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  1. Their desperation is showing. 🙂

    The left and NTers know they can’t beat him at the ballot box without cheating. They know the Jan6 Hoax isn’t working with voters, like the Russia Hoax, Steele Dossier, and their other desperate attempts, so now they flail about and send in Biden’s gestapo with another bogus warrant from another bogus fed judge.

    And the corrupt media plays along….

    They have nothing. If they did, this wouldn’t have happened.











    But muh norms….


    And sadly, some idiots on our side support this banana republic BS because the Orange Man has broken them. 🙂

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  2. ——


    While the idiots clap with joy over it….



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  3. “FBI Raid On Trump Will Make Him A Martyr

    The ongoing persecution of Trump is likely to spectacularly backfire on the Left. It is unlikely that a raid will cow the man who has weathered many scandals and accusations.”


    “Monday’s FBI raid on President Trump’s Palm Beach, Florida home at Mar-a-Lago, represents the most dramatic intensification of Deep State action against anyone. The unannounced search – presumably to find classified documents that he may have brought to his home after he left office – played directly into Trump’s hands.

    In a statement, Trump was classic Trump. He said the estate “is currently under siege, raided, and occupied. After working and cooperating with the relevant Government agencies, this unannounced raid on my home was not necessary or appropriate. Such an assault could only take place in broken, Third-World Countries.”

    “They even broke into my safe!” he wrote. “What is the difference between this and Watergate, where operatives broke into the Democratic National Committee? Here, in reverse, Democrats broke into the home of the 45th President of the United States.”

    Trump must have received feelers from insiders that the raid was imminent. Speaking at CPAC on Saturday to a standing-room-only crowd in a large Dallas hotel ballroom, Trump, in his typical style, talked about how a friend recently remarked to him that he was the most persecuted person in modern history. The friendly audience clapped him on – they had, after all, expressed 99% approval of his time in the White House.

    Trump received 74 million votes in the 2020 election, 11 million more than in 2016. He expanded his coalition as more urban Black men and Hispanics voted for him, sending shock waves through the Democrat party. Many of these voters will be shaking their heads, wondering how fast the country has deteriorated as a few Washington power brokers leverage the tools of the Deep State to go after him.”


    Careful, you’ll motivate his base even further.

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  4. “This is a provocation. They are trying to get a reaction that allows a further crackdown.”


    “My overall sense of what happened at Mar-a-Lago is that this is a provocation.

    If New York Times reporting is right — and they never err on the side of being soft on Trump — then this raid was over documents the National Archives thinks Trump should not have, or perhaps classified documents in his possession. That is not something the FBI raids major political candidates over — See, In Re Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    This is a provocation. They are trying to get a reaction that allows a further crackdown. See, In Re J6.

    It’s also a provocation to get Trump to declare his candidacy for President before the midterms. Democrats would love to turn 2022 into a referendum on Trump rather than the deliberate destruction of the national borders and inflation.

    Would the FBI and DOJ do such a thing? Aren’t they “above” politics? The then FBI Director James Comey admitted to trying to set up the new President Trump by alerting him to the Steele Dossier, and then leaked the story of the briefing to CNN, which gave license to report on the false allegations in the dossier. So yes, the FBI and DOJ would do such a thing, and have done such a thing to Trump.

    All the more reason to keep your heads about you.

    Don’t take the bait. Being stupid isn’t tough, it’s just stupid.”

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  5. We know which side the Dems, milquetoasters Rs and NTers fall on.

    Hint: It’s not America’s side.

    “FBI’s Mar-a-Lago Raid Presents a Time for Choosing: The Regime, or America ”


    “It wasn’t enough for The Regime to concoct claims of treasonous Russian collusion to spy on his campaign, and then use the subsequent “investigations” to divert and destabilize his administration while covering up its misdeeds.

    It wasn’t enough for The Regime to execute two farcical impeachments and sabotage his every act in open insubordination and contempt—effectively forestalling a peaceful transfer of power, and depriving Americans of a full four years from which we would have all more richly benefited.

    It wasn’t enough for The Regime to do everything in its power to “fortify” the 2020 election against him, just as it wouldn’t be enough for The Regime to disqualify him from the 2024 ballot—in defense of “democracy,” of course—under the fraudulent pretext of an “insurrection.”

