can see in the video the band of every native’s existence – those danged golf carts. They are street legal but only go 25 mph. They aren’t allowed on any road over 35mph but that doesn’t stop their entitled owners. Arghhhh. Twice now one has run through the big picture windows at the front of the bookstore.

    NancyJill. I love Blowing Rock. I had a cheesecake slice there that had a baklava base. Now there is a place on Pensacola that has it too.

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  11. The old table is large and cumbersome, but I think it works well for one working with research projects with lots of books piled around when needed. And it is good for entertaining and using for board games. It’s an eight person table.

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  12. Finding it confusing to select or even find a contractor. One guy answered and said he could fit me in in October or novemeber and that seemed so far away a month ago. My friend told me you never answered and he doesn’t know if you want him. So I answered and never heard from him. Then a young fellow did answer as I know friends of him. So until this morning I didn’t answer the younger fellow as I was waiting to hear from the other fellow, who also happens to be on the missions committee.

    Finally I emailed the older fellow and told him that I was talking to the younger fellow.

    I want to do this right, but it is so hard. When I get depressed it is very hard for me to answer someone.

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  13. My brother has the old pipe organ that belonged to my grandparents. Someone had owed my grandfather money and that was how the pipe organ got into our family. I don’t think anyone in the family played it, but my brother had it restored when he got it. We have an old fiddle from Art’s ancestors who I think played up there in the NC mountains. Inside the case was the fiddle and the tail of a rattlesnake (percussion or a deterent to theft?)

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  14. Janice, sounds like a perfect work table – and for those other uses as well.

    I must have eaten at my grandparents’ pine kitchen table, too, as we visited often through my growing up years (until my grandfather died in 1963).

    His big, rambling house, in the end, was embroiled in a battle — led by my mom and her sister — over an eminent domain attempt to tear it down for the town’s hospital parking lot. My grandfather died in the midst of it all — the town, including a local newspaper reporter, followed the dispute closely, with many siding with the “California sisters” who grew up in the house and my grandfather who was in his 80s and faced losing his home.

    After he died, my mom and her sister gave up the fight. They cleared out the house in tears, taking many of the treasured furniture pieces from their youth, and headed back to California. The house was later torn down.

    They returned on the train on the weekend when JFK had been shot. Tears all around over that and, for my mom and aunt, crying still at the loss of their dad as well. They must have been exhausted.

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  15. We have a lot of free range turkey and chicken hens with lots of chicks and poults. I thought we were down sizing. But they are cute to watch. And they do get a lot of bugs and snakes.

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  16. Because I don’t it it all the time and when I am on a grazing spree I have found a good piece of dark chocolate with a cup of hot tea or glass of red wine will stop me.
    Today it is tea

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  17. So grateful for an answer to prayer. As Boy has been getting older and not needing my supervision so much, I had begun feeling that I wasn’t as “useful” as I used to be.

    Then this past week, Nightingale and I had the same idea, and came together to talk about it. We realize that with Boy now in 6th grade, he is going to have a whole lot more homework than he ever has had before. And he is not mature or self-disciplined enough to do it on his own upstairs on the days his mom is working.

    What we both thought of is that on the days she is working, Boy should do his homework down here, at the dining room table, with me there to help his stay on task and answer questions he might have. I can be browsing on my laptop while he does his homework.

    It may sound like a small thing, but it made me happy to realize that I still had some “use” to them. 🙂

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  18. Janice we have driven through the area of the Highlands but had not stopped. We were in Bryson City for a Smith family reunion and took the backroads from Clemson (oh Chas!). We love the Carolinas and have been so blessed to have lived there and seen so much of them. And while we were staying in Tobacco Branch for the reunion we would hear a fiddler blessing us all in the hollow with a sweet concert of one in the evenings. There’s just something about those southern mountain regions.

    Dj how heartbreaking for your Mom and her sister. Thankfully you still have some remnants of their childhood belongings.

