28 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-22-22

  1. It’s Monday. College classes start today. I have 14 students, 12 of which are remote learning. I’d rather have 20 in class than any remote. Foreign language is harder to learn by remote.

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  2. Good morning! That’s a nice header and makes me wonder about the time of day it was taken.

    Peter, I know Wes is glad to not do hybrid teaching (at least I think he is not doing that this fall). It is disconcerting, and at his small school his classroom was not equipped with enough cameras and mics for classroom discussions to work well which is his method of teaching. At Baylor they had more in class equipment. Is that your issue, too?

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  3. Good morning, all. A beautiful day in the neighborhood. Sun is shining, birds are singing. Time to go water and get some exercise. Then it will be off to give daughter her morning med and back to bake a cake for my youngest. She is fifteen today! The youngest of fifteen. It has been quite a journey.

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  4. What kind of ducks are those?

    We are having our front and back doors replaced today and the next couple of days. I never realized how much room is needed to do the job! Had to move some furniture and other things out of the way. He also has a canopy tent outside for his bigger equipment. I am looking forward to the new doors, but having someone here working 3 twelve-hour days is not the nicest thing in the world. We did everything ourselves, so it is quite different for us. We are blessed, though, to be able to have it done.

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  5. Morning! Looks as though someone does not have their ducks in a row!! But they are quite beautiful!! 😊

    Bless you Peter as you navigate the new age of teaching remote. I know of no teacher liking that method. Trusting the Lord to give you the patience and wisdom in getting it all done.

    Kathaleena how exciting to get new doors! I have wanted to replace the front door since we moved here 12 years ago and it has yet to be put on the “to do” list. I cannot imagine why it would take so many hours to get that accomplished!

    Happy Birthday to your baby girl Mumsee.

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  6. Oh, I thought maybe early, just before sunrise. I know people who fish get out there early!

    New doors sound wonderful, Kathaleena. We had to have one replaced years ago that got kicked in by burglars. it was a lightweight wooden door with a glass window. We got a solid steel door, painted with a peephole, not as pretty, but safer. Break a leg trying to kick that open!😳

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  7. Doors, doors, I need doors. Can’t find anyone to do the work. Of course I want my doorways widened and new doors. So it is complicated and has to be a licensed contractor. Those are quite hard to find.

    Speaking today at the Widow’s luncheon. still not sure what I’m saying….

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  8. And expensive (licensed contractors).

    I’m still dragging today so am trying to arrange a call back from my GP. Not sure if this is ‘normal’ or not.

    Not eating much at all (have to force feed myself small bites of crackers or toast), still constipated, woke up in a cold sweat this morning.

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  9. Real constipation can make you break out in a cold sweat. I had it happen years ago and almost passed out. Take it seriously and no drinking a lot of water doesn’t help that kind. It is probably caused for the anesthesia. Mr. P also had it happen after his first knee surgery. Luckily he knew what to do. There is a vile tasting liquid you can take that will help, and Lord help you if you have to do an enema because I know for a fact I am not the person to help.

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  10. My new med causes constipation. Two friends have me enjoying prunes daily for that (and helps bone density, too). Also the aloe juice and pears help, too. Milk of Magnesia if necessary.

    I have a pre-op call Wed., hospital Covid test Friday, surgery on Monday, moved up after my request to not conflict with Art’s surgery.

    I have to get hopping to get things in order.

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  11. These new doors should have been put in years ago, as well as many other repairs and improvements. I went to the local spring home show and looked for someone who had been recommended. I then gave him our information. My husband was with me, but he wouldn’t have done it. Just way passed time. Tries my patience. Ignoring things does not work when things are deteriorating. OTOH, it is strange to have someone (virtually a stranger) in your house for 12 hours at a time.

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  12. I have apple juice but running low.

    Wow, Janice, instant surgery! Consider yourself (well, sort of) blessed. Not as much time to “stew.”

    No-name, you’ve sufficiently scared me. But I do think “things” are moving.

    But so much advice, drink water, don’t drink water …

    I have milk of magnesia, is that “safe”? I don’t want to go to the other extreme right now. The fewer problems the better.

    PT at 10:30 tomorrow morning, cousin is picking me up — just the right time as my neighbors will be using the driveway about an hour earlier for their morning appointments. Our stretch of the block is in great shape.

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  13. I had a bowl of instant oatmeal w/berries and a mini bagel this morning, so maybe that’ll help.

    GP called, said things sound more-or-less normal for the timing since surgery, I should feel better by the end of this week but I should call or stop in anytime anything seems like it’s feel worse. Her office is just a couple blocks away.

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  14. Guess one of our photographers and friend is having some challenges of her own (from a social media post, leaving her anonymous of course — good warning, though, too):

    ~ Some of you who know may best may describe me as a klutz. Welllll today I ripped the tag off of an article of clothing as you’ve probably done a million times and earned myself a 4 hour stay in the urgent care for a torn cornea after the plastic bit entered my eye like a rocket. The kind doctor didn’t laugh at me. In fact he informed me that he’s seen the same bloody mess of an eyeball from people sneezing or straining too hard on the pooper. Not sure that made me feel better. So if you see me in the next two weeks my eye may look bloody and goopy from the necessary ointment. Needless to say I’ll never pop off another tag- ever!!! ✂️from now on.

    Oh and it’s my shooting eye and I still finished my assignments after the accident, although I wouldn’t recommend this, it really hurt!! ~

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  15. Dj, your body has been under the influence of something that slowed down all systems to insure you slept through the pain of surgery. It might take something with a bit more power to crank things up. On prunes I always heard “Is one enough, is two too many?” I was afraid to eat so many each day as my friends said, but 6 a day are not too many given I am on this hormone blocker med! Shocking, isn’t it? Try other things and if they don’t work . . .M of M, lowest dose, overnight. And I hope your bagel is whole grain and not white flour, not that I am racist, just whole grain has needed fiber.

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  16. Metamucil delivery from Ralphs about an hour ago, will add that to my menu.

    Started eating raw cabbage but then read that yes, it helps constipation — but it also can make it worse.

    Store-bought chem will have to be it.

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  17. “Star Spangled Banner” is playing, I’m getting to hear all the military tunes from the base now that I’m not busy with work and it’s much quieter in the house.

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  18. Dj, I just got my surgical packet and reading through it, it speaks of pain relievers causing constipation. It says to not take laxatives unless prescribed by the doctor.

    I never knew there were so many neck, arm, and shoulder exercises! Just when I mastered walking again!

    The most difficult thing, besides Miss Bosley, will be learning to get out of bed properly. Hmm . . .

    At least I should not require a drain.


  19. I had a mild, um, softener, prescribed by GP — Meamusil is pretty natural (not classified as a laxative).

    Time will tell.

    But I am getting sort of tired of the finger-wagging by folks who have constipation horror stories, alright, already, I get it … but nature does what it does.

    I remember those packets. Yes, so many things to do and know.

    Neighbors sent over a delicious slab of fresh-cooked fish, with rice and green beans. Had to fight the cat off for the fish.

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