    The Regime wants President Donald J. Trump arrested, shackled, and left to rot in prison.

    It is vengeful, rabid, and out for blood.

    Monday’s raid of Mar-a-Lago by the FBI—the latest in a string of third-world acts by an agency that considers itself so untouchable that its leader apparently deemed it acceptable to cut short a Senate oversight hearing days before the raid to jet off to a mountain retreat—is the first in a series of events poised to culminate in the attempted prosecution of Trump.

    The specific legal grounds for the raid, like the grounds for the coming indictment, are really beside the point.

    Trump’s crime was, and always has been, that he threatened The Regime’s power and privilege—in so doing, representing tens of millions of Americans who The Regime considers an impediment to its total control, and who it holds in utter contempt.

    That’s all the “predication” The Regime needed to pursue him from the day he emerged in Trump Tower to declare himself an unprecedented political force, and, since, treat all manner of like-minded Wrongthinkers the same.

    The pretense of the rule of law is gone, and to delude oneself into thinking otherwise after the two-tier, Soviet standard of justice we have seen applied again and again over the last six years would be dangerous folly.

    Having suffered what it perceived to be a near-death experience in the election of Donald Trump, The Regime must now show that anyone and everyone from the lowliest of non-violent January 6-ers held in pretrial detention to Trump himself can, and will, be crushed if they dare to not submit.

    Those celebrating the Mar-a-Lago raid are condoning the very authoritarian behavior they claim to decry.

    They are cheering on the transformation of America into something beneath a banana republic, into something even more demoralizing and devastating: the greatest nation in the history of mankind being reduced to a decaying and decadent dictatorship of the Woketariat.

    We find ourselves in a dire circumstance in which our every critical institution is being, or has been turned, against itself, and trained on the very public it was supposed to serve.

    The raid of the estate of a president by a lawless security apparatus on behalf of his successor represents the crossing of a civilizational Rubicon.”

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  6. “End of the Republic

    With the FBI raid on Trump’s home, America has fallen into the abyss.”


    “When the FBI raided Donald Trump’s home on Monday, a key aspect of what made the United States of America great and free has been lost, and likely cannot be recovered. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson detested one another for years before their eventual reconciliation, but neither one used the agencies of the U.S. government to hound, persecute or discredit the other. Other bitter political opponents throughout the history of the republic have never before used the government’s own mechanisms of justice to do injustice to their foes. Joe Biden, Merrick Garland and their henchmen have brought America to a new phase of its history, and it is not likely to be one that is marked by respect for the rule of law or defense of the rights of individual citizens. Instead, we are entering an ugly age of authoritarianism, in which the brute force of the state is used to bend the people to the will of the tyrant.

    Trump announced on Monday, “These are dark times for our Nation, as my beautiful home, Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, is currently under siege, raided, and occupied by a large group of FBI agents. Nothing like this has ever happened to a President of the United States before. After working and cooperating with the relevant Government agencies, this unannounced raid on my home was not necessary or appropriate.”

    The 45th president is not given to understatement, but the FBI raid on his home is much more than just unnecessary and inappropriate. It is criminal. The FBI that was heavily involved in trying to frame and destroy Trump in the Russian Collusion hoax is now trying once again to destroy him, apparently by claiming that he improperly took classified material from the White House. They never cared when Hillary Clinton misused classified material on a grand scale; what is the difference? They’re also likely trying to find something to link him more firmly to the January 6 “insurrection” that never was. The Left’s January 6 narrative has been full of holes from the beginning: Trump told the demonstrators to proceed peacefully, the people who entered the Capitol had no weapons, and no one had sketched out any kind of plan to do what the Left continues to claim that Trump was trying to do all along, overthrow the government and rule as a dictator.

    But Joe Biden’s handlers are desperately afraid that Trump will return to the White House on January 20, 2025 and that things will go harder for them next time than they did during his first term. They’re afraid that a vengeful Trump will do a genuine and thorough housecleaning of the desperately corrupt and compromised Washington bureaucracy, and that many of them will, quite justly, end up out of power, and some of them will, even more justly, end up in prison. So they’ve determined to pre-emptively do the same to Trump. If they can’t actually find anything to prosecute him for (and Lord knows they’ve tried, this is the most investigated and poked and prodded and scrutinized man in American history, and still those who hate him have nothing), then at very least they hope to taint Trump so completely in the eyes of the distracted and indifferent public that they will have a fighting chance in 2024.

