23 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-2-22

  1. Good morning! It’s time to be up and at ’em.

    The weather lady said we’d be near 90° today. Is this August in Georgia?

    I often find myself making critiques of the ladies’ dresses worn on Fox news Atlanta. One dress I really don’t like has a wide diagonal navy blue stripe on a otherwise white dress. The stripe runs from the shoulder/sleeve on one side to the hip on the other side. I’ve told Art it makes me think it should say “Homecoming Queen.” I don’t think he much cares about the dresses they wear😀

    I think Chas would comment about this though. He always commented about the distance between the commentators and such.

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  2. We get stray cows through once in a while. We also see a stray horse trotting down the road once in a while.

    I think there should be a word ‘awhile.’ Every time I try to write that, I am corrected. Hey, it’s my truth.

    We are starting another time of hot weather. Right now feels great, since we are in the sixties. That will change shortly. I love cool nights.

    Many of my children and grandchildren will be coming for the weekend. My husband’s side of the family decided to do a family reunion. It should be a crazy time, but I will enjoy as much as possible. These times are way too short.

    My husband plays music tonight for a National Night Out, which means we will, once again, not get to our own community’s night out. We have never made that one. Then he plays tomorrow and Thursday. No wonder it is difficult to get things done at home! It’s all good, though. Our daughter will fly in on Thursday and then come to watch at an assisted living place. I am sure she will be asked to sing, but she said she doesn’t have her voice back yet.

    I baked some cookies last night. I almost never do only one batch of cookies. I agree with my mom, that if you are going to dirty dishes, why not go all out? I didn’t have time to bake more. It was the original Toll House recipe, and I noticed it was supposed to make 100 cookies. I made fifty using my small cookie scoop. It is a good thing I have other baked goods in the freezer. Have you noticed how our portion sizes of cookies has gone up and up? Now people think it is normal to eat huge cookies etc. I appreciate one woman who always brings small bars or cookies to the music jam. That way, one can sample more than one thing or just have a small taste. Helpful for those with diabetes or weight issues, too.

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  3. I often wonder why the women on news shows wear whatever color/style of dress and all the men have dark suits with white shirt and tie. Why don’t the women wear a light colored blouse and dark blazer to match the men? Equality, you know. Or do I mean equity?

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  4. Morning all. That critter up there seems to be up to no good!

    Chas loved the pretty ladies on Fox but Elvera loved to shop for clothes….he probably would have enjoyed commenting on that dress Janice! 😊

    The dogs are in time out. They ran down to the road to “greet” a couple and their dog. They didn’t listen to “come” when called….bad ol’ dogs!

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  5. kathaleena – I think there should be a word ‘awhile.’

    There is. It’s an adverb meaning for a short period of time: “Stay awhile”. You used it as a noun phrase, that’s why it gets corrected.

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  6. Based on that photo, is it February 2?

    Please tell me it is.

    I’m sure the women on all TV shows have fashion consultants who tell them precisely what to wear and how. I’ve had some media training and it’s part of the package.

    The days are just packed out here–to quote Calvin and Hobbs.

    I’d be interested in your thoughts on today’s blog post: “Sarcasm and Cynicism in the Christian Life.”

    I know several friends will not like it–but a good argument should be interesting. 🙂


    Off to talk more about prophecy in Zechariah and then to work.

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  7. okay, what is the critter up there? a groundhog??

    I just sent a facebook message to a friend, okay maybe she won’t be my friend anymore. She was the only one I knew who could maybe register a complaint that after 18 years we are told our email address will be ended in 30 days. So much stress. My friend is on the executive committee of the organization so should be able to talk to someone.

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  8. I’ve decided that having surgery is pretty much a full-time occupation during the weeks leading up to the main event. Now I need to get paperwork over the physical therapy office (luckily it’s very close to home) and I just had to sit on hold for some time to confirm Thursday’s early morning CT scan at the hospital.

    Tomorrow morning is my GP’s pre-op appointment.

    I was thinking that with Carol, she’d always end up in ER and they’d just wheel her into one surgery or another from there, no fuss. I should have gone that route.

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  9. But yes, sarcasm and cynicism, especially when directed at individuals (I appreciate well-done satire, though) can be cruel and should not be part of a Christian’s discourse.

    I also read a good piece last night on how Christians might focus more on newly embracing what was called equanimity.


    ~ I love the old word equanimity. It’s almost fallen out of use today. Perhaps that’s because, in part, the reality has become increasingly rare. Equanimity is a term for composure, for emotional calmness and presence of mind, particularly in trying circumstances.

