50 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-30-22

  1. Morning and Happy Birthday Debra!! We celebrate our Lord’s beautiful gift of YOU this day and every day!! ♥️ 🎂

    It is in the 40’s this morning and a low is fog rolling through this forest! Autumn cannot be that far away… 🍂

    Not a busy weekend thankfully as this coming week seems to have been filled quickly! Hope you all have a very blessed and restful day!

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  2. We had a violent thunderstorm in the night. Thankfully Miss Bosley was asleep on my calves because at one point she awakened in a terror and dug her claws into my leg to get traction for her flight. Glad she was no where near my face!
    We can expect daily rain and possible storms for a week😳

    I did pray a lot for dj when I was awake in the night.

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  3. Going well with little girl. Today we will drive up for the end of the race. It looks like her grandpa did not ride. They have a health screen that you have to pass and it was 102 up there yesterday. My daughter in law is doing well and will stay here with me tonight before driving back up to Portland.

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  4. Good morning, all. One more day of the reunion and then we head home tomorrow. It has been fun. Took some cousins out to the trail where we helped them gather a gallon of huckleberries, which were served up at the potluck. Delicious. Not a surprise as many of them did not make it to the bag. It appears young grandson over indulged.

    Another cousin, another bike injury but this one was not as bad. Same place, the cousin was walking his bike but still wiped out.

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  5. The other day we had an internet outage here in pretty much the whole town. So I checked my campus email and had notices from IT about the outage. Don’t they know that if the internet is down the email doesn’t go through? I suppose if I were on campus there would be intranet access, but those of us off campus can’t access that.

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  6. Yum, mumsee. We have been picking blueberries and look so forward to having them this winter. I have found they are quite good on a graham cracker crust with a layer of lemon curd and blueberries scatter throughout. I had this at a restaurant and now make it at home when a certain friend will be visiting.

    Happy birthday, Debra! I hope you have many new blessings this new year of life.

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  7. Happy Birthday Debra!

    Thank you for the prayers, Janice. Feeling discouraged and anxious about the upcoming surgery (which now surgeon said *could* involve more of the knee than originally thought, something I really didn’t want to hear).

    Missing my dogs, still. 😦

    Knees. I never thought about my knees before …. At least the other one is fine and pain- and problem-free.

    This, too, will pass, I know. 🙂

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  8. Happy birthday, Debra. And to those I may have missed and also anniversaries. I just don’t have the energy to type after work these days. I think this may be my last summer doing summer camp.

    DJ, still praying for you as well. At least one can still pray when so tired. 🙂

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  9. 76° and more cracking and booming dark skies. Sounds like a tremendous bowling alley in the heavens! Lights just flickered. Miss Bosley is in my lap. Lights flickered twice after the first, and now again. I have cabbage cooking, but not for long methinks!

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  10. Poor Miss Bosley.

    Hope the power doesn’t go out, Janice, but I think you’re right, it sounds pretty dicey.

    I’m just puttering today, doing some laundry and picking up, putting out some new moth traps. I should get out to water later but also to wash the inside of my windshield in the Jeep, it’s getting hard to see!

    I think I wound up with this moth infestation because I had to leave the sliding glass door open for long and so often for the dogs (who couldn’t use the doggie door any longer). The moths flying around the patio lights flipped inside and I was sunk.

    So I’ll see how a new round of traps along with the closed door works to get rid of these guys. So annoying.

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  11. I was going through photos on my phone earlier today and came across the one of me and Michelle from something like 2011 or 2012, probably the first time we met. 🙂

    Found another one of me as a teen sitting on my bed with a poster of Steve McQueen (on his motorcycle in The Great Escape) behind me on the wall.

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  12. And I might say that is a beautiful bouquet up there for Debra’s birthday. The rose is an extraordinary color!! (You know if I had been attempting to grow it the deer would have eaten it long before it bloomed to it’s full glory!! 🦌 🎯)

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  13. So I know that I need PT and I went last week and I will go on Tuesday. Then I am going to cancel the rest of the appointments. The lady said that medicare will pray 80% so it makes no sense when i am in the process of signing up to pay full price. I sent off the form to my employer and am hoping it will not take long to do.

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  14. I am on day 4 of my 8 day work run. I was off last run due to getting covid. I am so happy to not be coughing any more.

    Miguel went to take care of his mother while his sister went to North Carolina to see her son. Trey went to church camp, so had a few days by myself. Today was the 1st day we were all home at the same time, so was happy to visit about all of our adventures. Our grandson is here visiting for a week.

    We, too, have been enjoying some rain. My garden looks fantastic!

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  15. I bought the flowers for Cheryl. She’s such a good wife. 🙂

    Can anyone tell me what the thistly looking blue stars things are?

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  16. Thank you for all the Happy Birthday wishes! It was a very good day overall! I guess it will always be a little bittersweet from now on since my brother died last year on my birthday. The older I get the more I am conscious of what a gift my family and church family and friends are. And the more turbulent the world seems, the more I value the inner peace that surpasses all understanding.

    Those are gorgeous flowers, AJ! Cheryl is indeed blessed.

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  17. When we had the inurnment for my mother, the priest said to each take a flower, since if we left them there, they would end up as deer food. I am so happy with how my cedar is looking. The deer have better food elsewhere right now.

    Our church is joining with another one for an outdoor service and potluck. We will not be there, since we have a funeral in another town and the timing doesn’t work out. Too many funerals lately. This gentleman had Alzheimer’s, so it is bittersweet. He loved the Lord.