    This is banana republic stuff. This is the kind of thing that moved Woodrow Wilson to intervene militarily in Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, and Nicaragua, explaining: “We are friends of constitutional government in America; we are more than its friends, we are its champions. I am going to teach the South American republics to elect good men.” Wilson was an authoritarian scoundrel and one of the worst presidents we have ever endured, but much as he hated Theodore Roosevelt and feared that he would be reelected to the presidency in 1920 (instead, Roosevelt died in 1919), Wilson never had rogue government agents raid Roosevelt’s home looking for something they could use to pin some crime on him.

    Merrick Garland recently signaled that something like this was in the offing, when he emphasized that no one was above the law and anyone could be prosecuted. No one is above that law, that is, except Hillary Clinton, and Hunter Biden, and all the FBI officials who have been implicated in the Russian Collusion hoax, and all the other Leftists who have escaped and will continue to escape prosecution because they hold what the elites consider to be acceptable political opinions.

    The two-tier justice system that aggressively prosecutes conservatives while turning a blind eye to Leftists who have committed similar or worse crimes is now out in the open. Trump did nothing, but the FBI will find some crime for which the Justice Department will prosecute him. Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden did a great deal, but none of it matters to corrupt officials who share their worldview.

    The lesson is clear: in America today, in the corrupt kleptocracy of Joe Biden, you have to have the right opinions. Then all doors will open for you and you can even break laws with impunity, and have no fear of prosecution. But if you dare to dissent from the opinions of the elites, prepare to be hounded by the new super-IRS and the weaponized FBI, and you’ll face raids, and prison, and who knows what else is coming.”

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  7. They give away the game, but the corrupt media will never point it out.

    “Marc Elias boasts about the real motive behind the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid”


    “Marc Elias is a very smart man who hooked his wagon to the Hillary Clinton star and has been involved in almost all the attacks against Trump. His allegiances are clear, and he’s incredibly excited about the Justice Department’s decision to sic the FBI on Trump, a former and possibly future president. The main purpose is to keep Trump from being able to run again. That’s it.

    Since the day Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in November 2016, the Clinton camp, the Democrat establishment, the administrative agencies (AKA the Deep State), the NeverTrumps, and the media — collectively, the “anti-Trump coalition” — have had a single unified purpose: get Trump out of office and keep him out of office. They’ve had some success, but they haven’t sealed the deal.

    The Russia Hoax occupied much of Trump’s energy during his first two years in office, leaving him unable to turn all his efforts to carrying out his campaign promise. The hoax eventually fell apart, but only after revealing, thanks to practically daily political colonoscopies, that Trump is probably the most honest man in both business and politics.

    When the Russia Hoax failed, the anti-Trump coalition moved on to the Ukraine Hoax, from which it was able to wring an impeachment. Despite Adam Schiff’s theatrics, though, that episode also revealed to most Americans that Trump was as clean as a whistle.

    Throughout both the above hoaxes, the anti-Trump coalition kept alive the “fine people hoax,” pursuant to which it claimed that Trump had called neo-Nazis “fine people.” Of course, he hadn’t. Instead, he’d condemned them, as well as observing presciently that the leftist war on American institutions wouldn’t stop with Confederates but would, instead, extend to America’s Founding Fathers.

    It was only with COVID and ex-con George Floyd’s decision to give his diseased heart the kill shot of massive amounts of illegal drugs that the Democrats finally got the leverage to boot Trump from office. I don’t need to detail the shenanigans from that year; you remember them.

    Despite the election being called for Biden, Trump remained a problem for the anti-Trump coalition. He refused to accept the election results and, foolishly, decided to hold a rally in D.C. on the day the Electoral College votes were to be counted. Doing so played into leftist hands. I’m one of those who think that, with help from Ray Epps and other operatives, naïve Trump-supporters were skillfully steered into the Capitol as a predicate to destroying them and Trump.

