59 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-2-22

  1. Just to bring you up to date.
    The cabinet company went our of business, so the cabinets for the new house are back ordered, thereby pushing the completion date of the new house to the end/first of the year.
    One of the houses I wrote and offer on last week that fell apart got revived Wednesday and went went under contract yesterday. It’s a good one!
    Both of these things happening yesterday gave me some breathing room. Mr. P handled the news well and it is also good for Little Miss. She is in preschool and ballet/tumbling in F’hope. This way she will be out for Christmas break and we can get her started somewhere in P’cola in 2023. She will also start Kindergarten in the fall of 2023.
    Say a little prayer I get the above mentions house to closing on September 30!!!!

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  2. Jo, it must be a big change for both you and your family to have you home again. I know others that find it is such a change for everyone just for snowbirds. Their families have to adjust to them being gone and then for them being back. I can imagine it is even more of a change when you are gone for so long at a time. Praying for you during this difficult time.

    Our house didn’t get below 71 this morning in spite of the windows being open all night. A short bit of rain is coming through and it will be cooler tomorrow. I do have to make some Blueberry Buckle today. I would rather do it tomorrow when it is cooler, but a gals got to do what she’s got to do.

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  3. The same issue happens to those in the military. Husbands or wives deploy and the other half takes up the slack and rearranges the kitchen and changes the lawn mowing schedule and has the children in different pj’s. When the absent spouse returns expecting to fit back in, there are some challenges in rethinking dynamics. It takes a lot of patience and forgiveness and willingness to work on both sides.

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  4. Good morning, all. A beautiful day here. The roosters are crowing, a distant neighbor has his cows, calves, and bull grazing in a different neighbor’s hay field (already mowed, baled, and hauled away) and a different neighbor’s wheat fields (already harvested). Not that big of a deal this time of year, so we keep our gate latched.

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  5. We also had a lovely time at the one hundred birthday dinner. Most of the children (I was the youngest child at sixty four ) were able to attend. We had her two daughters and son sit at the dinner table with them. The rest of us sat outside where it was a bit cooler with a breeze. They were not overwhelmed and enjoyed it and he was still talking about it yesterday.

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  6. Good news, Kim.

    “Tumbling,” Eeee. that’s a term and activity that just conjures up little-people cuteness.

    We cooled off significantly yesterday and today looks to be around the same (still hot, in the upper 80s, 90ish perhaps) but tomorrow looks like it will peak way up again. After that, back more into the mid 80s? They say.

    By next weekend they’re saying our coastal area will be the 70s.

    I slept well, though the knee (as it usually is in the mornings) is stiff and uncomfortable since I got up. (And why am I getting up so early all of a sudden? It’s only 6:30 — temp in the house is 78 though, already).

    I woke up feeling a little guilty about how happy I am over the long work break I’m getting with all of this. But it’s been a tiring year and I do think it is important to make sure everything’s fully healed and functional before going back to the desk-jockey days interspersed with random running around in “the field.”

    The surgeon yesterday said I can still (and it will likely be helpful) wear the compression sleeves on the knee that I’ve become so used to, a good way to hold swelling down. Jo, have you tried those? $10 on Amazon. They really do provide some stability; it’s not a brace, just a stretchy sleeve that is fitted over the mid-leg area covering the knee.


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  7. Oh yes, a story. A long time ago, my folks had worked their way up from a quarter when they arrived in Moscow, through my dad taking on many odd jobs and my mom taking care of us, to where they had a bit of a financial cushion they were saving for a rainy day. Then my mom was diagnosed with cancer and they realized the rainy day had come. So they splurged on a dining room set with table, chairs, and china cabinet. They were all beautiful but the table was especially so. We were instructed to never set anything on it but a table cloth and dishes. No homework for example.

    One day an insurance salesman came by and placed his briefcase on the table. We all thought the world would end. From then on, we never saw the table top.

    It was always covered with a padded cloth and another cover. Fifty some years have past and the chair cushions were getting a bit worn and tired. My step sister decided to have the cushions redone for their anniversary and her birthday. They look lovely and are much more comfortable. My dad was struggling to sit long at the table with the old cushions.

