52 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-13-22

  1. Good morning from the Far East side of the states that wish for unity.

    It’s 72 and will be in the 80’s with sunshine and no rain. Maybe a day to mow?

    Kathaleena, those flowers are gorgeous! Are they daisies or maybe like what I have which is yellow Mesa blanket flowers? I think the center of the bloom is different from what I have.

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  2. Morning all. Pretty end of the summer flowers Kathaleena. I am looking forward to Fall!

    We had a huge 5 point buck in the front yesterday and I discovered he had his afternoon snack on my impatiens that are/were hanging in a basket along the driveway! It’s that time when they forage the sweet tasting plants of summer. But they don’t touch the daisies!

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  3. Bummer about the flowers, Nancy Jill! I am not looking forward to finding that damage here again.

    I did some research and believe the plant is a Jerusalem Artichoke. Apparently, you can eat part of the plant and buy it online. I was thinking it may be a type of sunflower, but it looks more like the Jerusalem Artichoke. It was taken near the picture posted earlier with the lake and ski hills. I actually took quite a few pictures of plants we don’t have here, but I found on my daughter’s property.

    Off for a playing gig at a local festival; then to another town festival which has an all-year reunion for my husband’s high school; then to a fundraiser at our local town hall for a young man with leukemia. He is married with children. Our summers are so short that there are always a zillion things to do every weekend.

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  4. Kathaleena, my parents grew Jerusalem Artichokes in their garden when I was a teen. The tubers tasted great, but had the same effect as beans.

    Art’s surgery is scheduled for the next month with very early (4:30) arrival time. I thought it was 5 a.m. for previous surgeries, but since Covid came on the scene I am sure things have changed.

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  5. Things missing in the stores lately:
    Double Q canned salmon (finally found some this week)
    Organic eggs at Sam’s
    Organic Publix brand O’s cereal
    For about a month these have not been available.
    Does anyone else have something they are not finding?


  6. I’m up early (for a Saturday) to wait for the exercise bike assembler from Amazon. He’s supposed to arrive between 8 and 11 a.m. I was up late clearing out the space where I want it to go — I’m putting it in the back room where I work now Monday-Friday.

    4:30 a.m. is, um, really early.. Or late, depending on one’s perspective and night owl capacities. I don’t have to check in for my surgery until 7 a.m., relatively “late.” Surgery is at 9:30 or 10 a.m. (I was told 9:30 originally but someone from the hospital said 10).

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    Sabra’s supremely spicy hummus is BACK after nearly a year’s absence.

    We had all sorts of other hummus, but not the one I could actually taste.

    I wander by during every visit to ever supermarket (well, the three I drop in on occasionally), have tried different brands, have tried to figure out the recipe, and finally gave up eating hummus.

    (When you have little sense of taste or smell, texture becomes really important and well, supremely spicy is the only thing that got through for me. I’ve had this probably since late 2018, so it’s NOT related to the C-that-will-not-be-named-because-I’m-tired-of-it.)

    Anyway, while cruising past the cooler where it went extinct, I spied it!

    Unfortunately, I’d taken my life in my hands and walked to the grocery store with only a $20 to purchase needed items for dinner. By skipping some, I had just enough to buy one container–and walk out of the store, breathless, with 17 cents.

    I will say the checkout person rejoiced with me.

    I retuned yesterday armed with my credit card and bought three more.

    A sigh of delight.

    I should be good for lunches the next couple weeks.

    My taste buds are SO HAPPY!

    (At the same time, yesterday, I had to visit three stores to find windshield washer fluid–but now even my car is happy).

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  8. It is kinda fun here for me. I am buying groceries, but anything that I don’t use I will just take to my home when I move. Even tp from Costco.
    Still no one to work on my house, but last night I realized that there are some tools here to get me started. A hammer will help to get the carpet out of there. Especially the one right inside the back door that smells so bad. This week I will begin to work on the wallpaper.

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  9. Good morning all! The hummus sounds delicious! I’m not finding the variety here either.

    Janice, that is a VERY early check-in time. I hope it means he gets to leave early too.

    Donna you will have lots of prayer coverage on Wednesday. We trust that all will go well.

