Our Daily Thread 8-19-22

Good Morning!



Anyone know what this is? A weed I’m presuming, but it’s like 6 ft. tall. A close up of the top is the header photo. 

23 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-19-22

  1. Good morning! I don’t have a clue about that plant, AJ. I may be able to see if I can get it in the Lens app but not sure I can do that from the header photo. Will try later. Have to get ready for my appt. now.

    I hope Dj is feeling better today and that the pain meds are easing anything bothersome in that aspect.

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  2. I always thought Jo existed, but now I wonder. 😉 I hope that is straightened out.

    I have no idea about the weed.

    Apple suggests an update on iPhone and iPad for security reasons. They do say journalists and the famous or some such are more vulnerable.

    More unnecessary rain for us. We can’t clean up the branches and trees down in the yard, since it is so wet yet.

    We have to break down and go grocery shopping. My husband says we need bananas that ‘work.’ He bought them so green that they don’t seem to want to ripen.

    I hope you all have good days. Praying for your healing Dj.

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  3. My friend suggested I go to the social security office, so i will do that this morning. I was informed that the power will be off here from 8 until noon.

    We have been in the 90s all this week with no end in sight, so I have been hiding inside. However my daughter is moving tomorrow so I will go help.

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  4. Morning! Not certain what that flower is up there but I’m guessing it would cause me to “achoo”!! Little sleep last night due to stuffy runny nose…these pollens need a good hard freeze..come on autumn!!! 🍂 (Ella and Louis are singing “Autumn in New York” on Pandora as I type this!)

    We are supposed to see some rain this afternoon and our temps are in the 70’s….end of summer.

    Praying for you this morning Dj and trusting you are healing and not overdoing.
    Oh Jo I pray for you too…the Social Security office here is just the pits and I too may need to visit soon which I am dreading. Hoping for a good result with no headaches for you 😊

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  5. I just got back with options. Nice doctor. I can have simple lumpectomy and resulting disfigurement that could be disguised by clothing. Other option is to basically have tissue rearrangement (no implants, PTL). There are risks of infection and a few other undesirable effects along with longer recovery of about 4 weeks.

    The lady I met at church Sunday who used my surgeon said her sister had more than the lumpectomy and healing was an issue so they had to go back in and undo then let things heal and then do reconstruction again. Hmm . . . that was a year long ordeal.


  6. Janice it is good you were given those options and I know the Lord will lead you in the right direction for you as you seek Him. My best friend decided on the rearrangement and it has been an ordeal for this past year. She continues to have pain and has had to go back in for surgery to remove scar tissue which they believed to be the cause of residual pain. But the pain continues 😞 We all are created different and I know it may not be an issue for many but for her it continues to be an ordeal

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  7. Janice, that sounds like a lot to mull over. Praying God provides wisdom, good counselors and clarity.

    I get tall, singular weedy “things” that spring up on their own in the backyard.

    I had a rough night, more pain but mostly just overall discomfort, hard time finding a good position.

    I managed to do the little walk into the backyard along the walkway and back again, but moving very slowly.

    I left a voicemail with HR in Denver this morning as I’m still not clear on how this claim if supposed to get filed, by me or the doctor, following the surgery to make sure the state disability payments start up. I’d sent an email to HR early this week but didn’t get a reply.

    Seems wrong that patients would have to try to deal with that following surgery when we’re in pain and groggy from meds, doesn’t it?

    Then again, I don’t think that’s as hard as having to go to the Social Security office.

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  8. I’m going out of my mind with busy-ness, only complicated by starting my narration work this week–which is twice a week for 3 hours, not including the 1/2 hour drive each way.

    I have to rehearse what I’m reading before, and then review what I read, well, this weekend.

    I’ve been so busy that today, for the first time in 20 years of walking with my friend, I forgot to show up.

    Fortunately, she called and I was only 45 minutes late!

    Meanwhile, I cannot seem to get my two email accounts to stay under 20-25, and I’ve been trying to whittle them down all week.

    I was tempted to just delete this post from Randy Alcorn, except it was so good and encouraging.

    You try if you’re going out of your mind like me–it will remind you of what is truly important.


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