    I got a glimpse of the table again while we were putting in a leaf so there would be room for the five people to sit comfortably. It is still as beautiful as ever and still has the padded cover and other cover from all those years ago. And they use placemats.

    There is a spiritual lesson in there somewhere. May we be used by God.

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  8. Mumsee, sounds like a fun family time.

    The sounds this morning while I was still lying in bed were dominated by a deep, low fog horn going off repeatedly in the harbor.

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  9. Placemats and coasters. Sweet story, mumsee.

    My mom was adamant about using coasters as we had a lot of old wood pieces from Iowa that she treasured — not fancy, just old and beautiful.

    When I moved out with a roommate, I became something of the coaster cop in our apartment. Her family seemingly never used them and she’d just plop a dripping glass of cold soda/water/juice down on anything, bare (gasp!), sending me running to grab a coaster.

    It’s still hard for me when I visit her to get used to the idea that they live in a coaster-free house. Almost painful for me to set a cold glass down on anything resembling wood.

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  10. One of my SIL’s thinks coasters are not necessary. They have nice furniture, but the distressed look, so they can get away without. They actually have some, but I am not sure how much he uses them. Children do need to be taught appreciation for beautiful things. It would be a shame not to be able to actually see the beautiful wood on that table. The placemats and coasters sound like just the ticket.

    What a special day that must have been.

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  11. Morning! Those do appear to be wild roses up there and obviously the deer have not yet discovered them!
    We had a group of two mamas and three babies out front. Then a buck decided to join in and one mama was having nothing to do with that! She chased him off and he was not going to argue! Later on a baby snuck over to comfort the buck’s bruised ego 😂


  12. We love coasters here and Wes loves coasters there, but I was not brought up with coasters. Thinking back, It seems we were ecpected to hold our drinks until finished and then put the glass or cup on the kitchen counter, far back from the edge, for later washing. We did not put anything wet on the wooden furniture.

    We never had tv trays, and always ate at the table. I was in awe of my friends’ families who used tv trays in the family room for dinner.

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  13. Thankful that Miss Bosley can board until Tues. I was afraid with it being Labor Day week that they would not allow me to add on days. PTL! I am not ready to deal with her neediness yet. If she were a different kind of cat, easy peasy, but she is still Baby Boz.

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  14. Janice, it’ll make the homecoming all the sweeter.

    I confess I’ve thought a few times of how hard this knee recovery would have been if I still had even just one of the dogs left in the house to care for, they’ve been so needy for the past year. God took care of the timing on that one, as painful as it was to have everything pretty much hit within a month (dog losses & surgery) this summer.

    Those wet “rings” drinking glasses leave on old or unprotected wood are hard to erase. I like the distressed look, but marks like that don’t really blend in even with that.

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  15. Exactly, Mumsee. I was thinking the same thing.

    Dense cooling ocean air–bliss! I’m actually wearing a sweatshirt now and for my walk soon.

    Heat wave starts building today and it will be totally miserable soon.

    Fortunately, one child has a pool and we’re invited.

    HOW can Little Miss possibly be old enough for kindergarten?

    Feeling old out here.

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  16. Just when I thought all the “paperwork” was finished — I received an email from state disability saying I had a message on their site, “click here to log in and access.”

    So I clicked, logged in (with the log-in info I’d already registered and used to file the claim — but it says “page cannot be found.” Sigh.

    I’m guessing the message has to do with doctor having filled their portion out but I have no idea, really. So I will have to contact the state today, a Friday before a long holiday weekend, to try to get that straightened out.

    This is why people need such long leave times, just to get through the whole in-house and state bureaucracy. By the time you finish doing that, it’s time to go back to work.

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  17. Hello everyone!

    Mumsee, glad to hear your party went well. I was hoping it did.

    We never had a formal dining room when I was growing up. We ate in the kitchen and the only tables we had were used 1950s formica and chrome with matching chairs covered in vinyl. We moved every year or so and I can remember having a couple different colors—- a red and a yellow. The yellow was the one we had when I was a pre-teen and teenager. We always ate at the table so there was no need for coasters. The sole exception was Friday night when we had popcorn and could watch tv as late as we wanted (or almost as late).