    Certainly, the January 6 Committee exists solely to make the case that Trump cannot possibly be the Republicans’ 2024 candidate. Even that, though, isn’t going so well, because Americans are bored and unimpressed with the proceedings. His rallies are still huge, and in head-to-head polls with Biden, Trump wins. Oops!

    Is it any surprise that Merrick Garland’s hyper-partisan DOJ obtained judicial authorization for a raid on Mar-a-Lago? Without seeing the warrant, it’s not entirely clear to me on what grounds the raid proceeded, but, listening to how 30 agents descended and took everything that wasn’t nailed down, along with stories careening between “National Archives” and “national security,” I currently believe that this was a fishing expedition, and one that violated the Fourth Amendment’s proscription against “general warrants” (i.e., unlimited rights to search someone’s person or property).

    Democrats want to find something, anything to keep Trump from running again — and I don’t need to guess about that, because that’s exactly what Hillary’s lawyer, Marc Elias, is boasting about:”

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  8. Make them pay, and make it hurt.


    “House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) vowed that he would order an investigation into Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) if the Republican Party wins back the majority in the House of Representatives this November, following an unprecedented raid on President Donald Trump’s home in Florida.

    “I’ve seen enough,” said McCarthy in a statement, as reported by The Daily Caller. “The Department of Justice has reached an intolerable state of weaponized politicization. When Republicans take back the House, we will conduct immediate oversight of this department, follow the facts, and leave no stone unturned.”

    On Monday, FBI agents raided President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, allegedly in pursuit of documents that the popular former president is accused of taking with him after leaving the White House in January of last year, despite no evidence to support this claim. There has never before been such a raid on a former president by his political opponents in American history, and the news quickly elicited widespread backlash on social media.

    President Trump released a statement following the raid, declaring that the move was a sign of “dark times for our Nation,” and denouncing the raid itself as “prosecutorial misconduct,” “the weaponization of the Justice System,” and “an attack by Radical Left Democrats who desperately don’t want me to run for President in 2024.”

    “I will continue to fight for the Great American People,” the 45th president concluded.

    McCarthy directly called out Attorney General Merrick Garland in his statement, telling Garland to “preserve your documents and clear your calendar.””

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  9. But is that enough?


    “Republicans Will Have To Do A Lot More Than Hold Hearings To Stop The Rogue FBI And DOJ”


    “The FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid proves the country that once boasted of freedom of speech, rule of law, and free elections is no longer.”

    “As if the regime’s war on Americans wasn’t already apparent by rampant inflation, rising gas prices, an open border, and a two-tiered system of justice, the FBI’s Monday raid on former President Donald Trump’s home Mar-a-Lago proves that the elites who control the federal government are not on the side of the American people.

    Over and over and over, the FBI has proven it is a weapon to be used against the left’s political enemies. As a result, the country that once was a bastion of freedom of speech, rule of law, and free elections is dead and gone.

    Trump even said so in his statement announcing the “unannounced” raid.

    “It is prosecutorial misconduct, the weaponization of the Justice System, and an attack by Radical Left Democrats who desperately don’t want me to run for President in 2024, especially based on recent polls, and who will likewise do anything to stop Republicans and Conservatives in the upcoming Midterm Elections,” Trump said. “Such an assault could only take place in broken, Third World Countries.”

    Only the most totalitarian regimes can bust down the door of a former president’s home and have the entire Democrat Party, the propaganda press, and those amplified most on Twitter cheering them on.

    “Nothing like this has ever happened to a President of the United States before,” Trump said.

    Unless, of course, you count that time the FBI sought to frame Trump for colluding with Russia to steal the 2016 election. To do so, the FBI fabricated warrants so they could spy on Trump’s campaign and then lied about the coverup in federal court. This operation to take out Hillary Clinton’s biggest rival was also shamelessly supported, egged on, and promoted by the elitist class and its media counterparts.

    True accountability for that hoax never came. The deceitful FBI is still clearly operating with the intent of hampering Trump’s political aspirations, the corrupt press still holds prizes for its false reporting about collusion, and the Democrats who officially control at least two branches of government are still using bureaucratic agencies to do their political dirty work.