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  10. I had a foam hand sanitizer that smelled like lemon that I got at Sprouts before Covid. I kept it in the car and used it sparingly. I have searched for it with no luck. I could not believe it lasted as long as it did. It almost seemed that God was refilling it! I found a spray citrus sanitizer at Walgreens but it’s not the same at all.

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  11. Thanks Debra – 🙂

    I keep hand sanitizer in the car, too, a gel formula in a tube, but I’m guessing it’s not all that potent anymore after 2-1/2 years in a car in the sun some of the time. I try to remember to use it when I come in from the grocery stores but often forget, especially now that Covid seems to be calming down a bit around here.

    I’m looking forward to getting back to live church when I’m good enough to go after the surgery; I’ve been playing it safe (not wanting surgery to get postponed for illness and we’ve had a little Covid “surge” going on here) and have been live-streaming for weeks now.

    I love a good, fresh deli-stocked salsa but have never had hummus. I’m not sure why?

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  12. I like the flowers in the header. I don’t have a lot of space, but I decided a few years ago that I will try to have an edible yard with herbs, bushes, veggies, fruit trees, and even flowers. Among some of the plants I have considered is the Jerusalem artichoke: edible tubers and beautiful flowers for the bees.

    My plans/wishes have been slowed substantially due to the health concerns C and I have both had in the past year and a half. But one of the things C wanted to do after he got out of the hospital was dig a hole for a new tree. Before covid he had dug a 3 foot hole and we planted a peach tree. So he viewed that as a sort of a marker of his ability and potential recovery. A few months ago, he was able to plant a pear tree next to the peach tree! Small steps and small improvements have great value. :–)

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  13. End of Summer flowers…..?

    Oh no….

    I honestly don’t know how you people survive in climates like that. 🙂

    Thankfully We have at least a month to go here.

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  14. Trees and food all in one, good outdoor plan.

    Interesting thread by Shannon Bream of Fox who will be anchoring the network’s Sunday news show in the future. I’ve appreciated her 9 p.m. weeknight news show, though she can be a little, well, “perky!” for my taste, but in a likable way.

    I was a little disappointed with last night’s show, though, as she had a 3-member panel discussing legal ramifications of the Trump house search — but they all agreed with each other. I always like at least one contrary opinion on a true news program. Let me hear it all and then I can decide …

    But congratulations to her in her new position:

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  15. Had a good time with the men this morning.

    Then I dropped off like 20+ pair of eyeglasses and nearly as many glasses cases at the Lion’s Club, had to sit for a minute after doing so because it reminded me of Chas. I do miss him.

    Then I went grocery shopping, came home, unloaded, and in a bit I’m taking Cheryl to hunt for a pocket square for my wedding suit, maybe, in addition to a few from Amazon (don’t ask) and then taking her to lunch, just the 2 of us. 🙂

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  16. Happy Birthday to Miguel!
    Found a tear in my eye upon reading your post Aj…he is so missed. And in just a few days he will be spending his birthday in heaven 💜
    Janice I found a lavender hand sanitizer at Sprouts and they still have it. It makes my hands feel so smooth and clean…and sanitized!
    We have the tiniest mosquitoes flitting about here. But they pack a punch in their bite! I went out and purchased another tube of Johnsons Baby Oil Cream since P took my tube to the mountains. I was just out tossing the ball to Pip and many mosquitoes were flying about but not one landed on me!
    I sprayed stinky stuff on my soon to flower garden phlox and on my second bloomer rose bushes. I am in hopes to see these beauties before the deer or frost gets them! With this heat the deer will be the likely culprit!

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  17. I’m just not what I used to be. 4.5 hours chopping vegetation in the sun and I’m beat.

    I did, however, manage to write a blog out of the experience, so I’m thankful.

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  18. I went to The Grand Hotel today. I booked a treatment so I could hang out in their quiet room. I was there from 9:30 to 2:30. I had a facial and used the rest of the time on the grounds- had lunch- and in the quiet room. Nice soft lighting, a hot tub, soothing music, and comfy chairs. My phone was in my purse, in my locker. I was in a nice robe, lights were dimmed, and no one could reach me. Pure heaven on earth. Exactly what I needed. I may drag Mr P there one day, although he can’t come in the women’s side he will have to stay on the men’s side.
    I am very relaxed, recharged, and thankful for my day.