    Don’t know if the link will work, but the yellow one looked just about like this:

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  18. The link looks strange, but it does seem to work. :–)

    DJ, the thought of waking up to a fog horn sounds very exotic to me. I often wake up to the sound of birds chattering. I do look forward to the weather getting cool enough to open the windows at night. Since C has had to use supplemental oxygen, we have had to keep the house unusually cool. He developed an intolerance for heat and humidity which he never had before. I’ll be glad when our highs are in the 60s and low 70s.

    I have been out of work for 2 1/2 months. At work I have to be able to walk 4 miles in 1 mile increments, lift 50 lbs off the ground occasionally, and 20-25 lbs over my head on a regular basis, so I have been doing some exercises to recondition myself. And PT has been working to help me get back in shape. I want to go back next week, though because of squatting postures which can be required at work, my doctor has suggested I wait a until the end of September. I can’t afford to stay out longer, so I’ve already decided to go back either next week or the week after. It’s going to be difficult anyway, so I might as well jump in and pray for the best outcome. :–)

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  19. Praying the Lord to strengthen you to do the job Debra! ♥️

    We were not a coaster family growing up…who needs coasters with TV trays anyway!!
    I have cute cork coasters that I purchased at Marshall’s…they do the trick. My husband still has not gotten the hang of it though and has put some rings on a couple antique gate leg tables. It’s just stuff but the stuff would look a lot prettier if some people would play by my rules!!

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  20. Coaster rules! Our wood furniture wasn’t expensive or fancy, just old and from the family in Iowa so treasured for that reason.

    We had a wood dining table (newish, bought used though) that wound up with indentations of alien space beings — from a big project my mom did for the PTA, with some outer-space theme (big in the early ’60s) so little green men had to be drawn on invitations or other items, it was only later that my mom noticed all the imprints in the table. Kind of sweet, though.

    We always ate at the dining table. Debra, those tables like you had are popular again, of course. Mid-century is the all the rage.

    You have a very physical job! Glad you could take some extra time off, wish you could take the rest of it but I see where disability is limited in our state to so many weeks. Then it must really get complicated.

    I tried calling the state (as you had to log in, which I can’t do, to use the email function) and after a long and winding intro with numerous options to pick was told by a recording that “the maximum calls had already been received, goodbye.”

    Well, so there.

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  21. I remember having delicious tomato sandwiches at a neighbor’s home on a table like that, Debra. For some reason my family did not do tomato sandwiches. We had them peeled and sliced with meals. Bacon was with eggs and grits, never BLT.

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  22. Now that I think on it, we probably did not do sanwiches other than peanut butter because of my brother’s diabetes. He was probably limited to once slice of bread per meal. I loved going to my aunt’s home because she had pimento cheese sandwiches.😀

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  23. We ate dinner at the kitchen table too Debra….when there wasn’t a program on TV that Dad wanted to watch. Then we would bring out the TV trays! Our kitchen was tiny tiny tiny and our Formica and chrome table was fit in there against the wall. When dinner time came we pulled it away from the wall. Someone would have to squeeze in between the wall and table or the kitchen sink and table! Our table top had the little pink and white boomerang shapes on a gray background. I wonder whatever happened to that table? The “early American” phase made it’s way into our house and we had a round wood table with four curved back wooden chairs.

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  24. oh, I am going to have to go to the farmer’s market tomorrow to get some tomatoes. Tomato sandwiches are the best. And perhaps I have some bacon in the freezer.

    My knee is feeling so much better after my visit to the chiropractor. After two years of pain it is amazing. The leg is also getting stronger. Not sure what he did, but it is like my leg is back together.

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  25. No coasters growing up but nobody would dare to take a glass or can into the living room. That was either at the table, in the kitchen, or outside. And then my sis in law’s arrived. That was a challenge as they would leave partially finished cans of pop on the piano or wherever. But they were loved so adjustment was made and coasters started to appear in strategic locations with a gentle admonition.

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  26. Our kitchen was definitely too small for a table, it was a narrow galley-looking kitchen, tiny, with washer/dryer at the end in a little set-aside cubby next to the back door. The whole house was 700-some square feet, total.