    What republic survives a government hellbent on destroying the people it is supposed to be of, by, and for? None of them. The FBI’s raid on Trump is part of a large, coordinated effort to subvert and silence half of the nation and to deprive them of their right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and self-governance.

    The Biden administration is fostering and fomenting a bureaucracy that works not for the American people but against them. The recent actions of Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray have made that abundantly clear that concerned parents, pregnancy centers, Republican-nominated Supreme Court justices, families who lost their loved ones to deadly Covid-19 policies, and anyone who believes the 2020 election was not “the most secure in history” do not deserve justice in their eyes.

    When the FBI raided Trump’s home, they weren’t just targeting the former president, the leader of the Republican party, and a likely future presidential candidate, they were waging an open war on the Americans and the ideals that Trump represents.

    What used to be the land of the free and the home of the brave has turned into a crumbling nation that is governed by people who target their political enemies and funnel billions of dollars to siccing federal agents on average Americans.

    This is not the America our founding fathers envisioned. As a matter of fact, it’s quite the opposite.

    There is no equal justice under the law in the United States anymore. The FBI ransacking the former president’s home without explanation proves no one is safe from the tentacles of the corrupt bureaucracy. The power-hungry regime will stop at nothing to take revenge on its political enemies, even if that means angering half of the country.

    House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy pledged to “conduct immediate oversight” over the FBI’s political persecution, but hearings easily disregarded by an FBI head who is dead set on jetting off to his vacation in upstate New York instead of submitting to congressional oversight are simply not enough to save the country.

    The preservation of our nation rests on whether the nefarious elites who control the regime will be prosecuted and imprisoned for their crimes against the constitutional republic.

    For years now, the kingpins who run the Swamp have shown their true colors without consequence or any semblance of accountability. As a result, Americans have lost their right to criticize the administration online, have lost their businesses to rioters and thieves, have lost their jobs because they refused to get the jab, have lost their preferred president to an election marred by fraud and inconsistencies, and have lost the ability to defend themselves against the January 6 Committee and their illegitimate, partisan show trials.

    Republicans like McCarthy can talk the talk on Twitter, but they have to decide if they are going to keep playing by the rules that power-hungry leftists constantly change to fit their agenda or end the game. The FBI’s deliberate raid on Trump is the biggest sign that it’s time to end the game.

    If no one is punished, this will happen again. The fact that the FBI has already dredged up a reason to raid a former president’s home means it’s already happening again.

    While Republicans tweet about how our precious republic has turned into a banana republic, their constituents sit at home, silenced by Big Tech, stranded by federal law enforcement, stripped of the confidence that the bureaucratic rot eating at the nation’s will ever be treated or trustable again.”

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  10. The weeping and gnashing of teeth makes for an amusing morning cup of coffee. Normally, the right accuses the left of snowflakery and conspiracies but this has to top everything.

    First and foremost, Trump is/was stupid. I don’t think in any of the above commentaries is there a protestation of innocence. The National Archive had asked him for the missing documents months ago and I’m sure they notified the relevant authorities yet months later the documents were still missing. He deliberately kept documents including top secret materials even though he was told to return them. If you follow instructions and do what you’re told, everything should be ok and the police won’t come after you, right? Irony…

    Now for the nonsense about political interference. Christopher Wray, head of the FBI, was a Trump appointee. Trump spent 4 years appointing more judges and top bureaucrats than any other one term president. Yet somehow there’s a Deep State or Regime seeking to undermine Trump. They gave him time to correct himself and still he kept the documents — you can’t undermine his political ambitions if he didn’t keep committing the crime.

    The Demcorats don’t want this. They don’t want to motivate Trump voters. They had a campaign all ready to go — “Roevember”. Their focus was to be abortion rights and Trump is now a distraction. They don’t need Trump to motivate voters they think abortion rights will. In Kansas 70% of newly registered voters were women and 20% of all voters just came to the polls for the refurrendum and didn’t bother to vote elsewhere on the ballot. If the Democrats can convince people that Democrats = abortion rights, they think voter turnout will increase in their favour. Rasmussen, a Republincan leaning pollster, has the generic congressional vote trending from +10, +5, +3 for Republicans in the last three weeks. That’s a dramatic fall from a Republican pollster. The Democrats don’t want Trump in the news to miss things up.

