11 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-30-22

  1. @#$% off China.

    She’s a stooge and an idiot, but she’s our stooge and idiot.

    Now she pretty much has to go.

    “Chinese pundit suggests shooting down Pelosi’s plane ahead of Taiwan trip

    Tensions between the U.S. and China are at an all-time high amid fears the Chinese government is using the Russian invasion of Ukraine as a litmus test for its own operation against Taiwan”



  2. About $6000.00

    That’s what no mean tweets is costing your household.


    “Shock new research for DailyMail.com lays bare brutal toll of inflation under Biden — as we break down why American families are paying a staggering $5,915 more on everyday items
    Item by item, we reveal what consumers are paying right now, and what they SHOULD be paying were it not for 12 months of runaway 9.1% inflation

    Comprehensive analysis by DailyMail.com found the 45 products that were most frequently burning a hole in the pockets of the average urban shopper

    Price rises for gasoline (59.9%) are well known, but many everyday items have jumped: Among them, eggs are up 33.1%, chicken up 18.6% and men’s suits are up 24.9%

    The typical U.S. household $5,915 cost spike is a hefty rise for households on the median income of $67,521

    Families have cut back on everything from Friday-night treats to groceries and travel to make ends meet

    Analysts blame everything from Biden’s spending spree and supply chain snarl-ups to the war in Ukraine and sanctions on Russia roiling global food and energy markets”



    Elections have consequences, and “allegedly” 81 million voters screwed it up.

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  3. Remember the left wing nut that tried to kill Kavanaugh, you know, the one the media stopped talking about immediately after his identity was known?

    Here’s an update.





  4. Hacks.


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  5. ——–

    Wiki has uses, the ones they can’t politically doctor like this. Who was in a movie? What movies were this person in, who owns the land speed record, and the like. Wiki is great for that.

    But politics and culture issues? No.

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  6. I always question anything from the Daily Mail – it’s a British tabloid and they are notorious for walking the line between a legitimate news source and just being fish wrap. Given the price of gas is receding their numbers are already out of date. Once transportation costs decline and the supply chain settles its issues, competition should lower many household expenditures. Strange, a socialist has more faith and understanding in market economics that a right wing rag — actually I’m not surprised most old school labour types have a better grasp of economics than their right wing counterparts. Strange but true socialist gov’ts (ie Nordic model) have a far better fiscal record.

    I look at the Daily Mail infographic — what a strange basket of goods. They listed very specific bus fare and air fare (strange because airfare is far cheaper than it was pre-covid) . Cigarettes, whiskey, beer and wine are in their list (thankfully the price of whiskey hasn’t changed) There’s completely random things like a tennis racquet, algebra textbook, venetian blinds, etc. Not a very legitimate list. Not a very legitiamte estimate.

    And again, I’m surprised the small gov’t types of the righ think this is gov’t responsibility and all blame is national. There are market forces and international events beyond the US gov’ts control. For example; food price increases can be linked to the Ukraine war and high gas prices.


  7. I believe Wikipedia has algorithms which automatically lock a page if the editing has increased dramatically. I imagine people were changing the definition back and forth and the algorithm kicked in. Wikipedia can’t afford to have actual people monitor the pages and then decide the political leanings of a page. As for the definition of definition, that’s probably always been locked.

    Since this explosion of trans issues in the last decade, I’ve come to view trans as a product of three different things — 1) the product of real homronal inbalance (rare) 2) an attempt by those on the spectrum to understand puberty — as asocial children, puberty is very difficult for them and retreating into non-binary or trans helps them; the effect may be temporary 3) an attempt to cope with traumatic events or mental health issues. Childhood sexual abuse can often trigger a hatred for one’s own gender or sexuality. Its also important trans itself is not a mental disorder but rather a symptom – being trans helps one cope. Finally we have the bandwagon effect — people saying they are non-binary or trans simply because they read it on the internet; this isn’t much different than those who follow Qnon. Once you go down a rabbit hole, it can get weird.

    The planned attack on Kavaugh was probably done by someone in the third category with a little push from the band wagon effect. Its unfortunate for those who are truly trans thats the mentally ill and band wagon followers are making it difficult for them to get the help they need.

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  8. Apparently, Florida will allow veterans without qualifications to teach in public schools. I wonder if they will allow veterans to become lawyers without qualifications? Pretty much an insult to teaching professionalism – no wonder there’s a teacher shortage in Florida. Apparently veterans have qualities that students need – structure and discipline. Pretty much sums up the right wing vision of education. School isn’t a place of inquiry and learning but a place to regiment our children so they will be complaint workers in a low paying job afraid to challenge their status quo.


  9. Corporations will spend a record $1 trillion dollars on stock buy backs, enriching the CEO and shareholders. This is a trillion dollars removed from the economy into offshore accounts, etc. A trillion dollars that could have been used to increase wages, mitigate inflation and reinvest in the company for long term growth and stability. Instead, it’s a one time bonus for the elite. Stock buybacks became legal in 1982 under the Reagain administration. And its been legal ever since – no matter the administration, proving there’s never been single socialist in any administration.


  10. Gee HRW if things are so bad with these CEO’s, then why didn’t Dems change the rules and laws that allow their pilfering?

    They control all 3 branches, and yet never addressed this.


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