47 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-23-22

  1. Good morning, all. Finished reading in Acts this morning and now watching the hummingbirds at the feeders. We have two feeders within a couple of feet of each other. At least five hummers are breakfasting together but they all eat at one feeder. Now and then one will hop over to the other, and then they all have to switch. And then back again. Must be filling up before the heat of the day. Moon is still up and sun not yet risen but light enough to be busy busy

    As for me, a beautiful day for a drive so I am off to Moscow for the day.

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  2. Our WIFI device won’t work, so I haven’t been on the computer at all. Hopefully, we can get it in soon and find out what is going on.

    Always fun to watch the hummingbirds.

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  3. Morning all. It will be a hot one today then rain and 70’s tomorrow and the coming week. Hoping to feel a hint of autumn in the air soon. The summer flowers are looking a bit pekid and spindly but we keep watering and pinching them back.

    The hummingbirds are out at our feeder this morning. Husband refilled them and they are enjoying fresh nectar. They certainly let you know when they need their food by flying in your face!

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  4. Better hummingbirds than the bird of paradise, NJ!

    It is 77° here and will be in the 80°s with scattered thunderstorms. Thankful. The weather guy said there could be a rain delay for the ballgame.

    All the rain has increased the mosquito population. When I go outside I have to keep moving! I walked in the driveway at 6:30 yesterday and finished listening to the book Mumsee recommended, None Greater, about the attributes of God. It is rich with things to consider about God. The audiobook placed the glossary at the end, but it sounded like in the hard copy that the glossary was up front. It used a lot of terms I was unfamiliar with.

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  5. Humorous exchange between Nightingale and me:

    Nightingale (tacking up a fly strip): “Mine doesn’t look as good as the one you put up.”

    Me: “That’s because I twirled it as I pulled it out. It helps to read the directions.”

    Nightingale: “I read the part that said to read the directions before using, then stopped. Somebody’s gotta be the man around here!”

    Yup, she takes after her dad.


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  6. From the website:
    “National Moth Week celebrates the beauty, life cycles, and habitats of moths. “Moth-ers” of all ages and abilities are encouraged to learn about, observe, and document moths in their backyards, parks, and neighborhoods. National Moth Week is being held, worldwide, during the last full week of July. NMW offers everyone, everywhere a unique opportunity to become a Citizen Scientist and contribute scientific data about moths. Through partnerships with major online biological data depositories, NMW participants can help map moth distribution and provide needed information on other life history aspects around . . .
    Why moths?

    Moths are among the most diverse and successful organisms on earth.

    Scientists estimate there are 150,000 to more than 500,000 moth species.

    Their colors and patterns are either dazzling or so cryptic that they define camouflage. Shapes and sizes span the gamut from as small as a pinhead to as large as an adult’s hand.

    Most moths are nocturnal, and need to be sought at night to be seen – others fly like butterflies during the day.

    Finding moths can be as simple as leaving a porch light on and checking it after dark. Serious moth aficionados use special lights and baits to attract . . .”

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  7. Thanks, Linda. I have had so many vaccines, but this is the first real reaction. My arm is bright red and swollen. Yesterday I felt like I had a fever. Oh, well, I just keep sleeping.

    So I met this new group of ladies, they were nice. But the Mexican restaurant was not so nice. I told them that I was allergic to onions, but my salad seemed like the meat was drenched in onion powder. I did not eat much.
    Now to continue working on the email as Michelle would say. I only have 3219 emails to delete.

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  8. That’s funny Kizzie. I asked a young worker at Hobby Lobby the other day where an item was. She was so sweet and walked me right to it. I told her I could have done like my husband and walked around for hours to find it but I didn’t have that much time to spare!

    We are seeing sprinkles of rain out there now and the temps have fallen to the 70’s. It was 91 degrees earlier with lots of humidity.

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  9. I read a post on FB tonight that made me chuckle…

    The fact that Head and Shoulders has not made a body wash called Knees andToes really bothers me

    I guess I am easily amused on this quiet Saturday night 😊

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  10. NJ, I would love to wander the whole of a Hobby Lobby. I have never been to one, but recently discovered there is one in Great Falls – might be a road trip in my future.

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  11. Duke (our dog) was so pleased with me and himself last night. He seems to get off his food and stressed when husband gets called out at night. So I made him a little bed beside ours and he was so cute – all excited about being in the bedroom. 🙂

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  12. Good morning, all. We are headed to the family reunion. Takes place every three years since the brothers and sister agreed at their dad’s funeral that the only way they would be able to remain in contact would be a reunion every three years. That was in about ’62 so it has been going on for about sixty years. I remember the first was at Chatcolet, then McCall, followed by Hope. Then it started to move closer to the California folk and has been scattered up and down the western side of the country. Tahoe, Big Bear, Oregon, etc. It has always been well attended though three families have discontinued. We anticipate around one hundred for the week. One of the benefits of having daughter placed is that we can go again.

