38 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-25-22

  1. Janice,

    I was “tattooed” before both my shoulder surgeries. The doctor put an x on the right shoulder and signed his name in marker. Same thing both times. 🙂

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  2. Ah, that’s what I have, it’s the surgeon’s initials — DS — in a circle. Thanks AJ, I couldn’t figure out what it stood for.

    Well, everyday feels like “the weekend” to me right now. Bike assembler comes at 8:30 so that’ll finally get done. I ordered a refill for the next 7 days for the pain meds which I do still need at this point.

    I got the ice pack on the knee early today.

    But slowly working my way back toward some normalcy — showering (not every day like before but it’s beginning to be part of the routine again — sleeping in the bedroom.

    I couldn’t find my phone this morning and realized I’d left it on the front porch, I was sitting out there for a little while late yesterday and must have just left it behind, but ringer was off.

    And I stayed up way too late last night, until close to 2 a.m. — but I’d also had a couple-hour nap in the afternoon.

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  3. Our doors are in place, and we have the house to ourselves again. Feels very nice on this cool, crisp morning. It rained yesterday and will be low seventies today. We should be able to finish the last of the business that needs to be done for my BIL who passed away. It is quite amazing how much still needs to be done when neither of us actually has a job. No boredom here for sure.

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  4. I go back to the doctor today and should hear some results.
    We are in the low nineties here which is much better than 100.
    I can hear all of the traffic outside so it must be time for school to begin.

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  5. Morning! It is a coolish morn here and dry. But those blue skies! So lovely!

    Nothing worse than not finding your phone and it is on silent! But I do have it set to always vibrate so if I listen closely it will hone me in on the location if I call!

    We are heading out to look at new cars….ugh


  6. It’s been a preppy day for me. I did not get the pre-op call yesterday as scheduled so my whole day was different than expected, waiting and never hearing until 4 p.m. that it would be at noon today. Then at 10:30 at the sports bra store I received the pre-op call. I had decided I needed two sports bras for laundry purposes. They had plenty of the other two colors. I really question being told they only had black yesterday. Also a tall black lady came in and was asked to fill out a new customer card with her birthday on it. I was never asked to do that (given my second class citizenship in these parts).

    I took the number to call back on pre-op. When I arrived at home, I called and got through all the questions
    and got more instructions.

    Now we are dealing with Art getting his meds before his colonoscopy and kidney surgery. I have been on the phone with that, too.

    I bought a pile of groceries this morning and have a box for the food pantry at church. I also dropped off a lot of clothes at Goodwill.

    It’s all life and getting older. So glad we have God to see us through.

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  7. I’m having a hard time keeping track of this phone generally now that I’m home on a very weird no-schedule schedule wandering about. … and with a black case to boot. May have to switch to the loose, PT pants that have pockets in them.

    New cars, ugh. Unless you’re mentally and financially ready for those events, they can really be high-stress.

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  8. Janice, that sounds like all “too much.” And you’re running interference for Art and his upcoming procedures as well.

    I went “sports” black and gray for my last Jockey-for-Her undergarment purchases.

    Bike is being put together, there’s probably a system to those and the assemblers they hire have done them before. It will make that office room more crowded, for sure. But “it is what it is,” as they say.

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  9. Oh, we are going to have fun hearing about Dj’s travels on the bike, at least virtual travels. Keep track of your miles.

    I called today because I got a bill for my pt, when it was my understanding that I had paid them the whole amount at my visit.

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  10. Bike looks great. and it doesn’t take up as much space as I thought it would. It’s also easy to push or pull this way or that for minor repositioning. It faces the long, slider window in the back office, so bike is looking out onto the backyard and side of the garage.

    My PT in 2020 was fully covered by Medicare — sometimes these bills are sent to the insurance companies and they will pay it. But not sure what your coverage is currently either.

    Catching up in the kitchen a bit today now that I’m feeling a little better, I really need to clear out the refrigerator of a number of things — trash night is tonight, pickup in the morning, so I’ve been waiting to do this chore all week.