    Waiting for my ride to PT, I’m ready early. And after this, I *should* be able to start driving to these appointments on my own. My cousin has been great through all of this, and we’ve gotten to know each other better through it all which has been nice. She was enough older than I was that we really didn’t connect much growing up (she was Elvis, I was the Beatles; she had a younger brother my age and we hung out together).

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  27. I grew up having dinner (which we called supper – I don’t remember when I switched to saying dinner) on tray tables in the living room watching TV – the news or syndicated reruns of older shows. I loved the idea of eating at a table each night, but it would be several years before that became the norm in the house. Of course, we did eat at the table when we had guests.

    And we had coasters in the living room for our drink glasses. We always had a drink of soda or iced tea or something near each of us when hanging out in the living room. Hubby and I continued that custom, and I still do it. Right now I have a cup of coffee near me. (I am at my standing laptop desk, which has a section for the mouse and a cup or glass.) Later it will be water, and later still it will be a cup of tea.

    (I use the standing laptop desk at intervals throughout the day, not the whole time. It can be easily moved to a place next to the loveseat when not in use.)

    It so annoys me to find a glass on the wood furniture, but especially so when a coaster is within a couple or few inches of the glass. Come on!

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  28. I do remember folding kleenex to put under drinks in my childhood bedroom ‐- my earliest form of coasters, but there was the worry that it would leak through so one had to hurry up and finish the drink while reading in bed.

    Out kitchen was tiny, too. We had an adjoining dining room with a nice wooden table that extended for company. My father used his carpentry skills to add a small room behind the kitchen that we called the breakfast room. We had a table that was enamel over steel and four chairs that matched in there so when young we mostly had our meals there. As we aged, we moved our meals into the dining room.

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  29. Jo, on my knees, I have some slipping joints. I can hardly walk when it gets out of place, but I learned that I could maneuver it back in place. With the right exercise it strengthens muscles to keep joints in better placement. Is something like that your issue?


  30. Home from PT (since we’re talking about connected body parts and joints). Had some new exercises added today, one to strengthen the hip and butt muscles.

    Nice therapist, young guy who mentioned he played football (I’d guess high school and/or college). Athletes are quite familiar with joint injuries.

    Progress continues.

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  31. He also had a good tip on staying cool for those of us who don’t have A/C but who have these things around called ice packs because of injuries: Take a few ice packs to bed and just shuffle them around through the night.

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  32. We need something, it’s 91 in my house again this afternoon. I have a soaking wet washcloth around my neck, which I use to also cool off my arms periodically, sitting in front of a fan.

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  33. I have the door closed to the upstairs, so it is blocking off the stairs too. It gets quite hot up there, but I think that that insulates the downstairs. It is comfortable here. Early evening I turn on the window ac for a while.

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  34. We’ve just had rain and it is 75° and feels like 75°. I might even do a few rounds on the driveway. Today is better than yesterday. I had to take two Tylenols last night. I have had only one today. I hope I have turned another corner in the maze to recovery. One of the ladies brought a southern veggie meal tonight: sweet potatoes, black-eyed peas, green beans, green top onions, mac and cheese, cornbread, and hibiscus chutney (not southern, but she loves it). I am feeling spoiled by the weather and the menu! And I had a special delivery of flowers from my friend in CA. Looking forward to Art getting home so we can enjoy. It is nice to be the recipient of all the different foods so I will have new ideas when I hopefully can reciprocate.

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  35. We are enjoying mild weather here. A touch of fall in the air. I’m sorry to hear of power outages where it is so hot. We have lots of wind turbines in our area. It was my understanding that all of the power generated here was sent to California.

    Today, my eldest daughter turned 39. She is making me old. We went to Albuquerque yesterday to meet for lunch and take here a home made angel food birthday cake.

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  36. That would be awesome if today were Vorrect Firday.

    I haven’t seen that in a while.

    I grew up with a Formica table, no place mats or table cloth. I don’t understand having a beautiful table and keeping it covered all the time. At meals, yes, but between meals?