    The Democrats also don’t want to disqualify Trump. They’d much rather face him than DeSantis. Current polls have Biden beating Trump in 2024. And for any other Democrat it would be a walk in the part. I would think the Republicans would prefer DeSantis or someone else other than Trump.

    Right about now, I think McConnell might be reconsidering his decision not to approve Garland to the Supreme Court. Kevin McCarthny’s threat to bring him in for questioning is an empty threat full of political theatre. Garland strikes me as someone who has respect for the judicial process and he probably left Wray alone. When the crime was that obvious you don’t need a conspiracy to explain the FBI’s actions.

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  11. Democrats don’t want to disqualify Trump from running? Jan 6 committee….there’s your clarification on that one.

    Wake up people……

    After todays raid on Mar A Lago what do you think the left plans to use those 87,000 new IRS agents for?

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  12. “Current polls have Biden beating Trump in 2024. And for any other Democrat it would be a walk in the part.”

    Thanks for the amusing cuppa… 😉

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  13. Even this Yahoo sees it.

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  14. Jan 6th committee is about law and order. And asserting no one is above the law. However, it has no prosecutorial ability it’s just a simple House inquiry and in the end they can only issue recommendations. Again, if Trump wasn’t involved in the events he has northing to fear. Juct comply and answer questions and nobody gets hurt. I’m sure if wished to clear his name he’d be welcomed to testify before the cmttee under oath. The choice is his.

    AJ already published a table stating the income groups targeted by the IRS and by simple math we saw that on a per capita basis it was the extremely wealthy. According to Trump, his income taxes have been under audit for the last decade so I’ m sure the IRS doesn’t need any new agents for that.

    YouGov is the latest poll – Harris beats Trump by 1% and Biden wins by 3%. Interestingly, YouGov gives similar numbers for DeSantis. Rasmussen a Republican leaning pollster has Bidens weekly approval reaching 45% up from 35% a little more than a month ago. This matches the generic congressional polls which also suggest a slow Democratic rise.

    Remember I correctly predicted the Biden-Trump vote last time. If the Democrats ignore Trump (which I think they will) and keep pushing on abortion rights, they have a good chance of maintaining their slight majority in both parts of Congress. Wisconsin, Ohio and Penn are key senate races and with some new voters (similar to Kansas) the Democrats can squeak by.


  15. Yang is probably right in terms of who authorized it. And it was purposely done that way to avoid politizing it. However, Trump will whine continuously no matter how hard the FBI try to separate the investigation from any political interference. And Trump loves attention — negative or positive , so he will continue to complain.


  16. What a wonderful judge — appointed in 2018 despite his history. Trump also knew Epstein and Trump appointed Epstein’s lawyer a judge. Great judge of character. Now what is Trump hiding in these archives – this gets more interesting. I might start spinning conspiracy stories now. Is Ghislaine Maxwell still on “suicide watch”? Does Trump have blackmail material on Judge Reinhart? Maybe this has nothing to do with the Democrats and politics…….see how easy conspiracies are?

    Cuomo is right and I’m not sure why someone is surprised. The FBI and DOJ have to clearly lay out the process by which the search warrant was obtained and executed. Transparency is needed to counter any conspiracy talk. If Yang is correct (and I think he is) then the FBI and DOJ have nothing to worry about. Transparency benefits the Democrats and conspiracies benefit Republicans.

    Fun news in the dog days of summer and I’m going on holidays tomorrow. I’m going to miss all the fun. I’m off to Glasgow, Scotland to see my daughter (she’s “finding herself” by bumming around Europe) and we’ll see Belfast together, she’ll go back to her bar job in Glasgow and I’m finish my trip in Dublin.


  17. Donald Trump is “clearly unfit” to return to the Oval Office, Republican Rep. Liz Cheney said Sunday, adding that she shares Hillary Clinton’s worries that a second Trump administration would threaten American democracy.

    Yep nothing to see here as we all know she is simply seeking “law and order”.

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  18. “And asserting no one is above the law.” Unless you’re real criminals like Strzok, Page, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe, Clinton, etc., etc. Why is it that FBI agents aren’t raiding the homes of Hillary, Hunter Biden and the Big Guy?