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  11. I never told my experience in getting the kitchen light bulb at Ace. I took my long tube bulb in to match it and got help since I have the vision problem. The lady went back, and I trailed her. She pulled one box out and said it did not appear to be the right size. She dropped the box on the floor with a clunk. I thought, that’s not good. She put the box back to be sold. I thought, that’s not good, again. Then she indicated she did not think she had the right size bulb for me. I went back to the dropped bulb box and said I thought that was the right size. Why, yes, perhaps it was. I pulled the next box out and put the dropped box back and proceeded to make my purchase.

    They make you buy two bulbs these days. When I opened into the bulbs they both had something loose and rattling inside. I thought, that’s not good. But when my brother came to help, we tried one and it did not work. Then he said we should try the other. Before he did, I prayed silently. Then the light flickered on. Yay! God who made light is still in control over where the light shines.

    I had to take the defective light back to the store. The clerk insisted I could not return just the one. I was disgusted and told her to put it in the trash, that it was my loss. Getting kinda used to that these days. But I had to get an appliance light bulb. By the time I got back to the register, I asked if she could swap out the defective tube bulb for a good one. She said she would call the manager. Why, yes, if defective, I could be given a refund.

    Why does everything involve a fight these days when I so much don’t like to fight?

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  12. I’ve never met her, but, yes, many know her and her story.

    Doctor didn’t find any problems, except cholesterol. I didn’t want pills so will try to do better.

    Then I went to the dmv to pay my registration and took along the documents to get my realid. I was able to get it and, of course had to renew my license. They said I had to take the test to renew. After the eye test and my picture they printed my temporary license. I said, Don’t I have to take the written test? The gal said no, they have changed that, we just got the memo yesterday!!!!!!

    God is good.

    I feel like Chas.

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  13. Good report, Jo.

    Cleaned out the refrigerator and got all the recycling & trash bags loaded into the bins. Only thing I can’t do is roll them to the curb and break up the big box that the stationary bike came packed in, Rhyan says he has tools and can take care of all that.

    It’s a warm day here today, 81 in the house, and it got up to 84 outside. But again we have that pesky humidity — at 57% today — so it feels warmer.

    I may have to grab a nap this afternoon, staying up until 2 last night and getting up at 7 didn’t quite total a full night for me.

    Ordered Stirewalt’s new book on Kindle, Broken News, I’ll dip into that before dropping off.

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  14. I’m eyeing those classic/retro black-and-yellow CA license plates, they look so nice on dark SUVs ….

    But you pay extra so that’s not appealing. I grew up with those plates and never have been fond of the white ones we have now.

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  15. Dj, did you use Hibiclens before surgery? Art has used it in the past. The night before surgery I am to shower and shampoo with my regular products and then I am suppose to use Hibiclens except for on a few locations to basically sterilize my body. Then I am to sleep in clean p.j.s and under clean sheets. In the morning I am to do another Hibiclens shower. All the details. This is why it is good to board Miss Bosley.


  16. I thought of Chas when I saw the header picture: “What is it?” But nobody else has commenred, so maybe it’s obvious to everyone except me.

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  17. KJ seems to be improving in her bout with Covid. I tested negative for it on Tuesday, but yesterday I was going downhill so I tested again this morning and it was positive. Fever, dry cough, aches, exhaustion – yuck!

    So far it hasn’t hit Mrs B, which is good, because she has to do everything while KJ is isolating in her room and I in the guest room.

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  18. DJ, I didn’t realize California had brought back yellow on black license plates. That makes me feel nostalgic. I still remember the plate numbers of the two cars I grew up with.

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  19. I’ve finally joined the people that WordPress makes log in every day. I can still “like” posts, but there’s a trick to it. After I log in, I have to refresh the page. That’s F5 in most browsers, or a little arrow-in-a-circle icon. I’m curious if that would help anyone else.

    Janice, that’s so sad – I’m sorry to hear that.

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  20. Uh oh Kevin the Word log in must be contagious. But I now can like again and I am not having to log in…I think. We shall see when I hit post on this!
    Praying you recover quickly and that Mrs B doesn’t get it!

    Well we did it. There is a new black Honda CRV sitting in the garage. It was painless and we had the nicest salesman. So enjoyable. When we went to pay for the car the finance guy tried to sell us on multiple extended warranties but we declined. He lost his smile quickly. But we kept on smiling and chatting with him so when we handed the check to him he was smiling and amiable once again. Now to learn about all those bells and whistles on this new drive. And you just have to have your key fob on your person to open the car and start it…that is a first for us! The sales people told us they only get enough cars each week to replace the one’s sold. They had 10 CRV’s on Monday with only two left for us to test drive today….a white and a black…the only colors they get now. So we chose black. They said on Sunday they will get 10 replacement CRV’s for this weeks sales. Their lot was rather empty and they don’t foresee a turnaround for another year or two in inventory….