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  18. Another great Sunday school and service today. I have not missed a Sunday since I began. The mask really cramps my style though.

    My friend, K, surprised me a week or so ago by sending me a mini-Kerig and a three pack of Twinings teas (Green, English Breakfast, and Earl Grey). When the big box came, it was totally unexpected. The gift card was marked only From: Surprise. This was about a day or two after I had declined the Amazon invite to do product reviews. My first thought was it was related to that. I decided I would ask K because the Kerig and the K-cups were both in large gift bags like a bag K once sent a DVD in as a gift. She did admit it was from her when I asked. I am having my first cup (green tea) from it this afternoon as a Sunday treat. That was a very kind thing for her to do.

    Suggestions of best coffee at reasonable prices for the Kerig?

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  19. I had a Keurig for a long time, it works well for someone like me. But at some point I went back to a regular coffee machine so buy the bag coffee again now. I’m not a big coffee drinker but sometimes need an extra energy push.

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  20. DJ, Mr. P has two new knees they did them 6 months apart. He is doing very well with them.I was surprised they sent him home with me that afternoon. I would hope since you live alone the they keep you overnight.
    When the second knee replacement was done last May, he had a hematoma break loose and blood went all down his leg. The doctor called to check on him about that time and they discussed it. I was sent to Was-Mart to buy bandages and he sat in the bathroom in a chair with his leg propped up and redressed it himself. I would NOT suggest that for you (this was the afternoon of the surgery). I was not calm about it but he and the doctor were. Please don’t let me scare you…he was never in any danger.

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  21. Aj when I purchased flowers from a hippie flower van at the vintage market soirée the vendor asked me if I want thistle in the bouquet…and that is exactly what he put in there! Not certain what the official name is but that is what the hippie florist called it! 😂

    Janice I don’t know of any “reasonable” priced coffee is anymore. I am in sticker shock over prices of coffee. I purchase Peets and Starbucks Sumatra pods at Sam’s. Each are about 40 dollars for a box of 72 and 75. That is the cheapest I have found and they have a nice flavor to them. Green mountain may be cheaper but so is the ground. Sam’s brand of pods is about 10 cheaper per box but the flavor isn’t as satisfying to us as the other. If you buy a refillable pod you can fill it with your preferred grounds of whatever brand be it coffee or tea….we do that from time to time.

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  22. Yes, you can do what Kim said — there’s a little plastic cup you can get (or maybe comes with the Keurig machines now?) and you can buy a bag or can of regular ground coffee and use that.

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  23. I had an interesting conversation with my non-believing neighbors (in their 70s). Talking about some of the cultural issues now, she was much more disturbed by interracial marriage (as seen more on TV these days) than she was gay marriage.

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  24. Thanks to all on the advice about K-cups. I am also wondering about their shelf life. I am not drinking much coffee now, and I think filling my own little cup makes the most sense, especially if those K-cups don’t stay fresh for a long time.


  25. I have some of the COVID symptoms now, especially the 100+ fever. I waiting to get a test from our doctor friend. I rarely get sick, so this caught me by surprise.

    I’m reminded of this old Smothers Brothers song.

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  26. Feel better, Peter. Was it Dr. Oz I saw who said this latest variant is super-contagious. Go to a restaurant and take your mask down just briefly to eat, and you’ll get it, he said.

    Smothers Brothers — funny (and appropriate) song, there. 🙂

    I remember how controversial they became during Vietnam.

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  27. I cleared another couple dog beds out of the house today — these were less used than the ones that went out last week, but I need to get big things taking up floor space out-out-out for the upcoming knee drama.

    When I get another dog — at least several months away now with everything else on my plate — he/she will get a new bed all his/her own. Already having pronoun issues with the future dog. …

    (The cat liked the one big dog bed in the living room but she doesn’t need anything “that” big. I’ll get her a new little cat bed as her little one is a bit scrappy now after 2-3 years since it’s been here).

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  28. Having a time of rest after church. Yesterday’s drive to watch the end of the Agony and to return the little girl was over two hours each way. On the way home I stopped in Truckee to get a coke to stay awake. My daughter in law spent the night and we had some time to talk. My son forgot to send my suitcase, but that is the way with him. I don’t really need it yet. She said that folks do not show up for work so he does their jobs on top of his and gets home around 4 am. So he mans the gate and cleans the plane

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  29. Thank you for your prayers. The test was positve, so isolation here we come. Don’t worry, I can’t infect anyone over the internet.

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  30. Home again and found a small herd of cows and their calves in the tree pasture. About six cows and four calves. Drove them out and off the property. They came back down to the willows (on the property but outside the deer fence) where the rest of the herd had settled and that is fine with me. It is cooler there and they can eat down that grass for me. It is about one hundred here. Espn was happy to see us.

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  31. Prayers, Peter.

    I just cleared out the dogs’ First Aid/Medical box. My, they were on a lot of meds, no wonder I was overwhelmed so often about all the dosages, not to mention how best to get each dog to take a pill. Sheesh. But they did their job in keeping them comfortable during their old age.

    I got all the labels off and have bagged the bottles w/left-over pills to drop off at a center (looks like most of our pharmacies accept old meds for disposal). They all have veterinary-use tops on them.

    So now I have a rather large metal First Aid box I can use, for now, for the growing paperwork for the upcoming knee surgery.

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