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  19. Aedes mosquitoes. They’re the worst — tiny, black with white stripes (but you normally don’t even see them), ankle biters (but they like hands and fingers, too), active during the day, invasive, spreading fast throughout the US. They carry some nasty diseases, too.

    We’ve had them in our area for 5 yeas or more now, when they first arrived several of us were getting horribly bit by “something” at the dog park, we eventually figured it out.

    I wrote a story about it that year and it still pops up on our most read list every year around this time as people find and recirculate it.


    So, bike assembler never showed, so after the time frame elapsed (8-11 a.m.) I spent an hour on hold with Amazon who finally got to me, called the service provider, but could only get his voicemail.

    Soooo, it’s now rescheduled but the only time available (unless I waited to the end of this month) was 2-5 p.m. Monday — which is right at the time of my appointment at the hospital to get the covid screening before the surgery. I called them to see if we could change the time but no answer, that department probably isn’t staffed over the weekend. So I’ll have to call them first thing Monday morning to see when else I can come in that day.

    We had another too-hot (for me) day today, but we’re finally getting a cool breeze so I’m sitting right in front of the south-facing windows to take advantage of that. It’s been close to 90 in my house all day.

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  20. Shifting things around as I cleared out the hall closet earlier this week, I came across my dad’s old white sailor’s hat that he wore in WWII.

    Also found the long, black-and-white photo of Navy enlistees, my dad is in there somewhere but I’m not able to pinpoint him yet. On the back, looks like my grandmother’s handwriting: “Enlisted December 9, 1941” — two days after Pearl Harbor.

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  21. My brother still has our father’s navy things.

    I had difficulty scheduling with the Amazon bike assembly people so I got someone I knew with mechanical abilities to put it together. I think I paid him 50.00. He took the box in his truck and came back in a day or so with it assembled. I am glad Art is using it now although he is not using it for long, maybe fifteen minutes at a time.

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  22. We had a great day. We finally celebated our 40th annivesary. It was originally ging to be in May, but we moved it so some of our friends could come. They must have forgotten since none of those here made it. D1 reserved a park shelter. Most of our siblings came, incuding Mrs L’s sister all the way from Ames, Iowa (4+ hour drive). And ALL of our children came, even the one who has isolated herself and her family from previous family gatherings. A pleasnat surprise for sure. Only one of my brthers and one of Mrs L’s sisters did not make it.

    The weaher was almost perfect for August. It was close to 90, but a constant breeze kept it from getting too hot.

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  23. Morning!
    The owls were carrying on something awful this morning. They were up in the pines right by the house and they were loud. The dogs thought if they just ran fast and long they could find the source of the racket! It was an amusing start to the day. 🦉 vs 🐶

    I of course couldn’t wait to get back inside as the mosquitos are horrid this year. It is unnerving when they are buzzing by the ear. They aren’t the ones describe by Dj with stripes…they are tiny and light in color. I have never seen these type before but they are everywhere!

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  24. Good morning, all. I wondered if they were DJ’s mosquitoes when NancyJill mentioned them. They may be here too. We have not had a mosquito problem here in the twenty three years we have been here. Until this year. And now I have a lot of bites.

    We have another thing biting or somehow causing a reaction. They are also very small, look somewhat like a sea creature. Flat and wide and multilegged. Sometimes green, sometimes brown. I know I have seen a pic of them before but can’t remember. When you brush them off, it is like they leave a chemical that hurts.

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  25. Ooooh, I’m beginning to itch thinking about all those! We have them here, and they are smaller that what we use to see. You have to keep moving and not allow them to settle in for a bite.

    Church was good as always. Thankful I feel up to being there. I will really miss it when we are going through our recoveries.

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  26. Jo 10:34, LOL

    Too many biting insects!