    Peter such a sweet photo of you with granddaughter!

    Kizzie don’t you just love the old wavy glass?! I won’t purchase an antique without it. I can be found in antique shoppes bending my knees up and a down to see if the glass on a piece or framed art is old and wavy!

    Jo getting a contractor around these parts is next to impossible. There is so much building that the skilled workers are just too busy to take on a “side job”. We had planned to finish off our basement with full bath but our friend who is a contractor lost his head guy to a bigger contractor leaving our friend in the lurch. We cannot even find someone to just put in a bathroom down there. Not to mention if someone can be found they are naming their price and it’s about tripled from what it was a couple years ago.

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  19. Nancyjill, when we did the Druid Hills tour of homes in Atlanta in the spring and toured the home used in the Driving Miss Daisy movie, the old window glass that was wavy in some of the windows was pointed out to us.

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  20. Kizzie, so glad you are finding new avenues of usefulness in the Boy’s life. He will always need you on some levels although he will not be so demonstrative about it. Are you able to tell him you pray for him and that you have friends who pray for him?

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  21. Re: what I said about being “useful”. Thinking more about it, I realize that we all have value and worth even if we are not “useful”, as long as we are in God’s will for our lives. Sometimes there are periods when it seems like we are not doing anything “important” or “useful”, but God may be doing a different work in us at those times.

    We have to remember that our worth or value comes in being God’s children, not in what we do. But we so often get that turned around, don’t we?

    Janice – I’m pretty sure that I have mentioned that to Boy, but he was resistant to hearing it. I’ll look for an opportunity to mention it again to him.

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  22. I used to think I was not doing anything useful, until I learned that eight billion people, bound to be some differences. We do not all do the same thing but we are all being used by God for His purposes and that is the best useful.

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  23. Our living room looks like an antique shop. We have a 6′ divan and matching chair that belonged to Mrs L’s paternal great-grandparents. They are at least 110 years old. We have the chair her maternal grandfather used. It’s “only” about 70 years old. All three have been reupholstered.

    We also have a small writing table that belonged to her great aunts. I don’t know how old it is, but the wood work is beautifully carved and looks similar to the divan and chair.

    These older pieces looked natural in our old house, which was built in 1890. This house was built in 1960.

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  24. The northern lights are very bright. Not too much colour – mostly a whitish green, but they were high over our heads as well as low to the northern horizon. They gave enough light that we could walk out to the road for a more unobstructed view. So pretty and very fascinating.

    It was also a very calm and silent night. A fox yipped a few times and then complete silence. I am so blessed to live where I do.

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  25. That is so special, Peter, to have those antique pieces. I hope that your children will treasure them and not resent who gets them. Are some of your children more intetested in antiques than others?

    Wow, Kare. Such a great place to live. Please send photos. A ‘National Geographic’ spot on the globe.

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  26. I got out and looked a few times and the smoke had cleared. Lots of stars but no Northern Lights. I have only seen them a handful of times but am ever hopeful.

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  27. Good Sunday morning, all. A beautiful day here. Much cooler but smoke continues. Sounds like they are planning to evacuate the community of Orogrande as yesterday’s winds livened up the fire out there. And Moscow has a fire to the north, probably from the lightning storm they had yesterday.

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  28. A wake-up owl, that would be actually a nice gentle sound to wake up to (if it would wake you up, might not be that effective). Roosters and harbor fog horns will wake you up for sure. 🙂

    My house is an oven with a small circle of cool air in one corner of the living room where I am now hanging out most of the time. 🙂 it works. Only a few more days …

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  29. It looks dreary outside and the rain just started.

    For part of my lunch I was going to use up the green beans one lady brought. I realized they tasted as if soaked in vinegar. I had not noticed so much before because the ones on top were not as strong in flavor. Poor Art can’t stand vinegar so he did not eat them Fri. night. I could not eat them today. I hated to throw them away. Also, I know cancer thrives in an acid environment so there is that, too. Another friend brought roasted green beans yesterday so I had those. They are delicious. Does anyone here cook green beans in vinegar? I saw on the web that the old fashioned way to can green beans was in vinegar. Maybe that was what these beans were.

