21 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-21-22

  1. Good morning! We started it with thunder boomers sometime after 6 a.m. 😳 Stronger storms are in the forecast for later. 77° now and in the 80°+ range today. Art left to get on the expressways in the rain and said, “This will not be fun.”

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  2. The link above also gives access to watch/listen to previous programs. Last night’s program was different but really good with a lady giving her personal expanded testimony about growing up New Age and then at a later time in life becoming a Chtistian. She grew up in Atlanta but lived in San Diego for quite a while before moving back.


  3. I have a long to do list so I’d better get cracking. Then get a couple of immunizations this afternoon, especially the second one for shingles.

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  4. Morning all. Warm and humid here this morning.

    I’m trying to decide if I should go east in Sept for the 50th HS reunion….I can recall when my parents went to theirs and thinking “man they are ancient!!” 😳
    HS was not a pleasant fun experience but I do have connections with a few old childhood friends still. Nephew is getting married the same night to the girl he has been living with for 5 years and their 3 year old son will be in the wedding. I will definitely get the stink eye and cold shoulder if I am in town and don’t go to the wedding. I should just stay home…..thanks for helping me to decide… 😂

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  5. My 55th reunion is next month. I am planning on going. They are making a booklet and we can write something up to put in it. I want to do a brief version of my testimony. That is really the reason for me to go, to share my story.

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  6. Mrs. B’s 50-year reunion was last year. I think about 1/4 of the class showed up, and they seemed really to enjoy it. A couple people observed that everyone’s done with trying to impress each other with how far they’ve come in life, more common at, say, 20 or 25 years, and it was just nice to reminisce and emphasize the good memories.

    My 50th is a couple years off. I hope to be able to make it back to CA then. Besides the “best friends” I hope to see, I’ve enjoyed getting to know a few people better on Facebook that I wasn’t particularly close to back then. It will be interesting to connect with them in person.

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  7. I enjoyed the fortieth or whatever it was a few years ago, but I doubt the earlier ones were much fun from my perspective.


  8. Chased away two fawns and their mama from my son’s front lawn.

    I did, however, have my phone camera out to send you.

    It would have been a blur.

    The dog approved.


  9. I am still having to deal with the issue I had with J C Penney TWICE sending the wrong wok Lodge pan I ordered to give Wes for his birthday. I got one refund, but now Penney’s is blaming Paypal for not sending the second refund. One day I hope to have this tangle all unraveled. I suppose they think if they wait long enough that I will forget the $68.03. Life sure is complicated these days.


  10. I keep thinking of Michelle and her appliances lately. Our stove panel blew twice a few months ago. It was due to an electrical issue in the panel 😳. Fixed that, then husband fixed the stove (twice). In the last month our dryer quit – husband replaced the timer, then the washer started howling (like a jet engine), so he replaced the bearings, then both our solar and wood pool heaters broke (still not fixed), then the saltwater chlorinator quit a few days ago and now our dishwasher has quit. Also, the BBQ seems to be breaking down as well.
    Praying he will be able to find the problem with the dishwasher and be able to fix it. Also hoping we can find parts for the BBQ.

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  11. Kare, I am glad your husband can repair all those things! All my husband repairs is tax returns, lol. I have learned to make do with small appliances when big things break. It takes a lot less enegy to run them.😀


  12. I am too! I was joking he could become an appliance repairman when he retires. He does a lot of googling and then we decide if it’s worth him trying. It usually is because it would mean purchasing a new appliance otherwise and parts aren’t usually that expensive.

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