    We’re living in times that condition us to overreact and explode, in a society that rewards outrage and outbursts. It’s never been easy for sinners to keep even tempers in trial, but present distresses summon us afresh to learn composure under pressure, how to “hold our peace” when the moment requires it, and give release to emotion in its proper time and place. Our families and churches and communities need leaders who have learned to keep their heads when others are losing theirs, to not lose control in anger or self-pity but keep a sober mind, and be, like our God, “slow to anger” (Exodus 34:6).

    We need to bring equanimity back. … ~

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  10. And the precursor article to that was this one:


    A Strange and Holy Calm
    Holding Our Peace in an Age of Outbursts

    ~ … In a day when outbursts of emotion are not only accepted, but respected, and encouraged, it can be more difficult to raise men who learn to righteously “hold their peace.” It’s a curious phrase at key junctures in the history of God’s people. Some outburst of rage, or rash expression of anger or retaliation, is expected, yet a man of God, we’re told, “held his peace.” … ~


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  11. I have been engaging again with Paypal about Penneys after my dispute resolution for refund was denied by Paypal after Penneys said I had received the refund of 68.03. I received one refund on Visa but not the other that should have processed through Paypal for the duplicate sending of two wrong pans and my return of both. I have been praying for patience in the matter. No outburst but have with my most recent communication threatened to never use Paypal or Penney’s again. Does that qualify as an outburst?

    Ladies’ Bible study was good as usual this morning. Such mature Christians I am blessed to glean from.

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  12. I felt like I was dwelling in that land of calm during my mri. My brain get being bombarded with outbursts of noise and I remained calm and continued to pray. Though it was hard to remember what I was praying fo.

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  13. Paypal has now reopened my case. My accomplishment for today. But I should not even have to be in this battle. Lesson learned: Simplify, don’t pay through a third party for convenience.

    Our ladies’ group will next use the Bible study workbook by Cynthia Heald, Becoming a Woman of Simplicity. Earlier I walked out the door and the Amazon Prime driver pulled up, and I got the book through his window. After he left, in about five seconds, he had pulled into my nextdoor neighbor’s driveway. My long street could have exclusive claim to one driver😀

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  14. MRI’s are very loud. And if you’re like me with what was being scanned (I had one for neck issues some years ago), you can’t wear those noise canceling headphones that would help. I prayed, too, and went over verses I’d memorized. Got through it.

    So I’m finally set up for the first PT appointment post-surgery, on 8/23.

    I’m actually looking forward to that, when the surgery will be behind me and I can get onto the road to recovery.

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  15. When Nightingale thought she had found a place for Janie to stay while they would be on vacation in South Carolina, I had to open a PayPal account to pay for it. After having my money refunded by the place (since they were mistaken about having an opening 😦 ), I went back into the account and deleted my card info. I kept the account in case I might ever need it again, but I did not want my card and bank info sitting there.

    Speaking of Nightingale, she is planning a backpacking trip to hike part of the Appalachian Trail in Virginia on Labor Day weekend. Although she usually works Mondays, she got that day off, so she could make it a long weekend. She will be staying at a bed and breakfast on Friday night (before she begins) and on Monday night (when she loops back around), but for Saturday and Sunday nights, she will camp out on the trail. She told me that there are designated places to do so.

    That young woman sure is adventuresome! Makes me nervous, though, whenever she does stuff like this alone, like when she hiked Mount Washington and camped out there alone last Labor Day weekend. You know that I will be asking prayer for her when the time comes. 🙂

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  16. Sad news:

    Vin Scully, the voice of Dodgers baseball games for 67 summers in Brooklyn and then Los Angeles, has died at 94.

    The team has had many great players since World War II, but it was Mr. Scully, a gifted storyteller and a master of the graceful phrase, who became the enduring face of the franchise.

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  17. So this gal in south America said that she wanted my flat. I emailed the director’s office to tell them and they sent an email to both of us saying that they needed to hear from her that she was accepting the gift. Then nothing.
    So this morning I sent her the email and said that they just needed to hear from her.
    She responded with a resounding yes and said that the other email had gone into spam. Within a half an hour I got an email from the director’s office saying great she would get the paperwork started and what did we want for the transfer date. She would put down August 1 unless we said something else. So I emailed and said that I was willing to do August or Sept. I know she is not due back until November. So it will be one or the other.

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