    I’m making progress (I think) on the battle against the house moths. To begin with, I’m no longer having to leave the back sliding door open for dogs (doggie door became to hard for them to use in their older age) I think the problem started with that, moths would gather especially in the evening hours around the patio lights and in they’d swoop.

    I found some very effective sticky sticky hanging traps online, the ones (it says) most recommended by exterminators for at-home use. They work by attracting only the male moths to stop the critters from reproducing. So not an overnight solution, but these traps are strong enough that moths immediately went to them after hanging them up. You use them in or near closets, but I also hang a few on indoor doorknobs leading to all the rooms.

    I’m not seeing as many new moths on the traps lately, so I’m thinking I may have succeeded in getting most of those that have been inside — but I’m still going to keep hanging trap refills until I’m not seeing any.

    One of my little at-home projects planned for post-surgery weeks.


    Vector Control out here has been releasing sterile mosquitos (the aedes mosquitos that have become such a concern here in recent years) to try to get those populations down. The main concern are the rather serious diseases they can potentially spread (dengue virus, yellow fever virus, chikungunya virus, and Zika virus).

    Those mosquitos aren’t indigenous to the US but have made their way here in the past several years and are spreading quickly. Their bites cause intense itching (because we have no built-up resistance to them, but we’ll get more of that once we’re bit for a few season). Bites sent me to my GP and even once to Urgent Care several summers ago when I was getting bitten for the first time. Some of the bites can get infected, you can’t stop scratching. Now the bites aren’t as bad for me, I guess I’m getting some resistance to them, but the itch can still be intense (just doesn’t linger for days on end). I make sure to have repellant handy.

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  27. Here is a link to a fabulous talk by Ben Carson. I know some don’t agree with his politics, but all should appreciate when he talks about the surgeries on co-joined twins. Wow! A better understanding of how failures set people up for success. Mumsee will like this.

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  28. The Ben Carson talk does speak into politics at points which can be skipped over by those who are not interested in his perspective, but the part about the co-joined twins brought me to tears.


  29. Stocked up on cat treats and “extra” canned food (supplementing her prescription food) for border kitty at Petco — strange to just walk by the huge “dog” section, nothing for me to buy there all of a sudden. 😦

    Got her a new little cat bed, too, her old one is getting pretty ragged.

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  30. Snowball’s bed never gets ragged. It is a cardboard box with a door cut out and another cardboard box sewn on top with twine. I believe it has an old blanket or rug or some such thing inside both boxes. He mostly eats in the lower floor and sleeps either inside or on top the upper floor. It is on the porch. He is seventeen or eighteen and still fishes for goldfish out of the pond. One of the daughter’s built his house a long time ago. It is on the porch.

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  31. Buddy is visiting us for a week while his people are off welcoming a new grandchild. I believe I heard that he is some sort of border collie Aussie mix. Lots of long feathering. He is an active two year old and enjoys endless games of fetch. He has not learned to roll it down stairs to himself so has to settle for me throwing. He has energy. Fortunately, my two will be home from work soon and they can throw for him. He also likes to chase rabbits and turkeys but can be called back.

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  32. Hissy cat came to visit while I walked in the driveway. He/she plopped down in the carport, and I feared Art might come wheeling in and not see it in time so I got a few bits of Miss Bosley’s food to toss out in the yard to get it to move. I know, that was not good given it will now have an expectation.
    And Art just got home.

    I walked slowly for 50 minutes. Funny to think that if we know a cat is a boy or girl that we don’t have to worry about which pronoun to use. They don’t have a choice . . . but one day, the pet parents can decide if they should transform.😳


  33. hmmmm…. I should be out walking, but I need to do some cooking. I just haven’t had the energy. A sweet gal just brought me the BSF book for this year. When I tried to pay her she said it was a gift. It is a brand new study of the divided kingdom.

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  34. Border-Aussie mix is the best. That’s what Cowboy (“Mr. Cows”) was. 🙂

    BSF has books now? We used to just get the “top secret” notes each week.

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  35. There’s a squirrel in one of my overgrown backyard trees, limbs hanging low; some kind of berries or something on it as the acrobat-squirrel manages to hang upside down and munch away. If Annie Oakley is out there, the squirrel will just chatter away at her.

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