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  30. I’ve never seen the northern lights either. Here in southern Michigan they are occasionally visible but never when I knew to look for them.

    A couple weeks ago I was talking with a friend about them and I asked him if he’d ever seen them. He said yes, once, in Minnesota, that night before his wedding. I said that must have been very romantic. He replied that he was not with his wife-to-be and she has never forgiven him for not calling her to tell her about them. So much for romance. 🙂

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  31. Janice, husband made pickled beans this year with some dill. They are tasty as a pickle. You can only can beans in a pressure canner without acid. So people can their beans with a bit of vinegar to make them safe. Our friends gave us a jar to try to see if we want to do it that way or if we will just continue to freeze them to conserve. I think they said they rinse them and then heat like a normal can of beans and serve as their cooked vegetable.

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  32. We’ve seen some absolutely gorgeous northern lights – purple, red, green all swirling together overhead. Our son had a fellow student visiting (he was from Atlanta) and we called and yelled at them to get outside and to look up – so the friend from Georgia got to see those amazing northern lights.

    Most times, they are just greenish lights in a band that moves and widens and narrows.

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  33. Well, I guess our heat wave is intensifying. Today’s high of 96 that was predicted has now become 103. Just hoping out power doesn’t fail, there’ve been power outages all around us.

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  34. So-so grateful for this little A/C unit, though the cool circle today feels like it’s shrinking some.

    We’ve also gotten power outages all around us, so ours may eventually blow as well.


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  35. How exciting for the student from Atlanta! All we have here are fireworks at the stadium and after the Stone Mountain lazer light show😀

    Thank you for explaining the green bean thing, Kare. It helps to know that. My mother canned green beans, but I think she must have used a much more diluted vinegar in hers because I never tasted any so strong as these before. I suppose I could have mixed these with other canned beans and onion for bean salad but I did not think of that until now.


  36. Northern Lights: I saw them while backpacking with my dad and brothers. Beautiful! Then saw them again after evening church driving up from Kamiah about twenty years ago. Beautiful reds and blues and greens and all over the sky. I have also seen the undulating green and white, but rarely. So I always hope to see that beautiful red again.

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  37. Eighty one here, dropping to forty nine at night. One more day, Wednesday, supposed to heat nineties and then down to seventies and eighties. The end is coming.

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  38. okay, my reservation is made to go to the north coast tomorrow. Supposed to be in the 60’s and in the 40s at night. Better go check my clothes to take. Here it will get up to 109

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  39. It is toasty around these parts today too! “They” say it will be this way all week long with no rain. Come on autumn…it’s time!!


  40. I missed the lights last night but have seen lots and lots of pictures on Facebook. They should be visible again tonight between 10pm and 1am. I have a difficult time staying up that late. They are often best after midnight. We have too many trees around us to see them good, so we may have to take a drive.

    When I was a teenager, I saw the most awesome Northern Lights. It was the swirling green, then red back and forth. I went in to tell my mom, but she was ready for bed and not about to come outside in the frigid winter weather. I was awestruck.

    I recently heard that the colors are determined by how high they are reflecting in the atmosphere. Each color is at a different height from the earth. I learned that in church from a former science teacher, who came to talk about the awesomeness of our Creator.

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  41. Our power stayed on and we actually have a little cool breeze here at 6 p.m. It’s more humid today, but cooler, temps have fallen into the low 80s now where I am.

    Out of the porch with my laptop, phone and Bible. But mostly just sitting and enjoying the breeze on my face. I’ve opened up the house, windows, doors, to try to capture as much of it as I can. The nights are still way too warm, in the 70s. I have to stay up late these days, to wait out the worst of the house heat or I’ll never sleep. Even if I have to nap first on the sofa near the new mini-a/c a little bit.

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