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  37. We had a table cloth on the enameled steel table as well as on the nicer wooden table. In fact, the nicer wooden table had a thick mat thing that was always over the wood so if my mother changed the tablecloth, all I saw was that mat thingie. I don’t know what that wood even looks like. My brother has the table and we eat our Christmas meal on it still. I need to take a peek under that mat after all these years. Perhaps it’s plywood under there😀

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  38. We’ve had a nice early fall kind of day here today, but the weekend is supposed to heat up. Then it will go back and forth between early fall and late summer weather for a while until fall weather wins out. Yay fall!

    I am grateful that my new living room fan along with the new kitchen AC kept the living room mostly comfortable throughout the summer. It was only on the hottest days with high humidity that were uncomfortable, but I survived. 🙂

    This August was the hottest August on record for us.

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  39. We had a Formica table when I was a child. It had a drawer in the side and my mom kept our crayons in that drawer. I wasn’t very old, though, when we moved, and I am not sure if that table came with us or not. When we moved, we had a table in the kitchen and one in the dining room, which was used for company. Our family pretty much took up all the table in the kitchen. Later there was another table (glass) in the recreation room and all those tables were well used when we were all home. When we weren’t there the table in the recreation room was used for painting and other crafts.

    The dining room table was a Duncan Phyfe for many years until my mom could afford a new table. I think the Duncan Phyfe went to a sister-in-law. A pad and tablecloths were always used for that table. It was only used for company.

    When I got married our first apartment was furnished and it had a Formica table. My husband and I always ate at the table. It never occurred to us to eat on TV trays.

    My daughter later bought chairs that were in that fifties style. By the way, rkessler, she is my youngest and just turned forty! You are still young. 😉

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  40. I went out walking twice today and my leg felt fine. amazing. of course I tried to go early and then late as it was hot. At the end this morning there was a paved zig zag ramp back up the hill. It was getting hot so I stopped in the shade at each end of the zig zags. I found a new entry to that trail and it had a lot of trees for shade which helped.

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  41. I found respite on the front porch where a light but cool breeze finally picked up — stayed out there from around 4-8 p.m., reading (interesting piece in World which came today about UFOs), sympathizing and chatting with the mail carrier when she came by in this heat, chatted with my neighbor about their preliminary plans to get a knee surgery date set, enjoyed seeing a couple folks walking by with their dogs.

    I left the front door wide open — the things you can do without dogs — and Annie came out to join me on the porch for the last 1-2 hours, I think she found it a relief as well. I drank a bottle of Gatorade while I was out there.

    Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter than today, as will Sunday. Looks like temps may start (slowly) going down Monday, but we will see.

    Had to get involved in a work thing online when the guy who organizes the Labor Day over-the-bridge run complained no one was getting his information in. My email explains I’m out for “several weeks” and I sent it on to the editor (as I had his earlier email complaining); he said they’re taking care of it.

    I’ve known and worked with the bridge run guy for years, he’s always needing to get attendance so I’ve sort of gone the extra mile for him as funds go to charities. He sent me another email tonight saying they dropped the ball but he was getting over it and not holding it agains me. 🙂

    But if attendance is down this year I’ll say it’s the heat and not the fact that we were a couple days late getting the advance registration info published and posted.

    Tempted to leave all the living room windows open all night to try to cool this house down more, though it is a personal security risk I know.

    But I almost felt sick this afternoon it was so stifling inside and out today.

    Temps are much worse inland, we get the best of it (though 90+ temps aren’t very tolerable either).

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  42. Peter, love that about your table. I have my mom’s childhood kitchen table from Iowa — pine with a drawer for utensils — that I use now as my dining table.

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  43. I am sad to hear about all the issues with heat when you need to be more comfortable for healing, Dj. We still have a bunch of fans sitting around in our house on the ready in case our hot weather returns. It’s the oddest thing to me though how the heat fizzled out here. I think the hottest day may have been the day of my biopsy.

    I hear lots of train whistles tonight. I got up to get my new bed buddy, the frozen pea bag. It helps so much.

    I have heard some unusual soubds in the night so I am wondering if something is happening nearby, especially with all the train whistles. I hear guys on the street. The train runs behind the houses across the street. We also have a power substation near here.


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