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  21. Congrats, Nancyjill, on the new wheels in the driveway. Art’s car still smells new! Nothing else like that smell except for a crayon color designed to smell like it!

    Kevin, this is not a new thing for this area. It has brewed for my whole adult life. But when Obama took office things went crazy and have continued the downward spiral. People who are here as tourists won’t notice it, but if one lives here for a bit then it will be noticed more . . . the reverse racism. It’s truly not everyone doing it but an element that seems to have been trained in hatred based on skin color. And it is in some churches. Remember that church Obama had been in up in Chicago and how hatred of whites was taught from the pulpit? Yes, that junk.

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  22. I walked a little while ago. It was 76° and felt like 76° but after an hour I was sweaty.

    Art rediscovered this morning that he could go get an egg biscuit from Bojangles when I run out of eggs.😀

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  23. NancyJill, some friends recently got a Toyota minivan with a key fob like that. There’s an actual mechanical key hidden inside the fob. Does yours have one like that?

    They went to a lake and wanted to go swimming. The dad wanted to leave the fob in the car and take just the key in his swimming suit pocket. But the car wouldn’t let itself be locked with the fob inside the car.

    He finally figured out that if he wrapped the fob in several layers of foil, the car couldn’t detect that it was there, and it let him lock the car. Good thing he had some foil handy.

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  24. Kevin I asked the salesguy about a valet key? He pulled a key out of the fob and I thought well imagine that! But later on I thought how would one use a key if there is no key hole? There is just a button to push to start the car. I need to read the manual and find out these things!


  25. I think I just have a key fob on the ’18 Jeep Cherokee. ?

    But I don’t care, I still miss the Liberty! 😦 😦 😦 New cars are fun but the well-cared for classics beat them in coolness, in my book.

    Kevin, yeah, they’ve offered the “legacy” CA black with yellow license plates for several years now as one of the state’s “specialty” plates. You do pay for them ($50 but then also it’s an added cost on your annual registration with funds going to environmental fund).

    The legacy retro plates have really caught on, I see so many of them now, many on the dark SUVs which look really nice.

    Janice, yep, the antiseptic showers the night before and morning of — the liquid soap I was given smelled SO good, but I was told you couldn’t really use it regularly as it’s very drying to the skin.

    But it sure makes you smell good.

    Kevin, I’m so sorry Covid caught up to you. It can be problematic for many folks with other issues going on, something we seem to want to forget about when we keep talking about how it just needs to be “over.” For some, it remains something to be wary of.

    But the vaccines do help prevent people from becoming sicker and hospitalized (and yes, that’s based on actual real-world data now).

    I’m hoping there won’t be much more of it to come our way in the months ahead.

    Just had an apple (for dinner?). We’ll see if I do or don’t get hungry again tonight.

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  26. Janice,

    That’s totally normal.

    I had to use the Hibiclens before my biopsy/cancer tumor removal surgery. The night before, and morning of. They say it’s good stuff. 🙂

    I still have half a bottle. Got it at Rite Aid.

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  27. I’m posting early, as in tonight, and sleeping in tomorrow. Well, that’s the plan anyway. Every time I plan to sleep in, I can’t sleep. 😦

    Cheryl took a long weekend off and I have my cysto procedure Monday to see if the cancer is still there, returned elsewhere in the bladder, or as I hope and pray, has been banished by God’s will, surgery and chemo.

    We shall see Monday afternoon one way or the other. 🙏🤞

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  28. I’ve seen some of those retro CA plates here. But then, being a tourist town we get people from all over.

    My 1994 Toyota Pickup is nice in that it doesn’t have all those electronic gadgets that are expensive when they break. The drawback is getting parts. My speedometer doesn’t work and needs a part that Toyota no longer makes, so the mechanic ordered one from an out-of-state salvage yard.

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  29. As for WordPress (not Word, that’s a word processing program), I don’t have to log in every time when using Chrome, but if I use the Brave app I have to.

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