29 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-4-22

  1. Good morning! 71° to start the day here and will go up to 88°

    The news said that social activities and friendship can ward off Alzheimers. That’s great news!

    In other news, Art is having his consult with the surgeon. I wanted to go but with Covid rampant, I stayed home.

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  2. 56 here, feeling like 56. Supposed to reach 83 today and we are enjoying it as it should be heading back into the high nineties in a few days.

    Husband and children off to town today for speech so I will be watering and weeding and mowing here. Expecting a twenty one year old to drop by today. It is his birthday. He is headed out on deployment again. Hopefully he has his ducks in order this time. So he wants to leave a few belongings here for the duration.

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  3. It was 65 in the house when I got up. The high predicted is 75. Unfortunately, it is going to get hotter and more humid in the next few days. Perfectly normal this time of year, however.

    We are picking up our daughter at the airport today. She will be here for a long weekend. Her husband will fly in tonight and the rest of the troops will come tomorrow. Her husband will be flying in from Alaska, and she comes from Tennessee, thus the different flights.

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  4. The bedding firm Casper is looking to hire ‘Power Nappers’ for a month to test out their products and post on social media. I think the pay is 25/hour. The nappers need to be able to sleep in public.😴

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  5. Art got home. The surgeon said to do his colonoscopy first in Sept. and then schedule kidney stone surgery. I was surprised he did not do a new image since the last was done before Jan. I think surgical staffs are stretched to the limits so delays must be the norm at least around here. At least Art seems to have no pain from the stone sitting in there.

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  6. Morning all. What a sweet goldfinch up there! We have them visiting us along with oh so many different species. Baby bluebirds are in the birdhouse by the dog’s graves. Such a sweet sound when Mom and Dad are feeding them.

    It is a cool morning with a slight breeze and I have the windows open as I listen to the chirping birdies.

    Food in the crock pot and preparing side dishes for my cousin and her husband’s visit for dinner tonight. I think the house is just going to have to be clean enough at this point 😊

    I have a last minute doctor’s appt this afternoon which is putting me in stress mode. I described my symptoms to the nurse yesterday and doc wants to see me asap which is this afternoon. Praying this is nothing but knowing it is something….ugh

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  7. so I dropped by my daughters yesterday and stayed for dinner. It was so nice to catch up and hear about their vacation and even some about the rest of the family.

    I did this funny thing. Last year I got a new air conditioning unit last year and they put in a new thermostat. So I went by their office as I wanted instructions on how to use the thermostat. So I had to wait a bit and then tell them it was probably in the property managers name. They wanted to find my paperwork. Turns out it was in a pile on the counter. Finally they came to talk to me. Turns out the final inspection was never done and I need to either get a new permit or an extension. Not sure who would have been responsible for this. So I am supposed to call the county and check on it. God’s plans. the permit had expired

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  8. Prayers, Nancyjill

    I’m back from the CT knee scan which took about 10 minutes — but the entire ordeal involved wandering all over one of our biggest local hospital campuses to check in at 7 a.m.

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  9. Colonoscopy will be worse than the kidney stone removal for Art, is my guess. 🙂

    I just have one more medical thing to do for pre-op and then (I think) I’m done — just a MRSA nasal swab test which I can get done at our local lab.

    This, so far, has been quite the ordeal just doing all the surgery prep appointments.

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  10. What’s for lunch or dinner? I am trying to figure that out. Maybe personal size pizzas with lots of veggies on them. I have three small Mama Mary crusts. Need to make my own.


  11. Janice, I enjoyed reading the article you linked yesterday about Milo Hamilton and the Atlanta Braves. I guess many cities have beloved radio baseball announcers, especially for those of us who grew up listening to the games. Here in Southeast Michigan it was Ernie Harwell, who called the play for the Tigers for 30 years. The other day I told Mrs. B, who grew up here, “My Ernie Harwell died”, meaning Vin Scully. She understood what that meant to me.

    It was interesting to me that the article on Milo Hamilton mentioned his call of Hank Aaron’s record home run in 1974. It happens that Aaron set that record in a game against the Dodgers, so Vin Scully also called that home run, and articles about his passing mention it too.

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  12. Kevin, that’s a cool little fact about Aaron’s record home run being against the Dodgers.

    I enjoyed that article, too, Janice. And it also made me think, as it did Kevin, that these announcers become loved and embraced on their own merit by fans through the years.

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  13. Okay, I am a little angry and trying to decide what to do about it. I went to the county to find out about the permit. The lady was very kind and after waiting around they extended the permit for two weeks and I will get my inspection tomorrow.
    But the county gal was a little puzzled and said that she thought that the ac folks should have taken care of it as the permit was in their name.
    Then I went to see my property manager so she would know what happened. She got a copy of the contract where it says that included in the whole thing was the county permit.

    So basically they didn’t do their job and now needed to pay the county late fees and take care of it. The guy that I spoke to should have been apologizing to me. Instead he said that if I gave the county a sob story about being out of town they might just take care of me for free.

    So he used me to avoid the fees that they owed without a word of apology. To top it off their truck is here now as they are working on the church.

    Part of me wants to go tell them that I do not like to be scammed. I could tell the way the gal in the office did not want to look at me. I want to ask them to write me a personal check in the amount of the late fees. Then cash it and give it to the church.

    But I will wait a bit to give God time to give me His plan.

    Any ideas???

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  14. Jo, just think, WWJD?😀 If you think it would make them think twice before doing it to someone else, then probably worth the trouble. One thing you can do is to write a review of the business and post your experience because people do read reviews when deciding which business to use.


  15. You spoke with the owner? Is there a church connection? Are we talking about a lot of money? What is your ultimate goal? Who wins in this–Jesus or Satan?


  16. That makes me wonder if those baseball announcers had time to get to know each other when visiting each other’s cities, maybe going out for a beer or a coffee after the game. Were Harwell, Hamilton, and Scully friends?

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  17. That is sooo cool, Kevin. Thank you for bringing that voice in! I needed that today! Isn’t Milo something? All those years we listened to that voice! So thankful my Dad loved baseball.


  18. Also one of the people who worked for Art had one of Aaron’s cars which we got to ride in. That was cool, too. That was the lady retired from Delta who always wanted to be the driver when we went to lunch. She had a stroke.😥

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  19. The church connection is they are here working for the church today.

    I spoke to the boss or the owner. I want to at least challenge his conscience to look at what he is doing because it is not right.

    I don’t need reimbursement or anything, but he needs to be held accountable for his lack of accountability.

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  20. Today was twenty one’s birthday. I told him now he is old enough to drink and old enough to know he shouldn’t. He came by to leave a bunch of stuff prior to deployment.

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