    “Remember I correctly predicted the Biden-Trump vote last time.” You were way, way off, and are apparently still under the delusion that, despite all evidence to the contrary, Biden won and somehow received more than 81 million votes (by far the most in history!).

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  19. Solarpancake – Federal judges are nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate – in March 2018, Trump was president and McConnell controlled the Senate. He’s a Repubican appointee. The right side of the internet mentions his donations to Obama in 2008 but says nothing of who appointed him or his donations to Jeb Bush. Interestingly, his wife was appointed to a county or state judge position by Republican Governor Scott. The real question is what is motivating him in 2022?

    Tychicus – the Clinton family has been investigated far more than the Trump family and yet they keep coming up with nothing. The “whataboutism” cited by Trump supporters is getting old – he obviously broke the law here, he kept documents he was not supposed to, he was asked to return them and he failed to return them. It’s fairly simple – we don’t need to point at others, this is simple stupidity on Trump’s part. And really easy to prove – documents are in Mar a Lago, he’s guilty. Unless he has something to hide, he should have complied with the National Archives and given back the documents like any other ex-President has done.

    My 2016 prediction was near perfect and based on the polls compiled by RCP and five-thrity-eight. The polls predicted the outcome quite well. And yes, America had the largest turnout ever; Trump did motivate people to vote. The turnout was also expected to be high. The difference between registered and likely voters cited by some Republican pollsters turned out to be negligible. The vote wasn’t for Biden; it was against Trump. The Democrats could’ve run anyone and still won. He may be popular but he is even more unpopular with others. If the Democrats succeed in making registered voters likely voters again using Roe vs Wade as motivation, we will see a large turnout once again and a result which Republicans will protest. Stop motivating Democrats and the Republican party will win again.


  20. Former Clinton campaign lawyer Marc Elias stopped just short of admitting as much, gleefully claiming that the FBI raid alone could disqualify Trump from running again in 2024, citing U.S. Code Title 18, Section 2071. Elias also expressed optimism that legal challenges would prevent Trump from winning again, because “the idea that a candidate would have to litigate this is during a campaign is in my view a blockbuster in American politics.” Another obvious possibility if that the January 6 committee really hasn’t turned up anything, and this is another effort to find *anything* that could help them spin their false narrative.

    Not about law and order … it’s all politics as usual with the socialist Democrats


  21. Interesting challenge;

    “Donald Trump, you have a copy of the warrant. It explains what they were looking for, what statutes they think were violated, and what judge signed off on that. Release the warrant. You called on [Barack] Obama to release the birth certificate and all sorts of nonsense. If you believe this is such an abuse, let us see the warrant and let us decide for ourselves.”

    Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell, a member of the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees, pushed a similar line soon after. “Donald Trump has a copy of the search warrant,” the California congressman said via Twitter. “He’d show us the warrant if he were so wronged. Show it or shut it.”



  22. I’m a socailist, the Democrats definitely are not. Marc Elias can speculate but it doesn’t take away the fact Trump committed an offense. He kept 15 boxes of documents and did not return them when requested. He flouted the law and has been called on it. He’s being held responsible.


  23. Solar Pancake, nice to see you. I thought of you a few days ago, wondering if you were still lurking around here.

    HRW, enjoy your trip!

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  24. I don’t believe most Democrat “elites” want socialism for themselves but just for the citizens they rule over while they live like kings. They want citizens to totally rely upon the government for food, healthcare, housing, clothing, gender identification, abortion, special “rights”, etc. all the while taxing the citizenry to death.
    Ronal Reagan : The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.

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  25. Thanks, I’m looking forward to seeing my girl.

    Please don’t have it all figured out. One of the guilty pleasures of being Canadian is the front row seat and the ability to feel smug and self righteousness. But yes keep the muskets down and unloaded.

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  26. HRW: Contrary to your claim, and regardless of your ensuing civics lesson, Trump didn’t appoint Bruce Reinhart.

    dj, Kevin B, thanks for saying hi! I definitely do lurk here when I can. I appreciate y’all’s input and AJ’s plentiful links.


  27. He’s a magistrate judge, appointed by a collection of district judges. But the *real* question is what possible point would there be to be made if Trump *had* appointed him?


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