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  13. Recently, I have made a habit of quoting that scripture that Janice mentioned – “This is the day the Lord has made; [I] will rejoice and be glad in it” – first thing, or close to first thing, every morning.

    At night, as I am going to bed (often already in bed), I have taken to singing the Doxology (“Praise God from Whom all blessings flow. . .”) as an ending to my nightly bedtime prayers.

    Another scripture I would like to pray, for my family, is the Aaronic blessing:

    “The Lord bless you and keep you;
    The Lord make His face shine upon you,
    And be gracious to you;
    The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
    And give you peace.”

    But I wonder if this is appropriate to pray for unbelievers. I can see it from both sides of that question.

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  14. stayed home this morning as just needed to be alone in a quiet place. So nice
    Two more days here then in the missions house for a few months so I can settle and unpack.

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  15. I like those new traditions of yours, Kizzie.

    That reunion sounds fun. Do you camp or rent rooms in the area (or both)?

    I had a cricket riding on my car for a while, but he left.

    Strange dreams last night — Tess was still around and had eaten a whole package of cookies; and then I was caught up in a car chase and the perpetrator started shooting at me but ran out of ammunition.

    I don’t think I was intentionally part of the chase, I was just randomly caught up in it, an innocent driver “in the way.” Stressful.

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  16. just spent multiple days trying to pay my cell phone bill. Nothing worked. Finally found a text that they sent me that sent me to somewhere to pay. I think I put my email address done wrong somewhere. What a headache.


  17. We had a baby shower after church which I did not attend because of my social distancing. I did carry a giant (to me) lattice apple pie from Sam’s that cost right at ten dollars. Sam’s is making a lot more sense for shopping frequently since grocery store prices have risen so much.

    I also had a gift of a dining booster seat. It was on their registry, but after ordering to send it to their home, Walmart canceled the order. My brother enjoys shopping at Walmart so he went to two different ones and found it. He even said he liked the item which is something I rarely hear from him. I was so happy to have it for the shower.

    My brother gets me to order things online since he refuses to have a credit card. I had ordered some spray stone cleaner for him which came in this week, too. So he swapped the baby dining booster chair for the cleaning solution at the office yesterday. Praise God for something that was a win win!

    That father-to-be preached today on the faithfulness of Mary Magdalene. He did such a good job. Being our youth pastor, he started telling of a student who wanted to know what do Christians do (as in how do they live their lives). He followed/read ll)Scriptures to tell how Mary M lived her life. I am amazed at the giftedness of each of the pastors at this church.

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  18. I wandered around Hobby Lobby for over an hour one day this week. The only two things I needed were a small picture frame and one skein of yarn. I spent $65.

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  19. We have a Hobby Lobby in our area now, but I’ve never been. I think they may have opened during the pandemic. I drove by the other day and was sort of surprised to see it. I’ll get over there for the holidays, maybe. I usually rely on Michael’s for crafts.

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  20. (And I don’t buy crafts often). But I did embark on a small project a couple months ago and bought some small tubes of paint at Micheal’s but I haven’t gotten back to “the project.” Hmm. Maybe a project for knee recovery.

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  21. Michael’s is closer than Hobby Lobby so I have been to Michael’s many times in the past. Hobby Lobby is so big, like Walmart, Target, etc. and I really prefer smaller scale stores. I know Sam’s is big, but it has wide aisles and is not so jam packed. I most recently bought yarn to make a baby afghan at Hobby Lobby but that was two years or more ago. I have not gone to many stores since Covid hit other than to buy groceries.

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  22. Sounds terrible, dj. God’s mercy on them all.

    I was disappointed that when we got a local Hobby Lobby it did not have a greeting card section. I do enjoy the store, however. I don’t do a lot of hobbies, but there is a lot to see there. My husband has bought several puzzles from there. I have bought some items for grandchildren, too. They have miniatures for dollhouses and other things that are difficult to find elsewhere around here.

    We have had cooler weather today. I hate to bake when it is hot, so have taken advantage of the cooler days to do that. We picked some blueberries and I made muffins tonight, which are my husband’s favorite.

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  23. Just spoke to Wes and on the subject of Waco he said they traded one cult for another, Branch Davidians for Branch Magnolians. I know, one is much preferred over the other, but the cult thing is one way of considering the phenom.


  24. Dj how terrible. 😞

    I think there are 3 or 4 Hobby Lobby’s in the Springs and next to one of them is a Mardels. But all of the HL have a greeting card, gift wrap and party supply section.

    We had a real gully washer this afternoon and we are ever so thankful! I think I may throw the seeds in the packets that have been sitting in my desk for a year and see if anything comes of it! I am not a very good gardener….. 🙃

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  25. Keep us posted as you know more, dj. The news is so similar in our nation’s major cities. So much senseless violence that we see on the news each morning as we watch for maybe thirty minutes at the max.


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