30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-8-22

  1. Good Monday morning! What a unique capture of a butterfly in the header. Beautiful.

    It’s 72° and will be mid 80’s for the high. It almost feels like fall outside. I saw the buds forming on goldenrod.

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  2. Thankful for the cooler weather here still. We are having daily thunderstorms which is the tradeoff. Even so, it still seems odd that we are having milder temps than some in the northern states.

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  3. As you know, Mr. P has a sister in PA. Bethlehem to be exact. He went to see her in July as she had been diagnosed with cancer. She wasn’t doing well last week and he awake to a message from his niece that she had a massive stroke last night. Hospice was mentioned. Please pray for all involved and that they will all be a peace.

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  4. Morning. Praying for your family Kim❣️

    It is 56 degrees. We had a thunderstorm move through late last night accompanied with amazing lighting displays. The air is crisp and fresh this morning.

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  5. Oh, I’m so sorry Kim. Prayers. How’s Mr. P doing? Were they close?

    I made a lab appointment for the MRSA test, the last pre-op thing I had to take care of; couldn’t do it until Wednesday and there was no box to check off for that, so I just checked “lab work” — I have the order from my GP to give them.

    Otherwise, without an appointment, you have to go over there and just wait. I may try to also call them to clarify what my visit is for, doesn’t seem like “lab work” really, but couldn’t see ay other category that really would fit.

    I still need to get the handicapped placard also this week.

    They do not make getting surgery easy.

    I think the hall closet is done being reorganized. Lots of random stuff in there, most of it getting given away or thrown away.


    “Summer” has finally found us with higher temps (80 on the coast) but also higher humidity (50%) which we are not used to here. I’m hoping it won’t be too hot during my “recovery” weeks, but that will be during our usual hottest weather, late August. I may have to buy a couple more fans.

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  6. (There is no longer any “random” stuff in the hall closet, just towels and a few necessary things like the extra toothbrush heads, as long as I don’t forget they’re there.)

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  7. I think when they have to look for MRSA that it would involve a lab analysis. That was what Art had when he was in the hospital for about a week.

    I saw something that said Emory Hospital was the number one in Georgia, and the smaller affiliate I will be at is number two. We are blessed to be where we are for medical situations. Three miles from one and maybe seven miles to the other.

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  8. I have way too much random stuff in my closets although some has definitely been cleared out. For one thing, everytime we deal with surgeries, we are always sent home with many medical supplies. Sad to say, I still have adult diapers from Art’s last kidney stone procedure. Why get rid of them when we expect we will make use of them in the future?😟

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  9. Yes, it probably would fall under lab (the MRSA test).

    I really just want this surgery to be over with, I’m finding it very hard to concentrate today on all I have to do for work this week and to keep getting this house ready while planning the still-needed errands run.

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  10. Give yourself plenty of grace, dj. You have never done this before. You seem to be doing everything in an orderly manner as the Bible instructs is God’s example.

    I think if you maybe plan in circles of activity that at first will be small areas that will be expanding as you are able to do more, that might help. You don’t have to have it perfectly arranged, except for the main items of necessity in small areas when you first get home. If you need your bed closer to the bathroom, move it closer for this special time, etc.


  11. Somehow all my text messages have disappeared again. This is not fun. I don’t even know if any were important except for my Bible study group prayer requests. I guess I just have to accept this as my new norm. No more text clutter😀😟😀


  12. Thanks, Janice, good advice. I am trying to think that way, what things will I need or want to be handy without having to hunt and peck and walk too far? (I have some baskets to hold books, for example.

    So I’d forgotten the hospital offers a pre-surgery class for after-care from knee replacement, I called to register for that and they said it’s very simple now as it’s all on YouTube, so she’s sending me the link. It’s taught by physical therapists who will take you through what you need to know; not sure how they’d address questions if they come up.

    Either way, that’ll be helpful, I’m quite sure.

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  13. Yes, dj. I thought they would have something like that. Actually on Sunday we discussed such things in Sunday school. We have a retired PT and another person in training along those lines. The Sunday school teacher posed the question, did you ever have to learn to walk. One lady participant had foot surgery with a metal arch installed, maybe as a teen, and she had to learn to walk. The comments were interesting. And the Sunday school teacher had an accident and messed up his arm so he is now having to learn to throw a ball after years of having played baseball, etc.

    We were in Ephesians and I think the point was about learning our spiritual walk as Christians.


  14. One text I lost was a photo from Wes of his old food processor that had to be replaced. He had described it as a really old-fashioned kind with a large bowl and only blades (no discs). He had gotten it as a castaway from the dorms at Covenant when he worked facilities (cleanup after students departed for the summer).

    I laughed upon realization that it was a blender and not a food processor😀🤣

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  15. DJ – Here’s another “it’s all relative” thing – You said that 50% humidity is high for your area. But here, I am glad when the humidity gets down to 50%. 🙂

    Janice – That is great that you have those hospitals so close. We have been blessed to have one which is about 15 minutes away, on the road going out of town, but still in Stafford. Sadly, they are winding things down there. They will still have the ER, but people will be sent to a hospital in Hartford once stabilized. I don’t know if they’ve started that part yet, but they have already stopped handling labor and delivery. 😦

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  16. A post from a fellow church member about Vin Scully:

    ~ The great voice of Dodger Baseball, Vin Scully.

    When he called a game sometimes you never knew who he was announcing for; he was fair with all his words, he was unbiased and called it as he saw it! He had information on players that made you understand their background, even their families. Vin Scully was great at his craft, and he put time and effort into his job and responsibilities as an announcer of Baseball. We in Los Angeles were privileged to have him as our Dodger. He indeed will be missed, but not forgotten. ~

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  17. Last fall I asked you to pray for Isaac, 17, the oldest son of some friends. He’d had a brain aneurysm burst and was hospitalized for some time. I think the last report I gave was that he was home and was able to make it from the driveway to the living room with a walker.

    I mentioned a week or two back that we had just been down to Dayton/Cincinnati and visited some friends who had moved down there a few years ago. I did not until now connect that I had asked you to pray for them last fall – they are Isaac’s family.

    Isaac is doing very well and looks great. He seems to have no residual disability, and completed his senior year with flying colors. So thank you again for praying for him back when.

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  18. It’s 81 here (at about 3:20 p.m.), but the 55% humidity is making it “feel warmer,” like 84. So says my phone.

    Still, there’s a nice cool breeze coming through the south windows so it’s not too bad today.

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  19. That’s great, Kevin. We need all the encouragement we can get these days about answered prayers!

    I had not seen dj’s weather post when I posted my weather report at about the same time. I check it before I get out for my daily walk and listen (still Bonhoffer and still amazed).


  20. Thankful for the good report concerning Isaac!! Thanks for the update Kevin.

    It has felt a bit “fallish” here today! 🍂 🎃


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